Robert's Birthday Cheesecake.

 John got the brilliant idea of making a cake for his best friend’s birthday, even though he already got a present for him, a cake would be a nice detail as well. He went to the store and bought everything he need for it, he called his mother earlier for the recipe, he remembered his mom made delicious cheesecakes, so it wouldn’t be a problem. Back at his place, he hurried to the kitchen and put the groceries over the counter and pulled out the recipe from his pocket. 

“Let’s do it,” he rubbed his hands and studied the recipe, not understading what was on the paper. He thought of calling his mother again, but he wanted to do it by himself. He sighed and followed the steps in the recipe carefully, really into what he was doing. 

-two hours later-

John grunted as he smashed the eggs in the bowl after pouring flour on it, he aggressively poured an entire bottle of milk in the bowl and smashed more eggs, he then walked towards the blender and poured all the desaster he made on the blender, the kitchen was a mess and he didn’t think he had to clean it all after, when the blender was on he put two bags of french fries inside it and pushed them down hard with his own hand, when all the french fries were in little pieces he switched off the blender and threw the mix in a pan and started cooking it delicately. 

He didn’t want to try to make a cheesecake never again.