Guinevere- Crazy Crazy


Pop, Electronic

Crazy Crazy

INTRODUCING: Guinevere. Taking video elements that seem inspired by multiple other pop records mixed with powerful, and rock sounding vocals comes together in the high energy “Crazy Crazy”.

With a low acidy bass line for a beat, “Crazy Crazy” comes in hard with a first line like “You started a storm. Like a porn star you better perform”. I instantly was like “omg YES this is sexual.”

The beat and the beginning of the video with the cinematography reminds me of Madonna’s “Celebration” video, meanwhile Guinevere herself reminds me of Natalia Kills with her unique look. Aka. Loving it.

“So baby turn up the lights so I rock it RAROCK ITTTT”

The video takes a turn into the neon silhouette of Guinevere dancing, and having her trapped in a box with stunner shades. I’m feeling the Selena Gomez vibe here in the video. After the chorus, she is then wielding a katana. I’m getting the crazy vibe from her now as she rubs her blade all over the naked masked hottie.

“Baby baby. You make me lose my fucking mind”


Guinevere is actually performing at my club next weekend. So I’m excited to review this track. The track reeks an aura of sexually driven electronic rock. Her vocals are unique and her style is fun. I’m looking forward to meeting her!

Oh btw. Her twitter says AND I QUOTE. “zombies, star trek & call of duty”

We recently filmed an awesome “tour bus video” with the rising pop star, Guinevere, while she was on tour with Nick Carter (of the Backstreet Boys). During the video she takes you through a tour of her awesome bus and plays an acoustic version of her hit single “Crazy Crazy”! Watch the video exclusively at