August 23, 2016:

Unfortunately, Corey Haim was not honored with the Cineplex Legends Award this year. Disappointed doesn’t even begin to cover how we are feeling right now.

“There’s always next year…” 

Yeah, we know, thanks.

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 “It’s been three long years since we first came across this award. Three years of fighting, and clawing, but clearly, it hasn’t been good enough. I am not going to lie to you all, I feel very defeated right now. But if you ask me what keeps me going, two things. 

First, my daughter, Cadence. I want her to know her mother to be someone that never gave up when times got hard, and while they are definitely difficult right now, my passion is still as strong as ever. My desire to see this mission through CANNOT be any stronger, I promise you.

Secondly, my promise to Corey Haim. The dedication I made six years ago when first starting this effort, and the one I made to him this past March in my card to him. You’re going to make it, kid, the night can only last so long. 

Well, damn it, he IS going to make it! Chin up, Haim Army! This is for Corey, never give up, that’s all I can say. Corey would have wanted his beloved fans to see this through for him, until we see the light, until Corey is honored the way he should be. Let’s get it done! I love every single one of you, and I couldn’t feel more proud to have you all by my side. God Bless the Haim Army!

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- Jennifer Shirley

Photo Credit: Google Images; 2016

August 15, 2016: 

“A Star is a Star (Haim)” by Michael Sajdak

This new version is, in a way, meant to be kind of symbolic for how the Academy Awards failed to recognize Corey Haim’s legacy upon the news of his departure, almost as if they tried to “erase” his legacy, so to speak, in light of his history of abuse – to sort of “erase” him from the public consciousness, to sweep his legacy under the rug, so to speak.

Created in 2012, we believe this artwork is a beautiful symbolism of an industry almost too eager to erase Haim, for whatever reason, and we couldn’t agree more with Sajdak’s statement! Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent with us!

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VOTE for Corey.

If you need one, here is a template to send on the nomination form online. or Edit and make your own. Or just write a reason, but vote, vote.

One that was sent to CWOF (

“Corey acted for nearly 30 years, and touched a lot of hearts during that time. When we think of Canada, we think of Corey - to us he represents many, many good things and we will be forever grateful to Canada for being his homeplace. For many people across the globe, Corey has been like a family member who we grew up with, some in difficult times - Corey represents good memories for so many of us. People who look back on him and his movies - particularly in the 80s, and even now, remember what a great time it was because of him. People will see his star and feel warmth, and be happy remembering those good times - because of him. Don’t allow the media nonsense to wash over the very good side of what Corey left in the world, although he is physically no longer here, many, many people have been left with his legacy, and that reminds us of how great that time was in the world, and how he’s still bringing people together. He brought a lot of light into the world, that can still be found. He is a symbol of a decade that many people love - you cannot say that of many entertainers in subsequent decades. Induct Corey, he deserves it, for he has never received acceptance, a simple Thank you, you did a great job while you were here.”