The Genetics of A/B/O: Getting Rigorous in Here!

So almost three months ago, I got it into my head that there should be a genetic model for inheriting alpha/beta/omega genders (sexes?) and spent maybe an hour or so doodling ideas on scratch paper before writing it up into this post. About a week and a half later, Christi found the post and made some much-needed improvements on it and invited me to try for the Omega Network, and eventually, I did. (They’re fantastic people, and I’m so very happy to call them friends.)

Last week (or two weeks ago?), following a discussion in the network, Christi made another post to summarize what we’d come up with, and also created a really great theoretical diagram for the anatomy of an omega male. And then yesterday, we all got into the science of a/b/o again, and I felt like we’d benefit from a comprehensive look at that genetic scheme from before. So I broke out Excel and got to work.

To keep this short, I’d just like to draw your attention to the third cap, which contains the “Types of Offspring for Individuals” table. It’s probably the most interesting table because of the average percentages listed at the bottom, which give us, as said in the description, a look at what the population distribution for gender might look like in an a/b/o universe with this genetic model.

It’s not surprising that alpha males come up the most often because they can have three genotypes, as opposed to everyone else, who can only have one or two, but I’m actually quite surprised at how evenly the other genders actually come out. However, the population tends to skew towards more males.

I might make another summary table separating alpha/beta/omega from male/female to see what those numbers look like, but until then, the science of a/b/o!

I was originally gonna post this as my “blog birthday” fic, because this was the first thing I ever wrote on this blog, almost exactly a year ago, and I figured it’d be good to finally give it a better conclusion, but writing it was kinda like pulling teeth, oh god. Definitely not one of my favorites, but eh well, what can you do. (Part 1, Part 2, AO3)

“For the last time, it doesn’t matter what you wear, Cas,” Gabriel says, rolling his eyes. “One look at those big, blue eyes of yours, and you could be wearing a tutu for all the attention he’d pay to the rest of you.” Then his face lights up, and he says, “No, that’s brilliant! You should wear a tutu!”

“Gabriel, you are absolutely no help. Go away,” Castiel says, looking at himself in the mirror. He’s wearing a dark brown button-up over black jeans, and he’s pretty set on the dark jeans… but does the dark-pants-dark-shirt combination make his skin look too pale in contrast? He doesn’t have the palest complexion, but anyone would look pasty against such dark colors.

“Are you going out on a date?

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i may have just tried developing a genetic scheme for a/b/o

like genotypes and shit


why do i do this

there is literally no good reason

to be doing this

when i should be actually writing

*whispers* is it weird that i’m actually kinda having fun


i’ll keep you guys posted but i’ve mostly figured it out i think

gonna do a couple crosses just to check

Because I’m just in a mood, I guess. This was written kinda quickly bc it was on a whim, so please excuse any grammatical oversights. Warning: this is decidedly not happy, and it is not a fix-it coda, so. Major character death (canon).

Sam rails against the barriers in his mind, but he can’t get past. Hell, the angel that’s apparently been riding him around doesn’t even seem to register his presence, and Sam certainly can’t hear what the guy is thinking.

He’s locked up in here, and Dean hasn’t even realized it yet. Goddamn it, Sam has no clue what sigil Dean used, but it clearly did not go the way it was supposed to.

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I totally didn’t find out about dom!dean weekend until just now, but hey, it’s still Sunday, so. Better late than never, yes?

Cas is a fucking badass.

Dean knows this. Just looking at Cas, most people wouldn’t think so. He’s slighter than the average wrestler, small for his own weight class, but the thing is, he’s not only stronger than he looks—he’s fast. Dean’s faced off with Cas in the ring before, and he’s not ashamed to say that he had his ass handed to him.

So it was a ridiculous turn-on when, after wheedling Cas into going on a couple of dates with him, Dean finally got him into the bedroom and found out that Cas got off on taking orders, being held down.

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Compound 0918 isn’t half bad.

Before going in for the tests, Dean had heard all sorts of rumors about the inside. He’d heard shit about people living in cells and being forced to eat, drink, sleep, piss, and shit under supervision, and to be completely honest, it had kinda scared him. He’d gone in anyway, because one, he didn’t really have a choice unless he wanted to run away, and two, if he really did have the right genes or whatever, then that meant Sammy could get away with not having to go.

Yeah, things have gotten better in the last couple o’ decades. According to the history books, there wasn’t that whole sibling protection clause, where if one sibling was chosen, no others from that family had to be tested anymore.

Supposedly, the government has a heart.

In reality, the lead scientists behind all the testing discovered that the genetic link really didn’t matter; it was the compatibility, or something. So after that, siblings were declared off the hook.

And now that Dean’s on the inside, Sam is safe. Dean hangs onto that knowledge, because it helps him sleep at night.

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Starting the conversation was like getting pulled into little pieces. Dean had no idea how he was supposed to tell Cas to leave, not after he was finally here. After he was finally home, where he belonged. With Dean and with Sam, with his family.

But Ezekiel said that it was the only way that he would stay, so it was a conversation that had to be had, no matter that Cas was happily eating a burrito, completely oblivious to the fact that Dean was about to kick him out.

And he wouldn’t even be able to tell him why, not without telling him that an angel was riding around in his brother.

So he steeled himself, went over, and sat on the table to tell Cas that he had to–

“But Cas doesn’t go, right?”

Dean blinks at the interruption and looks over. “What?”

“Dean doesn’t make Cas leave, does he?” Emily is asking from where she’s seated cross-legged on the carpet.

“Dean loves Cas. Please say Dean doesn’t make Cas leave,” Simon chimes in.

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Part 1

Dean is woken the next morning by persistent knocking on the door. He rolls off the couch and freezes for a second, because shit, his back. It’s been years since he had to sleep on anything as cramped as a couch, so that’s probably it.

He stretches out, yawning, before heading for the door. He casts a quick glance over his shoulder and finds the bedroom door still shut tight.

When he pulls the front door open, he finds Jody standing outside. “Oh, hey,” he says.

“Naomi wants to see you,” Jody says.

“Just me, not Castiel?” Dean asks.

“She didn’t mention Castiel,” Jody replies. After a brief pause, she asks, “Is he–all right?”

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They say not to go out into the woods after dark.

That’s when the barbarians come out of their hiding places.

That’s when children are snatched. And not just children. Men, too. Grown men, armed with swords and crossbows, even.

Castiel never believed the rumors. Sure, people went missing, but the woods were a big place, and it was easy to get lost out there without a proper guide. Castiel used to wander those woods all the time as a boy, taking care never to lose the direction of the town, and he always returned without incident.

Turns out he was right not to believe the rumors, because when he gets snatched, it’s midday, and he’s sitting not five feet from the back door to his best friend’s cottage, waiting for him to return with food.

He doesn’t even have enough time to scream before he’s knocked out.

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Here’s a potential genetic scheme for sex chromosomes in a/b/o-verse, because I’m just that nerdy. This is totally theoretical and entirely for fun, so pick it apart if you like, but I’m keeping it bc I like it. Hopefully the quality is okay. If the picture’s too small, I think it’ll get bigger if you right click and open it in a new window? Not sure. (EDIT: Try clicking it first, and THEN right clicking and opening the image in a new window)

Anyway. Standard omegaverse human will have three sex chromosomes instead of our usual two, allowing for more interesting variation in gametes. So, reasoning behind the genotypes:

  • To have a knot (be an alpha) you need to have either -YY (male) or -XY (female), so XYY, xYY, and XXY are the alpha genotypes.
  • To be an omega, you need to have -xx, so that gives xxY, Xxx, xxx.
  • That leaves XxY, XXX, and XXx, so the one with the Y gives rise to beta males, leaving the other two to code for beta females.
  • When gametes containing only one sex chromosome each combine to form a zygote with only two sex chromosomes, it dies because there isn’t enough genetic information for survival, so that’s why the two-chromosome genotypes are eliminated.
  • YYY is eliminated just because we humans don’t have YY as a genotype, so I figure X is required to survive.
  • And when there are four sex chromosomes, one of the four degenerates to let the other three take over, leading to the possibilities toward the bottom of the page. Hope the arrows aren’t too confusing, haha.

But yay, the John x Mary cross does allow for Sam and Dean to exist, and the Dean x Cas cross can create Ariel, though I’m kinda surprised at how few females come out of that cross. Well I guess it’s not THAT surprising given that they’re both males, but still. The odds of their having Ariel is rather low, at only 2/16.

Actually if I chose to make Dean’s genotype xYY instead of XYY, we would have a few more possibilities for girls, I think. Because if we replace the X’s with x’s, then all the beta males would become omega females instead, and we’d have 5/16, which is a little better. [EDIT: I was just sitting here thinking about this and I realized that no, the beta males would NOT become omega females because they’d still have the Y, so they’d be omega males. I am an idiot.]

Either way, it works! Hooray, a victory for the nerd in me:D

What if Abaddon returns to Hell and takes over Crowley’s regime and goes through the demons to choose her lieutenants, and one of her first selections is Bela bc she’d known the Winchesters when she was still alive, and Abaddon still has a bone to pick with those two gun-waving clowns

And what if Bela’s totally in awe of this demon, this new Queen of Hell, more powerful than anything she’s ever seen before, and maybe it starts as kind of a crush but before she knows it she’s right at Abaddon’s side, taking down hunters and fallen angels on their way to the Winchesters

A question for the fic writers out there: if you had to choose your favorite fic or 'verse, of all the things that you've written, which would it be? Reblog and add your answer, without explanation.
Of Dreamy Angels and Flute Solos

This is the sixth fic for my 50-follower-thing, written for my 400th follower, disillusionmentcharms.

Prompt: I would love a Destiel fic that has something to do with the performing arts? Theatre, dance, band, whatever! 

This is kinda dorky like no other and also I’m woefully inexperienced when it comes to theatre stuff, like I’ve been to a few orchestra concerts but I really don’t think I’ve ever attended a live musical or anything.. but anyway. Hope it’s okay!

Dean kinda hates it when the orchestra has to perform live accompaniment for musicals because it means he’s gotta be down in the pit. The audience can’t see them so they don’t really get much recognition for playing, and people aren’t there to see them anyway. The sound quality goes to shit when they’re stuck down here, too.

And okay, Dean would never admit it to Sam, but he actually really likes watching musicals. Being down in the orchestra pit means that he doesn’t get to watch the performance, only gets to hear snatches of what’s happening onstage when the orchestra isn’t playing.

Today’s show is supposed to be great, too—Dean saw the reviews online from the show when it was on Broadway, and apparently it’s about a fight between demons and angels taking place on Earth. Dean’s never actually read the series of books it was adapted from, but Sam said that Dean would’ve liked it, and he’s got a pretty good idea of the sorts of books Dean likes. Besides, Charlie agreed, and Dean trusts her judgment.

In fact, Charlie’s sitting right next to Dean right now, looking all sorts of pouty and disappointed whenever they’re not playing because she wants to be out there in the audience more than Dean does, seeing as she actually read the series and knows the story.

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Compound 0918

Masterpost time! (At last.)

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In a world where alphas and omegas are practically nonexistent and betas virtually infertile, the birth rate drops almost to zero. Society turns to science for salvation, pairing up compatible betas and carting them off to special facilities to be transitioned into alphas and omegas. Dean enters one of these compounds and transitions into an alpha. Despite his apprehensions, all seems well, and Dean is prepared to accept his fate. But then he meets his intended mate, and everything goes to hell.

This fic is also being uploaded here on AO3, but there will typically be a one- or two-day delay between the parts of the fic getting written here and posted there.

Also of interest: the post that started it all || fic tag (track “abo dystopian au” for updates) || pronoun post (refers to Ch. 30, so minor spoilers)