#ThisIsDeep By @bobby_cue “(Via: @dymond_induh_rough ) This go out to all you people who think money will bring you peace and happiness. For you guys who are chasing that master the dollar bill.” via @PhotoRepost_app

Do you ever feel small? Like, really small? Like a bacteria living in a petri dish, small? Some days I just think about how large and boundless our world seems. So much to see and so many intricate nets of energy flowing through and around us. But then I think about how it’s just one little rock floating in a vast and infinite ocean filled with other little rocks and balls of gas that illuminate them, too, and I can’t help but feel really, really small.


everyone has a struggle. never judge a book by its cover.dont be a dick #thisisdeep (at My Litto Home)


Like just maybe, you know? #ThisIsDeep #jesuabones