I hate it when I get buried under ground for thousands of years and my head falls off… ok but dad jokes aside the Terra-cotta Warriors were amazing. Minus the crowds. #tic #thisischina

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Lunch. Lunch consists of something very Chinese at a place that has pictures so I can point and motion to what I want. Otherwise, it’s no good, because I don’t speak the language …yet.

But lunch consists of chopsticks and some sort of rice dish.

Today I had a pancake like bread fried in egg stuffed with fried (ish) rice along with a seaweed salad.

How the Chinese stay so skinny, I have no idea.


Another crazy adjustment. BATHROOMS! How fun right?!

Here squat toilets are  a thing. Any public bathroom you can almost guarantee a squat toilet. Squat toilets are just that…. a hole in the floor and squat!

Westernized toilets are a rare find in public and when you do find one you know it is going to be a good day!

The other strange part that is hard to adjust to is you carry your own toilet paper, or tissue as it is referred to here. Didn’t bring your own? Well too bad, so sad. You are out of luck.

Tissue is also used to dry your hands after you wash that. So next time you wash your hands take some toilet paper and dry them off. ….yeah, not so pleasant!

Lucky for me work has westernized toilets. Yes, they are child sized; but they are still there!

Got a break from the heat, so found this huge public outdoor bouldering wall. You see only 1/3 of the whole wall. Slack liners, picnickers, families out to enjoy themselves. Great concept, but climbing was sketchy… About half the hold broken or spun and plywood ripping out because…. #thisischina #bouldering

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