Les Mis being on TV all the time and my friends talking to me about Les Mis and Les Mis Les Mis Les Mis just reminds me how much I love The Rose of Versailles.

Yes it’s set a little earlier than Les Mis but still. That’s some good shoujo that is.

Someone should do a watch-along with me. *looks pointedly at Lilly and Chloe*

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WOAH, 7 questions!

Greg: The most supportive person in your life just now?

I don’t know if I’ve got a single, one most supportive person.  I mean sometimes my parents can be really supportive, but sometimes there’s stuff that’s just sort of out of their range?  And I have some really supportive friends who encourage me to do what I actually want to do (make LPs, dress the way I actually want to, etc).  I guess maybe they are?  I mean if people can give you even a little support even if they’re not like, standing next to you on a daily basis, I guess that’s a good thing.  And even a few of my coworkers have been very supportive on a level I didn’t expect?  Warms my heart a little.

So I guess the answer is, I don’t have one person.  But I have support from several places, and that’s pretty good.

Lion: If you had infinite pockets, what would you carry with you at all times?

TOOLS.  Like rock hammer, hand-lens, flashlights, CHAPSTICKS SO MANY CHAPSTIC- screwdrivers, crescent wrenches, pocket knives, gps, etc.  There’s a lot of things I can think of.  Probably water too.  Clean water is always useful and valuable.

Ronaldo: Favourite conspiracy theory?

Some of the theories about extinct species lurking in the oceans, if those count.  Sea monsters in general are pretty cool.  I’m not especially well-informed in conspiracy theories, I should note.

Also ghost stories, generally.  Idk if those are really conspiracy theories though?

Cookie Cat: Do you miss any discontinued products?

Probably, but none of them come to mind atm.

Rainbow Quartz: Something you love to show off?

When it actually looks good, my face?  And any artwork or crafts?  And my rock/mineral collection?  And if I can get away with actually blabbing about geoscience and making it sound like I know jack-shit, then that too. 

Kevin: Last person who made you uncomfortable?

My coworker with his critical misunderstanding of how racial and gender oppression work.  Idk maybe “annoyed” is more the word I’m looking for…

Dave Guy: Something totally average about yourself?

I have trouble keeping up an exercise/strength-training routine. 

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If it can be of use to anyone, I take a vegetarian multi-vitamin, I buy it at hannaford and it's made by futurebiotics. It contains 8 mg (44%) iron in 3 tablets (which is what the direction say to take daily). It has a lot of good stuff in it (waaaay too much to list) and well it's formulated for vegetarians so it's pretty good about having a lot of the stuff we made need to get more of. :)

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I just made pumpkin soup recently. mmmmmmm it was wonderful! I love pumpkin. It's super easy too, just boil whatever veggies you want (I used potato, carrot, celery, and sauteed onion) in veggie broth. Once they're tender, add pumpkin and milk (or heavy cream, milk is healthier though) till it's think and creamy. Sorry it's vague, but I'm not a recipe cooker xD

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    • Favorite thing to cosplay?
    Does a whole series count? Because it would definitely would be Assassin’s Creed!
  • 9:

    When did you start cosplaying?

I started cosplaying back in 2011! Was i good? ehhhh

  • 14:

    List all of your cosplays.

In Order? Ezio Auditore (AC2), Hunter (L4D), The Prowler (ACB Multiplayer), Journeyer (Journey PS3), Yusuf Tazim (ACR), Connor Kenway (AC3), Aveline de Grandpre (AC: Liberation), Elizabeth Comstock (Bioshock Infinite), Levi and Eren Jaeger (Shingeki no kyojin), and my current mystery cosplay.

  • 28:

    What is your ‘Cosplay First Aid Kit’ (what you use to repair a cosplay)?

Hot glue gun, pins, lots and lots of pins actually, thread, scissors, fray check (my best friend omg), pretty much everything to help prevent something bad from happening.

thisisarock replied to your post: Thought you might be interested to hear that someone I know, knows Victoria and her Lulu costume actually flew to the moon during the pilot filming and they scripted her not flying to the moon. That’s how fake the show is. Seriously are you going to believe random crap people tell you?

Hi I’m not a random person. People can believe what they want and that’s fine. I just figured I’d pass along some info. Also idk if you knew this, Emile, but this is Lilly from school hi.

Oh geez, Hi!!!! I didn’t realize it was you!