aquamarinepug  asked:

Your blog is great. I find liminal spaces really interesting. Do you know any blogs similar to yours?

Thank you!! I have tons of favorite blogs that have similar aesthetics to mine, but just to name a few off the top of my head:













I really feel like I’m definitely forgetting a lot of my favorite blogs here, but this should be a good start at least! I’ll probably reblog this post again as more come to me


the smoke mixing into sunset storms is doing weird things with color. the sky is painted and alive. 

this storm had, for about 10 mins, the best structure I’ve seen so far this year. then it fell apart into a hail throwing beast like everything this year has. but, we’ll always have that 10 mins. 


this little mud raker scraped by mid week. I didn’t get a lot of quality shots of it because I was focused on making time lapses. Which was a bad idea because there was such an insane amount of lightning it made dashing out for the tripod nerve wracking. Lots of severe weather forecast for alberta today, hope my central alberta friends stay safe as it’s looking ripe for tornado action. 


I got to spend a couple of hours around sunset out at an abandoned farm which I found and lost in 2012, then found again last fall. A remarkable place and a beautiful big old barn owl who enjoys watching my drone fly around–rather than attacking it. What more could you want in December?


first storm of 2018

the first wave of storms rolled through. meager. cold dark storms with little violence or ill will. slight disturbances ahead of a larger incoming weather pattern and I went out all the same. it felt good to watch the gust front scour the world ahead of the storm. I stayed to the edges, which is going to be a theme this year, and looked for the parts not fully consumed, but still fighting to show some sun. 

here is some of what I saw.