storm on the prairie / alberta / i.m. ruzz

yesterday was one of the most photographically rich days of my life. I spent the early afternoon tagging along with some experienced storm chasers for the big storm that rolled out of the mountains. went home and ate some dinner then went back out for what turned into on of the best sunsets of the year. I only took a couple hundred shots all day but I drove back home completely filled up on beauty and savagery. which, is sort of like love. but with the prairie. and a camera. 


storm on range road 14 (august 17)  / alberta / i.m. ruzz

I drove out to meet this storm and sat on a hill full of bailed hay making a time-lapse while it tried to organize itself. storms are funny things. like that emo part of you which just can’t get it together, then suddenly you can’t stop it.

it actually got a fair bit ahead of me while i made the time-lapse and when i caught up to it showed some real beauty, and a fair amount of lightning too. we call these august blessings. 

it’s such a strange thing to be hoping a storm will come together, only to know if does in any real way you’ll have to run (away) to stay ahead of it. to stay in the spot where it’s violent and beautiful, but not dangerous and wet. 

storm chasing can be a lot like love.