I don’t know what Millennials Ajit Johnson’s been talking to, but from what I recall #thisgeneration is also the generation that waited in line for each Harry Potter book, has midnight releases for books, and has had more book to screen adaptations than ever. Also I think all the folks in the booklr community would laugh at this assessment that our generation doesn’t read.

Speaking of mental health stuff:

I’ve been seeing a lot of those #thisgeneration rebuttal posts on my dash in the past couple of days. While I’ve admittedly blocked most of them because they’re all ultra long and I’m sick of scrolling by them multiple times, I do agree with the message behind them. There may be a few valid criticisms for our reliance on technology but for every negative criticism, I can think of a dozen improvements.

The other day, I decided to google a quirk of one of my disorders. It’s something I’ve done since I started showing symptoms and was diagnosed as a child, and have never talked to anybody about out of embarrassment. But I was curious about it, and a search revealed hundreds of results of people discussing having not only the same quirk, but all sorts of different ones that I’d never heard of! And these weren’t dry medical texts offhandedly mentioning a thing that “may happen”, these were real people who suffer the same thing I do talking openly, intimately, and honestly about what they do thanks to the combined power of anonymity (no embarrassment) and networking.

If I had tried to find information about this twenty-five years ago? I’d have come up with nothing. A small half-page entry on this relatively obscure disorder in a clinical, dry, impersonal medical text on a library shelf that would have to be found by poring through every index in every book on the shelf because libraries don’t have books about this subject so there would be no way of searching for it specifically.

The internet is amazing. I’ve jokingly called it the first step toward our future sci-fi hivemind– billions of humans connected to each other, each other’s information, each other’s thoughts, each other’s feelings. I know what a 19-year-old girl in Iran ate for breakfast today. I can say “let me ask my friends in New Zealand” as if they’re in the other room. I can stay in contact with my homeless friend 2500 miles away. I can find bizarrely specific how-to’s for literally anything I struggle with. The internet is incredible and I honestly pity those who are too stubborn to recognize it as such.


So you might have seen the #THISGENERATION images from Ajit Johnson. He didn’t really reacted positive to criticism, blocked users from his profile, deleted his facebook page and rebuild it. (actually he made two, one for #thisgeneration and one for his quotes [which aren’t really his, they’re just translated phrases from other countries] ) and said that “when everyone minds their own business there is peace.“  after making fun of our generation?! 

He also uses other peoples art for his #thisgeneration stuff, while he’s going around filing copyright claims against parodies people made based off his work.

So we thought we should honor such a talented artist with another little parody :) We hope you’ll enjoy it!