Some time ago, this elderly gentleman — I can’t remember the man’s name — was in charge of the community garden in Blikkiesdorp, Delft, Cape Town. Blikkiesdorp is Afrikaans for “Tin Can Town”, although more officially it is known as Symphony Way Temporary Relocation Area; the nickname is more representative of the reality, with its rows-upon-rows of tin-like, makeshift housing units. I took this photo in 2013 in support of an NGO campaign, and I have not been back since. From what I hear (crime, police brutality, general disregard of human rights) nothing has improved.


Photo1: Cyril Ramaphosa, part owner of the McDonalds franchise in South Africa and the current ANC deputy presidents, is also a shareholder and executive board member of Lonmin mining company. Lonmin is partly responsible for the Marikana Massacre. Not only did their oppressive poverty wages lead to the wildcat strike, but, via Ramaphosa, Lonmin helped encourage a violent response to the strike thereby giving impetus to the Marikana Massacre.

Photo 2: The City of Cape Town works for a few: the rich, mostly white residents of this City.