“But why isn’t Jack watching me?”

“Because he is busy watching your dad right now.”

Borrowing Andrea’s lovable Daycare Au, and her even more lovable OC’s Ben Woods and Jill Holden. Ben’s a bit shy but warms up to his new babysitter after she starts making her awesome dinosaur voices. Ugh, these guys aren’t even in the game, so why do I love them so much?

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16: Upside-Down Kiss

I couldn’t quite manage a Spiderman kiss, but I think this should suffice ^_^




“Okay, so I think if I twist this wire here, I can-GODDAMMIT!”

Eugene felt like he should probably be more concerned about Jack’s yelp, but after the fourth electrocution of this repair session, it was getting a bit harder to be sympathetic every time. “Do you want me to go borrow rubber gloves from Janine?”

“No,” said the sulky voice from underneath the desk. He apparently pulled something, by the way the equipment up top shifted and rattled, and there was another burst of cursing, this time muttered under his breath.

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Oh that's a super cute meme. Simon and Jody? (Early seasons, I guess.)

(Oh yeah, definitely early seasons. It wasn’t even the traitor thing that bothered me, just how skeevy he got towards her! Probably just trying to drive old friends away, but still, don’t be a jerk, Lauchlan >_>)

who steals french fries off the other’s plate

: Simon might snag other foods, but he’ll happily let Jody steal greasy, heart-clogging chips off of his plate.

who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple

: Simon, the biggest flirt in Abel, has this one down. Jody usually shoves him back with her shoulder while laughing.

who has to bust or bail the other out of jail

: Jody gets detained in New Canton for “eavesdropping” on some official conversation, and Simon has to go plead her case (occasionally with Janine’s backing to actually make it stick).

who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues

: As of late, I’ve kind of been intrigued by Puptart’s headcanons of Jody as aro-ace. So she groans to Simon about people who won’t stop flirting with her, and he occasionally seeks them out to do complete, over the top flirting at them, hoping they will either get the message or be so uncomfortable that they’ll never come near Jody when she’s near him again.

who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes

: Blatant cheating is kind of the name of the game for both of them, but Simon is better at this specific way, just because he’s got longer arms.

who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk

: “Even if I have to listen to you and whoever the person of the week is, there’s no way I’m going to be stuck staring up at a bouncing mattress, Simon. Top bunk is mine.”

who starts and who wins the pillow fights

: Simon tries to start them, but always underestimates how determined Jody is to finish them.

who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush

: Simon bribes Jody to say it once to someone. She says it completely monotone, like she’s reading off a cue card.

Fic: Zombies, Pose!

“Mr. Yao, we have a problem.”

Sam tried not to roll his eyes when he leaned against Janine’s desk in the administrators office. She made everything sound like life or death here. Yeah, some of the students could get a little grumpy when a class didn’t go well, but at the end of the day, everyone was just making pretty pictures.

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Well alright, one of the dangers of re-listening to radio mode is that while some headcanons are confirmed, others are smashed to billion pieces.

In short, yeah, Jack’s sister is definitely a little sister from what I can tell from the cheetah-dream clip. Anyways, no reason to cry over darlings lost, I’ll just stow away my old-Jill headcanon and start working on adopting a new one. Which is not hard at all, since now I can just steal make fanart of Andrea’s and Kaz’s cutie patootie.

So here are some really sketchy fanart. Since my tablet went all waco that’s all I can give you at the moment before I go buy a new pen for it. I am going to give you some real art soon, I promise.

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Jack shuts the door and puts on the new Manics CD, the one that Simon’s been dying to hear since before it even came out but his nan had forbidden him from buying. She’d said it was Satanic, but she said that about a lot of things and no-one had ever really explained to him why God only liked classical music. 

“s’good right?” Jack says, nudging him with his foot. His sock’s got a massive hole in it and his big toe pokes out through it. 

Simon grins and tickles the sole of his foot until he squirms and laughs and tries to kick Simon in the unmentionables. “Yeah. Really good. Beats ‘Jerusalem’ sung by fifty boys going through puberty.”

Jack grimaces, sticking his tongue out. “That sounds like it’s fun for exactly no-one, Si. Your school sucks.”

“That was my point, dumbass,” Simon says, rolling his eyes. He flops down onto the bed next to Jack, closing his eyes and letting the music wash over him, all throbbing bass and guitars and not a breaking voice in earshot. 

Jack insinuates himself into Simon’s space, nudging under his arm so his head’s pressed against Simon’s shoulder. Simon shivers a little, breath catching and an uncomfortable, but definitely excited, flutter starting up in his stomach. It feels terribly illicit.

He would get into so much trouble if his nan ever saw this.

“So, you want to?” Jack says, looking up at him with a cheeky grin.

It is sort of what he’d come over for, besides the CD he supposed. He smiles, excited, and it’s better than the time they’d conned a bottle of cheap cider out of one of the lads at Jack’s school.

“Yeah. I want to.”


Jack twists, so he’s sort of half on, half off Simon, and leans down to press their lips together. Their teeth click together. Simon’s lips are dry and chapped. Jack’s breath still tastes of the cheese and onion crisps they’d got on the way back. He’s got no idea what he’s supposed to do with his tongue, or his hands.

It’s amazing.