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Strand and Geoff as romantic rivals though. “Dick,” Geoff finds himself muttering every time Strand comes up in conversation. “Oh yeah, I could call him that,” Nic agrees, “that’d be funny, good idea, maybe I should text him about it right now?”



and of course Nic has NO IDEA about EITHER of them, meanwhile Alex and Amalia are just, like, cuddled up on a couch on the sidelines with GIANT buckets of popcorn, running a pool with the rest of PNWS on who Nic will end up with and when

Alex sends out snapchats of Nic and Strand standing too close together with captions like “they don’t even notice <3” and maybe one especially good one where Strand is staring after Nic looking absolutely stricken captioned something like “sudden-onset gay midlife crisis”

Geoff sends out retaliatory snapchat selfies when he and Nic are drinking or getting high together and Alex casually mentions them to Strand, who refuses to lower himself to the level of this fad technology but burns with irritation and jealousy about it

(Nic thinks they’re normal selfies, he does not understand what snapchat is)

“But why isn’t Jack watching me?”

“Because he is busy watching your dad right now.”

Borrowing Andrea’s lovable Daycare Au, and her even more lovable OC’s Ben Woods and Jill Holden. Ben’s a bit shy but warms up to his new babysitter after she starts making her awesome dinosaur voices. Ugh, these guys aren’t even in the game, so why do I love them so much?

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16: Upside-Down Kiss

I couldn’t quite manage a Spiderman kiss, but I think this should suffice ^_^




“Okay, so I think if I twist this wire here, I can-GODDAMMIT!”

Eugene felt like he should probably be more concerned about Jack’s yelp, but after the fourth electrocution of this repair session, it was getting a bit harder to be sympathetic every time. “Do you want me to go borrow rubber gloves from Janine?”

“No,” said the sulky voice from underneath the desk. He apparently pulled something, by the way the equipment up top shifted and rattled, and there was another burst of cursing, this time muttered under his breath.

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…starts leaving blankets and pillows on his couch? pretends to get really deep into, like, CDs of ocean sounds and spa music which he puts on whenever Nic’s over late? installs a dimmer switch on his living room light? (this all sounds like the weirdest seduction attempt ever but… that’s not exactly wrong is it?)

oh Geoff. It’s really not wrong.

I think there’s also some amount of attempting to lead by example. “Maybe if I fall asleep on Nic, Nic will fall asleep on me?” Geoff thinks hopefully. Probably followed by, “Dude, get a hold of yourself, this is embarrassing.”

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Eiffel/Plant monster (OTP)

Thischarmingand, asking the real questions.

  • falls asleep on the couch

I don’t imagine the Plant Monster sleeps (Minkowski’s job would have been far easier if it did), and Doug strikes me as a total couch sleeper when he has both a couch and gravity at his disposal.

  • makes friends with the neighbors

The Plant Monster is quite shy, so probably Doug, who mostly meets his neighbors when they come to complain about his music/trash in the hallway/general chaos.

  • is the adventurous eater

Doug, because he needs to try something, anything, different after being in space for so long, while the Blessed Eternal is all about fertilizer.

  • hogs the covers at night

The Blessed Eternal likes to be cozy after all of the metal it’s been living in and around, while Doug’s had to sleep in sleeping bags for so long that he likes to kick off the sheets when he has the chance.

  • forgets to do the dishes

Doug. Say what you will about the Plant Monster, but it keeps its home neat and tidy.

  • tries to surprise their partner more often

The Plant Monster is everywhere at once and is great at jumping out from nowhere for ambushes, which I imagine could also be used for cute, coupley surprises as well. Maybe.

  • leaves dirty laundry on the floor

Again, Doug. Really, the Blessed Eternal puts up with a lot of mess to be with its man.

  • stays up til 2 AM reading

The Plant Monster, because it doesn’t want to turn out the light (and is enjoying seeing a bit of human pop culture through Doug).

  • sings in the shower

Doug, all the way. The Plant Monster occasionally sneaks into the pipes in order to listen (up to you how creepy or cute that is).

  • takes the selfies

Doug takes a ton of selfies. It was actually noticing lurking vines in the background of his selfies that first clued him in that the Plant Monster might have a bit of a crush on him.

  • plans date night

Doug has strong ideas about what makes a perfect date, and the Plant Monster is a year old and not human, so it falls to Officer Eiffel to come up with the best plans to go out.

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I feel like I want to ask you to do Hera/Eiffel massage as much as a thought exercise as anything... :P

So this turned from a “ha ha, wouldn’t that be fun?” to a serious fic pretty quickly. Set between “Securite” and “Controlled Demolition”.


“Officer Eiffel, are you oka-ay?”

Doug tried to flash her a big smile. He was just hydrated enough that his lips didn’t feel about ready to crack with the motion. He knew his smiles were looking a little more horse-like recently, with how much his gums had receded; just call him Officer Sarah Jessica Parker. But it was the effort that counted, right? “Of course I’m not, with our cozy little sitcom getting a lot more Full House on us. But not any worse than usual. Why should this time be any different?”

“Because you’ve rolled your left shoulder four times in the last five minutes. Is it hurting you? Do you need to visit Dr. Hilbert again?”

“No no no, I do not need another little tete a tete with our resident Bones.”

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Well alright, one of the dangers of re-listening to radio mode is that while some headcanons are confirmed, others are smashed to billion pieces.

In short, yeah, Jack’s sister is definitely a little sister from what I can tell from the cheetah-dream clip. Anyways, no reason to cry over darlings lost, I’ll just stow away my old-Jill headcanon and start working on adopting a new one. Which is not hard at all, since now I can just steal make fanart of Andrea’s and Kaz’s cutie patootie.

So here are some really sketchy fanart. Since my tablet went all waco that’s all I can give you at the moment before I go buy a new pen for it. I am going to give you some real art soon, I promise.

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Oh that's a super cute meme. Simon and Jody? (Early seasons, I guess.)

(Oh yeah, definitely early seasons. It wasn’t even the traitor thing that bothered me, just how skeevy he got towards her! Probably just trying to drive old friends away, but still, don’t be a jerk, Lauchlan >_>)

who steals french fries off the other’s plate

: Simon might snag other foods, but he’ll happily let Jody steal greasy, heart-clogging chips off of his plate.

who jokingly moves in for the kiss when someone asks if they’re a couple

: Simon, the biggest flirt in Abel, has this one down. Jody usually shoves him back with her shoulder while laughing.

who has to bust or bail the other out of jail

: Jody gets detained in New Canton for “eavesdropping” on some official conversation, and Simon has to go plead her case (occasionally with Janine’s backing to actually make it stick).

who gives the other advice/comfort about dating issues

: As of late, I’ve kind of been intrigued by Puptart’s headcanons of Jody as aro-ace. So she groans to Simon about people who won’t stop flirting with her, and he occasionally seeks them out to do complete, over the top flirting at them, hoping they will either get the message or be so uncomfortable that they’ll never come near Jody when she’s near him again.

who shamelessly cheats at games by reaching over to cover the other’s eyes

: Blatant cheating is kind of the name of the game for both of them, but Simon is better at this specific way, just because he’s got longer arms.

who immediately calls dibs on the top bunk

: “Even if I have to listen to you and whoever the person of the week is, there’s no way I’m going to be stuck staring up at a bouncing mattress, Simon. Top bunk is mine.”

who starts and who wins the pillow fights

: Simon tries to start them, but always underestimates how determined Jody is to finish them.

who says “your pants would look better on their floor” to the other’s potential crush

: Simon bribes Jody to say it once to someone. She says it completely monotone, like she’s reading off a cue card.

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tangentially related, ever since your fic mentioned PNWS staffers having Tumblr, I’m imagining Alex talking about Nic and Geoff to one of the interns and being like ‘I… I think I ship it?’ and Nic overhearing just enough to assume they’re talking about

 oh nic.

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