The reason why there isn't much CNBLUE fics around

because everything (bromance and whatnot) already happened in real life there’s no need for fics

we have the i’ll-teach-you-how-to-play-an-instrument (skinship vers.) plot

and where the manly male lead expresses his fondness for the shy female lead

and the bickering couple that ends up together

and the heart-wrenching one-sided love

and the cliche, love triangle

and of course the ones that are so in love

(gifs credit as tagged)

headcanon comeback concept:

yonghwa writes a song entitled coffee coffee coffee coffee (one for each of them!) and (somehow or other) persuades all of them to wear stupid coffee cup costumes for their comeback performances. at the last moment they realise how stupid they look and walk down the streets in their coffee cups looking dejected as hell.

the phone rings:

“it’s over. i’m sorry.”