The reason why there isn't much CNBLUE fics around

because everything (bromance and whatnot) already happened in real life there’s no need for fics

we have the i’ll-teach-you-how-to-play-an-instrument (skinship vers.) plot

and where the manly male lead expresses his fondness for the shy female lead

and the bickering couple that ends up together

and the heart-wrenching one-sided love

and the cliche, love triangle

and of course the ones that are so in love

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ok nvm

so i was tagged by super duper deppycn

hell yeah we got some extra ugly writing there but guess who’s sitting here absolutely shameless at the moment

i guess it’s me

I’m tagging: codenameburning, cnbluedaridu, thiscanofworms, donotfeedyonghwa, naruhodonaruhodo, jigiyongchy, thatburningboy, shinigamirukiasr

btw sorry sorry sorry sorry for bad quality, nah

michyeosseo, Ruta.

Hello guys! 

This probably seems really random and out of the blue, but I think it’s about time I made another follow forever. It’s actually not random and out of the blue because exactly 5 days ago, was my 1 year Tumblr Anniversary! ^^ I remember making a tumblr right after finals last year and since I was busy throughout the week of my 1 year tumblr anniversary, I never got to properly celebrate it. I don’t even know if it’s needed to celebrate but w/e i wanted to do something  But anyways, I just edited something for this follow forever and believe me, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I’VE TRIED TO EDIT SOMETHING PRETTY, so if it looks really simple and the crop job is bad, don’t blame me. I just literally learned how to crop-cut out an image with transparency today. .__. I seriously thought I was gonna rage quit, but things turned out okay, so that’s good. 

I’m going to list everyone in alphabetical order. I hope I didn’t forget anyone!

Bold= Friends (according to me anyways)

Italics= People I want to befriend/talk to more in the future (i wanna befriend all of you guys tho tbh if im not friends with you already)

100304 | ahsehun | aznkat | actlikethatgirl | bee44 | blutory | bouttohaveakrissyfit | cnbjonghyun | chariotoffortune | cnblue-centric | cnbluemakesmehigh | cntotheblue | cnwat | cross-and-change | doradae | f-ortunecookie | gekijou | heavensway | hi-yeum-bye-yeum |  im-all-blaqed-out | jaejinism | jjong-asm | joaheyo | jongjaeki | joon-hee | kenstified | listencnb | mai-hime01 | majorbon-er | masterdalmateforu | minhyeon-ieyo | musicthatismyboo | namwoohyeons | sansokey | seotaku | sexybassist | sunflower-suzu | thiscanofworms | ttaemirii | ttalgiya | worldofblue | y-ijung | yghws | yonghwass

Well, I just wanted to say thank you to my favorite blogs listed on my 2nd follow forever because they’ve made my tumblr experience so much more wonderful from when it was 365 days ago. I’ve befriended so many people and shared so many interests with them, it’s amazing how many friendly people I’ve met through tumblr. I hope my tumblr experience continues to grow with everyone I’ve mentioned here and with all my followers and friends! ♡