I want to be light

I want to be a person who wonders through conversations and lives igniting excitement and leaving brighter eyes in their wake.

I wish my energy could seep into other’s days acting like a lightly caffinated drink to those around me.

I know it’s possible, I’ve seen it.

I’ve seen people who make you think of the sun if it could dance and fire if it were touchable.

I don’t want to be someone who spreads darkness like I’m walking through on old house turning all the lights off as I go.

I want to shine. I hope I shine.

—  Dottie James, the light in a dark room

There are mountains ranging from her head to her fingertips
I never thought I could look at someone like this
Light crackles from her hair to her smile
Her freckles are stars, her gaze a gale

Her thoughts could be sold and admired as art
Our heads are close, our hearts apart
The sun doesn’t realise it’s luck to kiss her

If you’ve seen her dance then you’ve seen fire
Before, I’d never wanted to trade places with stars
To rest on her face as if i compliment her features

If I love hard enough maybe it will reach her
Her hand is the hardest to reach for. The colour
of her eyes could embarrass the sea
but she’ll never reach for me.

—  Dottie James (thisbedottie)