GMW vs. Disney
  • GMW:*gets nominated for an Emmy*
  • Disney:time to cancel it!
  • GMW:*is currently the highest ranked show on Disney*
  • Disney:Time to make a show about a talking hand!
  • GMW:*literally has almost everyone in the live audience chanting for another season*
  • Disney:lol no.
  • GMW:but-
  • Disney:bye
  • GMW:ok :(

Supernatural Cast Reveal Why Their Fandom Is The Best - Comic Con 2016

anonymous asked:

If you are just talking about the trick that keeps them in Cory's class for another year then that is not a game changer. That is petty show stuff that needs to keep the premise of the show. Let's assume you don't mean that. For me, the only show ending thing that could happen is Maya or Riley leaving the show. Neither of those things are going to happen, so anything else is up for grabs. I am still going with Decision C. I am not convinced.

Nope, I am definitely not talking about Cory being their teacher next year.

Believe what you want. You certainly don’t have to believe me.

I was at Sweet Sixteen. I know what happened. I know what the surprise/game changing news is. I know the potential it has to change the show/relationships on the show.

Decision A, if it’s permanent, means the show is over.
Decision B, won’t change anything.
Decision C, in my opinion, is a red herring. They won’t do it. They’d rather end the show.

I fully expect them to go with Decision A at first and change their minds to B. It’s the best way to keep dramatic tension.

Since today I was doing prompts, I’ve decided to upload tomorrow’s prompt today, because All the prompts probably won’t be finished till tomorrow.

Anyway Fiddauthor Fest day 7 (technically) Inspired by the Journal. 

I actually got an idea before the journal where older Fidds and Ford are reading through it and reminiscing, this could be any of the journals really.  

We all know he added stuff to the journal that we’ll get to read, and this is Ford showing him these parts. I’m imagining that there are words that aren’t even in our journal he wrote especially for Fiddleford because he cares for him but he doesn’t know how to voice it.

So this is Fidds and Ford reading together about things and remembering them as well as reading about things in the future and present.

Mabel catches them and decides to spy on them because they are so cute, and she is now convinced that at some point Fiddleford is going to be her third grunkle. (She’s not wrong.)