Sim Request - Kiara Quintyn

A casual laid back sim for @unicorn-princess-kiara! I hope you like her!



Note: I only dressed her for everyday, so you will have to decide her other outfits.

CC List

Eyes |  Skins 1 2 | Eyeliner | Hair | Lips | Top | Tattoo | Jeans | Freckles | Earrings

Thank you to all the creators!

anonymous asked:

I have this AU where everyone basically works a modern day summer job. For example, Scorpion works at the zoo, Sub at an ice cream shop, Kenshi does a summer-school job for little kids, Ermac works in a flower shop, (I could go on but I'll save your time) would you mind illustrating one? ~love you and all your art, too

Lolol, sure thing!! I actually love this idea. It’s pretty amazing. Feel free to send me more of your ideas, I’d like to draw more if I ever have a free time again. 😅
Anyway, here is Hanzo for starters. (At the zoo, yass.)

    sets munday thing down as proof i’m still alive.

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MML Chapter Two: Frog

Summary: With the right context, frogs can be terrifying.

Notes: A short chapter to bridge the gap into the first arc. Also, I am looking to re-name this chapter and chapter one after songs, so if you have a suggestion, shoot me an ask. 

Wordcount: 2,076

Beta’d By: @sentochoryu

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I’ve talked about how downright awful Facebook is and how it’s a toxic place on almost all fronts at great length in the past, but I’m getting really tired of “fan” page traffic consisting solely of complaining and overall negativity. The only positive pages these days are the senior dog sanctuary and the cat cafe by my house. It’s rarely page moderators who are guilty of this, they do their best to share news and other relevant posts, but the comments are guaranteed to be filled with people who are willing to complain at length about something they didn’t even bother to click on. Just… why?

Honestly, if there isn’t some extensive social study on the negativity that Facebook as a platform seems to invite and encourage on the unprecedented level that it does for whatever reason, I may very well do it myself because I find this all so baffling, and discouraging in general when I think of the future of the human race, and I wish I could just look through my goddamn feed for recipes and pictures of pets that friends have shared in peace.

The new Gorillaz songs are actually too perfect pls slay me