I’ll do this for dennor, sufin and hongice, as usual!

Aph sweden: Sweden would understand that Finland doesn’t like to talk about his nightmares, so he’ll just pull him close, his silent reassurance bringing finland back to earth, calming him down.

Aph finland: Finland would get up and make Sweden some hot cocoa, before wrapping his arms around his waist and nuzzling his neck, promising to fight off anyone who should try to hurt him.

Aph iceland: he’d panic, unsure of how to handle the situation and fearing for Hong Kong’s wellbeing. After he’s calmed down a bit, he’d listen patiently while Hong Kong describes the nightmare, and then assure him that it wasn’t real, that everything is okay, and that he’s here for him.

Aph denmark: Norway seldom has nightmares, so when he does, denmark worries. He’d gather Norway in his arms and let him bury his face in his chest, whispering sweet nothings until the sun rises.

Aph Norway: poor denmark suffers frequent nightmares, typically memories of when the nordics left him centuries ago. When this happens, Norway will cradle his head as he cries into his shirt, stroking his hair and reminding him that he’s here, that they’re all here, and that they’re not going to leave him again. After he stops crying, Norway will read him some of his favourite Hans Christian Anderson stories until they both fall asleep, wrapped together.

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You play D&D? What edition/s and what's your favorite class?

I used to!   Back in college I ran with a SUPER AMAZING crew and we did 3.5 exclusively.

Rather than favorite class, I think my favorite character I played was my very first character– she was a human fighter, neutral good, who wielded a scythe named Armanda:

(Warning!  OLD art!!!!)

When my DM saw I wanted to use a scythe, she said I had to come up with a reason for it and had explained that really only necromancers and evil characters used them.

I had ended up integrating a backstory in which my character’s father was a necromancer and had left that scythe to his daughter hidden in a secret part of the house which she discovered after he left (no one knew he was a necromancer, obviously, until she discovered the scythe)– and the scythe was cursed and she couldn’t get rid of it (when she would try to destroy it, it would reappear next to her bed or behind her).  She saw a  priest of Pelor that night who worked to bless the scythe and had ended up taking away MOST of the negative effects (minus the scythe-haunting stuff she was suffering from).  She wore a symbol of Pelor on her chest to show people NO I AM NOT A NECROMANCER I CAN’T EVEN DO MAGIC OK?

She also hated magic-users because her mother was a brilliant wandsmith and her younger brother was talented at magic and her father we already heard about– and then there she was, a magicless kid in a magic-talented family.  She started bullying local kids who could use magic and became a grumpy, bitter girl who used her fists and death stares to get what she wanted (her intimidate and strength were SUPER HIGH by the end, haha).

Several favorite moments:

My DM would take a copy of everyone’s backstories and work them into the plot.  Armanda’s dad ended up being the big bad and I landed two criticals on him (one killing him the first time, the other killing him for good).  She had made it a SUPER INTENSE fight and I had such an adrenaline rush after it was over, haha.

Our DM had us fight a naval battle– we had a ship owned by our swashbuckler vs a ship by his arch nemesis who was a sorceror/swashbuckler with a raven familiar.  As we see the ship approach, full of dudes, our mage said “…..I have an idea.”  We ended up greasing the main deck of the ship and waited for them to board– our DM rolled to check who made it– only 3 dudes out of 20.  She ended up giving us a HUGE deathglare and said “HANG ON A MINUTE, I’M BUFFING THE BIG BAD.” (she had wanted the fight to be hard since it was a “miniboss” for the campaign).

We visited our mage’s mother, who would NOT let us leave and tried to feed us really disgusting casseroles (she was a super doting parent who was worried about her daughter who never visited).  While she was doling out some sort of nasty green goop, our ranger (who was a dwarf and also an engineer) pulled out a trap he had constructed and filled it with the goop he was served to make it look like he ate it.  The way this trap worked was it was a sphere that you could either fill with shrapnel, misc goo or oils or you could load with bolts/arrows.  You would roll it into an area and it would detonate, sending the insides everywhere.  As we tried to make our escape, he yelled “EVERYONE DUCK!” and rolled the sphere in between us and her mom– we all made checks to dodge the gross casserole and I crit failed.  My character got EXCLUSIVELY covered in goop and as everyone stood there frozen, she turned to the ranger, wiped it off her face to uncover the most INTENSE deathglare.  We managed to get away from mom only because my character’s intimidate roll was so high on that deathglare she was like WELL TIME FOR YOU TO GO, BYE!

And my top two favorite moments:

We were fighting a lich dragon at the end, who was the big big bad (my character’s dad’s boss, basically) and it’s about to crush my character via a well-placed stomp.  I panicked and said i would attempt to grapple the dragon and my DM was like “You WHAT?  There’s no way you’re going to survive it!  You sure you don’t want to dodge??” and I was determined because my character would have instinctively tried to stop being stomped by grabbing the foot as it went to crush her.  My DM sighed and said to roll for it– nat 20 with a 20 to confirm.  I FLIPPED THE DRAGON WITH MY BARE HANDS, oh it was glorious.  My party was in STITCHES.

And favorite favorite moment:

Our party was sleeping in an inn and was on the alert since we had already been pursued by baddies before and so on.  My character had intimidated everyone into giving her the actual bed and bedroom and so was shut up in there while everyone else slept in the common room portion.  As the night wore on, our ranger ended up detecting noises which turned out to be the campaign’s equivalent to ninjas.  I had to keep making listen checks because I was in another room and the fighting had to wake my character up.  I kept failing them so Armanda was sleeping through all of the ruckus.  FINALLY after like, 6 turns I made a roll that landed.  Armanda jumped awake and grabbed her scythe.  I made a strength check to kick down the door, got an 18 so she kicked it off the hinges, which caused everyone to look.  I then rolled and intimidate check at the ninjas because she was PISSED.  Nat 20.  She glares at them and yells “WHO WOKE ME UP??” One ninja fainted after peeing himself, the other ended up taking poison.  My fighter ended the fight in one swift move without even doing physical damage.

Wow, this post got rambly.  SORRY FOLKS!

What I don't get when people criticize Spinner!Rumple

For bashing his leg in.

Putting aside that he did it for Bae for a moment. Yes, I concede that in war, injuring yourself so you can leave is sort of defeating the object and not super fair to the people you’re fighting alongside. What if Peggy Carter had done that? I get it.

But the war Rumple is in is a bullshit war. Like let’s put aside that he was acting on what the Seer told him. We know the rest of his unit (?) died. We know that fourteen years later, the war is still going on. We know it’s being run by the Duke who presumably no one elected, who has been drafting people all this time and progressively lowered the conscription age to fourteen, most likely because everyone he’s sent out is dead or too injured to continue. We don’t even know what this stupid war is about. If the Ogres were invading, it seems like they would have invaded at some point over those fourteen years and we do know Dark One! Rumple quickly established a truce with them. It’s conjecture, but I would guess it was the Duke’s war and I bet when he no longer had the Dark One under his command, he had to back the hell off.

Which again, all suggests a bullshit war. So, why should Spinner Rumple have died in a bullshit war? What did he do that merits dying for nothing?

Imagine a world where a company’s fortunes are supposed to be reflected in the CEO’s figure.  Whether its really true or not, a skinny CEO is seen as a sign a company is in dire straights and investors act accordingly. One that can barely make it through the boardroom door anymore, well, business must be booming! Buy buy buy!

The CEO at the company your OTP work for has unexpectedly died in an accident and A is promoted to CEO… but they weren’t ready for this!  they’re not nearly big enough!  B is brought in to get the CEO in proper shape -round, pear, really anything bigger will work at this point!  The stock has tanked and they need some big gains to get things back on track!

B can make sure A fits food into at every opportunity.  Extra fancy coffee with whipped cream and chocolate curls for every meeting.  Making sure every time they put their hand in their pocket there’s the enticing crinkle of some kind of wrapped snack sized treat. Every meeting is a business lunch… or dinner or even breakfast.  

A knows they should eat as much as they can and B really is making it easy… but they still have all this WORK to do too!  So sometimes the food gets ignored and B has to try and get them to eat.  Think of the company!  B can go through several different strategies, pleading, encouraging, ordering them to eat, but finally hits on just the right strategy…playing on A’s possessiveness and competitiveness.

Well, gee, you don’t have time to eat, I guess I’ll just eat it instead… B never really manages to steal more than a bite or two of A’s food before A has to grab it back and eat it.  Or if they need to hurry up and finish B can bet that they will finish their own much smaller portion first.  This is a challenge that A cannot let pass!  Food can be devoured in record time.  

Of course this strategy does have a downside, B is putting on some weight as well. But they can turn this to their advantage, flaunt their new size and get A to eat all the more to get bigger faster! This is why they’re the CEO, they’re hungry for the biggest slice if the business, and they’ll eat the competition if necessary!

With this new strategy, A is soon overflowing their clothes and needs a weekly stop at the the tailor to keep them in proper power suits that will show off their size.  By the end of the year, they’re nearly as big as the old CEO and are looking to keep expanding.  The annual report and weigh in goes quite well and there’s rumors starting that maybe they might be able to join the Fortune 500 in a few years…

Nalu Week Day 07: Happy

A/N: I can’t believe it’s already day 7! Well here’s my entry (:

Today was the day. Years ago, Lucy soon-to-be Dragneel would never have pictured herself getting married. Especially if the man she was engaged to was Natsu.

When Natsu proposed to Lucy it was definitely not how she pictured it would be when she used to dream of it as a child.  If anything, the proposal was messy, rushed, and incredibly awkward. But nonetheless, the man she loved with all her heart wanted to marry her. Why wouldn’t she say yes?

The days to the wedding quickly approached faster and faster. It seemed almost like it was another world. Lucy had picked out her dress, bridesmaids, and the maid of honor so quickly.

“Lu-chan, you look beautiful.” Levy complimented her while adjusting a bobby pin in Lucy’s hair. “You really think so?” Lucy smiled at her reflection in the vanity mirror. Levy had been her best friend ever since she joined Fairy Tail. Levy was the only choice Lucy ever had in mind for maid of honor.

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Oh God I just got an idea! A Root/Shaw HP AU where Root is Hermione and Shaw is Ginny! Cute, nerdy (and a little obsessive) Root secretly in love with her bestfriend's sister who does what she want, when she want and doesn't care about anything else but quidditch! Even Finch as Harry, Reese as Ron and Fusco as Neville works!

the not-so-golden trio

It’s a common sight at Hogwarts, for Reese and Root and Finch to all be seen trailing after some professor or another, caught pulling shenanigans and then subsequently led on their way to see their Head of House.

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