this...could be taken as quite dark

She is a mountain,
Dark and strong,

She is a mountain but sometimes
When I sit for a while on the ground, beside her,
I hear the rumble of all the rocks that have built her,
And I reply to them, to her
And we have conversations in a strange language
Until it is over -it never lasts long,
And she stands there, unfazed, as I leave.

She is dark,
Gorgeous dark.
She’s a mystery that could answer questions I don’t dare to ask.
She seems to stand still,
As if not caring was bliss;
Yet I know she does,
I know she has when I’ve seen a smile play on her thick skin.

The first and permanent impression she’s left in everyone’s mind.
I have to agree,
I have to confess I do feel intimidated by the way she keeps everybody at bay somehow being quite kind still.

Once or twice she’s taken me close to an entrance, though.
I remember.
I remember the dusky sun in her eyes and, the smile,
And the nervous rumble of her laughter.
And the rough matter covering her mind, so close.
Warm in a way.

I never tried to get any further.
I was too scared of her.
Am too scared of her.

Perhaps I should
One step at a time,
Yes, gorgeous woman coated in rock,
inside you,
At last, with you.

—  LG ; Things I learnt in loving - Black mountain


It had taken Hide quite a while to notice but Kaneki was asleep beside him, head leant back against the couch and book loosely held in his grasp upon his lap. Hide slipped his headphones off of his head as he turned off the music, shifting toward the other; he’d hardly ever seen Kaneki sleep once during their freshmen year of college, now it seemed to be catching up with the other.

Kaneki’s dark eyelashes were softly pressed against his cheeks, black lashes upon pale cheeks. It felt kind of scandalous to watch Kaneki like this, but Hide could seem to tear his eyes away, caught as they were on the subtle parting of Kaneki’s lips. 

Hide hadn’t really had the luxury of free time and space to stare unabashedly at Kaneki, he’d wanted to but he also wasn’t the kind of creep that just stared at someone until things got awfully awkward. Now though, Hide was free to stare, eyes scanning Kaneki’s gently mussed hair and the way the afternoon light shimmered upon those inky locks. 

He knew Kaneki didn’t believe it, but Hide truly thought that the other was beautiful in that softly porcelain way, it was almost as though Kaneki were a doll. 

“Staring’s rude, you know,” Kaneki murmured, eyes mere slits as he stared at Hide. 

“I think pretending to sleep’s more rude,” Hide threw back, turning back to his paper to hide the gentle blush spreading over his cheeks, but unable to dampen the smile pushing against the corners of his lips. 

“Maybe,” Kaneki said, the tiniest hint of laughter in his voice as he picked up the book in his lap again. 

Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Leviathan! Cas x Reader)

Your angel wasn’t quite himself anymore.

There was a malevolence in him that you couldn’t quite seem to wrap your head around, but that you could sense whenever he looked towards you or spoke. It was something so indescribably dark and malignant that the very thought of it drove shivers up your spine.

And to your misfortune, that thing inside of him (for whatever it was, it was within him, observing you from the confines of its ill-gotten vessel) decided it had taken a liking to you.

Because even monsters harbor a desire to be loved. But they indulge in it, their passion and need unrestrained and raw. They take, but they do not give.

And you’ve felt them — their essence, on your skin and in your mouth. Traces of the black ooze they trailed staining your skin and marking you as theirs.

You don’t call out for your angel anymore, like you did in the beginning when they would make you scream out in both pain and ecstasy, because you’ve all but forgotten him. The monsters inside of him may wear his face, but they are too cruel, too much of sadists to be the gentle, self-righteous angel you had known for so long and had formed a sort of kinship with.

He had visited you the night before he had gone off to open the door to Purgatory and absorb its souls. He had told you everything would be alright, that he would fix everything.

There had been no mention of the beasts that had invested themselves inside of him. No mention of the gross affinity the beasts of Purgatory would hold of you.

And you would never forget the night they first came to you in his guise, bloodstained lips curved into a malicious grin and eyes alight in sinister excitement. Nor would you forget the single question they had asked you that night before they claimed you as theirs.

 “Are you afraid of the dark?”

You had knit your eyebrows together in confusion at the time, but now, you would say, yes, you were very afraid of the dark and the black serpents that festered in it.

Snowed in during the blizzard last week, I started this Rinch fanfic, then forgot about it and got lost drawing Henry Gale too much. The fic just needed a climax (in both senses), but it has one now.  Or rather…it has two ;)

Rated Mature
Sex in the library, first time, smut, a little fluffy

Finch gripped the edge of the bookshelf more tightly, steadying himself so he could close his eyes and give in.  John’s mouth was working its way down the back of his neck and the wash of sensations from his stubble proved quite…stirring.  

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Change of Heart (part 2)

part 1

(Young!Sirius x Reader)

You didn’t know how it had happened exactly - really you tried your best to be as unsociable as you could manage so people would leave you alone. Somehow Sirius had taken quite a liking to you, so had Lily. That’s why she always dragged you along when they did something stupid. She was probably also glad not to be the only girl anymore. So against all odds you had become friends with everyone.

“That’s a stupid idea.” You say. Everyone is standing at the entrance to the dark forest.

“Yes, but aren’t you curious why it’s forbidden to enter?” Sirius answers.

“I’m sure there are many valid reasons and I’m not sure I wanna know them.”

“Now that’s no fun, we gotta find out.” James says.

You just knew it was a terrible idea. Getting caught outside your room at night would get you in enough trouble already. But entering the dark forest, alone at night was a whole new level of stupid and would surely get you expelled if someone found out.

“We’re 6, so lets go two each and meet back up here in an hour.” Sirius says. He catches you by the arm and pulls you with him.

“Did you hear that?” You whisper.

“Yes, I think you should come closer.” Sirius says and sneaks his arm around your waist. In any other situation you would have been a little more reluctant to let him near you but you were really scared.

“Black, don’t get any ideas.”

“I wouldn’t dream of it.”


“Sooo, … Are you going on that date with me?”

“We’re wandering through a creepy forest and that’s what you’re thinking about?” You say a little amused.

“Sure, what other reason would there be to bring you here.” He says with a smirk.

“You are the worst.”


You hear a screeching sound from somewhere in the forest. The two of you exchange some worried looks.

Sirius crashes his lips to yours and kisses you roughly. When he lets go of you, You’re in a daze but he quickly takes your hand and starts running. You dash through the woods and finally out in the open. You’re breathless and it takes you a moment to recover.

“I swear to god, you’re nothing but trouble.”

“I know. It’s great isn’t it?”

You have to smile at his answer. He’s right a little. It is great. Though his total confidence and lack of common sense worry you a bit.

“Dating you is going to kill me for sure.” You say with a sigh.

Here are some sketches from my new OC plot! I’m really proud of how she has evolved as a character, not being only a “Razor lover” anymore, but a real character with it’s plot and purpose.

To not spam the Rayman tag I’ll put all in under a readmore, feel free to have a look and give me your opinion! I’m really curious about it, it gives me motivation!

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An Unrestful Slumber


The past few days had not been kind to the Priest of Ra. As of late, the home had been plagued not by a foul disease nor a burdensome roommate (as bad as he could be), but perhaps a combination of fatiguing sleep, and paranoid nights spent in worry. A spirit seemed to have taken hold along the Cloudhop household, one that was way out of Gordon’s line of work.

At day, it seemed to be less active - giving the griffon the occasional spook via occasional faint voices in the distance, or misplaced objects from the Altar of Ra.

At night, however, it was a different story. The dreams Gordon would find would be all related to the very same place: A shadowed, shrouded altar encasing itself in tangible, wild darkness quite unlike the element seen by deities such as the God of Embalming. In this world, it was an endless maze of corridors that began him in a new area each time, leaving him in constant disorientation. 

Gordon needed help, and the only help he could think of was a certain stallion that was still getting used to the surface - Ashen Soul.

And so, here was the disheveled eagle, knocking twice onto the door. He prayed the stallion would answer.

faeriemeliorn  asked:

for the ship thing: clizzy!!

aaaaahhh omg okay this got kinda long i never seem to get asked abt. my girls lmao i went crazy yikes

Who kisses who first

clary lmao. izzy’s been dropping all these lines that could be taken as flirting but could also just be izzy being izzy, and clary honestly has no idea whether izzy is gay or not, and quite frankly with everything else going on she’s not looking to fall hopelessly in love right now- except.

izzy’s hair is so shiny and it shifts like water and falls into her eyes when she laughs. and her eyes are so dark and full of mysteries that poke at the edges of clary’s consciousness at 2am when she’s trying to sleep. and her voice is like……what clary imagines starlight would sound like, if it could speak. and before clary can even berate herself for being so damn thirsty when she’s just stumbled headfirst into a secret supernatural war she’s???? hanging on every word because izzy is also passionate and bold and funny and kind and she’s such a nerd goddamn when she talks about science she gets really animated and uses a lot of excited hand gestures and bounces on her toes and clary feels her breath catch in her throat every time she thinks about how fierce isabelle lightwood is in her love for her brothers

and one day izzy greets her with ‘that shirt makes your boobs look so good !!!!’ instead of ‘good morning’ and clary just gives up with a frustrated ‘dammit’ and leans in and presses their lips together. when they pull apart, izzy grins and says ‘finally’. and clary pushes her up against the wall and proceeds to kiss her breathless.

Who makes breakfast

izzy is officially banned from making food, ever. but like, clary’s not that big a fan of cooking either so usually they just steal cereal from the kitchen and eat it out of the box with their hands 

(jace and alec hate this. it’s so unsanitary and they hate it so much but they also lowkey can’t be bothered arguing with the girls about it so alec just calls magnus for emergency breakfast dates every other day and jace kinda just sulks and makes toast lmao)

Who says I love you first

izzy! they both say it all the time before they’re dating, and once they start dating they’re like ‘well we already know we love each other, we say it on like a daily basis why would it be awkward now?’ (for real they’re not v. angsty they’re just nerds in love and they tell each other all the time)

but like pre-dating, izzy is the one who says it first and it’s like. really important to clary? because after she came out as a lesbian her few female friends kind of avoided casual ‘i love you’s and it wasn’t a huge thing but it still stung? the first time izzy says it to clary is like. they’re texting, and clary mentions alec being gay and the convo goes

IZZY: you don’t have a problem with it, do you?
CLARY: nah are you kidding lmao i’m like the hugest lesbian :)
IZZY: s a m e
IZZY: oh my god i love you so much :’)

Who holds the other one during a storm

izzy hates thunderstorms, they make her anxious and antsy because she’s naturally on edge a lot of the time anyway due to her training? so the extra sudden loud noises and stuff just makes her stress levels spike and she goes on high alert. not so much afraid as irritated and snappish and she paces a lot, until clary pulls her into a hug and they just lie down together and snuggle until izzy feels calm again.

What their song is 

okay so clary has a Playlist™ because she’s a giant sap like that, her fave #clizzy songs are:

hazy // rosi golan
bright // echosmith
somewhere in neverland // all time low

What they do when one of them is upset

when clary is upset izzy basically just puts a sketchpad in her hands, strikes the most ridiculous pose she can think of and goes ‘drAW ME like one of your french girls’ and it always gets a smile out of clary. this is usually followed by clary drawing izzy in super crazy poses and doing weird faces and stuff until both of them are laughing to much to even remember why she was upset
(or if she’s too upset to draw, izzy just sits with her and gives her lots of forehead and nose kisses and lets her wallow in it until she’s ready to talk about whatever’s bothering her)

when izzy is upset clary is very physical in her comforting. hugs, hand holding, backrubs, and distracts her with conversation. tells stories about her childhood, asks izzy about her memories of growing up, and eventually she’ll ask izzy what’s going on and izzy will almost always tell her

alternatively if they’re both miserable they just lie down on izzy’s bed with their shoulders touching and their fingers intertwined between them and sort of collectively stew in self-pity and bitterness and sadness until they curl up in each others arms and sleep

Who kisses more roughly 

okay but they’re both pretty rough??? like sure they have their cute tender kisses but they’re also both super passionate and like. phew. intense makeouts are intense lmao. hands in hair, hands under shirts, clary in izzy’s lap or izzy pressing clary into a wall, basically they have a lot of feelings and they’re both really gay and like to kiss each other with everything they have

What their dates consist of

they don’t really do like romantic date nights tbh, they go to downworlder raves sometimes (thank u for the invites magnus) which izzy loves and clary enjoys because okay, it’s fun enough but izzy always looks so vibrant and alive when she’s dancing and it’s the most captivating thing in the known universe. and other than that their ‘date nights’ are mosting just watching movies on clary’s laptop, making out in izzy’s room, there was one memorable occasion when izzy dragged clary out to spy on alec and magnus and they got found out and it somehow ended with alec and izzy both sitting on their asses in a water fountain, half glaring and half laughing, while clary and magnus looked on in confusion

Who knew they would always be together

clary. izzy, for all her bravado is super insecure about her self-worth? like she’s confident and comfy with her body and she can get whatever she wants with her dazzling personality but she also kinda lowkey feels like people get tired of her after a while? so she tries to live in the moment and not think about the future, but she can’t help believe clary is it for her, because clary is so certain of their future together. like clary is so utterly convinced that izzy is the One™ she always casually talks about ‘when we get married’ and all that.

What they talk about at 1am

really random shit like sometimes clary stays at the institute and sometimes she stays with luke and jocelyn but even if she does that they still text until like 2am and they have the greatest late night existential talks lmao

What their favourite holiday traditions are 

okay but at christmas clary keeps mistletoe on her person at all times and she just dangles it above people’s heads and goes now kiss (this is how jace and meliorn kiss for the first time lmao yikes) and every single time she sees izzy she holds it up and she’s like ‘u have to kiss me now sorry i don’t make the rules’

izzy likes valentine’s day and always keeps clary in bed for snuggling and/or other Activities until well into the afternoon, then they go out and walk around the city together and just do mundane stuff all evening and it’s really nice and peaceful :’)

Whos the hopeless romantic 

both of them tbh

Who says sorry after an argument  

they both do? like they don’t really have big fights but after a disagreement they’re always like ‘okay we need to talk about this so it doesn’t fester’ and they both apologize and explain why they feel the way they do and talk through it. heALTHY HAPPY WLW RELATIONSHIPS PLS

Bonus: who flirts the most

i z z y  omg she’s so smooth (clary likes to try out every corny pickup line she’s ever heard and izzy rolls her eyes at each one but lowkey loves it)

Primarily the mood around the castle ground has been moot, dark and nothing short of depressing. That was, until certain trespasser and thief had stepped onto the grounds. Ever since the day his daughter had taken his place, The Beast had sort of wished it’d been the older man instead. At the very least, he didn’t show the same signs of being as rambunctious as her. He found her to be completely unnerving and unappreciative of him sparing her. Of course, he didn’t quite offer any accommodations, and he certain despised when his servants had. 

A certain noise from the wing across from his own had startled him as he gazed into the dark night. At this point he could only assume it was trouble, that’s all it ever was anymore. His steps weren’t gentle, they clashed into the marble floors beneath his paws, as his breathing his dramatic sighs and breathing could be heard from two rooms away. It didn’t take him long to grunt in passing of his servants, ones that seemed always to be protecting the girl. Knocking on her door loudly, he pressed one of his ears up against the wooden frame. “What are you doing in there?” He expressed loudly with a growl to follow. 

Of course, given if she hadn’t answered, he had a plan B that assured she wouldn’t leave the castle grounds.


How this human had found their way into the void, is still something the parasite was curious about.

It wasn’t hard to tell that they were a soul of Determination. Not only that, they were the very important one. The one who had saved monster kind but also destroyed it in other timelines. Quite problematic.

He could have just attacked them, taken their soul and run but he wasn’t too sure. Everything about this human gave him strange vibes, he couldn’t be too certain.

He had been observing them, hidden by the darkness of the voided area. Simply observing. Now he had decided to make his existence be know to them, by simply appearing in front of them.

Certainly to them, he was nothing more than a Asriel, who was void bound for reasons unknown. Sadly, that was not the case.


A paw was placed on his chest, dark eyes staring at the human. It was very obvious that he himself gave off very bad vibes. He was far from a good person.


25 Days Of Book Boyfriends ( idea taken from thebookboyfriendharem )

Day 23:: Sir Lancelot from Alfred Lord Tennyson’s The Lady Of Shallot and of course from many other Arthurian tales.

How can I resist the dashing and brave knight when not even the Queen herself could keep from his arms? He’s known as the greatest swordsman, a paragon of chivalry and duty. Women and even men swoon in his presence. His dark brooding looks are quite enough for me to put him on my book boyfriend list.

Note: I know the pic isn’t of anyone portraying Sir Lancelot but every time I see Max Irons I just think he’s born to play him!

Dark Side - One Shot

AUTHOR: paigearmitagehiddleston (used to be paigeelisehalelahey)
GENRE: Romance/Angst
FIC SUMMARY: Loki finds a girl who could love his dark side.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES: No warnings. Inspired by “Dark Side (Glee Cast Version)”

Loki had been captured and taken to another holding cell. He had been shackled and placed in the cells. Loki heard the slamming of a door and a young woman walked in. “What do you want?” he snapped.

“I came to check on you. I saw you when they brought you in. It looks like Dr. Banner did quite a number on you”, she said.

Loki stood to his full height, trying to intimidate the young girl. “I am a god. I could kill you in a second”, he said.

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Get Spooked


It was late a night and most of the city was asleep. But being it was a big city you could still hear the sound of drunk people shouting, angry people honking their horns and car alarms going off left and right. Even in this part of town things part of town wasn’t as quite as you’d think in the middle of the night.

Caleb was on his way home from helping a customer setting up their new pc. It had taken longer than he’d first expected and he now had to walk in the dark to where he parked his car. He unfortunately had to park it a few blogs away just to be sure no one stole it, smashed it or in other way made it even more problematic for him to get home. As he was walking home he suddenly heard the sound of rapid foot steps approaching and immediately looked around to identify the sound. As he turned to continue his walk something suddenly ran into him full force causing him to loose balance and take a few steps backwards.

“Woah.. Take a look at where you are running…!”


Photographers in my games

I’m quite excited about the Sims 4 EP with the photographer shop!

In the Sims 1, one of my Sims, Candice, was a photographer. She had her dark room, with all kinds of skilling objects. She could earn money by selling pictures from the developping bath (cloned from an easel).

In the Sims 3, Ted is the photographer; it means he’s invited to all town events (or big weddings) to take pictures. Here, you can see him taking pictures of the kids Carnaval, last year. Then, I put the pictures he had taken in a chest, located on the Photographer shop, downtown, so other Simmies could buy them, thanks to Ani’s shop for inventory.

The Boy in the Tree

Chapter 2: Discovering Something New

Will Solace woke up blind.

The strange feeling of a scrappy material against his arms and legs, like sandpaper but not quite as rough and grainy, startled him into a panic, wide eyes scrambling to find something familiar, but all they could see was complete darkness.

He felt for the ground beside where he was sitting, but his hand passed right through; he was surrounded by air. For a moment his brain jumped to the highest cliff of bad possibilities, convinced of the worst. He thought he’d been kidnapped, taken forcefully to the kidnapper’s lair where they were holding him suspended in mid-air to torture him until finally releasing him, letting him fall to his death.

Then he thought he’d already died, and this was what it was like in hell; dooming and dreadful and like you can’t move a fraction of an inch without falling into a deep, dark pit of fear.

Then he really panicked. Not the kind of panic that fills your chest slowly, like a warm liquid filling you up until you feel heavy and anxious. No, the kind that explodes like fireworks, but not as pleasant. The kind that’s uncontrollable and forces your body to act before your mind can use sense to stop it. The kind that leaves you with nothing but instinct.

He scrambled to get away from the unfamiliar material in which he lay, but when his balance tipped to the side and his heart thumped threateningly, his brain finally formed a thought: don’t fall.   

He froze, like a deer in headlights, and hugged the rugged texture beneath him like it was the rope to survival. He stayed like that, listening to the drumming of his heart like it was music to his ears, like he might never hear it again.

He had no idea how much time passed before the nerves started to settle and his breaths started to even out, but it felt like forever. His sleep induced brain started to clear up, like a heavy cloud was being whisked away by the wind, and he started to see how ridiculous he was being.

Memories started to return and he felt like laughing, but he was scared to break the eerie silence.

He’d come to the tree like usual. But he’d walked because his bike was ruined after the crazy day that was yesterday. He remembered being disappointed when he got the the tree, the opposite of his usual reaction. He remembered mystery boy was missing. He remembered wondering about where the boy could be other than his tree, then worrying since he was never missing. He remembered exhaustion in every muscle of his body, including his brain. He remembered birds lulling him to sleep with a sweet song.

He’d fallen asleep and apparently the sun had gone down while he was out. That’s it. Of course he was happy to be free from the hands of death and evil kidnappers, but he was still stuck halfway up a tall forest tree, in the dark. Not his best moment, he had to admit.

He took a few minutes to try and catch his breath fully, but there was no use. His throat was dry and complained each time he took a big breath of air, so he settled for taking short inhales through his nose.

He had no bike, and because of that, no water, which he usually put in the bottle holder on his bike. All he had was his dry, angry throat, a brain that refused to cooperate, and darkness. Well, maybe he was exaggerating. He also had the moon, which was a tiny crescent, and provided enough light for him to see the figure of the tree supporting him, now that his eyes had adjusted slightly.

He knocked his head on the trunk of the tree, frustrated. That was when it hit him. He had his phone. It was wedging into his right thigh, in the back pocket of his knee-length khaki shorts.

He reached for it happily and hugged it to his chest, feeling like it was his key; his only hope of getting out of this situation. Unlocking the screen, he realized his father must be going insane. Will had left early in the morning like usual, before his father was awake. But he usually got back just in time for breakfast and his dad would ask him if he had a good bike ride, he’d nod and tell him breakfast smelled good. His father would then tell him there’s no need to lie, they all knew his cooking sucked. He’d also ask about where Will biked, and Will would always say around the neighborhood.  

His phone alerted him to four new messages and five missed calls. He definitely was not looking forward to facing his father. His father was usually pretty relaxed and laidback, and he was quite the jokester, but he was certainly scary when he got angry.

Will still remembered the first time his father got mad at him, actually mad. Like, overtaken by anger to the point where Will couldn’t recognize him.

Will had 5 siblings, and they’d all entered the music industry with a breeze. They were naturals, just like his father. Even though his father was a pharmaceutical researcher, he was always singing, dancing, and playing instruments around the house. Will had long ago lost count of the number of family orchestras that’d been born in their household. They’d be eating dinner and someone would accidentally bang a fork on a plate with a clang, then someone else would follow suit, then another, like a domino effect until they were all banging spoons and knives and forks and cups, forming a beat that Will wasn’t coordinated enough to follow. He’d bounce or hum to the beat but never contribute to it. Then sometimes if one of them had a song stuck in their head and they’d start singing it, the rest of the family would join in until they were all dancing around and putting on a show, using cups as microphones and plates as drums. They were definitely what one would call a theatrical family.

That’s why Will had always felt like the outsider, sort of like he was the mutt of the litter. He wasn’t a natural at playing instruments, and his voice was okay, but he felt like a shadow compared to the rest of his family.

It was around grade 9 when he’d stopped with the I’m useless at everything way of thinking, when he had his first real science class, learning chemistry and biology. He passed with flying colors and actually found himself enjoying the subjects. They were interesting, and he felt like there was meaning behind learning it all: to help people. He realized the problem was never that he was incapable or not good at learning things, he just wasn’t learning the right things up to that point; he wasn’t learning the things he wanted to learn. To actually learn a lesson, you’ve got to want to, to choose to.

So his father was proud of him as he pursued this interest with a new goal: to become a doctor and save lives. That way he’d never have to grieve like he did when his oldest brother Lee died of a severe concussion after getting into a fight.

It was after his second sibling passed away that he hit a really rocky road.

After his first brother died, he used his grief as motivation, as fuel to stop being useless. To stop sitting around while everything happened around him. He wanted to make his brother proud. He wanted to become as wonderful as his brother had been and he channeled all these emotions into his studies.

He stumbled onto a different kind of path when his second oldest brother, Michael, died; he experienced a new side of grief. He experienced the kind that drains you of energy instead of boosting you with it. He experienced the kind that results from having a closer relationship with the person that passed away.

Not as focused on his studies after Michael slipped from his grasp, his grades went down and he started to lose motivation. With all the studying he’d done, he still couldn’t save his brother, so what was the point anymore? He lost his older brother, who wasn’t only a brother to him; he was also his hero, his tutor, and his friend. Michael was a fantastic musician like the rest, but he’d also studied the sciences as a back up, so Will had always been closest to him. He felt like Michael understood him. Michael didn’t seem to get by without blinking an eye like the rest of his siblings. He was short-tempered and got frustrated when things weren’t working out for him, like when he felt one of his shows wasn’t as good as it could have been and he’d band his fist against the walls. Later he’d say that his next show would be better, that it would be the best one yet, and Will would nod enthusiastically.

Will always looked up to his brother. And then he’d died in a car accident. He’d been on his tour bus headed to the last show of his band’s tour when, as they were crossing a bridge, a truck jammed into them from the left and sent them flying off the bridge; flying to their deaths.

When his grades dropped below the passing bar, his father decided to have a little chat with him. Will was a mess. He wanted to give up on school and on everything, he didn’t think he could do it all on his own. That was the first time his father actually got mad at him.

That was also the day Will realized how proud his father actually was of him. He still remembered the end of their conversation, after his father had cooled down.

“But- but I can’t do it without him. He was the reason I got this far,” Will said.

“I was always waiting for the day you’d come and ask me for help, you know. Where do you think Michael learnt everything from. Who do you think helped him?” his father asked.

“I dunno, I always sort of thought he was just super smart and knew everything, I guess.”

“Will, he’s not a god. Everyone struggles. No one is born knowing everything.”

“I know.”

“I always thought you did.” He smiled. “I always thought you were the smart one of the bunch. You always worked so hard in school and your grades never wobbled in the slightest. You weren’t set on following the family streak and jumping into the music industry. You knew that wasn’t for you and so you found your place and you excelled in it. I thought you had it all figured out and I’m sorry I didn’t notice sooner that you didn’t. So, no, I don’t think you do know, and that’s my fault.”

Since when could his father be so serious?


“When Lee was 12, he failed music class-”

“Uh- what?”

“Wait, let me finish.” his father held his hand up to silence him. “He’d been goofing off with friends all the time, thinking he could be good at everything without trying. Even if I tried to lecture him, to smack some sense into him, he was stubborn as a mule.”

His father paused to look at him, but Will continued to stare at him wide-eyed.

“Some people have to learn lessons for themselves, and he sure did. After having a heated argument with his grade 7 music teacher upon receiving their term 1 report cards -to which I was called over to suffer through an atrocious meeting of his stone faced principle repeating ‘get a hold of your son’ over and over.”

He looked Will in the eyes, hinting that this was the time to listen carefully.

“He realized it then: no one is born knowing everything.” He stopped to let that sink in. “You’re not inferior to your siblings, Will.”

Will just frowned.

“And I know you know Michael struggled, too.”

“Yeah, but that’s just because he didn’t know how to settle for anything. He was amazing at things but he wanted to be better.”

His father groaned. “No, that’s not it exactly. He struggled because he wasn’t perfect, and because he didn’t think he was all that amazing. Why do you think he got a college degree in health sciences when he could easily be one of the most successful people in the music industry?”

“I dunno. Because he was smart?”

His father laughed.

“No, it was because he doubted himself. He didn’t think he could make it in the music industry, and he was afraid.”

“But he was great!”

“And so are you, Will. But you don’t seem to know it either.”

Will stayed silent for awhile, trying to comprehend everything. Or maybe he was trying to find an argument, to find proof that his father was wrong. That would be easier than accepting it.

“I’ll be your tutor from now on,” said his father with a smile. “But I have to admit, I’m a little rusty. It’s been awhile since your old man has looked at all this stuff.” He stood up with a laugh. “Actually, I’ll be fine. Maybe Lee and Michael weren’t gods, but I’m pretty sure I am.”

Will laughed. That was the father he knew, not that this serious version of him was all that bad. “Thanks, dad.”

His father pointed at himself with wide eyes. “Me?” He sounded absolutely incredulous.

Will whacked his arm lightly. “Yes, you.” Will smiled. “Thank you, father.”

His father ruffled his hair. “Anytime, kiddo.”

He smiled down at his father’s smiling face on his phone screen. He sighed, no longer scared of facing his father’s angry face. Before he had the chance to click call, though, Will noticed something strange behind the tree.

It was orange and bright and it continued as far as he could see. It stood out like a mule and Will was puzzled over the fact that he’d never noticed it before. It was horizontal lines spray painted on every few trees, leading deeper into the dreary forest. It pulled Will to follow.

Starter for @youseemewheniwant (Cassie)

Almost certainly, she’d taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque.  D’rorah stepped into the world directly in her path, noting a familiar old homey feeling in the air, overlaid with an oppressive pall of darkness and death.

It hadn’t taken much wandering to figure out she’d ended up in a world very like the one she’d considered “home” in her younger days.  Hogwarts, magic, wands and witches and wizards.

Only in this one, from what she could see, things had turned out quite differently in the end.  Muggleborns hid in the shadows, marked with armbands.  Half-bloods, only slightly higher on the hierarchy of things, were terrified and yet somehow also emboldened to callousness and outright cruelty by their relative privilege.

Only the purebloods roamed freely wherever they might like–even among them, many were restless, watchful.

D’rorah sat in a park near what had once been Ollivander’s prized old shop, watching people move to and fro as she tried to determine how and whether this world was Balanced.  She’d long ago come to realize Balance didn’t always mean things were pleasant, and that seemed to be the case here.  Things were tenuous, but there was no danger she could see of this world dragging those around it in space and time down into the depths of Order or Chaos.

As she sat, a pair of knitting needles worked steadily in her hands, wool feeding from a black satchel that sat between her feet.  People were less inclined to question someone who looked like she was doing something than they were someone sitting in a park, watching the world pass by.