a lot better on lighter backgrounds......

jupiterhyde  asked:

I was reading an interview with Danny Masterson where he talked about how he actually asked for Hyde's belt buckles to be specially made for the character, he also said in another interview that the eyeball ring and the same boots in every episode were his ideas. Why do you think he made those decisions? You can see his ear's perforations in the show, wouldn't it had been easier to have Hyde wear earrings too?

I knew about the belt buckles, he mentions something similar in that mexican interview he did a few years back in Mexico City. I didn’t knew about the boots and the ring, do you have a source? Sounds interesting.

Now your main question. I think the costume department and DM decided against the earrings because of the time the show is made. It was not only uncommon for males to wear them, but it was also dangerous as hell to get them. Same with tattoos.

And as for the boots, the ring and the rest of his clothes, don’t you feel like it suits Hyde? Because I do. Something I really love about the show is how everyone’s clothes actually fit them in more than one way. Their clothes speak a lot of who they are. 

Hyde’s clothes aren’t fancy and some times they are discolored and old-looking (funny enough, until he starts dating Jackie), which tells you about his upbringing and background before he is taken by the Formans, and even then, he does dress different from the family, whose clothes are more… nice looking, to say something.

He also wears comfortable clothes that speak about his preference to easier ways and search for comfort. His home-life was his biggest discomfort since he was a kid, so the lighter he is, the better. It also speaks of his desire of not wanting to carry too much, not only because he doesn’t have much, but because he already has the world on his shoulders.

Which reminds me of something important about his outfit, his sunglasses.

The sunglasses aren’t just a cool accessory to his image. He has this hard and badass exterior that looks even cooler with his sunglasses and his big car, and all that jazz. But, in reality, the shades are there for a reason he probably didn’t tought of when he started to wear them.

I believe he started to because he is a stoner. His eyes would betray him in front of adults that may call him out for his drugged state. The glasses allow him to mantain that a secret, especially in quick sight.

But as he grow older, so did the way he put himself apart from the rest of the world, and the glasses became part of the Zen, part of his protections. He uses them to cancel the rest of the world from his, so no one will know what he truly is saying.

Some JH fans say that they like it when Hyde take off his glasses because his face, his eyes, are very expressive. Hyde doesn’t know how to act without his sunglasses, and he allows little people to know about it, Jackie being one of the few that are allowed to see him like this.

In other words, clothes are as important as any profile to create a character. It talks about their personalities, their lives and their education. And the costume department of That ‘70s Show did a great job with it and their characters.


~*Inktober Day 1! :D *~

Some observations:

*if you add water to blue ink it gets lighter
*if you add water to black ink it gets lighter and more purple
*you probably shouldn’t add water to inks but it’s too late now~ xD
*this paper is not supposed to have water or a lot of ink on it
*lineart of Ryuji turned out way worse than expected, everything else turned out way better tho~
*It was fun! :D 

Sword Fighting for Fic Writers: Chapter 10

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Available Chapters:
1: Dumb Ways to Die  2.May Your Blade Be True! 3.On Your Guard!
4. Making the Cut 5.Stick ‘em With the Pointy End 6. It’s Like a Dance
7. The Measure of A Man 8.A Crossing of Blades 9.Like Chess, but with Knives
An Interlude About Story Telling
10. You Can Barely Lift Your Sword 11. Buckle Some Swash 12. Dual Wielding
13.Everything is a Weapon 14.Got Your Sword!

You Can Barely Lift Your Sword

Weight and Required Strength: Swords aren’t as heavy as you think. When you first pick it up it can feel surprisingly light. Even swinging it around it feels OK. You’ll be hard pressed to find a healthy person who actually has significant trouble lifting a sword. But when you need to hold it out and maintain a guard, that’s when things become difficult.

I’ve never been an arm sports person. It took me about a month and a half of doing two one hour classes a week before I felt comfortable with a long sword for 5min stretches of just holding the sword pointing forward while I was a practice prop for my partner. Not super intensive, someone could condition themselves faster with more upper body fitness background and daily hours of training.

It took me even longer for one handed swords despite having built my strength from two handed swords. I started with the lighter sword the first month, and switched to the heavier sword the next month in a personal bid to better my stamina. Months later and I’ll still get shaky by the end of the hour.

With a longsword that second hand let’s you support a lot of weight with just leverage. With a one handed sword, it’s just your arm muscles and your grip.

Shaking Arms: 
When you’ve been standing there with your sword pointing at your opponent for too long, the arms get shaky. This can be very noticeable, or something subtle.

Drooping Point:
The more tired you are the harder it will be to keep the sword tip pointing up at your opponent. You may not even notice as you focus on just keeping your arms up, but your opponent will notice the opening.

Sweaty Hands:
I never noticed it on the longsword, the rubber grip and dual hands giving me enough traction to hold on, but with the one handed swords I found my hands getting sweaty. I had to grip the hilt twice as hard to keep my sword point up making my arms tire even faster. It was especially bad on the wood and metal grips. There were times I expected the sword to slip right out of my hand. I wear leather gloves now and haven’t had a problem since.

The Usual:
Ever had to do a hard run in gym class and found yourself shaky? Panting? Like heat is rushing to your temples and trying to escape all at once? It all applies. All that stepping back and fourth and dodging is just as tiring as the sword swinging in a long session. Put them together and you’ve got some hard work ahead.

Switching Hands: 
With a one handed sword being comfortable with both hands is a huge advantage. Arms tire more quickly because they’re not sharing the load. Trying to do everything with your wrong hand feels weird, but if your strong arm is tired  you’ll be glad of the ability to switch.

There’s minimal benefit to switching your lead hand if you’re always going to have two hands on the sword. Any changes you’ll notice will mostly be mental adjusting. 



a 3-D animated children’s television series featuring the French video game hero Rayman. Created by Ubisoft and based on the Rayman adventure game series, the show was originally in French but was dubbed into various languages for foreign countries. Ubisoft was able to produce only four episodes and never managed to broadcast its episodes in the United States.


I wanted to take some time to burn through some requests and suggestions since people have been sending me great forgotten cartoons but this called out to me… Ever since I discovered this show’s very existence I just had to feature it. It’s a series that despite my personal taboo of featuring something based on a well known franchise it is without a doubt one of the most painfully forgotten animated features I’ve ever seen.

I have to talk about it, plain and simple.

Now, Rayman, what can you say about Rayman other than his franchise is one of the most beloved video games by many who grew up during the Playstation/Saturn/0Nintendo 64 era. His games were surreal, fantastical, and not to mention were damn good platformers in both the 2D and 3D realm. Some would even make the claim that the second game in the mainline series The Great Escape is the best 3D platformer of all time.

He hasn’t had much luck in recent years though. He did star in the mini-game collection Raving Rabbids but he was quickly pushed out of the spotlight in favor of the titular Rabbids characters.

For those at home wondering, yes, and again, yes, that feeling of disgust in the pit of your gut that there’s something very wrong here is wholly justified. And for those wondering further, yes, the Rabbids were in fact the starting point for the trend of babbling, annoying, random cutesy creatures.

In other words, these things are inspired by the Rabbids

Any way, an attempt was made to put Rayman back in the limelight with the phenomenal 2D platformers, Origins and Legends but he’s not quite as big as he used to be.

No one is these days, the only video game mascots that even people who don’t play video games might recognize these days is Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Pac-Man, Pikachu, and Steve from Minecraft.

With that long winded over-explanation out of the way let’s actually get to the cartoon itself. Back in 1999, Ubisoft commissioned a cartoon at the height of Rayman popularity to help promote The Great Escape and it quickly came and went. Why, well unfortunately because it wasn’t very good, plain and simple. The writing is incredibly bad, none of the jokes are very funny, and it’s pretty boring to sit through once the novelty of Rayman being in a cartoon wears off.

It’s weird how this is a cartoon featuring Rayman and the antagonist from The Great Escape yet  there’s no other characters that make an appearance. Seriously, there’s no Globox, no Ly, no Murphy, no Teensies, not even anyone from the first game like Bzzit, Betilla the Fairy, or even the best character in the series, the Magician. The setting and tone is also incredibly far removed from the game so it’s like– I can tell they were trying to make the series its own sort of self-contained thing like a Rayman side-story but to not have much that people loved from the games just makes it doomed to fail.

I will give this series some credit, it looks marvelous! For something that was sleighted to be an animated series made for television in 1999 the animation, and art design is fantastic. Rayman looks, and moves like how you would expect him to, the other characters look nice, and the backgrounds are nicely detailed and generally have a lot going on. You’d be surprised how even today, people who work in 3D animation have trouble making their backgrounds and back drops interesting and not dead. It’s as though sometimes 3D animators forget they’re working with another dimension so they make scenes feel empty and dull.

I feel like this series could’ve been better if it had more characters we recognized, and had a lighter tone to its story because this certainly doesn’t feel like Rayman to me.


  •  a total of thirteen episodes were planned, but after the fourth episode was completed, the show was canceled, due to poor writing and lack of funds despite being funded by the government of Quebec, Canada, and they were aired in very few countries in Europe, notably France, Germany and the Netherlands
  • The fifth, unfinished episode was to be called “My Fair LacMac,” earning much fan speculation about the episode’s content. This episode was almost done in production, but it had to stop at the last minute.
  • Although very rare, the Rayman animated series is available on VHS and DVD. An English-dubbed VHS was released in theUnited States, while a French one can be found in France and Belgium. A DVD is also available, but only in France.


One of the most jarring things about this series in my opinion is how in the English dub, Rayman is voiced by superstar voice actor Billy West and his performance is probably the best part of the series. It makes me wish Billy West was the official voice actor for Rayman but alas. What’s so weird about is he gives Rayman a kinda North Eastern United States accent which makes him sound more like a New Yorker than Fry from Futurama.

Blimey, what a world we live in.

brewstickz  asked:

I'm having trouble being descriptive in my writing. I'm trying to work on my showing versus telling but it doesn't seem to work and I get into a depression and look at other people writing and it just leads into a spiral. What can I do?

Don’t think about showing. Think about thinking. I know that sounds strange, but when writers say “show don’t tell” what they’re really trying to do is to push you to see through your character’s eyes. A character doesn’t think “I am angry because my smoothie is wrong;” they think “This isn’t what I fucking ordered. I said blueberries, and this is clearly pink, and I already spilled some on my shirt, and that’s never going to come out because it’s white silk” and because they’re pissed as all hell, maybe they cuss out loud, and maybe they snap at their friend without meaning to, and hey, maybe they get so distracted they actually spill the smoothie (and maybe as they’re cleaning up the smoothie mess, they burst into tears and when asked if they’re alright, they say, wiping them away as quickly as possible, “Nothing. My ex just used to get to always come to this place. I don’t even like smoothies. I’m going to go.” and they curse themselves for being so clumsy the rest of the walk to their car.) You could have said “I was angry because I’d just been dumped, and I spilled my smoothie all over myself which just made my day worse” or you can say that in a scene–that’s showing.

 If you think of “showing” as just bringing out every detail, your writing will fall into something along the lines of “She typed quickly onto the white post which was surrounded by a blue background, the “send fan mail” button a bright white text next to an otherwise blue button off to the right side; the icon of the question in particular was a bright orange with a purple and lighter orange colored triangle in the middle.” This isn’t better writing; it’s just a lot of adjectives, and when it comes to writing, adjectives aren’t your friend. 

So when it comes to showing not telling, don’t stress it so much; just think of who your character is, and think about how they will react in a situation; think about their temper, their perceptions. It’s more important that they notice a blue backpack because blue is their ex’s favorite color than it is to describe the colors of the soda machine if they don’t mean anything besides, well, being the colors of the soda machine. Think of the last time you went shopping; you probably didn’t notice what ever single shopper was wearing, and let’s be honest, you probably didn’t even bother to look at the color of the shop’s wall paint job; you just noticed what you wanted, and maybe that one person that caught your eye. Showing just means making the narration believable. Let the reader know that a person with emotions, feelings, and unique perceptions, is telling this story, not a robot describing the scene, or a news caster just listing events. 

As for looking at other people’s writing, you’ll always be worse than someone and better than someone else. At least, it will always feel that way. You can be an award winning author whose third book is being made into yet another movie, and you’ll still think another author is better than you. Comparing will never help you; read other’s writing because you want to learn more, because you want to try a new style you admire, or because you want to be inspired or pick up a new skill–don’t read others’ work to compare your own worth–there will always be a difference and because you’re stuck in your own head, you’ll never win that game. Who knows, they might be doing the same thing and worrying that yours is better than theirs. Just tell your story; tell it the way you’d want to read it, and the rest will all work itself out naturally. 

anonymous asked:

I want to get into wwe but i don't know were to start, got any ideas?

*cracks knuckles* I always have ideas.  So here we go!

Mithen’s Quick Guide to Getting into the WWE

Step 1: Be Aware of the Risks.  It’s possible, if you are strict and cautious, to keep your wrestling consumption to about 2 hours a week, icking up to 5-6 hours a week one time every month.  But I would be irresponsible if I didn’t warn you that if you are NOT cautious, there will now and then be weeks when there are no less than *holds up both hands with fingers extended* TEN hours of WWE in-ring content to consume.  And then you may discover that there are programs where you can watch your favorites eat dinner together, or carpool together, or play video games together.  AND THEN you may find out that your favorites have long histories in non-WWE promotions that you want to find out more about, AND THEN you may fall in love with non-WWE wrestlers and…. I’m just saying, don’t be like me. Wrestlefan responsibly.

Step 2: Choose A Show.  Assuming I haven’t scared you off, if you want to start slow you might want to pick a single WWE show to focus on, either Raw (Mondays on USA at 8EST) or Smackdown (Tuesdays on USA at 8EST). Pros of the two shows:  

Raw is the “flagship” and “most important show” where the “biggest storylines” happen (those scare quotes are a hint that not everyone agrees).  If you are interested because of what you’ve seen me talking about, most of my big favorites, like Sami and Kevin, are on Raw. They also have the Cruiserweight division, which has the smaller, lighter wrestlers who own my heart.

Smackdown, on the other hand, is only two hours compared to Raw’s three, and this often means a tighter, more cohesive viewing experience.  Storylines tend to be a bit better on Smackdown, IMHO, their women’s division is deeper, and their tag team division is fantastic.  

–(But Sami and Kevin are on Raw).

Step 3: Choose a Few Favorite Wrestlers.  There’s a LOT that happens on a show, and it can be overwhelming.  My recommendation is to pick three or four favorite characters and focus on them and their stories and feuds, letting the show become background noise when they’re not on.  Don’t worry, over time your favorites will feud with other people and you’ll slowly get to know the whole roster–and if a story is really compelling it will grab your attention despite you. Feel free to ask me who is on what show (or even “Which show is the tiny blonde evil woman on?” I can guess from there).

Step 4: Ask Me Questions. Wrestling takes place in a weird world that looks like ours, but the laws of both physics and human nature are…a bit different. Also, there’s a LOT of history and a HUGE cast (it’s like Big Two comics that way), so there’s likely to be some stuff you’re confused by.  Feel free to lob any questions at all at me and I will happily explain what I can!  Possible questions include: What is a suplex and why does it have a city named after it? Why did everyone gasp when Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns just looked at each other? And Why are these male models cosplaying as policemen? Seriously, I will yammer for paragraphs about anything, my ask box is always open to anyone.

Step 5: Consider Getting the Network.  Aside from Raw and Smackdown, the WWE has a network service and app that is frankly a steal at 9.99 a month and gives you access to all the special in-ring shows, tons of extra goofy content, and a gigantic backlog of historical wrestling footage.  If you like what you see after a couple of shows, I’d recommend getting a free trial month.

Step 6: Have Fun!  It’s tempting to take wrestling way too seriously sometimes, because fans fall in love with the real people behind the characters and we know they’re putting their bodies on the line for our entertainment, so we can get fiercely protective and suffer agonies when we feel they’re not getting the treatment they deserve.  But wrestling is also EXTREMELY SILLY and most wrestlers seem to love having fun and embracing their weird surreal melodramatic life of half-naked tussling.  Laugh a lot, cry a lot, try to keep indignation and rage to a minimum.  Be the kind of fan Sami Zayn hopes you are.

Rose Quartz or Pink Diamond

I’ll be using all evidence up to the latest episode (Reformed). Which means this may be revisited in the future. I will be linking any ones who theory texts or images i directly took form tumblr! 

Evidence for this theory:

1. Pearls space suit in ‘Space Race’

At first i messed with the possibility that the diamond could possibly be Yellow at first (seeing as the lighting is different than we’re used to) but then i found this image which also features Pearls pallet in a night setting, notices something? Her star (which is yellow!) isn’t Pink in the slightest but her diamond is! in fact the stripes on the space suit almost are the exact same color as the star!

2. I have to thank  charlesoberonn for noticing this and I wouldn’t of known this (


and secondly:

The stevencrewniverse always does things intentionally. If Rose was truly meant to be a rose quartz they would’ve made her gem lighter! in fact that would match the entire series pallet a lot better than the bright pink they use! And it closely resembling(and referencing) ‘the Pink Star’? a Pink Diamond ring? That’s too similar to be a coincidence!

3:  Rose’s belongings

Ok why exactly am i showing you her flag and shield? Excellent question!

Whats this?

A Flag meant to represent Nobility/Royalty during Mid-evil ages. And whats on those flags? The family’s crest or SHIELD. Also take another look at roses flag and look closely. Notices how there’s Diamonds on the background of it. Why would rose have chosen a flag design with diamonds on it? unless she’s not the one who designed it? What if All the Diamonds had flags similar but representing their own powers (like Rose having plant influencing powers)? It would still make sense for the rebellion to use this out of respect for Rose.

4: The Rose Imagery

OK, so the fountains statues i can kinda understand, She was a healer, she saved lifes like an Angel! And we have Angel statues but look at how regal she looks i dunno maybe its just me.

Look at the temple picture. Rose is the same size as who we assume to be a Diamond. This means 1 of 2 things. 1, the diamonds are 8 foot tall and Rose just so happens to be the same height  or 2, she is regarded on the same level of power as the diamonds. Both seem pretty strong evidence for Rose being a Diamond to me.

5. Roses Secrets I would have never though of this on my own but Rose kept secrets for the sake of others. If she was a diamond maybe the gems didn’t know. Amethyst would be least likely to know so this part of my theory isn’t really sound i just wanted to mention it.

6: This (sorry i didn’t have any other name to call this point)


The KING of the Jungle. Diamonds seem to be like Royalty/Dictators (at least to me). Anyways their held with High regards just like a king. We still don’t know why Rose has a lion, or what Lion represents but the crewniverse could’ve made him any animal, but they chose one associated with power, with being royal.

Now let’s look at things against this theory:

1. Her name

Jaspers (and everyone) refers to Rose as Rose Quartz not Pink Diamond. One would think that because Rose would’ve held high respect Jaspers would’ve called her Pink Diamond no matter what, unless she didn’t know rose used to be one but this is unlikely.

2. The color of steven and rose’s gems could just be a stylized choice (but like i said an rose quartz original colors would fit the show much better)

that’s all i got for now concerning this theory. I know someone will ask ‘what about how pearl acted during rose’s scabbard?’. I didn’t add this in for a reason, Pearl’s feelings of admiration/love/thirst for Rose could easily affect how she would act. (making her seems like a bigger deal than it should). and alot of what she did could’ve just been out of respect of anything, not really about Rose’s position.

Anyways plausibility rating: (this is calculated using the ratio of for and against items for a theory and converting that into a percentage) 78%

Like i said it’s likely as information for this theory comes out i’ll re-visit which could change the plausibility rating.

Hope you enjoyed my analysis.

aquamemoirs  asked:

Hello soundlesswind-san. Your drawing simply amazing and beautiful, plus very cute :D. I'm in love with everything in your style, especially the color pallete that you choose. I'm a new artist here, so i really need a help regarding the color pallet. Can you give me some suggestion how to choose color pallet?

Hello. Thank you, and just Hollee is fine. 

To be honest I don’t think I’m all that great when it comes to palette-selection, contrast and depth are more my area of comfort. Really, I could use some enlightenment as well… But, on the topic of colour, it’s actually quite a broad subject. There’s a different understanding depending on the style, mood, and theme one is going for. If you can, try and find a graphic artist’s guide to colour schemes (they’re usually searchable in a library). They’re pretty useful indexes. Or, perhaps, maybe even brush up on the basics with a deeper understanding of colour theory. However, in response to your request, I will still try and explain as best as I can.

As you know, colour is perceived. In emulated lighting, it is possible that the shade and highlight of a colour may be one value up or down on the scale, but in practical life, shadows aren’t purely grey or black, and highlights aren’t purely white. In other words, they’re not necessarily one value up or down from the original colour.

Your “white” doesn’t necessarily have to be “white” and your “blacks” don’t really have to be “black”. Colour perception is also affected by its surroundings. For example, this collar which may be perceived as red, is actually more a shade of brown.

Shades can be a “cool” range of dark blue, purple, green, etc…and highlights may be a “warm” variety of light pink, yellow, beige, etc…and this is reflected by the light source. You can gauge this better by deciding a time of day for your image, or the type of lighting. 

The background below, I suppose, would be sundown. It has a nice contrast going on in terms of depth and opposite colours.

There are lots of things to think about when it comes to colours. For example: distance, texture (material), density, and intensity.

For distance, objects in the background which are lighter (further from the viewer) will have less clarity/contrast and contain duller colours, as opposed to objects in the foreground (closer to the viewer) which will have more sharpness and purity/strength. However, “lighter” doesn’t actually mean “brighter” in terms of being one value up…rather, it’s more like blending in with the background. There are of course exceptions to everything…and that’s because a lot of factors come into play (ie. reflection, other sources of illumination, where the angle of the image is, …yada, yada).

Some material is more reflective than others, and some material is more dense than others. Shinier material may partially reflect the colour it is neighbouring, and thinner material may allow light to pass through. The intensity of the lighting and direction of lighting is also worth considering because that affects contrast as well as detail. Depending on where the light is, more light could mean less detail in one area, and more contrast in another. There is also overall-lighting to think about, where just one section of the image is a little darker or brighter.

I think it’s good to keep lots of things in mind when one is painting. Choosing a good selection of colours doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint realistically. You can use a number of tones that simply look good next to each other (in reference to colour theory). It doesn’t have to make logical sense. But again, this is up to the style and intention. 

If you can, and with many considerations in mind (again, such as mood, lighting, etc), avoid going up and down the value scale for shading and try shifting over a notch in terms of tone and depth.

(right: value in perception | left: value on a scale)

Experiment by observing your surrounding and other illustrations, and gain as much experience as you can! I’m still learning as well!

anonymous asked:

Did you know your blog is Aestethic goals?? Do you have any tips for making blogs seem more attractive?

Thank you, I take great pride in how my blog looks!

It really depends on the kind of blog you have, but first of all, pick a simple theme and pick a theme that works. If I can’t navigate on your blog because the theme is literal shit in terms of coding, I’m out, no matter how good the content is. tukuts themes are my favourites, they’re minimal, highly customizable, neat, and the coding is so good.

YES to:

  • Few and small images, they’re way better than a lot of huge animated GIFs and drawings
  • A very neutral color for the background, patterns are good if they’re not too distracting
  • Two main colors that go well together. I’m currently sticking to blue and beige, but I’ve had lime green and red, pink and light grey and some other pairs in the past
  • I think blogs look better with lighter colours but that’s just my opinion
  • Have a friendly icon that says “hey pal im a cool bean

NO to:

  • Themes in windows. As if it was a folder in your PC, you know the ones
  • Super small text. I know lots of people find it aesthetic af but please keep it readable
  • A crazy amount of saturated colors all together
  • Very unique themes that are meant to look all peculiar and cool but in the end they just make your blog hard to look at (the Undertale theme, for example)
  • Two (or +) column themes, simply because they take forever to load for most people
  • A “before you follow” that lasts five paragraphs
  • A blurred picture of a drawing as icon

And that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Let me know if you have any other questions!