a lot better on lighter backgrounds......

anonymous asked:

Did you know your blog is Aestethic goals?? Do you have any tips for making blogs seem more attractive?

Thank you, I take great pride in how my blog looks!

It really depends on the kind of blog you have, but first of all, pick a simple theme and pick a theme that works. If I can’t navigate on your blog because the theme is literal shit in terms of coding, I’m out, no matter how good the content is. tukuts themes are my favourites, they’re minimal, highly customizable, neat, and the coding is so good.

YES to:

  • Few and small images, they’re way better than a lot of huge animated GIFs and drawings
  • A very neutral color for the background, patterns are good if they’re not too distracting
  • Two main colors that go well together. I’m currently sticking to blue and beige, but I’ve had lime green and red, pink and light grey and some other pairs in the past
  • I think blogs look better with lighter colours but that’s just my opinion
  • Have a friendly icon that says “hey pal im a cool bean

NO to:

  • Themes in windows. As if it was a folder in your PC, you know the ones
  • Super small text. I know lots of people find it aesthetic af but please keep it readable
  • A crazy amount of saturated colors all together
  • Very unique themes that are meant to look all peculiar and cool but in the end they just make your blog hard to look at (the Undertale theme, for example)
  • Two (or +) column themes, simply because they take forever to load for most people
  • A “before you follow” that lasts five paragraphs
  • A blurred picture of a drawing as icon

And that’s all that comes to mind at the moment. Let me know if you have any other questions!