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  • David: So I suppose the character I relate to the most would be the one with the oldest nastiest shoes
  • Me: You can- Wouldn't that be-
  • David: Actually in my first story as the Doctor when I still had my old ten-year-old converse
  • Me: Yes.
  • David: Eventually the costume department got so grossed out, so disgusted with me that they got new shoes and painted over them with new muck
  • Me: Yeah
  • David: It wasn't the same. I felt deprived.
Chat hosted by David Bowie:"Placebo & David Bowie",  March 29, 1999
  • David Bowie: Yeah, it's been great, it's been a very good relationship, I've enjoyed it a lot. Watching them grow hopefully I shall watch them grow into old age as well. Because I'm never going to die. (laughter). Anyway, we have another question, from PunkInPink: "What doyou think of Marilyn Manson? You seem to have little things in common, but you also seem to deserve a bit more respect."
  • Brian Molko: Well, I think Marilyn Manson's thing is probably quite considerably larger than mine, considering his height, but you never know.
  • Stefan Olsdal: It's all about the hands, though?
  • David Bowie: Aren't the feet supposed to come into it somewhere along the line?
  • Stefan Olsdal: The nose, maybe?
  • Brian Molko: We know each other, we've hung out on a few occasions. He's quite a fascinating character.
  • David Bowie: Yes, I read that you went to a gig together!
  • Brian Molko: Yes, we went to the local Goth club in London to freak out the little Goths.
  • David Bowie: How funny! Were they indeed little?
  • Brian Molko: Oh Jesus were they freaked out.
  • David Bowie: They were both little and freaked out?
  • Brian Molko: Yeah it wasn't actually as debauched as everyone would like to believe, the time we spent together. He's an incredibly intelligent individual, he's taking on the moral majority of this country, which is a good thing, and he's also incredibly ruthless, which is why he's become so successful so quickly.
  • David Bowie: Do you feel that that's necessary?
  • Brian Molko: A certain amount of ruthlessness is necessary.
  • /////////////////
  • full interview:
game of thrones writer's room, season 6
  • benioff: titties?
  • weiss: yes. but instead of regular titties....elderly titties.
  • benioff: perfect.
  • . . .
  • benioff: last season we included dorne but idk what to do with them now.
  • weiss: let's just.....kill them.
  • benioff: perfect.
  • . . .
  • benioff: wasn't there a plot we were supposed to be following?
  • weiss, using pages of asoiaf to wipe his ass: idk

The townfolk of Storybrooke apparently have nothing better to do than to gossip like high-schoolers. Robin overhears. 

a/n: posting this regardless of being rushed and un-edited. contains some 3x18 spoilers. 


Regina and Robin were having a conversation. From where she was sitting - it looked to Tinkerbell like the conversation was light hearted, and fun. Like they were teasing one another and thoroughly enjoying the attention from the other. It made her smile… they’d finally found each other… and it was clear to anybody - even those who knew nothing of the spell revealing them to be soul-mates/true-loves whatever you wanted to call it - that they belonged together.

‘So, what uh- what do you know about that?’

Tinkerbell was snapped out of her trance of watching them and turned her attention to David.

'What?’ she asked.

'You’ve been watching them quite intensely for the past fifteen minutes.’ Snow chimed in. 'And come to think of it - you and Regina have been rather close recently… you must know of whatever is going on between them.’

'Between who?’ she tried playing innocent.

'Regina and Robin.’ David said.

'Oh… right… yes.’ She said.

'So…?’ Snow asked.

'What?’ She asked - still playing the part of innocent.

'So… what’s going on?’

Her resolve broke and she grinned. 'They’re perfect for each other, don’t you think?’

Snow frowned. 'I don’t know… Regina and Robin? I don’t see it working… not long term.’

'Oh but you’re so wrong. They’re made for each other.’

'I’m going to have to disagree with you there.’ David said. 'Regina is the evil queen - she had Robin hunted for years. She is everything he stands against.’

'No.’ Tinkerbell shook her head. 'They are actually made for each other.’

Snow frowned. 'What aren’t you saying?’

Tinkerbell looked back over to the pair - sure enough they still only had eyes for each other - so she was safe.

'You cannot tell anyone.’ She said. 'But… years ago - before the curse, Regina came to me, looking for help and so… I helped her track down her true-love. The man she’s supposed to be with.’

'And…?“ Snow asked.

'It was the man with the lion tattoo.’ She grinned.

Snow and David exchanged a glance. 'Robin has a lion tattoo… on his wrist.’ David said.

Tinkerbell nodded enthusiastically. 'True love, soul mates… whatever you want to call it.’

'Regina… and… Robin?’ Snow asked.

Tinkerbell nodded. 'Mmhmm.’


She sighed. 'And aren’t they perfect together - I’m so happy they finally found each other.’


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Goodnight Kiss (post-finale Captain Swan fanfiction)

Fluffy little plot bunny that wouldn’t stop hopping around my head.

Almost everyone had left, leaving Granny’s diner almost empty but for the single booth in the corner where Emma and Killian sat. Overall, the party/naming celebration/whatever Snow and David wanted to call this had ended pretty early, with the new parents running home before nine. Regina had been one of the first to leave, and she had taken Henry home, throwing a look in Emma’s direction as she left that made her insides constrict like there was a fist squeezing them. It wasn’t the anger, she could deal with that. God knows she’d been on the receiving end of more than enough Evil Queen death stares to become immune. It was the hurt in her eyes that was preying on Emma’s mind, the look that Emma hadn’t been able to avoid since Marian had introduced herself. Marian and Robin had also been among the early departures.

Emma felt a gentle squeeze on her arm and looked up to see Killian, eyebrows knit together in concern.

‘You alright, love?’

'I’m fine.’ She smiled unconvincingly. He raised his eyebrows.

'Just… thinking about Regina. I really messed up there.’

We really messed up there.’ Now it was her turn to raise her eyebrows. 'Alright fine, that was you.’ The same unconvincing smile.

She checked her phone. 'Only half past ten and everyone’s gone home. Now I remember why I wanted to move to New York.’

'I’m still here, aren’t I?’

'Yeah. You are.’ This time a genuine smile broke out across her face. 'We should probably, uh, clear out though. Granny will be wanting to close up soon.’

'Indeed. My place or yours?’

'Well, how about I go to my place and you go to- wait, you have a place?’

'Well, it would be a compliment to call it a 'place’, but yes, I do live somewhere. It’s not the Jolly Roger but it’s somewhere to sleep.’

'And I’m the only thirty one year old I know who still lives with my parents. Looks like we’re going home alone tonight.’

'Can I at least walk you home?’ he asked as he slid out of the booth and held out his hand to help her up. She went to stand without him, but reconsidered and took his hand.

They had walked halfway down the street before they realised they hadn’t let go of each other’s hands yet. Emma noticed first.

'Oh, sorry.’ She went to remove it but he resisted. 'I’m not really a hand holder.’

'Of course. Neither am I.’ he pulled his hand away. She immediately felt colder and reached out again, taking his hand.

'I guess there’s no harm in trying.’ They both tried to conceal the grins that lit up their faces, before sneaking a glance at the other and laughing. 'It feels strange.’

'What does?’

'Being safe. Happy. Having nothing to do, no one to save.’

'I could definitely get used to it.’

'Yeah. Me too.’ The companiable silence persisted for a moment longer before Emma coughed. 'This is my stop.’

'Damn your parents and their convenient, walking-distance-from-town home.’

'They sure do know how to pick real estate.’ She said, looking at the picturesque cottage, the epitome of romantic suburbanism. She could see her father in the window, walking backwards and forwards with a bottle of formula milk in one hand and her newborn brother in the other. She wondered if she would ever have a house like that. A home like that, of her own. She looked at the man standing next to her, at his guyliner and leathers, and imagined him instead in a button-down and jeans, holding a raven-haired baby in his arms. She shook her head. It was too bizarre. Too… wonderful. Just the thought made her smile and want to run in equal measure. There was plenty of time for that in the future.

'Well, goodnight Swan.’ He was looking at her in a way no one had before. Neal had loved her, sure, but she never felt the way she did right now, with those blue eyes looking into hers. She had never been understood like this before. It was terrifying and intoxicating.

'Goodnight, Hook.’ she replied. Neither of them moved. He playfully touched his lips with the tips of his fingers, reminding her so much of their first kiss that she almost laughed out loud.

'I’ve not been in this world long, but I hear it’s customary, at the end of a night, for something along the lines of a goodnight kiss to occur.’

'You really haven’t been in this world long. Goodnight kisses happen at the end of dates. This wasn’t a date.’

'I suppose you’re right. Remind me to take you out on one of those. Maybe then I can get a goodnight kiss.’ He stepped closer. She glanced towards the window to see if David was still up. She could see the flickering light from the television on his face, but his eyes were fixed on baby Neal in his arms, a dreamy smile on his face.

'Maybe.’ She smiled.

And then they were kissing. She wasn’t sure how it had happened, or who had initiated it. But her fingers were tangled in his hair and his hand was creating a handprint of warmth on the small of her back and all she could hear was his heartbeat through his chest. He smelled of the sea and leather and something else, something she couldn’t quite place, that she thought she had smelled once at a bonfire. And then the warmth and the heartbeat and the elusive scent were gone. He walked away from her backwards, smiling crookedly, keeping eye contact until he faded into the darkness.

'Goodnight, Emma.’

She exhaled through her nose, touching her lips with the tips of her fingers as she started down the garden path towards the lit windows where her family slept.

anonymous asked:

I was thinking about what David said about the audition process and how he got the role and how Emily got the role. He was pretty much a done deal since Greg Berlanti CHOSE him after seeing him on Blue Boods, but Emily was just plain luck because who could've planned an actress of that caliber coming in to audition for a role that was supposed to be a bit part? The producers must thank their lucky stars every day that Greg saw that episode and that Emily wasn't all ready snatched up.

It would be fascinating to know who Emily was up against in those auditions. I imagine, since she was a local hire and only required for a guest spot, the other actresses might have been similarly “unknown/undiscovered” rather than any names we might recognise…still, I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall in that audition room. I love behind the scenes stuff like this, so to be in the room to see the first reactions of the people auditioning her would have been quite something, I’m sure. 

We’re all lucky that EBR is who she is, and did what she did on that day. Imagine this show without her?