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Tom Hiddleston’s neck vein appreciation post

i think i’ve come to the point in my life where it’s too late for me to turn into a put-myself-first person bc it’s already been “established” by pretty much everyone who knows me/has met me that i’m apparently “that” girl who has trouble saying no and goes out of her way to help everyone??

like idek why i can’t protect myself from being used and thrown around like a +1 option from a buy one, get one free deal. maybe i’m stupid or it’s bc i don’t care about myself as much as i should. i guess i’ve never felt worthy enough to even put a decent value on myself… and i think my “friends” who take advantage of me know it which is why it’s so easy for them to assume “oh, she’s too nice so she’ll forgive us” like..???

but it’s true. i can’t even get angry at anyone bc it’s really my fault. i let it happen to me. i let people freely abuse me and make it seem like it’s ok. and honestly, i really, really hate myself for it bc it’s exhausting and painful and just sad. but what are you gonna do? i don’t want to stop helping people just to protect myself and i don’t want to force myself to say “no” bc that’s not who i am either. it’s funny bc i feel so guilty whenever i even consider saying no, even when i know i’m being taken for granted and advantage of…

i guess someone always has to get the shorter end of the stick, and in my life, it just happens to be me.

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I love the dad+euntak concept so much tbh. It's the one I wanted the show to go with at the beginning but I've found enjoyment in this one too... I'd love to hear more of your headcanons if you'd like to post them!

it really does kill me because the eun tak and her dads headcanons are so supported by the source material!! just…imagine that scene where eun tak and deok hwa are fooling around with the camera and the Dads are watching them, and then goblin says, “Having children around makes things so lively.” it’s such a dads thing to dooooo and i wishhhhhhh it’s what i’d gotten. it’s been so long since i’ve gotten a good found family drama.

i might just turn the headcanons into little drabbles/vignettes. 

Ok, so it turns out that I started this blog when I was watching the Sky Island saga. And all this time, I didn’t care too much about the spoilers, so I didn’t blacklist anything and I’ve been reading a loooot of things about the current arc in the Manga here (and another million things, I’m just to lazy to avoid spoilers). And one thing that attracted my attention, was all the issue with calling Sanji a Vinsmoke or not. I couldn’t really opine, so I decided to wait until I caught up with the manga and read it by myself.

Five months later, I reached that point, and I only have some chapters left to read. And in the very first moment the Vinsmokes were mentioned… just watching Sanji’s reaction, I already knew who was right in all this controversy. That’s all I needed to opine. And I’m totally unable to understand how could anybody defend the Vinsmokes and, even more, call Sanji a Vinsmoke. I mean, have you read/watched One Piece properly? One of the most important things in this story is the idea of what is a family. The strawhat crew itself is a family. Or just think about Whitebeard pirates. Or Ace, Sabo and Luffy. Or Nami, Bellemere and Nojiko. Ace and Whitebeard. Franky and Tom-san. Law and Corazon. And Sanji and Zeff. ZEFF. THE ONE WHO SAVED SANJI’S LIFE AND RAISED HIM, YES, THAT GUY. Zeff is Sanji’s family. Those people who treated him like trash when he was a child? Those persons are nothing to Sanji. If One Piece has tried to teach us something, it is that family is not about blood. Biologically? Sanji is a Vinsmoke. But if you have understood One Piece, only a bit, you amply know that he isn’t one of them. And when you call him a Vinsmoke, you are underestimating all the pain and trauma that Sanji has been carrying in his back all this time just because of those people. And if he has canonically stated that he’s not a Vinsmoke more than once, maybe you should reconsider your point of view.

So, it’s your choice. Think it twice and be a bit empathic.

Maybe I’m just in a mood this morning, but that LA Weekly article really brings it home to me just how much Sony/Syco (excuse my language) fucking sucks.

I mean, I can’t even turn on the radio without hearing Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran. I can flip from station to station and hear a different Taylor Swift song all playing at the same time. I mean, they each have about 17 singles in heavy rotation all at once and they don’t even have that many tracks on their albums.

And here we are, going from radio station to radio station, like Oliver fucking Twist, all “please sir may we have some more?” Literally begging for airplay!

And don’t get me wrong, I’m really fucking proud of everything we’ve accomplished with Project No Control. Really, really fucking proud. But this shouldn’t be our job.

You suck, Sony. I’d say “you’re welcome” for doing your job for you, but we’re not fucking doing it for you.

I don’t need Swan Queen to be a romantic canon couple. I would be SO happy if it happened, but I don’t really expect it. But you know what I need? I need them to acknowledge they are important to each other. With no room for other interpretations, no way for someone to say it was for the town or for Henry. I think this has already happened, but I always feel it’s not as clear as it should be. I’m always afraid the show will forget their connection.

Regina saying she can’t turn her back on those she loves is great. It’s obvious she’s talking about Emma, but also Snow and Charming, so people can say she didn’t really mean Emma, I wanted it to be explicit. They talking privately and saying they care about each other.

You know one of the things I feel could make it clear they care about each other, no way to deny it? A fucking hug. An emotional hug. I would be so happy just to get a hug… But sometimes i think even that is asking too much.