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this is the last thing imma say abt this (a lie im probably gonna keep talkin abt this til the day i fuckin die) but the fact that the supergirl writers deadass out here sayin mon-el and kara are “star crossed” and “romeo and juliet” when they got a fucking luthor being friendly w a super on the show and they realy out here trying to sell this straight bullshit that dont make any fucking sense when they coulda been working w the ACTUAL romeo and juliet of the show but wont bc lena luthor is a woman and they already reached their gay quota for the show is honestly so fucking infuriating because u kno dam well if lena was a man supercorp would be Canon since the start…… but anyways! melissa benoist said pussy 

  • Robert: Where've you been? Your mum's been doing her nut.
  • Aaron: What are you doing out here?
  • Robert: Keeping out the way of her and Cain. I told them I'd lock up.
  • Aaron: Didn't do a very good job, did you?
  • Robert: Give me a break. I'm still at it.
  • Aaron: You'd have thought it was you on the GBH charge, the way you're carrying on.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I'm worried about you. So sue me.
  • Aaron: Did you think I'd done a runner?
  • Robert: Wouldn't be the first time.
  • Aaron: Got too much keeping me here these days.
  • Robert: So go on, where have you been?
  • Aaron: I went to the police station. Gave them a new interview. Threw myself at their mercy.
  • Robert: And?
  • Aaron: Well, they weren't best pleased. It contradicted everything I said the first time round, so... they dragged me to court.
  • Robert: What?
  • Aaron: It was only for some prelim thing. You know, turn up, smile, nod. Then they had to bounce it to crown Court cos it's a violent offence. Anyway, they'll be in touch nearer the time when they have an actual date for the hearing.
  • Robert: Why didn't you tell me?
  • Aaron: Because I didn't know myself. And besides, I'm better off doing it on my own.
  • Robert: You're not on your own. You're with me now, remember? But I wouldn't wanna be anywhere else. No matter how much trouble you've given me, how much grief.
  • Aaron: Sounds like a dare to me.
  • Robert: Yeah, well, I dare you, for once in your life, to shut up. (KISS, heart-eyes, KISS)

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oh my god i was kidding, im so sorry!! i didnt think you would take it seriously :0 but thank you for being so nice!! i feel awful now..

Well, the policy here is to tag everything that is asked of us. It’s been said time and time again. So yes, using this as a joke is a little low of you. This said, it’s not a bad idea altogether to tag crack as drugs. Just because it’s used with another meaning for fanfiction doesn’t mean the word itself can’t be uncomfortable for some followers to see everywhere.

No harm done but do some thinking next time you send a message, alright? 

I saw that you said you forgot Yoni’s braces? xD (Or at least, I hope that’s who that was directed towards >///<;; )

A what if came over me and I wanted to see what it’d look like 0;

I didn’t have a pencil tho… so you can see my smol sketch lines from the pen >_< (I can’t draw hands very well i’m so sorry)

fuck yea my boy got his teeth aligned B^} this is rly great thank u <3

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i was just watching sanvers scenes in my room with my sister (i haven't come out to her yet) and she said she wanted to watch the scene where alex came out to her mom and i was like "well she didn't really come out to eliza, she just kind of figured it out" and then my sister went "oh kind of like how i figured out you're bi" and i was like BITCH WHAT THE FUCK


This season, we have a little, I can tease a little something, I guess, where there something happens that creates a little bit of a rift, a conflict, and then we…  and then I do something good? Yeah, well, and that’s gonna be around episode 8, 9, 10, so look forward to that.

Matt Daddario on Alec and Izzy’s relationship in S2 [x]

I loved the way he asked Alberto, “And then I do something… good?” He said it, the word “good”, in such a small, uncertain voice 8)


LGR always sums up my feelings perfectly <3

The Vampires GP is the first pack I’m deciding not to buy (as I prefer a realistic game), but I have to say EA has done a really nice job on the aesthetic (no more Twilight vampires!) as well as the gameplay. Like LGR said, flaws and character are much needed (besides the few odd traits) to keep the game interesting - so I’m hoping EA will do similar things for upcoming packs.

“I Like the Way You Laugh” (Simon Dominic)

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May I get #27 with Simon D? He asks his gf what she likes most about him since most of women in his past only liked him for his fame. She responds with the line and he becomes really touched and happy.  

Originally posted by simondismydaddy

    You looked up from your food to see Kiseok gazing at you fondly as he chewed a mouthful of his own. “What?” you asked.

    He shook his head, still smiling. “Nothing. I just… I like you a lot, you know that?”

    You laughed. “Well, I would hope so considering we’ve been dating almost two years now.”

    “True,” he said. “I just take it for granted sometimes and I was really thinking about it just now, is all.”

    You reached across the table to squeeze his hand, appreciating his sudden heartfelt words. “Tell me,” he said, “What do you like most about me?”

    You considered, taken slightly by surprise by his question and wanting to answer accurately. But after only a few moments of thought you knew exactly what it was. “I like the way you laugh,” you said finally. You never felt shy around Kiseok, but you did just then and your gaze shifted to your plate as you felt your cheeks warm slightly.

    “How come?” he asked, and you looked up to see his eyes were intent but just as warm as before, and his lips had curved into a smile.

    “It… It shows your heart,” you said. “All your kindness and love. It says a lot about you.”

    He laced his fingers through yours. “You’re too nice to me.”

    “No, I’m just being honest,” you said earnestly. “But… why do you ask?”

    “I just… I know you’re way different than anyone I’ve dated before and it’s why I love you most of all but I just… People have just liked me for my money and status before, but not you.”

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(story anon) Okay so like I was at school and it was messy. The new assistant teacher sorta yelled at us about it and I'm all like "yo my room is always messy" and she says "thats bad, you need to clean up after yourself." and I said "yo I don't need to my mom doesn't mind much and I never have friends over" so she is all "Well I'm a mother with a job you need to learn anyways." I tell her I won't have a kid, and I hate children... (cont.)

(cont.) she tells me “you wont get a husband then, nobody will put up with you.” so i anxiety the fuck up, and just to fucking see this bitch’s reaction… just to piss her off…. I look her in the eyes, and give her a “I’m not into dudes.” aND THE LOOK ON HER FUCKING FACE THE LOO K O N H E R F A C E it was gr8 oml



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Okaaay no one said only teengers are allowed to love something or watch a tv show. What i meant is that usually only teenagers ship two people like this who arent together and they imagine stuff not grown up women. And this probably bothers Sam and Cait and their partners.

that’s exactly what you said, anon. don’t change your words just because you’re butthurt. I know plenty of people my age and older who ship. I talk to a lot of women who are much older than me who ship, Sam and Cait and other couples as well. YOU are the one who doesn’t approve. Not Sam or Cait. You. And since you clearly think so little of “older” people who ship, maybe you should find a different blog to hang out on. don’t bother coming back.

“You’re So Cute” (Dean)

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    To compromise meaning or rhyme? It was so hard to find the balance in songwriting. You had a word in mind to end the line, and while it rhymed and it made some sense, it didn’t get across what you were trying to say. On the other hand, the word that said what you meant didn’t rhyme at all. You sighed, puffing out your cheeks as you considered what to do. You could always just rewrite the line… That seemed like the best option, so you got to work.

    Another five or ten minutes had passed when a voice behind you said, “Excuse me.”

    You turned to see an undeniably very good-looking guy looking down at you. “Yes?”

    “Are you writing lyrics?”

    You nodded. “Yep. Well, trying to. I’m a bit stuck at the moment.”

    “Ahh, I see,” he said.

    “Are you a musician?” you asked.

    “Oh yeah, sorry- I forgot to say,” he said, rapping his own forehead lightly with his knuckles.

    “No worries,” you said, chuckling. You stood and stuck out your hand, introducing yourself.

    “I’m Hyuk,” he replied, shaking your hand firmly.

    “Do you want to sit down?” you asked, gesturing toward the empty chair across from you.

    “Do you mind?” he asked.

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reblogging that post, as well as the felix comment (on the day of trumps inauguration, ugh) were blunder and i'm honestly happy to see you talk about this. i feel many people brush it aside / act as if you're demonizing a person if you dare to criticize them. i'm a critical person, i'm dan's age, i too have said problematic things in the past because yes becoming aware of issues is a process for many but i'm perfectly able to like him while still criticizing certain actions or being disappointed

agree, one thousand percent. i’m just so tired about having to encounter shit like this out in the real world, let alone having to deal with it here in this little internet space i turn to for escape. i’m tired of having to explain privilege to those who wield it, and hold their hand as i walk them through the sort of oppression and disenfranchisement that they will never have to face and therefore too easily overlook and disregard. im tired of needing to explain what it is to be an active and effective ally. i’m just tired!!! if that seeps through when i talk about dnp and their apathy regarding political discussion or dans carelessness in today’s reblog, i can’t be bothered to try to temper it. imo it’s vitally important to hold public figures, no matter how good and progressive they may appear to be, to the same standards as anyone else. their status does not exempt them from these conversations–if anything it implicates them even more. idk. just. thanks for understanding where i’m coming from and voicing that all too important and all too forgotten truth: criticism does not equate to personal attack. if dan is as #woke as he claims to be then he should be open to learning and growing and apologizing for his missteps. but that can’t happen if people just stay silent and shower him in adoration and praise for doing less than the absolute minimum on these issues.

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Why is it wrong to white wash if youre doing the opposite and making Delirious Black when they said he's white.....

we literally have no proof of del being white??? at all??
and if you bring up “well luke said,” well guess what
i can say @pachihiro is white; but hes NOT also whitewashing is fuckin’ racist, im not gonna be nice in saying how whitewashing is really FUCKING RACIST

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I had snuck out making a flower headband for no apparent reasoning until I saw Cloud passing slowly below me. Looking to my handmade flower crown I dropped it at the right time and chuckled. "It suits you well Cloud."

Cloud felt something suddenly falling over his head.
Very light and soft, almost weightless.
At the sound of Rufus’s voice, he raises his head, and only then did he notice the rose petals above his eyes.

“… Ooh boy.” He sighed, then proceeding to take it off his head.

Small but deadly.

Anonymous: thank you for writing for us, your fanfics are so much fun to read! can you write one where the reader is in the bau, and y/n seems really tiny and innocent, but when they’re dealing with a case she handles an unsub really well and everyone’s surprised that she’s a badass and Reid is surprised and impressed and ends up having a crush on her?

A/N: when you said “handles an unsub well” I took that in as interrogating the unsub, I hope that’s okay!

Originally posted by ametraven99

Y/N stood forward, interrupting her bickering team as they fought over who would interrogate the vicious suspect.

“I’ll do it.” She whimpered, small voice halting everyone’s discussions, Derek smirked at her determined figure.

“You sure you can handle him, tiny?” His silly nickname make her frown slightly, her gaze wandered off to Aaron who smiled at her, witnessing her unpredicted interrogating skills himself.

“Oh, I can do it.” Y/N spoke happily, a joyous grin on her innocent face.

“No offence little one, but we should have someone in there who can intimidate him?” Derek continued, confusion piercing him due to Aaron’s smile.

“Y/N, you want to do it?” Aaron interrupted, eyes soft on her excited form as she nodded eagerly.

“Fine by me,” Aaron responded, handing her images of the victims to taunt the suspect with. Derek furrowed his eyebrows, along with the rest of the confused team.

“Merlin Hancock,” Y/N addressed, shuffling into the interrogation room, intrigued eyes burning into her through the mirrored glass where the team stood.

“You the one that’s supposed to scare me? Because I really don’t think hat’s going to work, sunshine.” Merlin growled, dull eyes falling to the table, bowing is head.

“He’s right,” Derek muttered to Aaron, “We need someone in there who can scare the answers out of him.” But Derek was quickly silenced by Aaron’s glare.

“Wait,” Aaron mumbled, returning his eyes to the small woman. 

Y/N stroke over to the man’s side, smirking up at the mirror, knowing the team was watching her. She cleared her throat, eyes immediately going dark as she slapped her hands on the table beside Merlin, she stance changing immediately. Merlin hesitantly looked up at the woman who hovered over him, blinking back the shocked expression that threatened to show on his rough face.

“I’m not here to scare you, sunshine.” Y/N mocked, confidently striding to the mans other side, leaning over with her eyes glued to his.

“I’m here for answers. And I can guarantee if you don’t give me the answers I want now, you’ll be sharing them with the police officers when you’re pleading to leave your cell. Have I made myself clear, Hancock?” Y/N instructed, glaring at the man for an answer.

“Crystal.” He gruffly replied, dropping his gaze from hers in defeat.

“Now, can you tell me who this woman in?” Y/N questioned, throwing an image of the first victim in front of the seated man.

“No.” He insisted, eyes burning into the picture. Y/N scoffed,

“I thought I made myself clear, Hancock. Who is this woman?” Y/N barked, taking a seat opposite Merlin to catch his eye contact.

“I don’t know her.” He assured, eyes avoiding her harsh ones.

“People like you make my job really easy.” Y/N boasted, slouching in the chair.

“We can be here all day. With my knowledge you are the one who mutilated these women, now make this simple for the both of us. Who. Is. the woman?” Y/N continued, sighing at the tense man.

“I haven’t even seen her before,” Merlin stammered, pushing away the image.

“Lack of eye contact, quick and shallow breathing, controlled knee shaking.” Y/N listed, walking close to the man again.

“W-what?” He stumbled on his words, hands clenching to halt his actions.”

“Oh nothing, doll. Just listing off what you’re doing to prove you are lying. Well, that and these images.” Y/N muttered behind him, leaning over the man, placing images down of Merlin with the victim on the desk.

“Where is all of this coming from,” JJ pointed out, lips parted at the innocent girl’s fierce stance. Spencer gulped, eye’s stuck to the intimidating girl.

“I told you, she may be small but she get’s the job done.” Aaron smiled.

Merlin coward at her closeness, anger bubbling in his throat at the happy memories.

“I did not shoot her.” The man yelled, cuffed hands banging against the table as he flailed in his seat. However, Y/N didn’t yell back.

“Shoot her? Mr. Hancock, I never said anything about the way they she died.” A smirk coated her face as she glanced back at the double sided mirror. His eyes grew wide and he cursed himself.

“I d-didn’t do a-anything.” Merlin stumbled on his words, voice evidently shaking.

“I’m sure your prison mates will think the same.” Y/N smiled at the man, collecting the images from the table before striding out of the room.

“Woah.” Derek gasped as her, innocent, introverted self dawdled into the room, his comment causing her to blush slightly.

“I said I could do it,” Y/N mumbled, playing with her fingers without for.

“You sure did,” Aaron replied, grinning at her before leaving the room with the others. But Spencer stayed, intrigued at her changed demeanour.

“You okay, doctor?” Y/N questioned, profiling his dilated eyes and parted lips.

“I, uh, I-Yeah. Yeah.” Spencer murmured, pink painting his cheeks as Y/N laughed softly. She strided out of the room, hips swaying as Spencer shook his head slightly to himself, whispering,



Living with three angels (Lucifer, Balthazar, Gabriel x Reader)

A/N: So, this is my series called “Living with three angels”. It really doesn’t have a plot, it’s just random moments I come up with when I think of my three favourite angels. I’ve had this scenario in mind for ages, what it would be like to live with them. So in this little series that Idk how long I’ll write, or how often, you’ll get a view of… well, living with three angels. Oh and it’s going to get smutty. Like I said, I don’t know when or how often I’ll update this, all I know is that at the moment I have another “chapter” written, and working on a third.

Warnings: Language, implied smut.

Your name: submit What is this?

“Fuck!” you yelled when Gabriel suddenly landed at least half a dozen water balloons on your head. You shrieked and lunged at him, hearing how he and Balthazar laughed at your misery.
“You’re going to be the death of her, Gabriel,” Lucifer scolded and you smacked Gabriel’s arm. Balthazar seemed to take offense.
“Oh, please, if anyone’s gonna be the death of (Y/N) it’s gonna be me,” he said proudly, “with all my charm…”
“You wish!” Gabriel chimed in, grinning widely.
“Guys, get real, if anyone’s gonna be the death of me it’ll be Lucifer,” you stated.
“What!? How?” Balthazar and Gabriel burst out together.
“He’d accidentally choke me too hard during sex,” you said with a smirk and winked at the oldest angel.
“Oh, when have I ever choked you during sex?” He gave you his best bitch-please-face.
“Uh, I don’t like, like… every time we’ve ever had sex… ever?” The two younger angels burst out in laughter again. Lucifer shook his head at the three of you.

“I’d be the first to bring her back, though!” Gabriel announced happily and dragged you into his arms. “It’s okaaaaay, I got youuuu…” he murmured while peppering your neck with kisses, dragging an irritated groan out of you.
“You’re being a pester, Gabe, can you just snap me dry now and stop getting me wet all the time?” You realised what you had said, but it was too late, Balthazar was already whooing and Gabriel grinned smugly.
“That’s not what you said last night,” he said in your ear.
“I was with Lucifer last night, you idiot,” you shot back at him with a grin.
“Eat shit, little brother!” Lucifer chimed and grabbed you from Gabriel’s arms, whisking you into his own. The second he wrapped his arms around you, your clothes, hair and skin dried immediately.
“Thank you.”
“You’re welcome. See, brothers, that’s how you treat a woman,” Lucifer proclaimed proudly. Gabriel blew a raspberry at him and conjured a lollipop for himself.

“I’m feeling left out, darling,” Balthazar said when he noticed Lucifer running his hand through your hair, while his other arm was still wrapped around your waist.
“Come on in then, Balthie,” you suggested, but Lucifer backed away with you held tightly.
“I’m not sharing,” he said and bit your ear, making you squeal.
“Come on, don’t be possessive,” Balthazar complained.
“No one likes a party-pooper, Luci!” Gabriel exclaimed. Lucifer glared at both his brothers and sucked a mark onto your neck, just above where Gabriel had marked you earlier. Then he released you, and in a second you’d been whisked away again, now smelling the woodsy scent of Balthazar, while his warm arms surrounded you. It was a nice change, going from warm, to cold, to warm again.
“I’ll treat you right, sweetheart,” he whispered in your ear, and a laugh erupted from your throat.
“My ass you will! You piss me off more than either of these flying fucks you call brothers.” You grinned. You loved living with three angels, even if it meant constant fighting, teasing, pranking and fucking.

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