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Wanna know my thoughts about the timing for releasing Harry’s ad?

I don’t think Baby2 was going to get much press coverage in the US, because a) no one outside of this fandom really knows who Cheryl is and b) like everyone used to say about louis, the GP may generally know who Liam is, but he’s not a big name on his own. But, it would probably be major news in the UK, and Harry dropping his ad right after would help take those headlines/stories/water cooler talk away a bit. (I’m not in the UK so I might be totally off base with this.) But that’s exactly what it did in my corner of the fandom. Again, I don’t follow *a lot* of Liam or Niall blogs, but from what I’ve seen that’s what happened. 

And, it’s not like Louis was going to get headlines for doing Ultra. He wasn’t a headliner. He wasn’t a performer. He did one song (I’m so proud of him! He did so good!) but like that’s not… NEWS that a major news outlet is really going to report on outside of probably like EDM sites. I really can’t remember a time when something minor scheduled to happen at a festival made major headlines after the fact.

So I don’t think they’re fighting for the same market space with those two events. 

Seems to me like both the Liam and Harry news piggybacked** off a time when they knew at least a portion of the fandom would be online and actively engaged; and then harry was able to overshadow the Liam news while also indirectly giving money to Simon’s competitor. (It aired during The Voice.)

And those of us online and ready for Louis’ performance were all still able to watch Louis because it happened 2(?) hours before. It’s not like it happened 15mins before. And it maybe could have brought more people to the Louis performance–if they were online to talk about Harry but their dash was an echoing cavern of the same gif and picture reblogs, maybe they’d take a few minutes to watch when it started.

Anyway, I think this was super smart coordination and i want to applaud whoever came up with it.

** This is also reminiscent of the Brits voting when Louis told everyone to tweet and then lots of people 1D adjacent tweeted about it. I think they know that Louies will fight for him and back him and are actively engaged in every move he makes. I think piggybacking off of Louis and Louies on Saturday was a super smart move.  

-YJH and DK are roommates

-They wore couple sweater to airport today 

-YJH has stickers of dk on his phone

-Dk has selfie of him and YJH as a wallpaper on his phone

-DK said that “they are dating” on caratland concert…………..

i bet they are dating.

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How do you and your girlfriend meet, if you don't mind me asking....

ahaha WELL 

She was following me first and I guess was a slight fan (I assume?  you’ll have to ask her on those details)  I reblogged one of those ask memes where your followers copy and paste symbols into your ask box. Each symbol means something and she put the one in my inbox that meant “you’re my tumblr crush”  

I THINK she was on anon, so I responded and put in the tags “hey, maybe we could chat!”  because I was a single/desperate fuck at the time. She ended up messaging me back off anon and I went to her tumblr and I saw she was the same age as me (honestly I was afraid she was going to be like 15 or something) so I looked at her selfie tag and HOLY SHIT! because she’s so fucking pretty *:・゚✧.     and we just started chatting and I found she was really cool and we have similar hobbies and we got along easily. 

So we kept chatting through tumblr and eventually moved to snap chat and skyped a few times. We took a few months to actually start a relationship because of rocky situations with other things. But eventually she asked me out around I think February ??? and of course I agreed. She is like one of my best friends now and so easy to talk to and I swear I get emotional every time I think about how she’s coming here in just a few months!!! I’m so excited!! we’re going to Colossalcon together to klance it up (plus Jyushi and home-run chan) 

I also have to note: we totally flirted with the whole “red/blue” relationship aesthetic. I said I would be the blue one and she said she would be the red one. I’m even a ravenclaw and she’s a gryffindor.  Then voltron came out and we dived into klance together. 

Just AAAHHHHH!! I love you Red! 

Steven Universe: Greg Universe [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Greg in many ways is what he is. He performs for an audience of no one like he would for an audience of thousands. He follows his heart in all things, abandoning his music career to be with Rose Quartz after having just met her, spending his money only on things to make him happy personally (once he gets enough money for that, anyway), and being perfectly contented just to spend time with those he loves, with no desire for more out of life. He can be a bit of a mooch at times, forgetting to thank other people or to recognize their needs outside of the few he’s particularly close to. He’s utterly sincere and absolutely himself regardless of the company.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Greg is at times a bit of a dreamer, with his head in the clouds. He likes metaphors and comparisons, such as in his song “I’m Just a Comet”, or his trademark catchphrase “If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn’t have hot dogs.” Like a lot of INxPs, he tends to take a very philosophical approach to life and the various situations he comes across. He’s pretty accepting of most that comes before him. He doesn’t plan that much for the future but does enjoy coming up with new and creative ideas for the short-term.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Greg gets occasional bouts of nostalgia for the old days. While he doesn’t think or brood too much on his past life, he doesn’t exactly avoid the past either; he struggles to let things go. His garage full of things he never uses, repeating bad habits that brought him joy in the past (i.e. watching Little Butler with Amethyst), holding onto more than a few grudges, particularly towards his former manager Marty for making crude comments about Rose, all of these things are indicative of tertiary Si in Greg.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Greg is very disorganized, hates planning things out, and generally doesn’t take the time to put things in logical order. His shed is filled with things he’s never thrown away, he lives in a van, and even when he suddenly gets millions of dollars, he has no interest in using them to achieve any long term goals. His Te is almost nonexistent; although he does learn to be more responsible as he grows up, in general making detached decisions is not interesting to Greg.

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my queen my angel my number one favourite writer could you do one of those lil au thingys for Minhyuk please??? You don't have to obvs but if you wanna that'd be great I liVe for your blog I literally check it like 4 times a day and I'm so excited for your jooheon college au bcos he is my number 1 but u r also my number 1 ok I'm done sorry thank u in advance if you do this xxxxx

waaa so many compliments,,,,,,,im currently feeling my heart burst hehe!!! thank you for liking my writing, college jooheon is coming really really soon!!

  • mermaid!minhyuk
  • his tail is a shimmery pink and coral, and the gills on his neck and scales that highlight his cheek are really pretty and always look like there’s glitter on them
  • for the most part he can shift back and forth between human form and mermaid form,,,,but if he touches water,,,,,,,,there’s his tail and he’s left, basically flopping on the floor 
  • most people know he’s a mermaid,,,,,,thanks to changkyun stupidly throwing a water balloon at him at the park and well,,,,,,everyone has come to accept it
  • nicknamed prince of the sea,,,,because he looks like a prince and is a mermaid and someone (cough jooheon cough) once was even like “you’re like ariel!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,well maybe eric?? he wasn’t a mermaid but he was a prince,,,,,you’re their child minhyuk”
  • minhyuk: if you ever say that again, ill say you’re the love child of shrek and donkey- so DONT
  • and since he’s a mermaid,,,,minhyuk can communicate with aquatic animals and well you’re his neighbor who happens to own a pet turtle and ,,,,,,,,,you’re worried
  • because crush the turtle hasn’t been as active as before,,,he just sits on his rock and doesn’t swim around his tank and you’re like “crush,,,,,,are you ok? are you lonely? am i bad owner,,,,,,,,,” and you decide that since you can’t speak crush’s language, you need to get someone who does
  • and luckily, your next door neighbor is a mermaid
  • so when you knock on minhyuk’s door, holding crush in a little pail of water he’s like “,,,,,,is everything ok? am i going to be babysitting your pet turtle?”
  • and you’re shaking your head, looking really sad because you’re like “can you talk to him???? is he sick??? he hasn’t been eating as much or swimming and i love him,,,,i want to help him.”
  • and minhyuk is watching you get emotionally broken up over your pet turtle and he thinks it’s kinda funny but he’s holding back a laugh,,,,,that and also,,,,,,,,it’s kinda cute,,,,,,,you care so much about the little guy
  • and minhyuk is like “sure, let me talk to him but i need to transform to do so,,,,,,,are you ok with sitting in the bathroom with me?”
  • and so you end up sitting at the edge of minhyuk’s bathtub as he lays in it, tail hanging out the opposite edge
  • and he’s talking with your turtle as you’re waiting nervously and minhyuk finally returns crush to you and he’s like “he said that he wishes he had a bigger tank, it’s kind of boring because it’s been the same size for too long. maybe you could invest in a bigger one with more pebbles and stuff???” 
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,,,,,he isn’t sick??????? or mad at ,,,,,me????” and minhyuk laughs and is like no, no he likes you as an owner very much
  • and you’re like WHAT A RELIEF MY TURTLE LIKES ME
  • but also you smile and then notice suddenly that minhyuk is there,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,,,tail,,,,,,,,,,wet,,,,,,,,,and you automatically look down and are like “sorry!!!!!!! i didn’t mean to stare,,,,,,” and minhyuk is like “most people stare when they see my mermaid form,,,,,,,it’s weird right?”
  • and you’re like “no!!!!! you’re so pretty,,,,,” and minhyuk is flattered,,,,because oh,,,,,,that’s so nice of you to say
  • and then he’s suddenly getting flushed and you’re like ???? and minhyuk is like “sorry, your turtle keeps asking me silly questions,,,,,,” and you’re like “oh???? what’s he asking????”
  • and minhyuk is like “he’s asking,,,,,,,,if im you’re,,,,,,,mermaid,,,,,,,,ma,,,,,mate,,,,,,,,,,,,,” and you’re like OH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what,,,,,,,,,,,crush!!!!!!!!
  • and you look at your turtle and you’re like don’t be rude even though it can’t understand you but minhyuk is like looking away and he can’t really get up until the water goes down the drain
  • and you’re like “ill keep you company so it isn’t boring ^^” and you and minhyuk talk and you click so well
  • and then the water is almost gone and minhyuk is like qUICk,,,,close the shower curtain!!!! and you’re like why- and he’s like “i transform back nude,,,,,”
  • and you jump up like wOAH,,,,ok im closing it!!!!!!!!!
  • both you and minhyuk blushing on each side of it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,but it’s cute,,,,,,,,,,,,your neighbors crushing on you,,,,,,,and you’re crushing on your (mermaid) neighbor,,,,,,,,,hehu

AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!  SO.  Hi everyone!  So I’ve been here for a month now and I’ve somehow managed to collect 100 of you over here.  Decided to write Crowe on a whim, sort of, and didn’t expect to be welcomed to the community with such warmth - you are all amazing people and I count myself lucky to have met you. :)  So whether we’ve interacted a lot or haven’t interacted at all as yet, thank you for following my little blog!  This is my first time rp-ing on tumblr and so this is my first time making one of these posts … stick with me here!

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The Course of Honour - Chapter 15
By Organization for Transformative Works

We’re Married And The Only Place We Can Get Private Time Is An Awkward Snowbound Trek Through The Middle Of Nowhere.

(Just as a heads-up, I’m travelling Wednesday-Sunday this week. Friday’s chapter should be up as usual but I won’t be able to fix any formatting screw-ups. Hopefully it will all go smoothly.)

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So when I read Rivals 2: The Suffering this morning, it already had 76 comments. When I read it again tonight (while rereading parts of Rivals 1 and realizing HOW MUCH suffering Viktor must be going through) it had 292 comments. Do you read all of those comments? Like, how do you even get through all of them?! (thank you for the fic btw, second chapter is going to KILL me - Viktor's already in love with Yuuri and he's going to have to hear Yuuri say "I hate you"?! OMG)

Of course I read all the comments! I think what a lot of non-writers don’t realize is that A03 emails each comment to the author directly so I get a notification every time I get a new one and read them almost immediately. It takes me a lot longer to reply because answering all the comments can take 8+ hours sometimes but I read every single one of them almost as soon as they’re posted 

If I Could Do It All Over Again

All Parts: {x}

Part: 11/?

Pairing: Hamliza

Inspiration: this drawing

Summary: After Alexander died, he realized the existence of reincarnation. While most didn’t believe in the possibility, Alexander was one of those special few who remembered everything in their past lives. Because of this, he spent almost all of his lives searching for his dear Eliza. As his lives went on, things began to seem hopeless, all until he runs into her one day in the most unexpected place.

Warning: cussing, signs of depression

Word Count: 3,549

Dedication: to all of my betas! thank you so much for reading over my stuff before I publish it, I appreciate that you take the time out of your day to help me. it really means so much!

Tags: @bunny-yams , @ufo-pearl , @sullkid700 , @aswimmerlife , @nefarism , @mishaisakitten, @embershine0521, @tellchickfilaimqueer , @woahtherebuddyfriend , @gum-and-chips , @tinymugs , @waitwhat-24601 , @hell-yes-puns-and-ships , @jeffersonwiki , @burr-ito , @xfallingsnowx , @aswimmerlife , @bad-l-ands , @firejearthm ,  @cutebridge , @hamil-fandom , @pipindaae , @beafayette , @karmana-stevens-569 , @starfreckledlaurens , @thedisneyderp, @aleciamagic, @genericusernameblahblahblah, @elizahamilton1776, @seiteixnalaicos, @isntthisenoughwhatwouldbeenough, @ichbindeindod, @sassyrickgrimes, @cheerioscheerios

A/N: oohhh la  la

A solemness had taken over Alexander within the past couple of days, a feeling of rejection coursing through him. Maybe he wasn’t right for handing over the book to Eliza. Maybe starting over and leaving the past behind would’ve been a better plan. It’d been over a week since Eliza contacted him and it was eating away at him.

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You know, I try to avoid showing up to nitpick or lecture people in the comments of their fic

–because wow obnoxious behavior–

But do you ever run across one of those fics where it’s just like:


I recognize that you’re just doing make believe kinky fantasy fun time right now

And not actually trying to write a documentary

But I really, *really* need to make sure someone’s told you that whacking people in the spine and kidneys with a heavy, sharp-edged metal belt buckle is a Bad Kink Idea.

D: D:


She hated it. This state of constant sitting in one place was killing her insides and leaving her sanity sick.

She needed action in her life. She needed the heat of sudden stress to feel like herself. She wanted her scales to tickle her with excitement, to scent the smell of exploding emotions. She wanted adrenaline and noradrenaline to pulse in her veins, to quickly fill all her cells with those hormones.

But all what she was doing now was waiting until she’d be useful again.

After her failure her boss, the only person who would tame her, was disappointed but he didn’t punish her. However, Arnei knew that there was no place for next time - everyone had only one chance and she used it. She had to act carefully to not let it happen again - to face her mysterious enemy but without any witnesses.

It was driving her nuts to not know who it was. She was lost in her thoughts. Both excitement and feeling of fret were playing with her brain cells.

“Person with similar powers as me…”

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Hc where luke is like one of those people who loves to chat when they drive and he almost gets banned from red squadrons comms bc anytime they aren't abt to die he just starts spitting out whatever he's thinking and the other pilots either think it's sweet or they hate it w a passion (that week they actually follow through and cut him off he has to chat w r2 but he considers it valuable bonding time for them)

Luke is definitely the type of guy with zero filter who just stream-of-consciousness narrates whatever thing comes into his mind from “i was reading about the clone wars the other day, isn’t it kinda fucked up that they created an army of people built specifically to die in war?” to “how do you guys think Hutts reproduce?” He also gets annoying/adorable with comparing EVERYTHING to something he experienced back on tatooine. His Tatooine Stories become somewhat of a meme within the squadron. 

Also it’s not just him. There’s no way that Wedginald “cut the chatter red two” Antilles isn’t just as big a part of the problem. He and Luke banter back and forth to the frustration of all the other members of the squadron and sure it’s sort of cute but after awhile it becomes insufferable.

The biggest problem is when Luke becomes the squadron leader of the rogues and the rest of the squadron is like ??? what do we do?? we can’t ban him from comms anymore because he’s the kriffing leader, but he just WON’T SHUT UP. 

and Luke is like

Those broken women narratives, where a Black woman has gone through some kind of trauma and now just wants some time herself, but she must learn to open her heart for a man to be happy always irked the hell out of me, as someone who’s been emotionally, physically, sexually abused for as long as I remember.
The whole idea that a woman should try to find a relationship to fix her mental health problems is , one, misogynistic AF, two horrible terrible advice.
Me, and people like me don’t have a reference for what caring actually is. We’ve been subject to abuse our entire lives, it feels NORMAL. You feel like that’s just how your life is supposed to be. You feel like this is what you deserve and it won’t get any better. And we have a much harder time recognizing abusive behavior overall. This makes us EASY TARGETS for abusers and predatory people. And that’s not even touching on how women are socialized to take shit already.
Self preservation should be incouraged much more than “opening up and learning to trust people.” THATS the easy part. THAT Part comes naturally once you learn to trust your own judgement again which often means, taking time for your fixing stuff, focusing on yourself, learning the good things about yourself, spend time with yourself. Not jumping into a relationship with the first person who shows you genuine interest.
It’s like these broken women narratives don’t explore or even care about the actual heeling process, just how it effects the men who want them. We should be available to men at any given moment, regardless if what our needs are, what we’re going through.

i see the appeal of ‘could an artificially created being become sentient or like a human’ but also those kinds of stories just seem so far removed from anything relevant happening in modern times to the point i just think ‘why bother,’ and also a lot of them just end up being meditations on ‘i wanna fuck but no one understaaaaaands’

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Every time I see your username floating around I think it means 'red wine cookies' bc vino tinto is red wine and galletas are cookies in Spanish and I love both of those things. I'll just leave now *slinks out the door*

Vino tinto is indeed red wine and galletas is cookies in spanish! 

But i’m sorry to let you know that my username is in the sweet sibling Spanish has, Portuguese! 
My username means Ink Antlers in portuguese. The reason i kept this one and not Astas de Tinta (which is the spanish translation) is cause Astas de Tinta is a ugly username to go by, too long!

I would have never changed my username for making a Tumblr if it wasn’t for the fact the name inkantlers was taken. So i aimed to the most similar language to spanish, portuguese, which i know some of it.

I also took into consideration the url cornua-atramento.

(which is inkantlers in latin)

But going back to spanish, Tinto from red wine is a derivate from Tinta which is the term we use for things with color pigments and ink itself! What is that for a fun fact. 
Man i wished i was called cookies and red wine, it is much more cool sounding.

I’ve been involved in a few fandoms in my lifetime, Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, X-Files and while I was involved in those fandoms, it was a lonely fandom for me. I wasn’t on social media and none of my friends were interested in the shows and movies that I was interested in. Part of being in a fandom like that was that the only time I ran into fans was when I met them in comic book stores. We’d talk and we’d buy fanzines and read those. For those of you who don’t know what a fanzine is, that is fanfiction. It wasn’t done on online sites like Fanfiction back then. Fans who wrote their stories would self-publish them and sell them almost at cost in comic book stores.

I wasn’t bold enough to do that. I wanted to write fanfiction and I did write a few stories but they were just for myself. No one ever saw them. I still have one of them sitting on my bookshelf, but I’ve never shared it with anyone. I never dreamed that I could do that.

When I discovered Bones, it was already in the middle of season 5. I discovered it on TNT and was introduced to the Bones world with the episode ‘The Yanks in the U.K’. I absolutely adored the episode and I tried to find out more about this show called Bones. Unfortunately it was Christmas and Bones wasn’t being shown on FOX at that time. I had to wait until it came back on to start watching the new episodes so I continued to watch the reruns on TNT. The more I watched the more I fell in love with it. After watching about six episodes I went to the store and bought seasons 1 thru 4 and binge watched them. By the time Fox was ready to resume Bones I was almost caught up. I had missed the first part of season 5 and I started watching season 5 with ‘The Bones on the Blue Line’. When Fox started the reruns after season 5, I was able to see the first part of that season and what I had missed.

This show was fascinating, the characters seemed so real to me. Their personal stories were a mixtures of tragedy and hope. No matter how bad the past had been for the characters, they hadn’t given up on the present and looked forward to the future. The show was an insane mixture of science, law enforcement, failed relationships, new relationships and possible relationships. It blended comedy and tragedy. It showed us the grossest bodies and some really bizarre crimes. Bones also kept me coming back for more because of the story arcs attached to the characters. We weren’t presented with just two main characters. We were given several characters that had continuing story arcs and they wove these arcs together giving us a broad story of almost epic proportions.

No character on this show is perfect by any stretch of the imagination. They all seem to have demons that they do battle with. They may not battle them every day, but they do battle them regularly and yet those demons don’t deter them for striving for the things they want, the future they long for and hope for.

What this all means to me is that this show made me let go of some of my shyness and reach out to other Bones fans. I started checking out some chat rooms and I found people that loved Bones as much as I do. We talked about each episode and broke down those episodes as much as possible. None of us sees the show the same way and it is so interesting to see how someone else sees what you have just seen in a different light. Our life experiences influence what we see and how we handle it.

As my shyness was pushed to the background, at least with other Bones fans, I realized that I wanted to write fanfiction. Bones is ripe for fanfiction. There are so many things left unsaid because of time constraints and those unseen moments are fascinating to me. I also thought it might be fun to write AU stories for Bones. ‘What if’ stories can be so interesting. Someone told me about a site that allowed amateurs to write and post stories and I checked out Fanfiction. After reading several fantastic Bones fan stories I knew that I could at least try and write something too. Since no one really knew who I was, that allowed me to try and that was important to me. If I failed then at least I tried.

My first stories were absolutely terrible, but I had a lot of encouragement from readers and other fanfic writers and they pointed out things that could made my stories better. There are a lot of great fans out there that love fanfiction and they are very encouraging when it comes to new writers, especially writers that have no idea what they are doing. True there are also people out that there that like to discourage writers, both good and bad because the anonymity of social media allows terrible people to be terrible with little consequence. Thankfully they are in the minority and most fanfic writers have learned to ignore them. Bones has allowed me to spread my wings. I’ve been able to write a lot of fanfiction because the show presents us with such fascinating topics and that gives me story ideas to work on.

Over the years I’ve experimented with story ideas. I’ve altered my writing style and it’s not quite as bad as it used to be. I don’t claim to be a great write, but Bones fanfiction has allowed me to improve how I write and it allows me to share my story ideas with other fans. I love that there are fans out there willing to immerse themselves in Alternate Universes and will go a long with story ideas that take them on adventures that they didn’t see on the show. They are willing to let writers stretch canon and I want to thank them for that. You guys are wonderful.

It’s sad that Bones is ending, but wow, we’ve had twelve years and we’ve seen a lot of wonderful character growth on the show. We had six years of ‘will they won’t they’ and then another six years of a loving relationship that has grown stronger with each season. The fans were allowed to see what a loving strong relationship between two damaged characters could be and wow the transformations we have seen has been wonderful. Not only have we seen Booth and Brennan get together and form a family, we have also seen Hodgins and Angela move forward into a relationship. The fans witnessed Cam find someone that loved her too and I appreciated that.

We went through the loss of Vincent Nigel-Murray, Lance Sweets, Aldo Clemens and Max Keenan. We’ve seen two weddings. One of them in a jail and one of them in the Jeffersonian Garden. We’ve seen serial killers and horrifying accidents. The fans were allowed to see trials and the outcome of those trials. Who didn’t love seeing Brennan and the squints studying putrid bodies and cleaned bones searching for clues to help Booth solve crimes? Let’s face it some of those bodies have made us gag, but we brushed it off and looked forward to the next soup body or body with a chainsaw sticking through its chest.

Bones has made us laugh and cry. It’s made us anxious and upset and still we couldn’t get enough. The cast and the crew, the showrunners and the writers have worked hard to give us an interesting show and I think they accomplished that. Twelve years and after Tuesday there will no longer be any more surprises coming our way from the Bones set. Even though I didn’t start watching from the beginning I am so glad that I discovered Bones when I did. This show has been a fan dream and I want to thank everyone involved, be it the people attached to the show or those talented fans that write fanfiction or make GIFs for everyone to sigh over. Thank you for an amazing time.

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Dear Craig:

Thank you for creating our favorite cartoon characters.

Thank you for those useful life lessons conveyed by them.

Thank you for making my childhood a better one because of PPG.

And thank you for giving me a second one because of WOY.

I remember once you said that you were brought up by a single mother,  that really made me feel less lonely because I was suffering from terrible family issues due to my father’s affair at that time. Also thank you very much for telling me that.

I wish one day in the future you can have the chance to finish telling the story of Wander’s adventure.  Please @disneyxd make this dream come true.

And now I’m very, very looking forward to your new project, whatever it is.

The only thing I can make for you is this little GIF of my favorite characters from the shows you made, to say “thank you” and to say”Happy birthday” in advance.

Good luck to you,my favorite animator of all time!