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Ok (so I watched The Scene..thanks @theleftpill). So Sherlock kinda deflates from his deductions the moment he sees the name on the coffin lid.

He knew who it was for because, as it was pointed out when the episode aired, the dead dont write on their own coffins, its the living who do it in the memory of the dead. Those were the words that would’ve been on Molly’s coffin. 

This again emphasizes what I had posted some days back; that it wasnt Sherlock realising that he loved Molly, it was the acknowledgement and public acceptance of the fact that did him in.

Eurus knew a lot about Sherlock, but didn’t understand how he functioned in order to feel those things. She didnt try to learn about obvious facts about her brother, but what those facts meant emotionally! What was the impact, the consequence, the reasoning, the reaction due to those facts.

I am going to HC that Eurus knew he loved Molly, but couldn’t understand how or what that entailed.

Thats why that entire scene. So we now have it from a person with beyond-Newtonian brilliance…Sherlock loved Molly. Yep.

Because I am feeling ridiculously fannish about Wonder Woman at the moment, and because I am a nerd with too much time on her hands on a Sunday evening, here are a few interesting tidbits for you taken from the Wonder Woman IMDB page (with a little help from Wikipedia). 

There are 17 named Amazons in the credits (plus 15 actresses listed as guards, warriors, or townspeople.)  11 of the 17 named characters have their ages listed. 

Average age = 41.4 years

Oldest Amazon = 57 years

Youngest Amazon = 26 years

7 Amazons played by actresses 40 or older

Connie Nielsen (Hippolyta) and Robin Wright (Antiope) are both 51 years old.

Of the 32 women listed as playing Amazons in the credits, half if not more are women of color (not all the actresses had photos on their page).

These women are of all shapes and sizes.  There are stuntwomen, personal trainers and at least one boxer.

tl;dr = when you put women in charge of making a movie about a female superhero and the culture in which she is raised, you get something more realistic than 85% of the movies out there - superhero related or not.

A Corporation™©®: ah yes, we’ve discovered how to infiltrate the Ranks of The Youth™ and sell them Stuff©™®™©© we’ve cracked the #MillenialCode

Me: you’ve fucked up a perfectly good meme is what you did. look it at it. its got capitalism in it

there’s so much symbolism behind the hey man scene and i’m like.. not talking about klance this time. literally the paladins were all in this mindset of “we’re going to do this, and then we’re going to go back to Earth and life will be the same again.” they don’t see each other as family at all. 

and out of all of the things that the writers did wrong in season two? they portrayed this right.

you know this scene at the end of episode 11? it kind of uses the same tactics as the hey man scene, in which they’re all recalling moments of shiro. in this scene, they were just kind of… recalling fun moments and stuff they’ve had together. 

but they literally… talk about going completely separate ways. they don’t even question it. (which is kind of sad because they were just reminiscing of what they’ve done together as a team.)

the hey man scene on the otherhand, you know none of them are going anywhere. this is the hardest test of their bond yet. and the fact that they had lance, his “rival,” the person who he bickers with all of the time, of everyone there to go comfort keith emphasizes this. lance and keith’s dynamic was just kind of portrayed as “oh, they just bicker and stuff” with those few moments that imply that they care for each other. but this moment? this moment changes all of that. you know that they seem to understand each other. and the thing is? they could have had literally any other character have this dialogue, but they chose lance. they chose the character that keith is supposed to be the most at odds with. and if this moment had been there any earlier than this? i doubt lance would have been the one to comfort keith.

this moment shows how they’ve grown together as a team and how they’re going to grow together. they’re with each other. and they’re staying with each other. 


Okay seriously who runs the MCU Twitter account!?! I want to friends; I want to go out for drinks.🥃🥃 I’m dying!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

look y’all…magnus just… he knows alec so well…they’ve shared so many experiences together dealing with the clave and magnus knows how alec has struggled with the clave and how he’s trying to change things and how he’s trying to give the lightwoods a good name again…so what he said in reply was very personal and he knew that what he chose to say was going to hurt alec the most because it’s so personal and magnus has been so understanding and supportive of him and his fight against the clave in the past. his anger is justified, totally justified, and i know what he said wasn’t at all true and it was just in the moment and we all do it …but honestly to me it shouldn’t be a “yes king” moment, it was really hurtful, and i hope that both magnus and alec learn from this situation.