this. i love this

People be like “i can’t , my crush Will hate me”
If you do something out of love for someone(and If it ain’t anything crazy or sick like killing someone or some shit like that) and they don’t love you it aint suppose to be m8, i can garantee someone out there Will love you for the amazing person you are(yes you are fucking amazing don’t fucking Tell me otherwise, are you calling me a liar??)
Just dont let it get you down too much

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do you know any good klance songs? i wanna find good music :3

there are many……watch every klance amv there is and you’ll find some good ones lmao

here are a few on my playlist:

Wasted - Tiesto

Too Much Is Never Enough -  Florence + The Machine

I Was An Island - Allison Weiss

Closer - The Chainsmokers ft Halsey

Moondust - Jaymes Young

for him - Troye Sivan

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One of many reasons why I appreciate this entire Rick/Gabriel friendship is that it highlights a quality that many of these characters possess but that often goes ignored in Rick, and that is his capacity for forgiveness. 

What’s even better than him forgiving Gabriel for throwing them under the bus, is that it wasn’t an empty gesture. Not only did he forgive him, but he trusts him and believes in him now. He trusts him to care for Judith. He trusts him to protect Alexandria. And he believes Gabriel would never betray them.

He forgave Tara - instantly - for rolling up to their gates with The Governor. And would later go on to be furious with her for putting her life in danger for Spencer and what a fuckin waste that was in hindsight but moving right along.

He forgave Morgan for keeping a wolf, who could have killed somebody, inside their walls. He told Morgan, “You’re coming back” and gave him his gun for protection.

And I don’t even have time to talk about Shane.

Honestly, unless you tried to serve him up as BBQ he is very much willing to look past peoples’ mistakes and give them second chances, and I just wanted to talk about that.