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i. it is colder in the sun, now you’re gone. paulie/lucci. [said and done; slo]

one year later, paulie still avoids blueno’s bar (mozu and kiwi’s bar now) and the apartment where kaku used to live. he once nearly calls iceburg’s new secretary “kali—” and coughs into his cigar, inhaling too fast.

autumn comes gently to water seven when paulie sees an old friend under the bridge.

his hands snap with rope and he leaps into the air, his mouth blistering with cigar ash and shit, motherfucker, you’re alive.

it’s a shadow on the wall. the shape of a gondola warped by perspective into a vaguely human silhouette with a top hat.

(he wonders if he had always been easy to lie to.)

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Throwback to 12 years ago, when mom had no gray hair (she still doesn’t, but she claims she does), when my physical appearance began its journey to queer-dom (still on that road, it’s fun as hell), and when you still wanted to play games with me despite my attempts to shoo you away (and now the tables have turned because all I wanna do is hang out with you now).

Who’d have thought I’d come back to this moment twelve years later?

Sixteen? Already? Shit, where has the time gone?

There are nights when I go to bed and I see the talkative kid that got out of breath mid-sentence because you spoke way too much way too fast. In the morning, I wake to an eloquent young lady that doesn’t need the world to tell her how to do things. There are moments when I wish you didn’t have everything so put together because I know you didn’t have much time to figure out how to do so.

But you did, and Jesus Christ, am I proud of you.

We had to grow up really fast, I know, and I’m sorry you didn’t get the greatest childhood. If I could, I’d go back in time to fix it all, so that you had enough time to learn that you don’t have to be so strong and steady all the time. I’d go back in time to help you understand that it’s okay to fall apart. I’d go back in time and be the person you have always been for me.

And even though eight years stand between me and you, your resilience has proved to me that you are so much wiser beyond your years. You have silenced my screaming demons, you’ve held me when I was alone, you’ve wiped away my countless tears. If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were the older sibling.

I’m sorry you’ve had to be the protective one. That should’ve been me, but I never had the strength to do it. I’m sorry you never had the chance to really be a kid. I’m sorry this is what life’s become.

But God, I’m so thankful that you’re so understanding and patient. I’m relieved to see that you haven’t grown bitter and angry. I’m happy that you’re content with what little we have. Thank you for being so incredible.

I can’t wait to see what life has in store for you. The valedictorian of your graduating class, a multi-lingual Harvard (or my alma mater! I mean, no big deal if you don’t wanna be a Lion, but fingers crossed. I already paved the way for you over there, dude, so you’re welcome) hopeful, an aspiring astrophysicist (or geneticist – man, mom is super proud of us, lmao). You’re a beautiful ballerina, a brilliant pianist, and an inspiring writer. You’re so kind, sincere, and caring. I’ve never been so proud of anything in this world.

Thank you for being my reason to exist. It’s been such a pleasure watching you blossom into the amazing human you are today. Here’s to your blindingly bright tomorrow.

I love you to the moon.

Happy Birthday, Ron.

Ad infinitum et ultra,


no regrets [jungkook&you]

Summary: Jungkook; your childhood and once best friend decides to confess his hidden feelings for you the day before of your marriage.

a/n: hello anon celine, i hope this is what you were looking for! i tried making it a taeyang - wedding dress kind of vibe, although it was a bit off too? lol! but i hope that you still enjoyed it! thanks so much for requesting. ^_^

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Holding your wedding invitation letter in hand, Jungkook eyes at the thick and bold names, consisting of yours and your husband to be. The man cracks out a laugh and shakes his head at how fast time has gone.

“When I grow up, I will marry you so you won’t be my fake wife,” little Jungkook of six-years-old says to the little five-year-old you, while you both played house together.

“Okay! I will be your wife and cook you lots of hamburgers,” you reply happily in agreement.

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Age doesn’t matter

Anon: Imagine the reader learning Steve’s age if he hadn’t gone into the cryogenic state

A/n: this is so sad how he was forced to grow up so fast! He can’t make the usual mistakes a normal person in their 20′s would make. *cries cause bae has too many responsibilities* 


“…So you were born in 1918… and you became the super-soldier around the age of…”

“21.” Steve filled in.

“RIght. 1939… and you were frozen a few years after that so… you must have been, what, 23-ish?”

“…hmm?.. yeah.” He said as he made circles on the back of your hand.

You tried to calculate his age as you two sat cuddled up on the Sofa. You were sitting on his lap and he had his arms wrapped around you. The TV was going but you two were deep in conversations.

“Steve…” you finally said turning to him in surprise, “You’re only 26?”

He chuckled before hugging you tighter.

You shifted around to face him, “Steve. You’re Younger than Tony- Clint- even Nat!” He simply smiled at you, “I think the only people younger than you are the twins and me!”

You played with his collar before smiling up at him, “How did you mature so much?”

His smile changed to show slight pain before he talked again, “I was forced to, (y/n).”

You knew you had struck a cord but he gave you a reassuring smile implying that you hadn’t hurt him.

You rested your head back on his chest and he pulled you closer. Holding you tighter as if you would get snatched away from him anytime soon.

sum cafe shinee 8th anniversary postcard event (from me to you): handwritten replies to fans

onew: tada! always be healthy and i hope your life is full of happy things! let’s see each other for a long time!
(source: bb_8914)

jonghyun: i think it’s been more than 10 years since i wrote something like a handwritten letter.. it’s (making me) ticklish. i’m always grateful, i often feel that understanding each other without explanation is truly a blessed thing. i hope you too are the same as me (t/n: feel the same way as i do).
(source: bluffjjong)

key: as always thank you for expressing your good heart with words~ in the future let’s communicate a lot by meeting often ♡ luv u too - key ♡
(source: logopoioi)

minho: since i’m writing a letter like this, it’s quite exciting and nerve-wracking^^ truly it has been 8 years since debut.. time has gone by fast and there were a lot of things that happened right?? you said while looking at shinee you learned (i.e. as role models), this makes me proud but.. i think i still lack a lot. thank you for always cheering and giving me strength, i want to thank you in person but writing a response like this seems like a good thing too^^ thank you for always staying by our side we’ll never disappoint you!!! thank you a lot stay with us till the end^^ from shinee flaming charisma minho
(source: oddeye080525)

taemin: xxx-yang who watched over me continuously since 2009 and knows me well! i’m very thankful.. it’d be nice if we could see other continuously too~^^
(source: smallhand718)

translated by romanceboys
(t/n: since this was handwritten legibility may have affected the translation)

how am I seventeen years old? I feel I have little to show for it. my few tenuous friendships have fallen to the roadside this year already. I’ve lost my romanticism, my capricious delight…my passion has streamlined into doggedness. gone are the summer lonesomes as languid as the blues. gone are the wooded morning dashes; the shy afternoon stealings. with winter came my heightened edge; no room for riffs or poetry, only fastidious gridlines and a deathly pallor. gone are lazy summers on campuses and libraries, romantic and carefree…recapture that. romanticize everything…never lose it. when we take ourselves too seriously, we fall victim to all the entrapments of modern productivity. it’s spring…let your shirt strap hang off your shoulder.burst open the pomegranate. run fast and recklessly. you are only seventeen once…though within the soft confines of solitude, know you are called by both a lesser and higher force to nourish yourself. for you have been starved for so long.
—  11 march 2015; 2 am ramblings in my journal

Out of the Woods music video premieres soon – and like always I’m nervous about what people are going to think of it. I filmed it in New Zealand and it was so much fun. Everything in that country is so beautiful, so it was great to be able to do that. It’s going to be one of the last things I do of 2015 – release a music video, depending on when they show it on ABC New Years Eve celebrations. This year has gone way too fast. What’s everyone’s plans for the celebrations?


Belated Merry Christmas to all of my beautiful followers! I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Day filled with much joy, happiness, and moments to cherished.

The new year is fast approaching with only a few days of 2015 remaining. It feels so surreal! This year has gone way too fast. If you have any new years resolutions, feel free to send some to me whilst I am answering messages today! I would love to hear them!! (∩˃o˂∩)♡

my parents unearthed more of my old shit and told me to sort through it so they could throw out anything I don’t wanna keep and one thing was a diary from my teen years, which was memorable because amongst all the passages of younger me trying to rationalise her self destructive urges there was a bit where she mentioned time moving “too fast”, like everyone else is in fast forward and she’s in slow mo. and it kind of struck me that this is something that I still struggle with immensely (its part of why I suck so bad at correspondence, because in the blink of an eye three weeks has gone by) and idk it was weird to discover that this isn’t something I’ve made up recently this is something that’s always been there and it’s frustrating because everyone else seems so competent and fast when compared to me, like I’m uniquely fundamentally broken and inferior and I have been since the start