108: Sinon suffered because she felt like people judged her for being a murderer, even though it would have made no sense for media to reveal the name of an eleven-year-old who shot a criminal. Even if they did the incident wouldn’t have been published in a bad light.
In the least the media would have praised the child for being a hero and saving everyone by putting a stop to an armed robbery. Without a doubt Sinon’s friends would have considered her a cool, brave girl instead of hating her for being a bloodthirsty killer. The people at her school knowing about the incident and treating her like they did is not logically explained.
Hypothetically, IF the media did publish Sinon’s name in a bad light, you would assume that her mother would have moved elsewhere with her so that she wouldn’t be bullied. If she didn’t, she practically ruined their daughter’s childhood and caused her terrible trauma. Being weak because of her being a widow is no excuse - she would still not be blind to what happens to her daughter.

If Sinon’s friends calling her a murderer was just in her head, she should have eventually realized what she had done was not a bad thing and gotten over it.