karipitan asked:

i've been wondering since i read it; what censorship in the stories do you mean? i don't understand japanese hence i can't tell if there's a difference between what they say and the english text........

basically, the original story in japanese, (direct translations can be found  here) implies that:

a. the nameless player (you) is a girl, and the characters interact with them as such.


b. a lot of the characters have romantic interest in girls.

however, klab america apparently didn’t like this, so changed the context of some of the stories so that:

a. the nameless player is most likely seen as male by the other players (which makes 0 sense, because all of the characters go to an all-girls school). 


b. the romantic interests of the girls is more ambiguous.

a good example would be what the normal student, chiduko sakamaki, says when you tap her onscreen, english version vs. japanese version (screenshots are taken from twitter)

another thing they censored was nozomi’s bokura wa ima no naka de r side story. in the japanese version, she says: “something i like? hmm~ maybe watching cute girls?”, whereas the english version says something along the lines of: “something i like? hmm~ maybe cute things?”

chapter 19 of the main story is also censored a bit - nozomi says that she and eli will “act all lovey-dovey” in front of nico (jp), vs. nozomi saying that she and eli will “go as a pair”.

there’s a whole article about it here as well. 

i hope that clears things up! 

the-fault-in-our--tardis asked:

that was the most clear explanation of it ive seen, i really appreciate you writing it. makes a lot more sense than the simplistic media articles that just create further controversy/frenzy over it. and your last point about the hypocrisy of fandom hit the nail on the head. if people actually talked more about the story arc as a whole rather than just the rape, they're criticisms would make a lot more sense. Thank you so much :)

You’re welcome! :) and yeah the thing is that we’re talking about my actual favorite book storyline so I think I thought about it enough to actually have an inkling of what they’re doing wrong *sighs* but yeah I swear I haven’t seen ONE review that actually understood what the fuck is going on there and fandom is always the feast of hypocrisy around here, but in this context is just worse than usual *sighs all over again*