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I remember when I was younger, "reverse racism" was used to describe like when you favoured someone purely because of their race. Like for example if a white dude and a black dude tried for a job and both were equally suitable for the job, but the black dude was hired because he was black. It was like the opposite of being negative towards someone because of their race, therefore "reverse racism".

I’ve always thought it would make a lot more sense to use “reverse-racism” in that context. 

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do you know of any placements/aspects that would have influence on a person's pets or relationship with animals?

This is the kind of thing a lot of people immediately associate with the 6th house. I’ve done it in the past, and it makes sense in a general context because the 6th house rules unequal relationships (where one person has more power than the other), routine/chores (which pets inevitably become a part of, since you have to feed them, walk them, etc), and what you are willing to offer others (such as service & care, which is necessary to give to pets); but I think it’s a lot more complicated than that. People keep pets for countless reasons, and each reason correlates to a separate part of the natal chart.

- The 6th house relates to pets in general
- The 4th house relates to pets kept for protection (guard dogs) or nurturance (either because you’re lonely and need unconditional love, or because you have unconditional love that you want to give). Also pets kept to “decorate” your home, like some people buy canaries for. And companionship pets.
- The 5th house relates to pets kept as a hobby or just for fun/entertainment
- The 3rd & 7th houses relate to pets kept for companionship. The 3rd house also relates to pets kept for intellectual reasons, such as training or studying
- The 2nd & 10th houses relate to pets kept for show
- The 8th & 9th houses would relate to exotic and novel pets. The 8th house also relates to “taboo” or fearsome pets & pets kept for odd (possibly illegal) reasons, and inherited pets (like a 40 year old macaw your great aunt left you in her will or some shit) and pets that entered your life for a specific reason (like sick strays that won’t leave you alone and you end up learning how to love for the first time in your life or some other dramatic Hallmark type of situation). The 9th house relates to “souvenir” pets as well, like the kind you pick up on vacation to Panama. “Mom look what I found. A poisonous tree frog. It’s mine”
- The 8th & 12th houses relate to familiars, spirit animals, animal companions that may not exactly be real or alive or physical.
- The 11th house relates to “charity” pets, sad ones you get from shelters. Also endangered animals you donate to help save and the foundation sends you a stuffed animal with a little t-shirt on it that says “adopted” (12th house also)
- The 3rd house also relates to classroom pets
- The 3rd/7th/11th are all connected to shared pets

As for animals in general, I suppose you should just look at the 6th house? Again, it depends on the context. If you’re a bird-watcher, that’s a 5th house thing. If you’re in the woods getting attacked by a territorial badger or grizzly bear, that’s an 8th house thing. If you keep seeing a white squirrel in your neighborhood that stares you down for no good reason, that’s an 8th or 12th house thing. It’s really complicated lol. Just think about what the animal/pet in question means for you and why or how it’s in your life, and look at the appropriate house. It comes down to case-specific details.

so many things become clarified when you read shakespeare’s sources, like that weird incident with the poet in act four of julius caesar is actually given context in plutarch, and some plot elements of the two noble kinsmen make much more sense in the knight’s tale. the point that I’m getting at is that it’s a damn shame that we don’t have the ur-hamlet because I feel like to some extent at least that would solve a whole lot of critical problems

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would i be able to understand skam if i only awtched the third season?????

i mean yeah! each season is supposed to be like a little movie, you know. i watched half of season three before i watched the first two seasons (which i binged in like two days while we were waiting for new clips) and although there a little things here and there which make a lot more sense when you have context, but it mostly has to do with background characters. you can understand isak’s story without them. but i really really recommend watching the first two seasons first, if you can!

Things that are Really Good in the Tuck Everlasting Atlanta Production:
- more of the book is present in the libretto
- One Small Story
- lots of fun one liners
- the Worlds Fair Speech
- Jesse being saaaaaaaad
- For the best (it’s a really good song, even though I don’t think it works well in the context of the show)
- Sassy Miles Tuck

Things that are Really Good in the Tuck Everlasting Broadway Production:
- Live Like This making a lot more sense
- smooth transitions between scenes and even topic changes during scenes
- overall better, less awkward, more natural dialogue
- the costumes. The COSTUMES
- Hugo’s 1st Case 💚💚
- Partner in Crime (I prefer it over Jump the Line b/c it is more about Winnie and Jesse’s friendship and a lot less about being a jerk to everyone at the fair, also it’s more fun and upbeat)
- The Story of the Man in the Yellow Suit (I love how intense this climax is)
- Angsty Miles Tuck

callili replied to your post: Hey folks, I’m thinking about changing the order…

I started reading with deeper into the woods which I dearly loved. Then the beginning if game theory… It wasn’t that reader friendly? Tbh I don’t managed to read more than the first or first two chapters of that? It’s on my reading list, but it’s been there for a while so I don’t honestly think it is (in its current form) a good starting point in the fantastic universe you built there

This is actually pretty helpful, thank you! I think one of the biggest issues there is that Game Theory followed on from a huge, complete series (the Shadows and Light series) and makes so much more sense in context of that, but I haven’t actually edited the huge piece since to make it work as a standalone novel (for a lot of reasons, not least that it’s just such a huge undertaking and I didn’t ever think Fae Tales would be something anyone else was interested in until they…kind of were. There’s since been a lot of people who’ve been able to read / love Game Theory and The Court of Five Thrones without that initial grounding in the SALverse stories, but it’s often readers who are able to be patient with the clunky beginning of GT, or who skip ahead - I’ve even recommended that people skip to the chapter ‘Hunt’ or similar, which is obviously not a great way to start anything).

It does make me think at the moment that until Game Theory is actually edited, maybe I shouldn’t be that fussed about changing around the order. I don’t really mind that Game Theory is super dense - but it doesn’t lay a lot of groundwork for new readers. Ironically The Court of Five Thrones got a lot more of that, even though it needs it less after GT. Ah what a mess that series is, it’s amazing that it gets new readers and new fans, because it really does need a lot of work.

(That being said, if it’s still on your reading list, I really do recommend skipping ahead to one of the future chapters like ‘Hunt’ or even ‘Liver.’ I know a lot of new readers to the series found this helpful; but again, it may not be enough, and that’s totally fine. On an editorial level, the early Fae Tales material has a fuckton of issues, lol).

Idk if anyone else’s brought this up, but has anyone else noticed La Muerte’s expressions when talking about or realizing how cruel Xibalba can be? 

  • When she says ‘Just like your heart, Xibalba…just like your heart’. Now that we know a bit more of their backstory, this part makes a lot more sense. The comment starts off as a somewhat playful one but halfway through it, she seems to realize the true weight of what she’s saying. They may be in the works of rebuilding their marriage but La Muerte’s still deeply hurt, and just think of the implication her words would have in that context…it’s clear she loves him and wants to be with him, but she still thinks he was cruel enough to play with her heart. 
  • The moment when she floats away from him in the Land of the Forgotten, right before Xibalba accidentally reveals he gave the Medal of Everlasting life to Joaquín. This one is not half as heart-breakingly sad as the previous one, but it’s still pretty revealing. Not only did he cheat in their wager, he killed Manolo in the process. She’s angry, obviously, but in that precise moment, her face conveys a profound dissapointment in him too. It makes sense, when you think how this wager was a way of re-connecting after their separation, that she’d hoped he’d at the very least play fair this one time and this makes Xibalba’s actions all the more terrible.
  • When Xibalba sets the test of the thousand remembered bulls against Manolo. We’ve all laughed at that blurry screencap of this moment because Xibalba looks like he’s in the middle of a seizure or something and both La Muerte and Candlemaker look like they’re all ‘U OK, buddy?’, but look at it in context. This wager will decide whether Manolo gets his life back to save his town AND the fate of both the Land of the Forgotten and the Land of the Remembered (And, let’s be honest, the sole idea of having the Trash Lord as a ruler of both the Lands is pretty terrifying) Xibalba is setting a test that not only seems pretty impossible to pass, but is also rather cruel on Manolo if we take in account how the movie pretty much tells us that if he had been forced to kill the bull in the corrida, a part of him would have been destroyed. Suddenly the look they give him isn’t as funny anymore, huh?

Probably missing some, but these are the ones I remember the most

I love you a Latte prologue

Love Live! Coffee shop AU 

Summary: Love Live! Coffee shop AU. The scent of roasted coffee beans, the laughter of your dearest friends and the silly signs of people falling in love. All of them happen at this one, quaint and quirky cafe. // “I love you a latte.” “Great, because I’m going to pour this latte on you for that horrible pun.” 

A/N: I strongly urge you to read the headcanons/draft that I posted on Tumblr first before reading this. It makes a lot more sense after you do and sets the context for the story.

It passed by in a blur; the years we spent together were swept away in the wind along with the tears that stained our cheeks and our soft farewells.

None of us could have predicted that we would meet again in the largest part of Japan, its capital, Tokyo in a quaint coffee shop.

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