I was in an abusive relationship. Whenever my ex-girlfriend and I got into an argument, which was often, it eventually led to me being slapped or punched. The physical damage was nothing compared to the emotional toll, but not one time did I ever strike back because that’s not the kind of person I wanted to be. I don’t want anyone, regardless of gender, to have to go through that.

A lot of people are making a great many assumptions without proper context but all of that aside I’m more disheartened that people would actually believe that I would perpetuate violence against women. Violence is a problem. Jack and I were not making some grand sweeping statement about feminism or trying to say that it’s okay to hit women. We were shooting the breeze talking about some crazy videos we saw on YouTube. The main point that some people missed out on is that it’s not okay to hit ANYONE. 

Equality is an ideal. But ideals taken in the literal sense don’t fit the world as it exists today. An eye-for-an-eye is literal equality. Men and women being able to hit one-another is literal equality. There is a SERIOUS imbalance to that particular equation that needs to be solved but as a whole it’s still not the kind of equality I fight for. I fight for a world that eventually forgets what violence is. I would gladly lay down my life to change the world today so that when I’m long gone and forgotten someday there will be a generation that only remembers humanity’s violence and greed in history books and children’s tales.

My videos are only intended to make people smile and I’m sincerely sorry that this one in particular failed to do that. I’ll always hold myself to a higher standard and I hope that you all will too. And remember to keep smiling! :D


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The worst thing about Nathan having it is antis are not going to shut the fuck up about it as if HL don't have 8 coordinating tattoos we know of

I mean idrc what antis say lol.. it actually makes A LOT more sense in this context because it’s not romantic? It’s like those old bff charm necklaces we used to wear years ago where one friend would have the one half heart and the other friend would wear the other one.

Like obviously the chest hair on louis’ chest made it look like he could have had one and I was definitely someone who thought it was a possibility. But I think the truth in this case is way more harry. And it doesn’t negate any of the others that harry and Louis have together.

I love you a Latte prologue

Love Live! Coffee shop AU 

Summary: Love Live! Coffee shop AU. The scent of roasted coffee beans, the laughter of your dearest friends and the silly signs of people falling in love. All of them happen at this one, quaint and quirky cafe. // “I love you a latte.” “Great, because I’m going to pour this latte on you for that horrible pun.” 

A/N: I strongly urge you to read the headcanons/draft that I posted on Tumblr first before reading this. It makes a lot more sense after you do and sets the context for the story.

It passed by in a blur; the years we spent together were swept away in the wind along with the tears that stained our cheeks and our soft farewells.

None of us could have predicted that we would meet again in the largest part of Japan, its capital, Tokyo in a quaint coffee shop.

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