Kravitz during the crystal kingdom: if you all die any more that’s it, no more Mr. Nice Death, kravitz is gonna come a calling

Kravitz after they immediately die 11 more times: taako have you considered maybe getting a safer job? Or just staying safe in general. taako please I’m so concerned also is this a date and if so can we have more because I’m having a lovely time and also please stop dying you’re worrying me


His strength is not inferior to Prince Zeldris’, in fact, it may even exceed it… on top of that, it’s impossible to read what he’s truly thinking or feeling, just like Meliodas… But, what worries me the most is that inexplicable feeling of unease and discomfort that radiates from him… Like something’s out of place… I can’t figure out what the source of it is… But regardless, he is a strange man.

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What bothers me about identifying as Aro ace is that I believe I am , and it worries me maybe I'm not , I wish there's a way to be diagnosed as Aro ace from a professional standpoint so it's not me thinking it , it's verified on document and proven through psychological analysis , I don't know ? I just feel like it's more valid if somebody tells me what I am instead of me because I'm a piece of shit that don't know shit


your sexuality is something you have to discover. no one knows more about yourself than you.

you probably didn’t mean it, but if asexuality were to be diagnosed, then that proves the aphobes who think asexuality is a disease or hormone imbalance, which it’s not.


Katniss and Prim Get Tattoos

I’ve never been opposed to getting a tattoo. But I’ve never been officially for it, either.

The thought of having something permanent on my body like that worried me. What if my interests changed? What if it stopped having meaning?

And then Prim came home one day last week with a couple of sketches. She sat me down on the couch and gave a very convincing argument.

“They would have meaning, Katniss.” Prim said as she pointed to the set of plants she’d drawn. “You’d get the primroses and I’d get the katniss.”

I looked down at the little sketches. They’re adorable. And it would take something unthinkable for me not to want to honor my sister and our relationship in that way. I nodded and gave her a hug. “I love it.”

“Then I’ll set up the appointment.” Prim popped up and headed for the kitchen. “My night to cook, right?”

She said she got the name of a tattoo parlor from her professor Cressida who had vines tattooed on her head and down her neck. Prim said she was working on getting them extended down one arm and even over a leg. It was a lot of work, so it had to be done by someone trustworthy.

Prim pulls up at the little shop. It’s well-lit and the windows are painted with all sorts of different stereotypical tattoo designs.

“Sunset Tattoo.” I read from the sign. “Sounds relaxing.”

“Cressida said they play ocean wave sounds. And the guy on the phone had a really soothing voice.” Prim gets out and starts toward the door. “Just remember, this is my Christmas gift.”

A bell rings over the door when we walk in and a blonde man with a tattoo of a wedding cake up the back of his leg looks up from a customer. He smiles at us and I am undone by his bright blue eyes and the dimple that appears in his cheek. “Prim and Katniss?” He asks.

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Can you do one where the reader and Harry just got off their plane and there is tons of paparazzi and Harry gets frustrated because he is worried about the reader with all the paps and their cameras? The reader doesn't even have to be like nervous but Harry gets nervous about keeping her safe? Thanks!!

You and Harry had just arrived in Nashville for his next concert on his tour. You had flown around with him many times, and there were ALWAYS fans or paparazzi around, but you didn’t mind it as much as Harry did.

As you and Harry climbed off the plane and made your way to claim your bags, Harry groaned as he saw a huge group of girls, and a huge group of others with cameras. 

“Babe..” You said to him whenever you heard his groan. “It’s gonna be okay..” You rubbed his back lightly as he stood close to you, waiting for your bags.

“I’m not worried about me…I’m worried about you petal..” His face softened and he brushed your cheek with his thumb and forefinger, causing you to smile at the pet name, and his gentle touch.

“H…you don’t have to worry about me. I’ve been through this plenty of times.” You put a genuine smile on your face, trying to get Harry to smile, but he didn’t.

“It’s just…they find a way to make a story out of everything…whether it’s what clothes your wearing, or the look on my face when I’m around you…they’ll come up with some shit saying I don’t love you..” He let out a sigh, glancing at all of the people you and him were going to have to walk through.

“Harry..” Your speech stopped after his name to gather his attention. “I know you love me…nothing is gonna change that.” You grabbed his hand and intertwined your fingers. “Just think…this is the third city of your first solo tour. Put a smile on that beautiful face.” You kissed his cheek right where a dimple would soon appear.

“I know…I know. Just don’t want my love to get hurt.” He smiled as he pulled your hands up to his lips, kissing the back of yours. 

And as soon as you got your bags, you both took in a deep breath, giving each other a smile as he held you close, doing his best to protect you as you made your way through the large crowd.

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URGENT AND TIME SENSITIVE: my mom is forcing me to talk to my dad, tonight, about me being trans. i'm not really ready to have this conversation but i have no way out of it. how should i approach him? i'm not really worried about him disowning me or anything but i don't even know where to start as far as saying "i'm trans" (my mom will not be a part of the conversation, as my parents don't live together, but she has told my dad that he must talk to me and i've been corralled into doing this.)

Lee says:

We have a Coming out page you should look at!

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Joku doesn't care about you. She only changed her tune when she realized she was in the wrong. She had been telling a lot of people to stop. It wasn't just you. However, since you have fans who can help you she changed her tune.

are you talking about she said me(also other) to stop drawing fan-arts?
but i don’t care if she is worried about me or not.
i JUST ANSWERED her reply, because simply just i wanted to draw.
i’m always saying about this topic, now again…i’m drawing for my fun. not for someone’s.
wellll…okay, it’s end. is rly pointless…it makes me tired.(’m not angry btw)

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I just learned that you're non binary omg so sorry for calling you her before please forgive me

No worries dude, my home isn’t the safest of places to completely be out so I use she/they :)

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Since you seem to know everything about Sam is going to happen before it happens; maybe, just maybe he should fear you??

Naw, Sam is FULLY AWARE of who’s who in the fandom. He knows I’m on his side and I fully support him. And I fully support his relationship with Mackenzie.

Am I the one saying negative things about him? Am I the one saying negative things about Mackenzie? Am I the one constantly bitching and complaining about him? NOPE. He has nothing to worry about with me…and he KNOWS that–make no mistake about it.

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I love my country but Brazil isn't and never was a nice place for being a LGBT+ person. My family is worried af about me since I came out as non binary because of people here -.-

:’)) ahh I feel ya

though I live around Christians and I pretty much cant come out yet

Quick dialogue prompts #3

1. “If you listen closely, you can hear the sounds of the fucks I give flying away.”

2. “How many dogs do you even have?” “Not enough.”

3. “Do you ever stop talking?”

4. “Could you eat something apart from Jaffa cakes? You’re starting to worry me.”

5. “What are you wearing?” “Fashion.”

6. “Please get off of me.”

7. “Did you just kiss me?” “Nope.”

8. “You’re perfect.” “I know.”

9. “I’m going to dye my hair blue.” “Ok, can I help?”

10. “Get off of my food.”

I am slowly drifting away from my new set of friends it feels so god damn liberating, and today I have realised how fucking toxic they all are. Drama, gossiping, lack of motivation, increased intake of alcohol in social settings are manifesting their lives, and I refuse to be a part of that especially if I want to pass this course (satisfied with my marks etc). I am happy that it is finally happening instead of me being worried what they are consistently, and constantly thinking about me when I am not with them. I mean they would always leave me out of their little hangouts, and since I am in university I refuse to feel minuscule petty feelings such as “isolation, and rejection” because I had those exact problems through my childhood as well as teens. Anyways, I removed myself from the negative situation that was bringing me down, and I have new friends who have noticed the change in my appearance but did not say anything about it as they were shy, so they told me how short hair suits me, and that I look very pretty. I am so happy, I am concentrating more in classes as well as keeping up with the lecturer or even times where I have been ahead of my lecturers - I am not overwhelmed with tiredness or sleepiness anymore, I am thinking about what this entire week will consist of - how I will manage money, and so on forth.


It was Saturday and as a good tradition you were lying down having a marathon of romantic movies, in one of those moments the hunger invaded you and decided to go down something. When you got to the kitchen was your brother and your best friend, Liam.
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll just take some cereal and disappear.” You said.
"Actually, we’re about to call you.” Mason said. “We need your help.”
“My help? For what?”
“Problems of … relationships.”
“What happened to Corey?”
“It’s me who has the problem.” Liam commented.
Liam was your friend too and you had a crush on him since you have memory, but never been given the opportunity to be together and even if you don’t lose hope. Although these days you have been avoiding it since you know that his girlfriend is cheating him and you can’t do something to remedy it. You want to tell her about what you saw, but you’re afraid of how you react.
“What is it, Liam?”
“It’s Hayden. Lately the relationship is based on fights and to be honest I am already tired of this situation.
“I have something to tell you. “You were ready to tell him.” Mason, could you leave us alone? "Your brother nodded and left, leaving you two.” I saw Hayden kiss behind the steps with that boy Patrick.
Now you had regretted telling him, that was the reason you did not want to tell him, you did not want to hurt him, you had always done everything to protect him.
“How long have you known?”
“About a month.”
“Have you been looking stupid for a month?” “scream. “Why did not you tell me?”
“Liam, the last thing I wanted was for you to get hurt, so keep it to me, I did not want to hurt you. You deserve someone better, you deserve someone who knows how to value you, someone who treats you better.”
"It’s you, is not it?”
“Me?” You asked confused.
“You’re the one who can treat me better.” Those words left you paralyzed. “Damn, I was so stupid! I always had you in front of me and I could never express myself.”
“You are not the only one.”