This world is a beautiful place. People are amazing. Good is all around us and we all desperately want to embrace it. Everyone just wants to be happy and live with peace of mind. I really hope I’m alive one day to see this tranquility and to see good overcome the evil cunts in this world. Because shit is so unfair for the majority of the world and it doesn’t need to be like this. We as people are so all bonded and connected, we should be looking after this earth and living amongst each other peacefully. Nothing else makes sense. Chasing after man made concepts and destroying the beauty around us for what, what do we truly gain? Nothing. The oceans are dirty, the air is polluted, the animals are becoming extinct and blood is being split over natural resources. Like wdf are we doing…? It’s all a mess.
Like the quote says.. “Only when the last tree is has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught, will we realise that we can’t eat money”

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Is it fair to acknowledge even with ashkenazi jews occupying a particular place of privilege over other Jews in much of the diaspora, that Sephardic Jews often have a similar history and prove large in areas where they are the majority of the population, for instance how Romaniote Jews have in many cases been put in situations where they've had to assimilate into sephardic culture and traditions in the same way Sephardim have with ashkenazim in much of the world?

Provided that it is historically accurate, it would not be unfair. It needs not be used in relation to Ashkenazim, though — it can be dealt with on its own merits. Unless there is an obvious connection, I would drop the Ashkenazi references (which don’t make sense in the context given) and just focus on the issue in front of you, or else you're risking to easily go ahistorical (and anachronistic). 

Sephardim have historically been in a position of power over many (and some would claim most) other Jewish groups. I would be very careful with the assertions that “Sephardic Jews have a similar history,” or “in the same way Sephardim have with ashkenazim in much of the world”. These statements are ahistorical — other than the connection ‘larger population vs smaller population’ (which doesn’t always apply), it doesn’t hold. Each place and local communities have different dynamics of power, get acquainted with what they are, what issues are you addressing, and go from there.

I still can’t believe @bpdjace saw my face for the first time yesterday???

And the majority of it was just me ugly sobbing while she laughed at me???

Whoever said the world is a fair place was dead, dead, dead wrong.

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I don't live in either place and I find that extremely unfair. Canada. The SECOND largest country in the world, which without a doubt is much more populated than Australia, had only two tour locations! Two! There were still people everywhere else in Canada who probably couldn't drive there due to long distance. Yet, when it comes to Australia it's different! They called in the USA + Canada tour, which is wrong! I'm sorry if I sound ungrateful, but they didn't really give Canadian fans a chance.

no dw I totally agree with you
canada is a freaking huge country and only going to one city was stupid on d&p’s part
they could’ve at least added vancouver so people in western canada (me) would’ve had a show that wasn’t on the other side of this (giant) country

Tell me, brother of mine,
How many rules has
This world broken
How many secrets does it keep
Some so heavy they sink
To the bottom of the ocean
Like a million stones

Why are those stones left unturned
Washed away by the current
And in their place
Smaller secrets rise,
Lighter than feathers,
To the surface
Where unfair judgment
Awaits their return

Secrets // @justapipe-dream

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You can't understand the struggle so you can't say you're one of us.

That’s a bit unfair given I’ve never openly stated what my life experiences are and how I choose to identify myself here on tumblr. Please be careful with assumptions. Often times they can lead to hurtful misunderstandings that open communication can avoid. As far as not understanding your struggle goes I think that’s unfair too because you can no better understand someone else’s struggle. To be alive, especially in a world that insists on drawing lines and keeping people oppressed and separate means we all face some kind of struggle. What an inclusive community believes is that your struggle MATTERS your experiences MATTER and that you deserve to live in a place that is filled with empathy and acceptance and allows for your voice to be heard. Somewhere you can share openly and be open to hearing others too. And hopefully help make a place where everyone’s struggles are lessened.

THE VEGETABLES OF TRUTH… How science has gone from promising extraordinary new worlds of the future – to become a powerfully conservative force that holds progress back and tends to keep people in their place.

Science and scientists do all kinds of wonderful things. But when they venture into the social and political world they tend to get bent the way the ideological wind is blowing.

Once it was to support politicians trying to expand their power by remaking society. Now – in an age of individualism – it is to keep us in our place by promoting the idea that we should just focus on ourselves and our bodies. And not think about the wider problems of growing inequality and the unfairnesses that brings.

The scientists are saying – just go and eat another banana or cabbage and you’ll be alright. They are loading everything onto the isolated individual.

Such reports – and there are many – keep us locked inside the anxieties of the “risk society”. While the truth is that you might have a better chance of living longer if you banded together and used that collective power to change society. It would also be a lot more fun than laboriously counting vegetables.

Extract from Adam Curtis’s blog—The Medium & The Message

I HATE IT when some members of the LGBTQ+ community become overly defensive about their rights that they bully (in any way) and hate on straight people as if we were all Donald Trump. I thought you were for equality? Then why are you being unfair? Please stop generalizing. Not all straight people disrespect your community and your life choices. Please stop making it seem in your statements that there is now no place in the world for straight people because “heterosexuals are gross”. People, really. You are simply doing what ignorant people did to you before.

AND PLEASE, don’t you dare include the religion talk here. I’ve seen some gay people be openly offensive to some religions when it is not necessary since we should be promoting love. Like I said, you are for equality yet you step on other people’s rights and feelings. Go do your stuff and don’t hurt people.

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I'm at this huge mall and the maternity store and Victoria's Secret are making me think about Harry like why can't we see him shopping in these places and wearing this stuff life is so unfair


I can talk about Harry being pregnant wearing cutest maternity clothes ALL FUCKING DAY

Like I always picture him the type to wear giant shirts and sweaters with leggings and just comfy boots everywhere while he’s pregnant
Rain boots
Ysl boots
Any type of boot because he finds them so comfy sjsksjsks

And don’t even get me started on Victoria’s Secret things
All the panties in the world in his closet and drawers
I’m just imagining him having a HUGE stash that we’ll probably never get to see waaaah😩😩😩

And you know how he wears those super type jeans and you never see a bulge
He probably tucks and then slides his lacy panties on after and it looks so flat around the front and then he wears his skinny white jeans WHDISNSKSJ FUCK WHY DOES HARRY HATE ME SO MUCH
Why I've Avoided Dressing More Femininely — Until Now
By John Paul Brammer

Our senses heightened after Orlando, allowing us to see the world as it had always been — and we saw that it was unfair, had always been unfair, even though some of us had become complacent. Why were there gay bars in the first place? Why were people killing us?

Don’t they know how much we’ve been holding back?

I realize now, in the wake of Orlando, that I have been sacrificing something special for a safety that was never guaranteed in the first place — a safety that asked so much of me and gave so little in return, but a safety I had become comfortable with nonetheless.

I was used to the spitting and the kicking and the shouting — but this, what I was suppressing in myself, was a different kind of violence. I could leave this at the door, leavethat at home, stuff those in a closet somewhere, and I would be safe.

Orlando changed all of that.

I realize, now, everything I have lost. I realize that if a homophobe were to kill me tomorrow, I’d die a repressed, second-rate version of the person I could have been. That’s scary. Scarier than the alternative, even, because if I’ve learned one thing, it’s that you can do your best to hide — but they’ll still find you, even if you’re doing your best to walk, talk, dress, and act like everything you’re not. I don’t want to be something I’m not anymore. Even if that something is “safer.” There will always be the threat of lightning.

There’s privilege there. There are queer people here and around the world who can’t openly present as themselves without being killed. These are so many oppressive norms we have to dismantle. And while the word “dismantle” sounds like taking a sledgehammer to a building, today it looks more like skipping down the street with my friends.