Girl Power at its Finest!
Glad you guys are liking the pictures and information we are sharing. Tomorrow we will be posting the mini-review of the last two girls from the DC Super Hero Girls wave ONE! These dolls are set to hit shelves on February 28, so you better start saving if you want to make them part of your collections!


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hugsforvillains asked:

What's Drunk Wonder Woman like at Justice League meetings?

Diana: Pssst… Bruuuuce….?

Batman: ?

Diana: I know your secreeet… I knoooow what you beliiiiiiieve….

Superman: Diana no.

Hawkgirl: Diana yes.

Diana: *sings* YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN FLY! * throws Batman out the window*

Superman: JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! *flies outside to catch him*

Diana: FLYING MONKEY! *falls asleep*

Martian Manhunter: Is that a human ritual of some sort?

Hal and Barry: YES.

When your workout game is Super/Wonderfully on fleek 😎