anonymous asked:

Hey ramya I just opened a studyblr and was wondering if you could list some of the people you reblog from the most ? Thank you so much I hope all is well with you

Hey cutie! Studyblr is full of amazing people but here are some of my faves: 

thestudyaesthetic: Aliyah’s aesthetic is on point. Also she’s a rising senior and has great advice about college apps if you’re looking for that!

collegemania: Great feed

appsademia: Anne is an appblr but has a lot of great advice for AP/IB/SAT and whatnot 

college-advice: Literally has the most helpful posts ever!

averagemedgirl: Also has a great feed 

raincoffeebooks: Awesome blog!

These are some of my favorites but here are more: mestudyblr study-well study-hack studyblrsubjects studying student study-habit