Diviners Readalong

Name: Lindsey
Pronouns: she/her
Location: Chicago
Favorite Books: East of Eden by John Steinbeck, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and History of Love by Nicole Krauss. There’s a lot of other books I love too, but I don’t like to declare a book a favorite until I’ve read it multiple times.

This will be my second time reading The Diviners. My first time was two years ago, and I loved it, but unfortunately I’ve forgotten a lot of the details. I was a big fan of the Gemma Doyle trilogy* in high school, so I’m excited for another series from Libba Bray. :)

*I had to reread those books each time a new one came out too.

I’m looking forward to hearing all your comments and reactions, especially if this is your first time reading it. Hopefully you won’t find it too scary ;) See you August 3rd!

Since I hit 500 followers I thought I’d do a little giveaway :).

I have the June edition of Glamour. I’ve read it multiple times but I’m not one for keeping magazines. Even if Taylor is on the cover, I just don’t have room :(.

So if this gets at least 50 reblogs I’ll do the giveaway!

It’s open internationally too! :)

The Cancer of Police Brutality

Did you ever watch the TV show ‘True Detective’ ? It was a surprise hit, dark and nihilistic, a scabrous vision of the dark underbelly of America where it’s hard to tell cops from crooks and evil festers just below the shiny surface of everyday life. In one episode I remember a deeply flawed cop called Rust Cohle saying matter-of-factly .. “Of course I’m dangerous. I’m police. I can do terrible things to people with impunity.“  That stayed with me because those words spoke to a reality many Americans recognize all too well.

There’s something really rotten in America. Something sick. Almost every day I read a new horror story about thugs in police uniform that makes my blood boil. Open season on black men and women, murder and cover-ups, disabled people tasered multiple times because they don’t move fast enough, old ladies pepper-sprayed for daring to answer back, unarmed men shot in the back because they ran away, ordinary people beaten to a pulp and sometimes killed for nothing or the most trivial of ‘reasons’! And no, I’m not making any of that up. I really wish I was.

I don’t get it. Are these thug cops on drugs ? Did they get their role-models from dumb Hollywood cop movies ? Do they have to pass some special kind of ‘hardcore psycho’ test before they’re given a badge ? What is their problem ? Why do they seem to be walking around seething with hair-trigger rage just waiting to unload on anyone unlucky enough to look at them the wrong way ? Why are they so insecure (or power-crazed) that anything other than grovelling subservience is considered a ‘lack of respect’ ? At times they seem more like a dangerous criminal gang than public servants there to protect and serve.

How did it ever get to be so twisted out of shape ? The police are paid employees of the public. Their job is simply to enforce the law in a fair and impersonal way. They are no more (or less) worthy of ‘respect’ than any other public employee. Many occupations have an element of danger in them and some are far more dangerous than police work, but firefighters don’t go around abusing and attacking the public, nor do miners or rescue helicopter crews or anyone else. Just cops.

How can anyone be cynical about this and pretend its okay ? It’s not localized or exceptional; it’s happening all over the country on a daily basis. Elements of law-enforcement are systemically dysfunctional, criminal, and racist. ‘Not all cops’ ? Where have I heard that derailing excuse before ? I don’t believe in the standard ‘few bad apples’ story that’s always dragged out to excuse everything from torture to corrupt politicians. Of course there are decent cops doing a good job in difficult circumstances. No argument. But there are also far too many thugs disgracing their uniforms with seeming impunity and its getting worse.

And talking of things being rotten, there is something really rotten with the authorities (also paid public servants) who employ the police but refuse to exercise proper control over them. There is something rotten with the ‘close-ranks’ police culture that circles the wagons protectively around the thugs when anyone tries to call them to account. There is something rotten with courts that almost always take a cops word over that of a complainant. There is something rotten with a society which thinks any of this is acceptable. Or is it that we just turn the other way because we don’t know how, as individuals, to stop it ?

I don’t pretend to know the answer but I do know this can’t be right. Nowhere is perfect and of course there are bad cops everywhere in the world but in other broadly comparable societies they don’t seem to be violent on the scale of the USA on a daily basis. All too often in America these days it’s the cops that many ordinary people,  especially non-whites, fear and feel they need to be protected from. If you think I’m exaggerating just do some research and understand that the thug cop news reports you will find in profusion are just the tip of a very large and nasty iceberg.

Of course none of this is news to anyone who is paying attention, or it shouldn’t be. Most of it has been going on for a very long time. And of course it’s not news that it falls much more severely on some sections of the community than others and always has done. So why is it still happening ?

I loathe and detest bullies of any kind but, for me, bullies who abuse positions of privilege and power deserve a special place in hell. It shouldn’t be like this. It needn’t be. There is no excuse. The cancer of police brutality is eating away at American society. It must be cut out before it claims any more lives.

Internet Writer

(cartoon by Bill Day)

Making flashcards electronically is a much quicker process, and they’re much easier to transport (I can access them all on my phone). They’re also better for the environment. I use an app called Flashcards Deluxe (this app is paid, but there is also a free version available). The app lets you create your flashcards, add pictures and sounds, and even download flashcards from other flashcard sites like Quizlet (this is the site that I use to create the sites but then they’re all downloaded onto the app). It has a great feature which lets you download auditory files so your device will actually read out your questions and then read out your answers as well. There are also testing modes, so that you can be tested on multiple choice questions (using your answers for other cards) and you can be timed on your answers as well (a kind of quick fire round). Below is a screenshot from one of my cards about vision. 

If you don’t want to use flashcards on your phone, but you still want to make electronic cards, I highly recommend using Quizlet. It’s got a really simple interface, and several games that can test you on the cards.

Physical flashcards are made on pieces of paper or card. You can buy packets of ready-made flashcards, with the biggest available packs holding 1000 flashcards, but you can also make your own by cutting/ripping your paper/card to the size that you want it.  I usually buy my packs of cards from Paperchase (this pack specifically) and organise them in a clear plastic container (available here). I have used paper cards before and found it was useful to keep them all together on a small metal ring. When doing this, it’s also useful to use a hole reinforcers to support the holes (you can buy them here).

Write your questions on the card. As I wrote the questions, once a side of card was filled up, I went through the questions to make sure that I wasn’t getting ahead of myself and then made the next card. I also printed some pictures/diagrams onto the cards if I felt that they were relevant to the topics/questions I was testing myself on. Here’s a small guide to printing on flashcards. And there’s another guide here (by winterevezakire)

I also used page tabs to mark the cards. I think blue page tabs meant that I kind of understood that card, but not fully and red/pink meant that I was hopeless on that card and it really needed looking at. This really helped me focus my studying on what I was struggling with.

You can write answers on the backs of your flashcards as well. I tended to only do this if it was an answer that I knew I was really going to need help with or if I had already struggled to answer that question (as marked by the red tabs). 

The actual questions that I wrote were based on my lectures/readings. I tried to cover every topic. If I was struggling with a topic then it would be broken down into a lot of questions and then as I got more familiar with it, the questions would become more general. So for example, I have specific questions like “what is behind the cornea?” but when I get more used to this topic the questions will become more general things like “describe the anatomy of the eye” so that I’m not relying on my question wording or anything to retrieve the answer.

I would give a word of warning about flashcards though. While I advocate their use, they shouldn’t be used in isolation. I find that flashcards are a very static approach to revision, which allows you to remember things and get a foundation knowledge, but they don’t help you understand because they don’t ask you to apply the knowledge, or question it, or see links between topics. To do that, other forms of revision are needed as well. 

Here are some links to some of my favourite flashcard sets for inspiration:

The Best Friend

Pairing(s): Sam x Reader
Prompt/Summary: Reader and Sam are best friends and roommates during their senior year at Stanford. Reader has feelings for Sam, but he’s dating Jess… until the Reader and Sam stumble upon a discovery.
Reader Gender: Female
Word Count: 2,137
Warnings: light swearing, cheating, angst, no smut yet, slightly au maybe?
A/N: This is my first fic ever so I’m open for some constructive criticism. I read over this one million times, but there are bound to be grammatical errors, sorry. Also, I love Jess, her characterization is just for this fic’s purposes. Obviously there are going to be multiple parts, if that’s okay with y’all!

Keep reading

Molly Weasley could definitely tell Fred and George apart

Occasionally I’ll read a fic where Molly will honestly not be able to tell Fred/George apart or where literally no one can tell them apart, and it bugs me.

She’s their mother, of course she can. Harry can tell them apart by October of his first year. The only time they don’t have their own dialogue tags is when Harry first meets them at the platform. From then on, it’s “Fred dropped a stack of books on George’s head,” rather than “one of the twins dropped a stack of books on the other’s head.”

On multiple occasions, Harry’s able to tell the difference on voice alone.

The only reason that Molly occasionally gets them mixed up is because she has 7 close in age kids with the same hair color and she’s not giving them 100% of her attention.

I’m sure Fred and George have heard “FrGeorge” and “GeorFred” more than a few times from their mother. Ron’s probably gotten “PerRon” a few times too.

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If it's not too much trouble do you have any bellarke fic recs? Like the one you mentioned in the tags of that Bellamy and miller post? If not that's okay, have a nice day!

i have a bellarkefic tag here for prompts / one-shots i reblogged

on ao3: 

  • a lightning in your eyes - 2 part modern au series / bellarke as co-workers working in the classics article review department together 
  • First Blood - canon universe / a hunting trip went wrong and they ended up in a grounder’s village. bellamy has to participate in a fight and clarke discovers shes has a blood kink lmao
  • Where the Lightning Strikes - soulmate au / clarke is born without stars on her skin 
  • The Best Sight - BELLAMY AS A DAD. that alone is enough reasons to read this. lots of fluff
  • The Next Shore - canon divergence / bellarke leads their people to the seaside where they encounter the sea clan 
  •  If I Should Fall Behind - established!bellarke / clarke gets pregnant and it’s just 43k of angst and fluff and also there’s plot. PLS READ THIS 
  • When the Sun Meets the Moon - canon universe; future setting / bellarke participates in a grounders’ ritual 
  • no real winners - the hunger games crossover / clarke is a tribute and bellamy is her mentor (prob one of the best thg crossovers i’ve seen in this fandom and i’m excited about where this is gonna go; the writing is really nice too)
  • See Me In Hindsight - modern au / bellarke as partners for a sociology class
  •  Three Months - modern au; slow burn / clarke answers an ad by octavia about a spare room. bellamy is in the army (but he returns back) only to find this random girl living in his house. 
  • Empty Vessel, Crooked Teeth - sense8 crossover / bellarke shares a telepathic link (among with several other people)
  • The Island at the End of the World - modern au / clarke is a researcher for the lost city of atlantis and bellamy is an atlantian warrior??? 
  •  did I say it out loud (I wanna have your baby) - canon universe / (the title says it all). clarke comes to bellamy with a proposal. JUST BROS BEING BROS AND HAVING BABIES TOGETHER. 
  • all the ark’s a stage - canon divergence / bellarke pretends to fake date while planning on their attack on mount weather to throw abby off of their tracks (omg this reads like a crack fic but i love it and also i died when murphy came into this story)
  • The Ugly Duckling - canon universe / clarke likes giving bellamy haircuts (except she’s terrible at it but he doesn’t have the heart to tell her so instead he’s just hiding) 
  • Like Real People Do - modern au with a supernatural twist / clarke is a witch 
  • close encounters of the nerd kind - canon universe / bellarke got ridden by some sort of sickness that only kicks in if they’re x-amount space from each other. (so basically they gotta be together in close proximity at all times lmao)
  • Van Gogh and Vodka - modern au / bellarke are roommates
  • Facing Tempests of Dust - grounder!bell au / bellamy is also a shape-shifter 
  • Build Some Dreams - modern au / bellarke has a one night stand and clarke gets pregnant lmao classic (also get ready to get some serious feels about avocados)
  • I’m A Peasant In Your Princess Arms - howl’s moving castle au 
  • the truth was built to bend - modern au / fake-dating trope with a spin 
  • I Make my own Luck - modern au / poker nights at clarke’s (omg this is also so good; pls read this) 
  • Nothing Like Old Times - terminator crossover / 2 part series - okay this one really upsets me because of the bittersweet nature of the story and i didn’t think i would be crying over robot!clarke but i am.  
  • Pistols at Dawn - modern au / bellamy is a rising politician and clarke works as his PR person; there’s also some government conspiracy involved too 
  • This Haze Is Only Temporary - modern au / bellamy is a teacher and latin coach and he’s trying to save the team from being cut due to budget restrictions. clarke helps him. 
  • kiss her or keep her - modern au + superpower / bellamy has the power to bring the dead back to life (bellarke + pushing daises) 
  • We Own the Sky - modern au / son of anarchy crossover - bellamy is in a gang and clarke is the high school girlfriend who had gotten away (lots of angst and smut and slow burn) 
My Teaching Philosophies, In One Sentence Or Less

My Overall Teaching Philosophy: Structured Progressivism

Literacy: Teach the skills readers use, then give children a ton of time to read, read, read!

Math:  Children ask questions and investigate how numbers and concepts explain our world.

History: Thinking critically with a social consciousness beats rote memorization of names and dates.

Spelling: If it’s memorizing word lists instead of learning patterns, it’s a waste of time.

Multiplication: Despite everything I said about memorization, kids just have to learn those facts.

The Goals of Schooling: I want my students prepared for the future and for a life with many options, but there is also value in making children truly happy today.

Homework: Take time to read, then play and have family time; rest up for all the hard work we do at school.

Co-Workers: Finding your “people” will make you a stronger and much saner person.

Working With Parents: We are all on the same team with the same goal, even if some teammates are better than others.

The “School Choice” Movement: Instead of boosting up our truly public schools, we are distracting the public from the nation’s inequities and dismantling our entire public schooling system through the push for charter schools.

Classroom Management, Part 1: Conformity and obedience should not be the ultimate goals of classroom management.

Classroom Management, Part 2: Truly invest in routines, procedures, and community, and you won’t need punishments or rewards.

Working With “Under-Resourced” Students: Nobody is “saving” anybody; we’re all in this together.

Working With Difficult Students: I love you, even if I don’t always like you.

Being a Teacher: I cannot imagine another job as challenging, stimulating, invigorating, or enjoyable.

Demon! Luke AU Part Two

So a lot of people were requesting a part two and honestly I was gonna do one anyway oops! I’m thinking of making it multiple parts because there’s lots of stuff i want to happen… anyway, thank you for reading and i hope you enjoy! And i’m sorry for taking a long time but it took me a while to write! so after reading this i realized how much it sucks so im sorry in advance, i thought it would be much longer but i guess not :( oh and it’s also  like spn so haha oops just couldn’t help myself!

Masterlist   Part One

Word count- 1,914

I’m your worst nightmare.

Y/N shot up abruptly from her sleep and looked around the room, relieved when no one was there. She took her phone from her nightstand and looked at the time. It was 9:47 am. It was the morning after she was found in the woods, and her mom and dad had left to work. She wiped the sweat off her forehead, leaning her back against her bedpost. She unlocked her phone and saw lots of messages from her friends and some people she didn’t know asking her how she was and if she was doing okay. She was in the middle of texting them back when she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

Wes struggled to open the door, hands full of flowers, a teddy bear, and ice cream. “I come baring gifts and comfort!” He exclaimed, closing the door behind him with his foot. He handed her the flowers, and put the bear and ice cream on her bedside table. “And-” He paused, reaching into his pocket and taking out two plastic spoons. He placed them on top of the ice cream tub and sat on the bed across from her. “So, how are you doing? Are you okay, you look tense.”

Y/N put the flowers to her side, and looked at Wes in the eyes. He seemed genuinely worried. She didn’t want to, but her mind wandered to Luke. She couldn’t help but think of him.

It was all she could think about. He was clouding her thoughts, dreams, or should she say, nightmares. He was so haunting. He scared her, and she kept wondering if he is ever going to kill her. She remembered their kiss. In that moment, while she sat on her bed, trying to get her mind off of him, it was almost as if he was there, in her room. She touched her lips with her cold fingertips, the memory of his lips on her still there. She remembered the feeling of his lips ghosting over hers, just millimeters away, before they finally touched. She couldn’t help but admit, she liked it, and she did also think he was beautiful. But what was he? He had killed 4 people. Four innocent girls who went to her school!

“Y/N? You here?” Wes waved his hand in front of her face, pulling her away from her thoughts. She shook her head frantically, trying to escape from seeing him in her mind again. She didn’t want to see him again.

“Y-yeah… I’m fine, just zoning out.” She tried to muster something up quickly, so he wouldn’t see what was really going on. She wanted him to stay safe, she wanted Luke to stay away from him. Wes had been there through everything, when she lost her brother, and the whole nine miles, he had never left her side. And to see him hurt would crush her.

A knock on her front door broke her from her thoughts, and Wes stood up. “I’ll get it, don’t worry.” He walked downstairs and opened the door. You could hear words being spoken, but couldn’t quite understand what they were. A few moments later, Wes and 2 men walked into her room, dressed in suits. Wes let them in, and walked out of her bedroom, closing the door behind him.

Y/N was very confused as to why 2 strangers were just let into her room alone. “Good morning Y/N.” The shorter, older looking one said. The two held up their badges, claiming they were from the FBI. They stepped closer to her bed, one sitting on her bed, and the other pulling her desk chair out and sitting by her.

The taller one spoke after a moment of silence. “I’m Andy, and this is my brother Jack. We’re not really from the FBI, but don’t tell anybody that.” Y/N nodded. “We heard what happened to you, and we’ve been looking into the case, and we have something to tell you.”

“Who are you people?” She questioned. “And if you’re not from the FBI then what are you doing here?” She seemed pissed, she wasn’t expecting two men to just show up at her house like that.

“That’s what we’re about to tell you, now listen, and please don’t say anything until we’re done, okay?” Jack spoke, and Andy adjusted his position on her bed. They seemed nervous. Y/N nodded, eager to know what they had to tell her.

“Look,” Andy sighed. “We know what you’re dealing with. Like what happened to you last night. And this may be hard to explain, but what you are dealing with is not human. Y-you’re dealing with a… demon.”

“A what?” She practically screamed, suddenly getting furious. “Okay I don’t know if you gus think you’re being funny or something but you need to quit. I could’ve died out there, and that thing out there, was a god damned human, so cut the shit!” She was pissed. They thought they could just come in here and do that.

“Look, Y/N,” Jack interrupted her before she continued on her rant. “We’re not kidding. It’s what we do for a living. We hunt and kill the things that you would think only exist in your childhood nightmares. But in your case, it’s a demon.”

“Now, can you tell us a little about the thing you saw last night, what it looked like, anything special he did or said, you know?” Andy asked.

Y/N nodded her head, memories from the night popping up in her head. “Well, his name was Luke, well, that’s what he told me. And he had blonde hair and blue eyes, he looked like an angel to me. He was saying things like “he wanted me for something else” and that “I was special”. He scared me. I feel like I’m crazy for saying this, but it seemed like he could teleport from one place to another, or make himself invisible. And he could also read my mind, I don’t know. He also seemed extremely strong, and could keep me in a certain spot without trying. And when I first saw him, I turned my head and all of a sudden, I couldn’t remember what he had looked like. It was weird.”

Andy nodded, looking at her in the eye, with a look on his face as if he was sorry for her. “Now, Y/N, did he ever have these black eyes, that covered his whole eye?” Y/N shook her head.

“Okay well, we’re gonna leave you to rest. But look, these things, they may look like human, but they’re not. We think that maybe that’s a demon possessing a boy, and that Luke is a living boy. But at the moment, he’s not human. Things like him, they’re out to kill. If you see him, Luke,” Jack pulled out a card with a phone number on it and handed it to her. “Call us.” Y/N nodded, and the two walked out of the room, Wes coming in shortly after.

He looked confused. “What was that about?” She looked up from the card in her hand, putting it on her bedside table.

“Nothing, they just wanted to talk about what happened.” She tried to fake a smile He sat in the chair next to her bed.

“Y/N,” He pushed the hair in her face behind her ear, looking deeply into her eyes. “This is probably the absolute worst time to do this, but I can’t wait any longer. I like you, Y/N.”

“What? Wes no, you can’t-”

Wes interrupted her. “But I do, I have for a while. I really have.” He began leaning into her, their lips so close.

All of a sudden Y/N felt Wes being jerked away from her and she looked up, and saw Luke throw Wes on the ground. “She said no, you asshole!” He put him into a chokehold, and it was almost impossible for Wes to breathe.

“No!” Y/N screamed, trying to get up from her bed, but Luke threw her back into the bed, and she could barely move. It was almost as if she was locked into place. She couldn’t even reach her phone to call Andy and Jack.

Luke turned to face her, Wes still in his arms. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t just kill him now!” He shouted at her. “He tried to kiss you, only I get to do that.”

“Hey!” Wes spit.

“Shut up.” Luke tightened the grip more, and Wes squealed in pain.

Y/N’s worst dreams came true. She never wanted to see him again, and here he is, about to hurt one of the few things that matters the most to her.

She thought hard about what to say. “B-because… because I know what you are.” She exclaimed, trying her best to sound put together.

Luke scoffed, tilting his head back and letting out a laugh. “And what is that, sweetheart?” He shifted from leg to leg, still holding Wes tightly.

Y/N swallowed the lump in her throat. “A demon.” Her voice cracked at the end, and she cursed at herself on the inside for sounding weak.

“Oh, interesting, and how did you find that out? Andy and Jack? You see darling, people like them don’t scare me. At Least, not the way I scare you.” Within an instant, his eyes turned black, frightening Y/N more than she already was. “Now, I am dying, cue the irony, just dying, to see your little friend here die,” Tears were streaming down her face, and she was shaking like crazy. “But I’m not that bad of a person, are I?” He said sarcastically.

“Let him go you asshole!” She screamed at him.

Luke simply shook his head, smirking. “Tsk tsk tsk, that is not good language, sweetie.”

“Please, let him go! I’ll do anything, anything I promise!” She begged, trying to get him to let Wes go.

Luke raised an eyebrow. “Anything, you say?” Y/N nodded. “Here, I have a deal. I’ll let your little friend go, if you give me a little something of yours.”

“What? What do you want?”

“You. Your body. Your innocence. Your-” And he paused for effect. “Sex. You give me what I want and your friend will live a happy life, and if you try to get your way out of it, he dies. Got it?”

Y/N hesitated for a minute, before nodding.

“No!” Wes shouted. “I can’t let you do this! Listen, Y/N, it’s okay. Just please don’t do this, okay?”

“Well what a gentleman you have got here. But I’m so sorry, Wes, is it? But she’s mine, actually, I’m not sorry at all. Now go.” He let go of Wes, and before he could even think about running to get her, he was forced out of the bedroom, and he ran to go find Andy and Jack.

“Looks like we’re alone now, darling.” He over to her, hovering above her on the bed. She kept trying to pull at the imaginary restraint, but it wasn’t working.

Luke pushed some loose hair behind her ear, letting his fingers ghost over her lips. He leant into her ear, his warm breath warming her cold skin. His teeth latched onto her earlobe, and Y/N let out an unwanted moan of pleasure.

“Let’s have some fun, shall we?”

Want part 3? Request it here

Don’t be the silent reader.

Yesterday, I wrote a multiple paragraphs long comment to an author and made them incredily happy.
As an author myself, I know how happy every single comment makes me, and what a motivation they are; you’re so discouraged to continue writing when hours and hours of work earn you one comment or none. 
Authors love feedback. 
Fanfiction authors need feedback. 

No excuse about doing it for money, or anything of the like, fanfic authors supply you with reading content for free in their free time and the least they deserve from you is at least that one stupid click to give him kudos and that one minute you take to write a comment.
If they didn’t crave your feedback, they could just as well be writing just for their own eyes, not publishing anything. 
Pick one detail that you liked, or a few, say why you liked it, or at least thank the author for taking the time. Offer constructive criticism if you please, even that is feedback.
Do not be silent. 
Do not just come, read and go. 
Write that one comment, please. 

-From a fellow author that tries their best to always leave satisying comments on pieces of work their like. 

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Bellarke fic recs??

Are you ready for this?


All-time fave is obviously: the feel-good hit of the summer by disco-vendetta (Indie Rock!Clarke has been my aesthetic basically since the first time I read this. Multiple reads, natch.)

Favorite Pacific Rim AU: Icarus Lives by carolneves (In which everything is angst and bonding and perfection. Bc these two are 100% drift compatible and I will fight anyone.)

Genius Canon Verse Fics: 

  • We Meet Again by Brennaphone (In which season 2 continues into angst, more fucking angst, and overwhelming feels. The only ~serious~ canon fic I will ever truly love, probs. Perfect characterization/plot/smut/everything. Multiple reads, obvs.)
  • a kiss is a secret which takes the lips for the ear by hellamybellamy (Honest to God, one of my faves. Basically they accidentally kiss a lot. Multiple reads.)
  • Two’s a Party but Four’s a Blast by labonsoirfemme (In which Bellamy, Clarke, Murphy, and Raven all bang, and it is unexpectedly great. Pure smut.) 
  • Eight Minutes Against a Tree by crystalkei (In which they bang on the regs, but there’s some misunderstanding about why. 99.9% smut, .1% overwhelming feelings.)
  • Happy Birthday by BeaRyan (In which it’s Clarke’s birthday and she makes Raven and Octavia tell her about everyone’s dicks. Hilarious and perfect. Multiple reads.)

Perfect Modern AUs: 

  • The Princess and the Frog by sicsempertarantulas, aka scandalpants. (Bellamy has hiccups, and the author is one of my favorite people. All-around perfection. Multiple reads.)
  • We Are Undone by Each Other by tacosandflowers (In which they’re both working the same historical dig site and my academic heart is all aflutter. Also this won a BFFA, and it 100% deserves every award. Multiple reads.)
  • What Love’s All About by BoudicaMuse (In which everything is Dirty Dancing and nothing hurts because it ends better than the actual Dirty Dancing. Multiple reads.)
  • You Can Sing Me Anything by Chash (In which my hands-down favorite fic writer compiles prompt fills. Favorite author, favorite compilation of one shots, general perfection. Multiple reads.)
  • these lights burn brightest by onefootforward (In which everyone is a spy and the writing is like, slightly incoherent at times, but I’m all a-fucking-bout it. Multiple reads.)
  • Stack the Deck by winterwaters (In which Bellamy is Clarke’s fake boyfriend, because reasons, and Jake is like, “Go get em, tiger.” To Bellamy.)
  • you’re just a line in a song by adolescentwolf (In which the gang is a rock band and everything hurts until it doesn’t. Multiple reads.)
  • Are We In the Clear Yet (Good) by Chash (In which movie star Clarke needs some time away and also some Blakes in her life. Multiple reads.)
  • The Start of Us by winterwaters (In which they totally banged and what now? Also, excellent smut. Multiple reads.) 
  • How You Get the Girl by Chash (In which they’re college friends with benefits, and honestly it’s just smut with a lot of cute.)
  • i saw the devil in the mirror last night by adolescentwolf (In which there are zombies and angst and feeeeeliiinnngsss. Plus, a perfect representation of how Finn Collins would handle a zombie outbreak. Multiple reads.)

Excellent Magic AUs (trust me on this): 

  • he said, she said by adolescentwolf (Hogwarts AU where no one knows what tf is going on with Bellamy and Clarke.)

Hope this isn’t too much! This isn’t exhaustive, just some of my faves. I’ve marked which ones are smut central and which ones I’ve read over and over again. If authors are mentioned multiple times, it’s because they’re wonderful and I love their stuff. 

Here is a link to my (currently) 121 AO3 bookmarks.  Everything in there has been vetted by me, usually with some kind of notes at the bottom. 

Fun fact: if you have an account on the Pocket app, I will spam you with fic recs (and gleefully accept them in return). Just ask scandalpants and whereveryougnome

Book help

Hello unreasonably attractive fandom and others book nerds…I need your help.
I have just started writing my very first original fiction after reading the entirety of the wheel of time again and have some questions about how I’m writing it.

1) do you think the idea of having multiple points of view tell the story is a good one? Why or why not?

2) As I am a guy, what important things should I keep in mind when writing my female characters. (There are going to be a lot more of them than the male characters)

I would like my story to appeal to the fans of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson and would like others opinions on what appeals to you as fantasy readers

Thank you

Why it hits me hard when somebody says "you haven't found the right one yet"

I’ve heard “you haven’t found the right one yet” many times as an asexual and aromantic, and I think the reason this quote is usually the one that gets to me most is because I actually want you to be right, I want to know that no matter how long it takes, or where I find them, my future romantic partner is out there somewhere, but they’re not, only platonic partners, and that’s what gets to me.
Having been raised in a society, relationship driven media, a home filled with talk and me witnessing multiple relationships of all sorts, hearing about relationships, reading about relationships, it made me grow up (and perhaps other aromantic asexuals grow up) believing that one day they’d find that one special person who other people usually call “the one”, I thought one day I would see them for the first time and become their best friend, I’d develop feelings for them, indescribable feels, feelings that made me dizzy and sick, that made me happy and mad, excited and full of gush, but it breaks me up inside I suppose knowing that I won’t be able to feel those things I always thought I would, always dreamed about, and imagined happening, having friends at school plan out pretend weddings for theirs and your partners of the future, having relatives always ask “when are we going to meet your girlfriend/your boyfriend/your partner?”, I always thought I was just more matured than other kids, so because of them being so rude and immature didn’t find them attractive, that might of been the case still, but as to why we not my friends, but the truth? I find romance and sex disgusting, but I feel horrified with myself by the fact that regardless as to how much I want to find my partner, my boyfriend, my girlfriend, I can’t because I hate (for myself) relationships, and it’s just sad that I’m this hurt by not only society but myself.
This shouldn’t be allowed, I shouldn’t have to hate myself for something I can’t help. I don’t want to live everyday remembering the time when I came out to my mum as asexual and aromantic and she told me “no, you’re probably just bisexual and don’t realise it yet”, I wanted to cry because I wished so hard that that was the case, but it isn’t and I have no doubt it ever will be.
I’m sorry to rant, but I needed to clear my head a little, and although this didn’t help, I just want to let my feelings out.
I’m sorry if our bothered reading this shit and I wasted your time, I shouldn’t of done that, but I have no where else to talk about this, this seemed like the best place.

My MBTI Typing Questions

Okay so I’ve thought about this a bunch and I’ve pretty much picked apart a whole bunch of the MBTI questionsive found online to just these seven. Either reblog with your answers or send me a message with your answers and I will type you the best I can with the given information!
It might not be 100% accurate but I’ve tried it on my family (4 boys 2 girls) and it has lined up perfectly with their online test scores 5/6 times so I think it’s pretty accurate.

Here are the questions. Enjoy!!

(✿/ ˘ヮ˘)/ *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

1) For leisure, you prefer to:
a. go out/socialize with multiple people/party
b. stay home/socialize with one person/read

2) When thinking about a solution to a situation you:
a. piece together data to understand it
b. think about future possibilities and abstract connections

3) When thinking about what is around you, your method is to:
a. apply memories/past information
b. apply what is going on now with 5 senses

4) When dealing with emotions you tend to rely more on:
a. inner emotions/gut feelings
b. connecting with other people/engaging groups

5) When trying to organize or plan things you tend to:
a. create systems and order externally/verbally
b. have an internal system to analyze data

6) When thinking/trying to find a solution what order do you prefer use your above answers?

7) When working on a project with a deadline you tend to:
a. plann ahead of time and stick to plans
b. improvise work and time schedual

trenonny asked:

On an utterly random note, I just reread Flint & Tinder for the hundredth or so time and have to say: I SO love how you write magic Stiles. I've read all your AO3 fics multiple times (so much love), but was wondering whether you have any favorite magical Stiles stories you like to read yourself and would be willing to recommend. No worries if not. :) Have a lovely day!

Thank you! I honestly don’t really keep track of fics I read - I have to really really like something to bookmark it, so I only have one to offer: que tu m’aimais encore by magneticwave. I love love love love this fic, and would happily give a kidney for another 100k of this verse. 

anonymous asked:

How is having a variety of life experience a bad thing? I majored in int'l affairs, minored in poli sci and history. Worked on the Hill and at an art museum. Play 3 instruments. Worked at a PR firm with public health, commercial and non-profit clients. And now do in-house marketing. Yet somehow I still have time to read a hilariously witty blog. Oh boy, however do I manage. (ಠ_ಠ)

Honestly, only people who haven’t traveled more than 20 miles from their place of birth would be stumped by the idea that anyone would have multiple talents, interests and skills.

What about Michael Jordan who, although an epic basketball player, had considered becoming a professional baseball player?  Or Jennifer Lopez who can act, dance and sing?  Or Seth MacFarlane who is a brilliant satirist, producer, vocal impersonator, singer, activist, philanthropist and science nerd? Or Tom Hanks who is one of the finest actors around but also a brilliant producer?  Or Ralph Lauren who designs menswear, women’s wear, red carpet gowns, home furnishings and has restaurants and a line of coffee? The list goes on and on and on. 

But the point is, the list isn’t limited to just famous people.  They’re just the examples we all know. Multi-talented people are everywhere.  Just because YOU aren’t and YOU don’t know any, doesn’t mean they don’t exist and deserve your shallow comments.  Your dismissal of multiple talents says more about your lack of them than anything else.

Day 4 & 5

A Character That Needs More Love


I don’t know what people have against him. O.o

He may be dubious and devious, but he’s always there for his nakama and friends. He treats them like family and cries for them. He sacrifices himself for their lives multiple times. Also he was there for Yuu when he was the mostfragile and needed one. Guren was a father, brother, friend, instructor and nakama for him.

& A Scene That Got You Emotionally High

I don’t even know, because I’m always emotionally high watching/ reading owari no seraph. Kinda every scene makes me squeak, cry, scream, creak. But what gets me especially high is seeing my babies cry (esp. Yuu) or team Shinoa getting defeated.