I’m kinda tired of the whole “lol whites don’t have a culture” thing. Like it just bothers me a little bit because like okay I’m Irish right. Well here’s the thing: we have a culture. Irish dancing with its beautiful dresses and its years of practice. Soda bread making and it’s years of passed down recipes. Being taught Gaelic by my grandmother so that I can know the official language of Ireland. Like that’s a culture. It’s a thing. And yes I’m white so technically I can’t and shouldn’t be complaining but idk it just kinda bothered me is all.

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I eat all white carbs. White rice, white pasta, white bagels, white pita bread, that kind of thing. The only whole grains I eat is sugary cereals like captain crunch which don't even count and whole grain bread and even that is processed. I feel so unhealthy but I hate brown rice and whole wheat pasta. I can't eat it. And I love potato chips ugh. I eat lots of beans, but they're usually baked or refried. I know that adds sugar/fat. I'm just worried I eat too many junky foods to be a good vegan.

BABY!!! THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS “GOOD VEGANS” OR “BAD VEGANS”!!! All vegans are good vegans!! You’re vegan!! That’s great & amazing and you’re doing everything you can to protect those sweet precious animals and that’s SO WONDERFUL.

White carbs are ok!!! There’s nothing wrong with them!! I love white rice. I RARELY eat brown rice because I just don’t like the taste or the texture. There is NOTHING wrong with that!! And if you like white pasta, then eat white pasta!! I like whole wheat pasta but that’s just because I prefer the taste. I have no problem eating white if it’s available. Whole grain bread is PERFECT! Think of all the fibre and protein and carbs you’re getting from that!! Even if it’s processed it’s still fuel!!

AND POTATO CHIPS. DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED. I literally just spent the last weekend eating bags of potato chips while camping with my friends. I fricking love them. I love them so much I’d eat a whole bag in one sitting. Honest. I’ve done it before. To protect myself from eating too many potato chips I usually only try to buy them for special reasons, like a movie night with friends, or going camping or having a party - something like that. Cause if I kept them in my house I’d eat potato chips 24/7!!

Bakes and refried beans taste so good though. I mean if you wanna switch it up, go for it. But love, you are eating food and nourishing yourself & that’s what’s important. Don’t force yourself to eat things you don’t like because it will make you miserable. Of course, don’t be afraid to be open minded and try new things when the opportunity arises, but if you don’t like something… well you don’t like it and you don’t have to eat it!! Eat what you like. You’re already a good vegan by just being vegan. So don’t be so hard on yourself. If you’re happy with how you’re eating and you feel good about yourself then don’t change anything just because you feel that you don’t represent what people believe are “good vegans”

Veganism isn’t about health or eating healthy (which is SOOOOOOO arbitrary and there’s so much conflicting evidence about what is best for us anyway!). It’s about protecting those animals and causing as little harm as possible. So you’re already an A+ excellent vegan as you are :)


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also wtf beans on toast is like the whitest blandest thing i can think of

THERE WERE SO MANY BUTTHURT WHITE BRITISH PPL I WAS SO TEMPTED and honestly…..why does it even exist the bread gets all soggy and the beans prolly have -1 seasoning what is this white nonsense…..

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Heyyy, i was wondering if you think it'll be a good idea to start reducing my intake of carbs, like pasta and stuff. I eat about 240-300grams of carbs a day without really exercising a lot, but I only eat 1370kcals a day and I am still not losing weight:/

carbs are not bad!! unless you’re eating lots of processed carbs like white bread, white pasta, sweets, packaged cakes/muffins, ice cream, soft drinks etc, best thing you can do for yourself is just to eat a mainly whole foods diet so lots of fruits and vegetables! does a lot for your mood too, processed and refined carbs make your blood sugar levels rise and fall quickly and that fall will make you feel like crap. good luck!

I was beginning to appreciate that the central feature of life on the Appalachian Trail is deprivation, that the whole point of the experience is to remove yourself so thoroughly from the conveniences of everyday life that the most ordinary things—processed cheese, a can of pop gorgeously beaded with condensation—fill you with wonder and gratitude. It is an intoxicating experience to taste Coca-Cola as if for the first time and to be conveyed to the very brink of orgasm by white bread.
—  “A Walk in the Woods,” Bill Bryson
The Emperor’s Visit

Once upon a time, everyone was really excited. I was really excited too!

The emperor is coming to town, you see, and he’s bringing with him all the great things that make him so powerful and fair. He is bringing a dozen horses and all of his dancers and the funny court jester… And once he rides through town, on his white horse Billy told me is eighteen whole hands tall, there will be a big feast! Pepper jellies, fresh crusty breads, and spiced meats… the list of food I saw in town went on and on… How could anyone be anything but excited? I never thought one day could feel so long.

Everyone is working especially hard to get ready for his arrival.  Even us kids are being put to work! I’ve been tasked with carrying news from one person to another about certain progress. It’s a really big responsibility, you know. They didn’t trust Billy, or Mae, or even Salvador, to do it; they trusted me. I get to see all the projects as they work on them. The other kids mostly got stuck with street cleaning, so bully to them!

Acting as courier, I’m getting to see a lot. The big cake Mr. Valente is baking, Mrs.Sato’s elegantly painted banner welcoming him… People are laughing and chattering away while they work, and everything is looking really great!

Everyone is looking more and more worried though. Their eyes are strained while they get the may pole ready, I can see it. The bakers preparing the feast are practically pulling their hair out. Every now and then I hear people speaking in hushed tones, their glances furtive while they strangle their own hands… At first I thought it was that they were nervous about disappointing the emperor, but it’s not that. Everything looks so good! What’s going on?

I’ve always kind of wanted to be an investigator. Donning my special investigator hat and my best sneaking shoes, I begin the hunt for information.

It takes a few hours, but I finally manage to figure out what’s spooking everyone. Old Man Michaels and Miss Hayashi the Widower were talking about it in languid, gossipy tones. They didn’t seem particularly worried. Old people never do.

Anyways, turns out, the emperor has a new way of informing people if they don’t deserve their jobs. He doesn’t even have to do anything. People will just look at him, and they’ll just know, you know? I don’t really see why that’d be such a concern, I guess. I mean, then you can always just change jobs right? Nero’s dad does it all the time, in between trips to the bar!

It’s probably not that important. All these grown-ups are just too excited, they’re getting themselves in knots. Sometimes I wonder if they’re really the adults around us.

I can barely get to sleep. It’s only a few hours until we get to see the emperor in all his glory! Eventually though, morning does come. I leap out of bed, put on my best shoes and clothes. Mom seems really intent on washing my hair so I only put up a bit of a fuss, instead of the usual rigmarole. I want to see the emperor as soon as possible!

We get out, stand on the main street for a bit. In the distance, we can hear the horns. All too soon they’re on us!

Everything. Looks. Amazing. Stretching out on mom’s shoulders, I can see it all. The jester dances ahead of the cavalcade, followed by some weird animals I’ve never seen before! Some of them have lumps on their backs that wobble from side to side, another has huge long teeth and a big nose… they’re really funny.

Finally, after hours of waiting, we see the emperor’s carriage. I can kind of feel it before I can see it though. There’s a sudden silence in the crowd as he approaches. Probably reverence, you know, at seeing a descendent of such a powerful lineage.

The carriage draws closer. And so does the silence, which I can now see is a stony reflection of the emperor’s own nervous tenseness. I don’t know why! He looks great, younger than I’d have thought, and resplendent in flowing violet silk. His trim is gold and silver, goes from head to toe. His cape is puffy with fur, and probably awful hot in the morning sun. He has his crown on and it sparkles in the light with all the gems. So do his rings.

A few people… well they don’t look so much in awe as they look sick to their stomachs. Even mom’s face falls, her hand gripping mine awful tight. I wiggle free of her grasp, eyes fixed on the emperor. He might look young, but the lines around his eyes make him look old. Why is everyone so unhappy? This is a great day.

Stupid Billy has to go and break the silence in the crowd with another stupid joke of his.

“Why isn’t he wearing any clothes?”