i think the moment that sabotage started playing was the most pure and intense joy a movie has ever provided me

Dragon Age Romances in one sentence

Alistair: Here’s a rose, I love you, be my queen please!

Leliana: Let me sing you a song, then you can fight my ex.

Morrigan: Up for an Old God baby?

Zevran: Evil assassin is actually precious cinnamon roll.

Anders: *coughs nervously* …My bad?

Fenris: Teach the grumpy lyrium elf how to read and get dumped for several years.

Isabela: Totally no feelings at all *has all the feelings*

Merrill: Demon befriending blood mage is hella cute.

Sebastian: I love you, but I love Andraste more.

Blackwall: Big bearded puppy turns into big bearded puppy with tortured past.

Cassandra: Fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed.

Cullen: Oh look a dog, marry me please.

Dorian: Snark and sarcasm to hide lots and lots of fluff.

Iron Bull: Lots of sex, followed by the funniest scene in the whole game, which in turn is followed by cutest scene in entire game.

Josephine: Precious cinnamon roll.

Sera: Bees, cookies, pranks and adorable nicknames, also epic wedding.

Solas: Watch your heart being ripped into tiny shreds and cast into oblivion.


ZNTWeek → Day 3: Plutonium (symbol Pu and atomic number 94, half-life: > 20000 years)

A scene that made a lasting impression on you


“They’re working together, they’re fighting together but it’s just all that frustrated, built-up tension and sexual attraction that they don’t know how to be adult about” - LP (x)

33/365 Days of Outlaw Queen 

So okay the hallucinatory gunlicking tip of the tongue roomshaker moment in tab represents Sherlock’s coming in his pants on the plane while maybe everyone watches struggle with worrying that sex would mean the end of him and who he is, and maybe also represents him getting over his fear a little bit. I just want to make sure I understand the slippery Freudian implications in this scene.

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They don’t *quite* touch tips barrels. No no that would be too much.

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Moriarty licks his own gun and Sherlock watches as the whole room shakes and the tiniest schvitz of crotch level bodily fluid blood spurts out.

Look, this is some kind of amazing autoeroticism like Moriarty = the repressed parts of Sherlock’s psyche so Sherlock’s yeah, doing it to himself while he watches his id, uh, do it to himself. So he can watch his id (magically, surprise!) recover and still be able to go on even though he’s just blown himself his own brains out.

I love that Moriarty talks about trying to cover the hole with backcombing like, this is Sherlock’s vanity about his hair but also his fear that everyone will be able to tell if he gets down like he wants to. Yeah he might survive but he’d never live it down.

Also basically, Sherlock can or at least once had the ability to suck his own dick.


Okay, but can we mention how visually stunning this episode was?
The colors, shading, lighting, attention to every little detail? All of it.
First off, we can clearly see Dipper’s birthmark on his forehead when his hair is turned up. We didn’t see that once in NMM when he actually wore his hair like that. Every other little detail in this is amazing and spot-on. I love how many little things are thrown into this show in the first place.
The colors of the portal, the movement, and everything floating with anti-gravity (or fallen gravity *RIMSHOT*) were incredibly beautiful. It added a dramatic and fulfilling effect to the whole entire scene. It made it feel entirely real and intense. Debris was flying into the portal as the characters fought to determine the actual rest of the show (at least for a while), and everything happened so fast and wildly.
The Author emerging from the portal and everything stopping as the portal opened was gorgeous. The audience gets sucked into the show with this feeling of shock that is hard to describe.
May I mention that every screenshot I’ve collected and everything I’ve talked about took place in about 5 minutes of just one episode.

Let’s just appreciate the fact that this show is not just beautiful plot-wise, but that the animators will even dare to draw a single frame of this visual masterpiece.


We’re toxic together, you and me.


Don’t worry, I won’t run away with your money.


When i played in the “Lego. Star Wars: The Force awakens” there is a level of the original trilogy on the Endor. In that level you must play for Darth Vader and Luke vs Palpatine. When i played in the free play mode i’ve chosen Rey. And game chose for me other playable characters. Among them was Kylo Ren. I thought “Wow, cool. This is what I wanted”, and pressed start button. Everything was absolutely fine until the moment when there was the cutscene. In that cutscene usually Darth Vader protects Luke from Palpatine. But now there was different: Rey protected Kylo. It could be a common scene, if were not involved specific characters in this scene. But now the whole thing takes an entirely different meaning. And, oh my, i definitely LOVE it! I definitely see this story as a fanfiction xD
And yes, here they are a little poker faces, but even so, I definitely love this moment!