i feel like noel is definitely not A.D. and is just tangled up in the whole drama that is -A. like maybe he knew of charlotte/ mary/ mary’s other child via his family/ particularly his dad and maybe his brother? it seems as though there’s a definite connection between his father and at least jessica and mary. then noel has links to charlotte and alison. maybe charlotte had something on noel and blackmailed him or he just hated the liars and decided to help her and whilst linked to her he discovered A.D?

this whole “sm ent is taking the company to hawaii” thing is something straight out of a manga that’s about to change one girl’s life. let’s say there’s a young hardworking girl who cleans the rooms and somehow bumps into, idk, Taeyong and then BOOM love story, fast forward 3 month and she goes to korea to study abroad with all the money she made and ends up needing another job and WOAHH LOOK AT THAT she works idk night shift somewhere bc that’s when idols go walking about everywhere and then JSBEEBD she meets Taeyong again and they fall in love…… ok im done

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Tbh tho the phandom as a whole is shitty. There's reasons why a lot of people don't like us on the Internet, like when we spam "Don't cry, craft" and "protip" everywhere or ruined Felix's tumblr video to name some reasons out of many. If you're part of the phandom & not shitty as an individual person, rather than crying #notallofthephandom, recognize some of the problematic things people are doing and help put a stop to it.

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It’s been a long time and I’m sure most of you forgotten who I am and that’s cool (my name is syaz and I’m now turning 21 and I started this blog at 17/18 and holy shit time goes by so fast)

As some of you may know, I slowly dropped out of the fandom agessss ago (about the time when the whole Tom leaving the band drama) and I guess those kind of things happened (17 year old me will have been appalled at my actions haha)

Anyway, I have started selling away my merchandise. Beginning with my CD collection. I have a bag full of shirts and patches and stickers and bracelets just laying around so if any of you have any interest in that let me know! (Trying to get extra money cause uni life is hard sob sob)

Okay now that I’m done with the boring stuff, how are all of you??? I kinda miss talking to people here. I haven’t listen to the new album (I’m still kinda traumatised from the whole Tom leaving the band thing)

I think I listen to their single briefly but at the same time I wasn’t paying much attention in fear I wouldn’t like it and I will hate to hate a blink song

Also I listened to +44 a few weeks ago by accident and all the feels came back so I guess my love for them will never go away

Still a very special band to me even though I rarely listen to them

Anywayyy, tell me how you guys are!! What are your thoughts on the new album cause like I said, I haven’t listen to it yet

Hope you guys are doing well :)

Did we all just forget in the past couple of month that people actually said that they had to pull amber off of johnny while she was attacking him? 
Also that she was thrown off the Pirates of the caribbean set for causing drama?
Did we all forget how people witnessed her making a scene because he was talking to female fans?
I know you see Johnny as an abuser but are we going to ignore all of these things that have being said about amber before this whole drama even started?

I’m so tired of this whole shitty drama. Fans can talk about his girl or friend (i dont know what they are) all they want, but justin has the right to tell you he don’t like it, it doesn’t mean he don’t care about his fans or all the shitty reason you talk about since like 3 days. It’s so fucking immature to harass every girl he’s been friend with or had a thing with. I mean what is the point? Justin should be alone all his life because he has fans and have to love them “more” than everyone? Sorry to tell but it’s not realistic and it’s a weird way to think. Bye.

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It is my confident headcannon that dex and nursey have lifetime movie marathons like the Drama Hoes they are

  • listen this whole lifetime movie marathon thing started back when dex was a sick 14 year old
  • in a big family where your older siblings need to work, dex and anyone else who was sick stayed away from everyone in case anyone else got sick
  • i have a headcanon that dex has an equally gay best friend back home - she’s his homegirl, she knows everything about him and he knows everything about her
  • so when dex doesn’t turn up for school, she sneaks into his bedroom by climbing the tree because his parents won’t let her in otherwise (for some reason everyone thinks they’re dating)
  • she has a back pack full of ice cream and her laptop so they can watch all these shitty lifetime movies illegally 
  • it becomes a regular thing and once dex goes to samwell, he misses it a lot and so they do that weird coupley thing where you watch movies over skype/face time together and everyone still thinks they’re dating
  • one day nursey walks in and he apologises and tries to walk out when dex’s best friend calls him over, calls him pretty and invites him to watch the movies with them
  • nursey agrees and spends the entire time complaining about the plot and the quality 
  • “why do you guys watch these? they’re terrible” 
  • “that’s the point, they’re supposed to be terrible, that and the fact that they are very good post break up material”
  • soon, nursey and dex just start watching them without her (she acts like outraged, but really she’s glad dex is getting some)
  • ofc dex tells nursey that his friend thinks that they’re dating or at least crushing on each other and isn’t that wei-
  • and then nursey cuts him off with a kiss
  • they still have their marathons except now they bitch about how dramatic the actors are together because that’s what couples do

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So the video of BBW where Lauren is eye sexing Lucy is interesting huh? I haven't seen Lauren smile that sexy in a while...

I want to thank you for taking the time in writing this to me and sharing that lovely speculation. Like really, honestly thanks.

Also thanks for distracting everyone by proving It’s a beautiful friendship that everyone should acknowledge.I would kill to be like them, they’re best friend goals.  With that being said you have the every right to believe whatever you want.  But  just like you I can believe in whatever I want.

Side Note:

A little bird, that knows me personally, who WAS there, coincidentally saw that she was all over Camila in one of the performances.

So I’m over this whole LS vs. CS drama.

So anyway, this is the last thing I’m going to say about last night’s drama (maybe), but I and some other people have been in contact with the person who those seflies belong to and they posted this, confirming they have nothing to do with eiji-ghoul or utaghoul-kun. I guess there’s not ‘two-sides’ to every story, after all. Identity theft isn’t cool, kids.

What’s weird is like…okay, Sasusaku got a whole manga to develop its romance (though drama, mostly), but then people throw a hissy fit like “OH NARUTO AND HINATA NEEDED A MOVIE TO PROVE THEIR LOVE IT’S SO DUMB”


have you never watched a romance movie? Read a romantic novel?

It’s totally normal in media for a pair to get together over the span of a movie, and Naruto and Hinata already had a history together. They didn’t even need the time skip to say they got to know each other, because they’d known each other like sixteen years already. The movie was essentially just “The time when their relationship went from friendship to romance”.

And it was a good romance, too.

There’s really nothing wrong with that.

If anything, I’d just like something for Sasusaku, because the story of Sasuke Uchiha realizing he’s romantically in love and trying to figure out how to express that sounds like a good one.

Everything under the cut is super ranty. It hotter than hell here and (now this is TMI I realize) my hormones are now my HORRORmones and my PMS rage levels are off the fucking charts.

I am not apologizing, I’m protecting lol

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i hope chanyeol acts well in this upcoming drama otherwise people are going to drag his ass to hell and back, and this boy doesn´t need more hate. i hope this is not another exo next door type of lame plot, seriously. like yeah END was fun and all but at the end of the day it was bad. i feel like this has to be serious so his acting his taken seriously as well. what do you think?

i agree and i have much higher expectations for this drama than i did for exo next door. end was just a web drama and the whole thing was paid for by LINE aka it was basically just a big advertisement for them. that being said, chanyeol’s acting was really good considering the shitty plot so i have high hopes that he’ll impress even more with this new drama

Fixing a broken heart || Tyler & Grant

Tyler picked up his jacket and ran as quickly as he could towards his car. He couldn’t wait but to see Grant. The whole drama happened made him miss him more and he needed to see him. Every fibre of him yearn for Grant and he knew that if he didn’t get there soon, his heart will explode. He knew his mistakes, and he was ready to make up for them just to make his boy happy again.

It took him a few minutes to reach where Grant was staying but as soon as he reached it, he ran upstairs towards his room and he took a deep breath as he went it. There he saw his beautiful happy boy crying on the sheets. He did not hesitate any longer and walked towards him, enveloping him for a hug. “Babe.” He whispered. “I’m sorry.”


sorry i dont reply to messages that often it is a lot of effort for me to Engage and write a response im happy with and as an OCD devil its hard for me to respond with something im not happy with. and im depressed af recently so i dont have the ENERGY a lot of the time.

if i dont reply to something 1) check my faq if you havent, its got a FUCK TON of info in it that might be useful 2) if its really important send me it again and i will make it a priority to reply when i have the energy 

dont feel bad if i dont reply, it isnt indicative of any annoyance on my part, i read all the messages i get and appreciate ppl taking time to send them but i hope everyone understands that replies are limited and far between cause im .. tired