Make You Feel My Love

Based on this song

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Summary: Sam makes sure you know how much he loves you.

Word Count: ~3,800

Warnings: sickness, just a whole lot of fluff, family problems/drama, implied smut, more fluff!

A/N: I adore this song and just really wanted to write some Sam fluff. (Side note that probably no one cares to hear: at my wedding, I’m walking down the aisle to this song :’) )

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The brothers had spent a few days away on a hunt. You usually spent the time to yourself cleaning or relaxing. This time, you laid in bed almost all four days, curled up under a blanket with a box of tissues next to you where Sam usually laid. You coughed and groaned as you sat up and reached for your glass of water. You could hear Sam’s voice echoing in your head. “Make sure you stay hydrated. It’s the only way you’ll kick this thing.” You smiled at the thought of him always wanting the best for you.

After you gulped down some water and popped a cough drop into your mouth, you pulled your blankets up closer to your chin and snuggled down into them. Once the cough drop disintegrated into nothing and managed to soothe the roughness in the back of your throat, you let yourself fall asleep.

A little while later, you woke up to heavy footsteps coming down the hall toward you. You rolled over to face the door, but kept your eyes closed. The door creaked open slowly and Sam’s footsteps got quieter. You knew he kicked off his boots as he walked into your shared room. You shivered as the blankets shifted and cold air from outside the blanket swept across the front of your legs. The bed dipped and you felt yourself being pulled closer to Sam.

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Avengers Preference: Assuring a Teammate Who Feels Boring/Plain/Uninteresting


Bruce would listen quietly to you as you explain your concerns and insecurities, then say something earnest and surprising that encompasses everything you need to hear in that moment. There’s nothing fluffy or directly comforting about his words; it’s just honest and heartfelt, with no frills.


Speaking as someone who has become VERY complicated, Bucky doesn’t see you as plain or boring. Hearing you voice your insecurities, he just shakes his head and replies that that’s impossible. He gets that little smirk, like he did before the whole Winter Soldier drama, and assures you ( in his own Bucky way) that you are an awesome person.


Clint steps into the role of “best friend” perfectly. He tells you all the reasons he likes hanging out with you and that you have a lot of great qualities that make you an interesting and fun person. He recalls some of the adventures the two of you have had, laughs at funny things you’ve said/done, and reminds you of how great you are to be around.


Natasha simply sits you down and tells you that that is complete bullshit. No coddling, no pandering, no patronizing. She just says it as it is. And you know Nat would never throw a compliment out there that she didn’t 100% believe to be true.


Pietro isn’t one for comforting, but he is a good friend/big brother figure. He laughs and teases you about something unrelated, then says something honest but joking about what an amazing person you are. He would do everything in his power to make you genuinely smile.


Sam listens to your concerns without any judgement. Then he puts on his counselor voice and helps you to realize that you are, in fact, an amazing, interesting, vibrant person who has a lot to offer all your friends and teammates. Before you know it, he has you smiling and feeling confident in yourself all over again. He’s always there to listen and help.


You have always been a good friend to Steve. You would never think any less of him when he was a skinny, scrappy kid from Brooklyn. He used to feel insecure about being interesting and handsome and strong enough, so he understands. But he tells you very honestly that you could never being plain. Be yourself, he says. Because yourself is great.


Thor isn’t the best at comforting others, but he is confused about how you could possibly imagine yourself as anything but great. You are an important part of the team; they need you. And every single Avenger has their own things that make them interesting and individuals. His confusion over your insecurity is sweet; he really likes you and appreciates everything you bring to the team.


Tony’s reply would be full of statements like, “Well, those other people suck” “Don’t compare yourself to their lame asses” and “You’re an Avenger. You could take them.” He knows what it feels like to be insecure, and to feel like you aren’t good enough. He has spent his whole life surrounding himself in sarcasm and expensive things to avoid his insecurities. But he does truly believe that you are great; not boring in any way. He wouldn’t hang out with you if you were!


Vision is shocked that you feel that way. To him, you are incredibly interesting and a pleasure to talk to and be around. You’re an Avenger! And a damn good one. Although that isn’t the only thing that makes you interesting, it’s certainly an intriguing quality to add to the list. Vision would very earnestly assure you that you are always going to be person enough to be interesting.


Wanda had no idea you felt that way before the two of you had a heart to heart about it. You have been such an amazing friend to her since joining the Avengers, she couldn’t imagine a single boring or bad thing about you. You are one of her closest friends and she thinks the world of you. And she isn’t afraid to tell you so, with a comforting hug.

  • Alias: jem.
  • How did you learn about DiVerona?: admins bree and rosey take great pleasure in bringing me great Pain and, naturally, sprang this stunning masterpiece of Pain on me.
  • Favorite Shakespearean character: i’m ride👏  or👏  die👏  lady macbeth!!!! my queen my role model my mom!!
  • Favorite line from a Shakespearean play: “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.” —Measure for Measure
  • Montague or Capulet?: #TeamCapulet!!!! (for now… . .. …)
  • Favorite type of roleplay events: generally, anything w/ a dash of Pain and a pinch of Drama and a whole lot of !!!!!!!!
  • What (or who) you’re most excited about: Y I K E S!!!! i plead the fifth idk how to answer this i am so excited about literally everything and everyone?? like all i do anymore is scream about every chara in this group I’M SURE Y’ALL CAN RELATE
Rin: It’s fortune slips!
Haru: Hmph! So whoever gets the better fortune wins!

…may some things never change.


BOOKS MEME | (3/8) eight protagonists.
Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Why do you wear gloves, Mister Brekker?
Kaz raised a brow. “I’m sure you’ve heard the stories.
Each more grotesque than the last.
Kaz had heard them, too. Brekker’s hands were stained with blood. Brekker’s hands were covered in scars. Brekker had claws and not fingers because he was part demon. Brekker’s touch burned like brimstone - a single brush of his bare skin caused your flesh to wither and die.
Pick one,” Kaz said as he vanished into the night, thoughts already turning to thirty million kruge and the crew he’d need to help him get it. “They’re all true enough.


Oh Yeon Joo: “Kang Chul’s story in the cartoon had a happy ending, but the ending of Kang Chul and Oh Yeon Joo’s story is unclear yet. However…”
Kang Chul: “… the two will no longer be at the risk of death. Though it may be boring and ordinary, I hope their story will continue for 50 years, just like other ordinary couples.”

i just realised that arkh project happened around what might be referred to as classic tumblr and the whole…drama goes back far beyond that which i wasn’t personally around for so for the people who have seen others mocking that game dev blog and don’t quite understand why here is a bit of a primer

back when kickstarter was just taking off as a thing in 2012, an indiegogo was created for something called the arkh project. the concept was simple: a JRPG style game featuring queer people and people of colour as the central characters. this was back when The Discourse wasn’t so nuanced on this website so a lot of people saw this and was like “alright i would like to see an RPG with queer people and people of colour”, and as you can see it broke its goal and a little bit more (which, if you’ve seen the goals for actual video games, is a little modest as budgets go; we’ll get to that)

they deleted their tumblr blog a while back so the post is mostly lost (i imagine reblogs are still around, including on my own blog but fuck going that far back to find it) but it was actual indy video game dev arden ripley who i believe first brought up that pretty much everything about the arkh project stank to high heaven of scamming: there was no explanation of what the game was going to be like, no real proof of concept or demo to show anything about it aside from about 4 pieces of concept art showing some characters just standing there, no-one involved in the project had any experience creating a video game and were wanting to create an AAA level experience on this small amount of money; the list goes on. the entire thing was running on “A VIDEO GAME WITH QUEER AND POC PEOPLE IN IT!!! SUPPORT US!!!!!!!”

the kicker was that the whole thing was set up by riley, a person who had become sort of notorious even in the SJ community for being very much a racist and ableist themself despite presenting themself as a sort of model progressive citizen (i should clarify that they are black and that this isn’t a “racist against white people” thing, like they were incredibly racist towards asian and jewish people amongst others).

i think there’s probably a good reason to believe that they’re an inspiration for the “social justice warrior” stereotype, outdated as it is, because riley’s response to the criticism was to claim that this was purely the act of Cis Straight White People trying to take everything away from them (arden is trans nd gay and so were a lot of the people reblogging the post and agreeing with them, so, uh, no real go)

the furore died down as things do and it pretty quickly came apparent that the whole thing was a scam when they set up another crowdfunding effort for the same game (i think they did it three times in total, including the inital indiegogo). the only things that ever came out of the entire thing were some Very Diverse Character Designs, sketches for some random weapons, and a video of the main character’s run cycle that was ONE WHOLE SECOND LONG!!!!!!!! this was back before tumblr videos looped too so you couldn’t even see it properly

eventually the tumblr just sort of winded down and became dedicated to boosting other kickstarters, and the project disappeared into the aether

but now riley is back! with a game that is VERY OBVIOUSLY banking on riding the coattails of undertale, and they’re asking for double the amount of money that toby fox got to make undertale; not double the goal for undertale, double the amount ($50,000) that he actually got

as it is with making these posts i probably missed something/goofed up somewhere - it was 4 years ago and i had to use encyclopedia dramatica to refresh my memory on a couple of things, much as i am loathe to - so please feel free to correct me on anything

but the moral of the story is that reSyNCh is a scam and you shouldn’t donate to it cause the creator has a history of scamming people and being an overall shitty person. and there we have it