If you were to tell me five years ago that Zach Galifianakis would make a good Joker, I would’ve thought you were stoned out of your mind. Nothing against him, but that would’ve been such a random choice for the Joker.

And yet…

He does the Joker justice. At least, for the universe he’s in.

Surrounded by smiles but none can lift his lips. 

Favorite Joker Leto Pictures (12/?)


My advice for girls who are waiting for their Prince Charming is to be open for anything. Be open to new experiences, be open to the idea that it may take longer than you want, but if you’re open to meeting new people and new adventures, then love will come along.

After years, old bonds rekindled and our family became whole again, aside from John who was still upset that Maurice had tried to kill him.

by far the best aesthetic daniel radcliffe has ever had was when he was a smol gay poetry nerd with the mop of fluffy ringlet curls and neat turtle shell specs, dressed in those little impeccable sweater vests and plaid scarves and overcoats, smoking cigarettes and making out with trust fund boys on lawns like 10/10 that should be his every day thing 


power rangers movie? more like


グラスホッパー (2015)


Tolkien characters + Hogwarts houses | Part 2 [Part 1]