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*Opens up my Asia dictionary*
Yo, Happy Reincarnation to the dankest Daddy-o that I know. Yo, I was gonna draw that sweet milf all over your old man but that witch be crazy hard to draw. Yo, yo, yo.

After years, old bonds rekindled and our family became whole again, aside from John who was still upset that Maurice had tried to kill him.

by far the best aesthetic daniel radcliffe has ever had was when he was a smol gay poetry nerd with the mop of fluffy ringlet curls and neat turtle shell specs, dressed in those little impeccable sweater vests and plaid scarves and overcoats, smoking cigarettes and making out with trust fund boys on lawns like 10/10 that should be his every day thing 


グラスホッパー (2015)


Vanessa Hudgens in Machete Kills

Signs when running a race
  • Taurus: stops every five minutes to look for the rest station or water stops
  • Gemini: one minute they're all hyped up like HELL YEAH I CAN TOTALLY WIN THIS and the next minute they're just like m e h
  • Cancer: start running really fast but then they slow down because they're tiredd and just want a cuddle maybe, maybe running a marathon wasn't such a good idea, a movie marathon sounds better, doesnt it--
  • Leo: Run like a boss with their crew behind them like what up, and they take really big steps when they run hella
  • Virgo: they keep a very consistent pace when they run, they have a watch, towel, everything they need all prepared and yes, they are mentally prepared to win this, everybody watch out
  • Libra: they gather their homies and runs as a pack/flock lmao the more the merrier right? it doesnt matter if they win or not as long as everyone is happy and not dead
  • Scorpio: they are either screw this shit im walking or im hell bent on winning this dont you dare screw this up for me i will rip your guts out. there is no in between.
  • Sagittarius: they have short bursts of lightning speed, but they never get tired, or when they do they just chat with the person beside them, it could be a stranger even , because who cares? sagis dont.
  • Capricorn: they give it their all and do their best to win it, because they have the right mentality. this is the sign that has their shit together.
  • Aquarius: lmao you cant tell me what to do i can totally walk all the way if i want dont try me. But I'm gonna put in a little effort to show that I can beat all of you midgets hands down dont screw with me.
  • Pisces: the darlings who tend to be the ones holding back and helping those weaker racers who cant keep up, giving them words of encouragement