Hey guys, this is just a small PSA: posting is probably gonna slow down for the next week or so. I haven’t seen AOU yet and don’t really wanna get spoiled, so I’m going to stay out of the tags & pause my normal search for content until I’ve seen the movie. So that means updates here will just be the stuff I happen to see on my dash or fic recs from my to-read list on AO3 (I have miles and miles of unread fic, I’m such a slow reader. OTL).

Keeping that in mind, while I always love submissions/recs, would y’all please refrain from sending me spoilery stuff until at least… hmm, May 7th? I should have time to see the movie by then. Thanks! :)

On the upside, AOU coming out means that there should be lots and lots more fanwork! So when I get back we should *hopefully* start chugging along like a well-oiled polyshipping machine again. ^_^

Edit: for the month of May, anything AOU-spoilery-related on this blog will get an “AOU spoilers” tag. ;)