• Me months ago:everything in gravity falls means something. It's a carefully orchestrated work of art.
  • Me now:look it's a bunch of bullshit jokes.

                                  HELLO, EVERYONE!

Firstly, thanks for taking some time to read this. My request is very simple and goes to all the French speakers in the KRP community. As you might know, I LOVE roleplaying and spend some considerable time here on Tumblr and on AIM. However, we, unfortunately, only communicate in the English language. I took some French classes some years ago and I really wanna keep in touch with this wonderful language, especially because the university I study at is offering a course in Paris for a few students, but in order for me to join this course, I need to take an exam first. A French exam.

For this reason, I’d like to make my hobby, roleplaying, a fun way for me too study French! So if you’re a roleplayer that speaks French and want to help me improve my (very basic) French skills, please contact me! My AIM is @i.ngenious or you can just send something through Tumblr. In exchange, I can make you a theme or something, but I’m mainly looking for friends!

If you don’t speak French, please help by REBLOGGING THIS POST or telling about it to the French speakers you know. Thanks in advance!

Well that was fun. The trail was way too soupy and/or I’ve not yet got enough handling/fatbike setup skills.

As a bonus here’s part of the forest preserve they’re clearing for the new trail I mentioned the other day.

For anyone who knows much about fatbikes - this is about as entry-level as it gets. But, it’s what was in my budget.

anonymous asked:

Everyone has that friend who just makes them crazy and hyper, and that's what David is to Gillian. She gets crazy and handsy bc that's just their friendship. That's not anything unique. I don't think they're dating, and their behavior does not prove anything. Even when they kissed at the cutting room, it was SO not romantic. It was a little, slightly awkward bird peck. I think the fandom really has to calm down about this. It's disgustingly invasive. They are real people!!

Yeah, I freaked the hell out about the Cutting Room for a while but I don’t think it means anything at all. I have friends I kiss like that and they are definitely physical together as a rule.

Dont get me wrong - I love the idea of two highly attractive people in whom I have an emotional investment ending up happily ever after, even if it’s just fantasy. Speculating is fun. BUT some people take it way too far and dragging this shit over to their social media is so gross and awful and embarrassing.

Fic Prompts Meme

These are way too fun to make so, send a ship and a number

1. Last Kiss
2. First Dance
3. Walking Together
4. Waking Together
5. Falling Asleep in the Other’s Bed
6. Falling Asleep in Each Other’s Arms
7. Playing a Game
8. Foreheads Touching
9. Holding Hands
10. Near-Death Love Confession
11. Too Late
12. Maybe One Day
13. After All These Years
14. Last Chance
15. Wedding Day
16. Waiting
17. Eyes Closed
18. Forehead Kiss
19. Past Love
20. No Regrets