steelrosesandburntwings  asked:

So I'm on page 903 of your blog, at 2:30 in the morning. And I just have to say, going backwards in time is so funny. 'Cause I just got to a Star Wars Force Awakens post way before it came out and you're like "Aw I'm sorta kinda developing a crush on Oscar Isaac" but more recently (maybe page 500?) you're like "fuck me sideways this man is the death of me". So you know. Fun development. But also, I kind of should have started at your oldest page and gone forward? TOO LATE I GUESS.

Oh god it’s like you’re reading my character development but in reverse.

I dread to think what else is that far back I really do. Take pity on an old soul. I only started this blog to look at cute people and cat gifs.


zayn trying to get (and keep) niall’s attention x