sittiphone replied to your photoset “((hey wait wasn’t this blog supposed to be about science))”

The fu** asriel is older than sans… soriel

Uhh I was trying to imply Asriel changed into something like his battle form after absorbing Chara’s soul - but he was definitely still a child when he died. Guess I should’ve made that clearer whoops.

But also I’d appreciate if people didn’t use things from my blog to bash on ships :U As long as it’s not illegal I don’t really care what people do or don’t ship, regardless of how canon it is. This blog isn’t a place for starting Shipping DIscourse.

1,000+ followers??!!?!

:D thank you for hanging out in my neat little drag corner, this is fun!!! I feel like I’m supposed to do something to celebrate hitting 1K but IDK what that is so 

OH I KNOW okay I’m gonna open up gif(set) requests!!! I love making shit and I’ll do my best to match whatever you’re asking for as long as it isn’t outlandish.

  • drop it down low lemme feel it in your pussy hole your request in the ask box
  • requesting a gifset/photoset is not a guarantee I’ll make the gifset/photoset – just putting that out there because that’s a can of worms. SO ACTUALLY let’s call these gifset “prompts” instead
  • if you have a specific video source, please send it! but obviously simple YouTube-searchable stuff like UNHhhh, Courtney Chronicles, etc. are easy to find if you can’t send the link, just let me know what I’m looking for (especially since I know grabbing links can be more difficult if you’re sending on mobile). feel free to prompt things from the actual episodes, too :)
  • this is not just limited to the Ru Girls 
  • if you’re requesting something that’s already heavily giffed (I’m talking about UNHhhh) I might link you to an already-made post if I happen to see something someone else made that matches what you’ve asked for. unless you’re asking for something super specific.
  • I’ll do my best to get it posted for you as soon as I can :)

YAAAAAS LET’S KEEP HAVING FUN and thanks again for following!!!


Precious Kaneki Ken (๑´•ω • `๑)


Shisui Week day 4: Tragedy

Shisui’s death


Castiel in every episode
↳ 4x18 | The Monster at the End of This Book


🐍 Otorimonogatari:  Nadeko Medusa

There are a lot of difficult things in the world, things that won’t go as you want or that you don’t like, things that make you worry endlessly, things that you thought were normal that come crashing down without a sound, things that you thought you could rely on turning out to be unreliable, things that quickly tire your body and mind, wearing them out completely and making you want to just fall down and not get back up, but if there is someone beside you, you can always stand up, and move on. Even when you feel like crying. Love can bring a smile to your face.