Stardew Valley Art Dump Part 1!!!!! After cleaning up my art folder I realized I had so much SV art I never posted so here are a few!!! I kinda wanna finish a few of them ;o; The pics have their own captions for what I was thinking when I was drawing them! Please excuse me if I accidently repost any drawings without knowing :8

chris evans dating a fan would include:

(authors note: so this is my first time writing on tumblr, so excuse the format if it’s a bit funky, and also i drew inspiration from other headcannons i read, but otherwise here we go)

-hyperventilating when he asked you out

-texting all your mates about how you were dating the infamous chris evans

-being able to kiss the star spangled man with a plan on the lips

-knowing more about marvel than he does

-insisting that captain america needs a beard

-“no, babe listen. imagine captain america in a beard. like woaHhH”

-having movie marathons in matching captain america onesies

-lisa, scott, basically chris’s entire family absolutely aDoring you

-chris trying to protect you from the press

-having dinner dates every friday on skype when chris is away filming

-chris using your shampoo to remind himself of you. vice versa

-dodger keeping you company while chris is away

-becoming close friends with seb and mackie

-them telling you embarrassing stories about chris

-“so one time we were at this stri-”

-“woah woah woah!¡ y/n doesn’t need to know about this”

-visiting disney every year

-watching the little mermaid play

-chris squealing when ‘part of your world comes on’

-you two being the cutest couple on the entire planet

-‘working out’ with him

-which just results in a really hot make out

-chris spoiling you with presents

-him calling you the sweetest pet names such as ‘darling, love, my girl/my boy’

-him finding your tumblr

-'hey y/n, does y/t/n sound familiar to you?“

-pretending not to know what he’s talking about

-you being awful at hiding it

-chris finding the glorioUs stucky smut you wrote a couple years ago before you got together

-“y/n this is…certainly something”

-chris sending it to seb

-you end up ignoring him for the entire day

-he can’t stand you ignoring him, so he apologizes and does everything he can to please you

-that ends up in hot seX!

-him loving being on top

-acting out smut you’ve read

-'no, you’re supposed to put your leg…oOF!“

-chris is beyond terrified to meet your parents

-your mom is really welcoming and can’t believe their son/daughter is dating THE captain america

-your dad on the other hand, is passed out in the corner because he can’t believe you’re dating

-your siblings parading around chris, asking him to sign things to auction off at school

-taking chris to your childhood room

-chris teasing you about how cute your stuffed animals and baby photos are

-chris holding your hand under the table whenever he’s nervous

-whenever chris has an anxiety attack before interviews/premieres, you calm him down by pressing a kiss to his temple

-coming with chris to christopher’s haven

-chris introducing you to the kids as captain america’s secret girlfriend

-being able to connect with the families and kids at christopher’s haven

-chris admiring how loving and kind you are

-chris also admiring how confident and badass you can be as well

-chris finding you in your bed with a pool of tears around you

-“darling, what’s wrong?”

-“i just read the most aNgsty fan fiction ever!!!”

-most fans proudly supporting you and chris’s relationship

-but when haters do show up, chris or the fans firing back

-being chris’s date to the 'gifted’ premiere

-being held tightly by chris the entire night

-when you go off to the bathroom, octavia spender pulls chris aside saying 'that girl/boy of yours. hold on tight to her/him. she/he’s a special one.“

-going to sleep that night with chris cradling you in his arms

-sleeping in his loose white tee

-chris drifting off to sleep thanking god he found you

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Million Dollar View

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Can i request when the reader is insecure about her breast not being full and big like ideal girls but she has a nice butt and seb or Bucky show her breast aren’t all that ;)” - @cute-but-psychoxx

Word Count: 4241

Warning: smut, insecurity

Thank you for the request! I got a little carried away with it because I loved it so much haha! Hope you enjoy!<3

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Note: I’M SO SORRY THIS IS LATE! please, don’t hate me, omg. also, I’m sorry if it sucks. :( I really hope you like it, darling. ♥ thanks for the request. feedback is welcome! .c

Request: Could you write one where the reader is married to SEB and something goes wrong and the relationship turns critical please 😊💞 Maybe like she or he travels too much and they don’t get to much time to see each other so often. - @chimera4plums

Originally posted by b-n-a-o

Marriage requires time, effort, dedication, and undying love for the other person; it’s all mutual. At the start of your relationship with Sebastian, you both had everything. You were joined at the hip, happy, bonded, and connected. He was your rock, your inspiration, the person who kept you humble in the mainstream media. You were the same for him. So, he proposed and you accepted.

You two met on the set of a movie about three years ago. It was a fantasy made reality, everyone knew you two were meant to be, just by the way you would look at each other. But lately, things have been tense. Your time has been spent on your new movie that you’re also directing. It’s a dream of yours and it’s coming true, but something is missing. Your time with your favorite person in the world. But it’s hard for him, too, since he’s working on a movie himself. Now that you have a week off for vacation, you planned on going home to see him and making things right. He said he should be off for a week, so it worked out perfectly. Communication has been at an all time low and you knew your marriage was falling apart silently. Anytime you spoke to Sebastian, he was distant. And it hurt. It always left you feeling empty.

You walked up the steps to your apartment you shared with Sebastian and adjusted your duffel bag on your shoulder while pulling along your suitcase. You shoved your key in the doorknob and kicked it open, making your way inside. “Seb?” You called out, setting your luggage down by the door with a huff. Why did I bring so much stuff for just a week? You asked yourself.

The apartment was silent, only the light hum of the refrigerator sounded through the apartment. You frowned as you looked around, noticing it was fairly clean, as if nobody had been occupying it. Isn’t Sebastian supposed to be home? You grabbed your phone out of your jacket pocket and called Sebastian.

After a few rings, you were ready to hang up. But he finally answered and sounded a tad frustrated. “Hey, Y/N.” Sebastian said, sighing. You bit your lip nervously. “Hey, Seb. I’m-I’m home. Where are you?” You asked softly. “Wait, you’re home?” Sebastian asked, completely ignoring your question.

You scoffed a tad and shook your head, fiddling with your wedding ring. “I have a break. A week off. I decided to come home and spend it with you. I thought you were on a break, too.” You said, feeling your stomach churn at the groan he let out. “Y/N, I can’t come home this week. I’m busting my ass off. We’re wrapping up the movie today.” Sebastian said with a little more frustration in his tone; you knew he was shaking his head.

The empty feeling you’ve had before returned. “Oh.” You said, sitting in Sebastian’s favorite chair. “Well, I could come see you.” You offered, frowning a little. Sebastian sighed. “Are you sure?” He asked a little softer now. 

A small smile spread across your face. “Well, yeah. I mean, I haven’t unpacked yet. You’re in Atlanta, right?” You asked, putting him on speaker to look up quick flights to Atlanta. 

“Yeah, I’ll have to see you at the hotel, though. I’ll be a little late getting in.” Sebastian explained, his voice returning to its distant sound. “Okay, I’ll see you in a few hours.” You said with a small smile. “Alright. Love you, bye.” Sebastian cut his line before you could say anything else and you sighed, staring at your screen until it went off.

Deciding not to waste anymore time, you quickly bought a plane ticket and left your apartment with your bags, calling your bodyguard for a ride to the airport. On your way there, you asked Sebastian for the hotel he was staying at so you could settle in. It would be close to dinnertime, so you would be able to order room service for the two of you.

By the time you reached the airport, you still hadn’t gotten a reply from Sebastian. Telling yourself he was busy, you let it go. You had a few hours to kill and he should reply before then. At least you hoped he would.

You finally landed at the airport with your bodyguard and was met with flashing cameras and screaming paparazzi. You smiled and waved at the cameras, never finding them to be a bother. “Out of the way! Let her through!” John yelled, keeping his arm wrapped around your shoulders. Passing by a few fans, you wanted to stop and take photos, but John wouldn’t have it.

Making your way out of the airport, you were rushed into a black van. You sighed and John climbed inside. “Thanks, John.” You said, giving him a small smile. “My job, girly. So, where to?” He asked. 

You gasped and totally forgot about checking your phone for any texts from Sebastian. Your smile returned when you read that he was staying at the Omni hotel in room 113. Giving the address to John, he pulled away from the airport and made his way there. 

You quickly messaged Sebastian back, telling him you were on your way to the hotel. You waited patiently, looking at the city around you through the window. You hoped you would be able to spend a little time with Sebastian; sometimes it’s just hard with all the traveling and movie business. And when he’s being distant.

John pulled up to the hotel and you were thankful it wasn’t as hectic as the airport. You quickly got out, asked for Sebastian’s room after telling the lady you were his wife (to which she freaked out, being a huge fan of you both), and now you were putting your bags down. John was staying in the room across from you, so you felt safe being in the hotel without Sebastian.

You checked your phone and Sebastian had replied. 

Seb: 10pm at the latest.
You: That’s okay, dear! Maybe I can order room service for us? What sounds good?
Seb: I actually bought food for the whole crew. I’m gonna be eating here.

You smiled at how kind and sweet your husband was. That’s what you brought you close to him in the beginning. A part of you was sad you wouldn’t be able to sit down and eat with him, even if it was room service. You missed those moments with Sebastian. 

You: Well, that’s okay! Send my congratulations around! I’ll see you soon. I love you.
Seb: Love you.

You sighed and set your phone down on the table in the living space. You pulled your bags to the master bedroom and smiled when you inhaled the hint of Sebastian’s cologne lingering in the air. You missed it so much. And you couldn’t help but feel the distance between you and Sebastian weigh down on you again.

After calling room service, you had enough time to take a quick shower and change into some comfortable clothes. Your body was pretty tired and all you wanted was to see Sebastian. Hopefully he really wanted to see you in return. Even though he said you could come see him, something tugged at your intuition saying he didn’t want you to.

Two hours later when 10pm rolled around, you heard the door to the hotel room open. “Seb!” You squealed, rushing over to him. You wrapped your arms around him and felt his arms wrap loosely around your body. “Y/N, hi.” He whispered, rubbing your back.

You pulled away and smiled up at him. He looked tired, his eyes dropping a little, and you frowned. “Aw, rough day?” You asked, watching Sebastian move past you and into the bedroom. You followed behind him and bit your lip nervously. “It was okay. Stressful.” He said as he sat on the bed to untie his boots. Nodding, you leaned against the door frame.

Sebastian took his button up shirt off, revealing a white tank underneath. “Are you sad that filming is over? Was it fun?” You asked, noticing his brows are creased. He sighed and rested his hands on his thighs. “Y/N, enough with the questions. I’m really tired.” Sebastian snapped, turning his head to look at you.

Your heart sank in your chest and you curled your lips into your mouth, biting down on them. You sighed and nodded. “S-sorry, I’ll uh, leave you to settle in.” You said, backing away from the door. “Thank you.” Sebastian muttered, getting up to go to the bathroom. The emptiness came back in the pit of your stomach and you sat on the couch in the living space, flipping on the television.

The shower turned on and you usually would’ve joined Sebastian, but he clearly needed some space. Feeling like a burden now, you pulled your legs up to your chest and blindly watched the News.

When Sebastian finally got finished for the night, he joined you on the couch. He sat at the other end, far apart from you. Normally you’d sit against him with his arm around your shoulders. The silence was deafening and you couldn’t handle it anymore. You knew one of you would break soon, and you didn’t want it to end badly. A sigh fell from your lips and Sebastian’s head turned towards you.

You looked at him and he gave you a tight lipped smile. “What’s wrong?” He asked, slumping in the cushions. You shook your head and looked down at your hands in your lap. “Come on, Y/N. You seem mad at me or something.” Sebastian said with an eye roll. Your eyebrows creased. “I’m not mad.” You said, looking over at him.

He scoffed and crossed his arms. “You always say that.” He whispered, a sigh falling from his lips this time as he turned his attention back to the News, his jaw clenched. You eyed him for a moment because he’s the one who seems mad at you, not the other way around.

Your stomach churned and your mouth fell open a tad. “What’s that supposed to mean?” You questioned, facing your body towards Sebastian, resting your arm over the back of the couch. He looked over at you and shrugged.

Sebastian stood up and walked to the bedroom and you followed after him. “Hello, I asked a question. ” You said, watching him slip into bed. He sat up and shook his head. “Y/N, just drop it.” Sebastian said lowly. You scoffed and stepped closer into the bedroom. 

“I will not! I know you feel the distance between us! And not talking to me isn’t helping.” Your voice raised a little and you really didn’t want to wake up the other guests. Sebastian’s eyes flickered to yours. “I’m tired.” He stated as if it were the only reason for being this way.

“That’s bullshit. It may be true, but it’s been like this since I left to work on my movie.” You said with a groan, running your hands over your face. The room fell silent for a moment. “Just drop it.” He said before lying down on his side. “No! We need to talk about this!” You said, your voice raising again.

A heavy sigh fell from his lips and he sat up again, his eyes staring right into yours. “I said DROP IT. I want to sleep! I wrapped up a movie today, I have a meeting with my agent and an interview tomorrow. The last thing I need is you chewing my ass off the night before!” Sebastian yelled, his veins popping in his neck.

You flinched at the tone of his voice and tears brimmed your eyes. “Seb, I have a week off from my movie, that I’m not only in but I’m directing. I chose to see you; my HUSBAND! You said you’d be off, too!” You yelled back as your voice shook slightly. Sebastian groaned and ran his hand through his hair.

“Well, I’m sorry it didn’t work out that way! I’m busy!” Sebastian yelled, raising his arms up in the air. Your bottom lip quivered as you stared at Sebastian. The atmosphere was tense and you could feel the hole in your chest growing. “Why’d you even tell me to come here if you didn’t have the time in the first place?” You yelled, your voice cracking at the end.

Sebastian shrugged his shoulders at you, his eyebrows raised. “I honestly don’t know! I’m too busy; I have things to do. If you want to leave, then leave! I’m honestly too tired to care.” Sebastian fired, his words making your tears fall freely. “You want me to go?” You whispered, shifting on your feet. Not giving him time to answer, you walked over to your bags and picked them up. “Fine.” You scoffed.

You hadn’t unpacked, seeing that Sebastian’s clothes occupied the dressers, which was fine. You were wearing pajamas, but you didn’t care. You just wanted to get out of there. Sebastian stayed quiet, watching you walk towards the bedroom door again. You turned to Sebastian and sniffled. “I’m sorry I got in the way. Clearly this has put on strain on us, so. Goodbye, Sebastian.” You whispered, gripping your bags in your hands.

A sharp breath fell from his lips as you walked away. You slung your duffel over your shoulder and grabbed your phone, pulling your suitcase behind you. Your throat burned and your heart was racing in your chest.

Waiting by the door for a moment longer, you didn’t see or hear any sign of Sebastian getting out of bed to stop you. Glancing at your wedding ring, you held back more tears.

You opened the door and left, deciding to get a different room. John was probably sleeping and it was late at night, so choosing another hotel or leaving just when you got here wasn’t on your list. You had your first fight with Sebastian, and now you were leaving him, unsure of what to do. Tears fell from your eyes and blurred your vision, the gnawing pain in your chest worsening.

Pressing the open button to the elevator, you stepped in and pressed the lobby button. The doors started closing, but an arm stopped them just shy of being squished. You looked up from your slippers and saw Sebastian. His eyes were red and puffy, his hands quickly pulling you out of the elevator. “What are you doing?” You asked, wiping at your cheeks.

Sebastian took your bags and set them in the hallway. You watched him closely and he was breathing heavily. “Don’t go.” Sebastian said as he turned to you, his tone far different from a few moments ago. Your eyebrows creased and you shook your head. “Seb, I don’t know what to do.” You said, your eyes filling with tears again.

Sebastian stepped towards you, his hands holding onto your cheeks. “I don’t either. But I know that I don’t want you to leave and I know how distant I’ve become. Please, don’t give up on us. Please, I’m begging you.” Sebastian said, his watery blue eyes staring into yours. You sniffled and nodded.

Sebastian pulled you into his body tightly, his arms wrapping around you. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have come. You’re busy, I should still go.” You said, your voice muffled by his chest. 

He pulled away and looked down at you, shaking his head. “Stay. I want you here. I just-it’s hard not having you around; it takes a toll on me, baby. I’m so sorry.” Sebastian breathed, his hands moving up your arms, to your cheeks.

A sigh fell from your lips and Sebastian wiped away the wetness on your cheeks. “I know, I don’t like being away from you either. But being distant and now arguing, what does that solve?” You asked, your hands gently grasping onto Sebastian’s sides. “We’ll figure it out, I promise.” Sebastian said as he pressed a kiss to your forehead.

You nodded again, letting Sebastian grab your bags and your left hand, walking you both back to his hotel room. He led you inside and dropped your bags, kicking the door shut gently with his foot. You turned to face Sebastian and he swooped in and held your waist before pressing his lips against yours. You made a sound of surprise before kissing him back, your hands tangling in his hair.

Sebastian picked you up by your waist and carried you to the bedroom, gently putting you on the bed. You smiled as he pulled away and climbed in beside you. Sebastian’s arms pulled you into his chest and you sighed. “I love you, Y/N.” Sebastian mumbled against your head as his hands rubbed against your back.

“I love you, too.” You whispered, allowing yourself to fall asleep in Sebastian’s arms.

Note: I hope you like this. I feel like it sucks, a lot. feedback is welcome! .c

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Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, swearing, innuendo. 

Originally posted by the-dark-overlord-of-all

Summary: as Sebastian’s assistant you’re in control of almost every aspect of his life. Your relationship with him is friendly, however childish he can be sometimes. And when an accident happens on set, things get even more friendly. 

There will be a part two! 

“You know, this would be a lot easier if I’d have had my morning coffee..”

Sebastian’s voice trails and he looks at you, pushing out his lower lip in a pout. The make-up artist is still working on his hair, not to make it look better, but tousling it around messily. Other crew members are slicking up his left arm with lube to get him into the metal-looking arm that would complete the picture of Bucky Barnes.

You roll your eyes at him, he knows damn well there’s no time for coffee breaks.

“Yeah, I know, Mr Stan; but you wanted to sleep late, so: no coffee

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Noise (Part 7)

Summary: (Chris Evans x Reader / Sebastian Stan x Reader) you’re moving into an apartment on your own, ready to start fresh in someplace new. However, your new neighbor upstairs seemingly isn’t the quietest person in the world.
Warnings: slight angst, fluff
Word count: 1297
A/N: The people have spoken and this is what most of you wanted — I’m hoping you’re happy with the outcome!

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6

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Home [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: This wasn’t a request! I was just thinking about a video that was just Lin under a blanket or something and it reminded me of pillow forts. Then I REMEMBERED ABOUT THE LITTLE SEBASTIAN!

Summary: An excerpt of Lin, Y/N, and Sebastian’s lives.

A/N: Short little drabble! I needed a fluff break, okay? This wasn’t executed well, I’m sorry. I’ve been in a writing slump for the past few days. Hopefully, I’ll get back in the swing of things!

Word Count: 768


Request Here!

You had just finished another grueling day at your day job. The whole day, you were in a terrible mood. From the coffee spill, to the printer jam, and to your boss. Let’s just say that you could’ve felt better on a Friday. When you walked out to your car, you received a call from Lin. He was at home with your son, Sebastian.


“Hi, babe. On your way home, can you pick up some fever medicine?” He said. Was Lin sick?

“Sure…but for who?” After listening to the call for a while, you heard a bit of crying. Sebastian got a fever.

“Our little Sebastian got sick. His temperature reached 100 a few minutes a-,” you heard a rustling noise and coughing, “Mama?” You giggled when you heard your son’s voice. It sounded a little weak.

“Hey, Seba. Are you doing alright?”

“Yes, Mama. I feel a little sick.” You frowned. Sebastian must have felt terrible.

“Okay, don’t worry. I’m buying some medicine for you. Do you want grape or bubblegum flavor?”

There was a silence as he thought long and hard. “Bubblegum, please.”

“Okay, Seba. Stay in bed. I’ll be back soon. I love you! Can you put Papa on the phone, love?”

“Okay, Mama.” You heard the footsteps and a drowsy Lin. “Alright, love. I’m on my way to get it right now, I’ll bring back some food too!”

“Thank you, babe. Love you!”

“Love you too.”

On the way home, you picked up the medicine and pizza. You reached the house and set down your grocery bags. That’s odd, no one was in the living room. Tobillo’s feet padded against the wooden floor. “Tobi! Do you know where Lin and Seb are?” She wagged her tail and ran down a hallway. Out of pure curiousity, you followed her and you arrived in Sebastian’s room. His bed was stripped of blankets and pillows. There was a pretty impressive pillow fort on your right. “Seb?” A small head peeked up and his eyes lit up. “Mama!” He evacuated from the fort and hugged your leg. He was still too small to jump into your arms, so you squat down. You felt his forehead. “Seb! You’re supposed to be in bed resting!” He giggled as Tobi snuggled up near him. “I know, but Papa made a fort!”

“Papa did? Where is he?” He pointed towards the fort. “Lin!” He crawled out of the fort, cautiously. “Sebastian was supposed to stay in bed! You’re probably going to get sick!” You always put your family before anything. “Nice to see you too, Y/N.” He hugged you and you smiled.

Sebastian ate a few bites of the pizza and took his medicine. “Mama, I’m sleepy.”

“Okay, Seb. Let’s get into your PJs!” He giggled and you changed his clothes. You sat with him for about ten minutes until he started closing his eyes. Once he fell asleep, you kissed his forehead and closed his door. Lin started to wash the dishes and you wrapped your arms around him from behind. “I missed you.” He flicked a bit of water on you. “I missed you too.”

It was around 1 AM. If Lin ever had the chance to sleep, he would take it. Therefore, he was sleeping heavily. You heard your bedroom door creak and saw a figure of your son. He tapped your hand. You got up and followed him back to his room. I guess you could say that parental telepathy exists. Once you got to his room, he stood by your leg. “Mama, can you sing me a song?” His eyes had so much hope and love. He had Lin’s eyes and smile. You felt so lucky. You smiled and rocked him to sleep.  You sang Dear Theodosia. To your surprise, Sebastian loved that song so much. In the matter of a few minutes, he was in deep sleep. You carefully put him back in his crib and turned to close the door. Little did you know, Lin was leaning against the doorway. “Have you been watching the whole time?” He grinned and pulled you into a tight hug. “Every single line. You didn’t tell me you could sing.” You smiled and yawned. It didn’t hit you until now that you were exhausted. “Let’s go to bed.”

You crawled under the warm sheets and held onto Lin. Right before you fell asleep, you heard a faint voice. “Y/N I was thinking. What if we had another child?” Lin had always wanted a family. He adored children and so did you. “I’m down.”

anonymous asked:

Hello~ Can you share your thoughts about the latest chapter Kuro?

Hello Anon and… I can but… read it at your own risk because /!\ slightly salty soup of feelings ahead /!\ okay?
Sorry in advance for the slightly annoyed tone sometimes. ;_;

So, about the beginning of the chapter:

I already talked about this panel here and here and I don’t have anything else to add for the moment. As for this panel…

(bye bye characters, see you maybe in another arc)

@erebus-cheslock did a great summary of my thoughts here and I’m, like, completely jaded about how convenient it is.

Next about Ciel’s investigation:

Personally it’s not something I was surprised about, but I have to admit it felt good to have something at least a little logical in this chapter. And about this…

Well, lmao, besides the fact that Soma is ten times less blind and naive than they are, this part was also nothing new for me. 

Also about Bravat killing the old Lords, nothing new yet again but from the moment he was already collecting people’s blood to the point of killing them before this chapter, I really am sure it wasn’t supposed to be a big reveal to anyone. 

Next, about Violet’s plan………… ( -_-’)

Besides the fact that I completely share @akumadeenglish‘s feelings about this being an utterly stupid and senseless plan, I also am searching for the entire subplot’s logic ‘cause…

1) Greenhill is the one who invited Ed

but yeah, I mean, okay, maybe Violet gave him the idea, that would wor–

2) But Bravat attracting Lizzie into the Sphere music hall was totally planned in advance because Bravat knew things about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb that he couldn’t have guessed, which means there is a mastermind who isn’t Bravat and who told Bravat about Lizzie, Ciel and Seb.

3) - So if Violet is the reason behind Ed coming to the Sphere music hall… 

- And Ed is the one who brought Lizzie because he had a good time which is how she met Bravat…… 

=> Then somehow that means that the mastermind behind Bravat’s actions had planned that Violet would plan to invite Edward and also that the mastermind bet the whole success of his plan to bring Lizzie into the Sphere music hall on the initial hypothesis that Violet would convince Greenhill to invite Edward (who then would need to have a good time in order to bring Lizzie with him, which would allow her to meet Bravat, leading to her running away from home 3 weeks later).


And I’m sorry but… what? So really, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the current subplot. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I mean, let’s say that the mastermind is UT, well, I love him and he’s a good judge of characters, but to say that he could see through Violet that much is going way too far into Nonsensical road lane. :/

4) Violet’s plan sucked anyway since it’s the Queen who ended up introducing Ciel to the Sphere music hall.

Finally about the Shinigamis…

This part kinda saved the chapter to be honest and Othello was funny. 

Once again, nothing new about what was going on with the old Lords, it’s something I and several other bloggers had theorized about when it comes to the blood transfusions being linked to an extended life span.

The mystery remains full about who really is behind Bravat’s blue sect getting such knowledge though…

Because Othello gave again the example of a demon…

But I still think it’s not crazy to imagine that UT could be behind all this so… For now, nothing changes about this part of the subplot.

Lastly about this little scene…

I saw many theories already about how Othello could have known Claudia/Vincent/the twin etc. but… here’s the thing:

  • Othello hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and I’m not sure he sees any humans at all when he’s not in the human world since Shinigamis like Grell only collect souls (and I’m also not sure Othello gets anywhere near those souls).
  • 50 years ago Vincent and the possible twin weren’t born and Claudia was 9 years old, so let’s say Othello met with Claudia 50 years ago, that means he would have somehow remembered her face until now? Why not but… still seemingly a bit far-fetched to me (but at this point, maybe Yana doesn’t care anymore about making sense).

So, Vincent and Claudia aside, logically it could be interesting to consider that there is one other link between Othello and Ciel, because Othello is a Shinigami that hasn’t been in the human world for 50 years and… that person is the Undertaker (because he was a Shinigami as well before deserting 50 years ago).

So… maybe this scene could be a hint to the grandpa!UT theory, but then again that would mean that we’re supposed to consider that Ciel looks like Vincent who looked like UT and… not only is it still far-fetched but I know that not everyone agree on this. :/

TL;DR  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

These are all my thoughts so far in exclusivity for you Anon, keep in mind that they can still change as always.

I hope it answers your question, have a nice day.

The Blind Banker

We went to the bank today to make a start on this new case. We met with Sebastian Victor Wilkes who Sherlock knew at university. Sherlock introduced me as his colleague and I awkwardly corrected him by saying I was his friend. Something about the way Sebastian spoke made me feel almost… defensive of Sherlock. He had said that Sebastian was an old friend, but it felt like there was something else - it doesn’t matter. It’s fine.

Anyway, someone had broken into his office and spray painted graffiti across a painting. Nothing too interesting about that, you might think. Except that whoever did it, they didn’t show up on any CCTV. The bank’s offices were like Fort Knox but there was nothing. No sign of who’d done it.

Sherlock realised that we had to find one of the bankers, Van Coon. We went to his flat but he was already dead. It looked like suicide but of course it wasn’t and Sherlock easily proved how. He said he was amazed that we didn’t notice - does he not understand what a gift it is he has?

So we went to talk to Wilkes about what we had found but he would not listen to a word Sherlock told him – why was I surprised, you know what word rhymes with banker. Sherlock – oh, apparently it’s “Will” now – said that the police had got it wrong but Sebastian – sorry, I mean “Seb” – told him that he was paying him for a job and that he shouldn’t get sidetracked. With friends like these, who needs enemies, eh?

Anyway, I suppose that’s all we can do for now. I’ve got an interview for some locum work at a surgery tomorrow. For now I’ve decided to force Sherlock to watch an Indiana Jones film because he genuinely has never heard of them (I’ll pause for your gasps). We’ve ordered a takeaway so we’re in for the night!

Closure and a Fresh Start (Rules of Recognition finale)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, swearing, angst(ish)

Summary: after your (belated) first date with Sebastian at the pre premier party, he makes sure you know damn well how he feels about you.  

The event was as glamorous as you feared. Having so little time, you couldn’t help but feel proud of yourself with how put together you managed to look. You thoroughly enjoyed the slack-jawed expression Sebastian gave you when you emerged -dolled up and ready in your black cocktail dress and high heels- and gave him an award-winning smile. You giggled when he muttered something about ruining you under his breath before he kissed you on the cheek to avoid smudging your lipstick and presented his arm to escort you to the party.

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Seb is Home

I usually don’t need toys to get me off but with Seb being gone for so long I’m starting to get desperate. He was supposed to be home tonight but sadly, his plane kept getting delayed and I didn’t know when he was going to be home.

I’ve already taken a cool shower to try and calm down a little bit but that didn’t do much. My hair is twisted into a bun on top of my head and I’m stark naked. Digging in my nightstand I pull out my vibrator and spreading my legs I rub the toy against my clit. Digging my heels into the mattress I moan softly as the buzzing toy hits just the right spot.

“Oh god.” I moan then closing my eyes I imagine Seb coming into the room. His blue eyes darkening as he makes quick work of his clothes. “Seb.” I moan thrusting softly against the toy I’m using. I’ve got it running a high buzz, low buzz pattern and I’m barley keeping it together. “Fuck.” I growl rolling my hips, I’m so on edge that I’m already close to cumming. “Sebastian.” I hiss drawing out his name.

“Something you need help with baby?” My legs snap together and my eyes fly open. The vibrator is the only noise in the room as I stare open mouthed at Sebastian as he leans against the doorframe. That annoyingly sexy smirk on his face.
“Get your ass over here.” I tell him, “before my vibrator does your job and gets me off.” I let out a soft moan to make my point and those blue eyes of his darken.
“I don’t fuckin’ think so.” He says crossing the room and plucking the still buzzing toy from my hand and dropping it onto the bed. He licks my already sensitive pussy and my hips fly up off of the bed causing him to laugh.

“Seb.” Hiss and he hums against my core, “I’m going to, oh fuck I’m going to cum.” I warn him with a huff.
“Please do.” He says pressing one of his fingers on my clit.
“Oh fuck.” I whine as I cum. Sebastian still sucking and licking me through my orgasm. He makes quick work of his shirt, pants and boxer-briefs. He lines his cock up with my core and thrusts into me.

His thrusts are hard and fast and I’m raising my hips to meet his thrust for thrust as our bodies pound together. Seb kisses me harshly, his mouth mashing against mine in a kiss that’s as needy as it is passionate. One of his thumbs runs across my nipple as I reach between us to rub my clit.
“Try this.” Seb says passing me my still buzzing vibrator. We usually don’t incorporate toys in our sex but why the hell not? I take the toy from him and when it hits my clit causing my core to flutter, “Fuckin’ shit babe.” He growls.
“You like that?”
“Fuck yes.” I brush the tip of the vibrator on his shaft as he continues to thrust causing us both to groan loudly. “I’m so close baby.”
“Cum. Cum for me Seb.” I whisper and with a few more thrusts he cums then pushes the vibrator against my clit causing my second orgasm to rip through me.
“God you’re so fuckin’ beautiful when you cum.” He says as I pant beneath him.
“I missed you.” I tell him as he rolls off of me.
“I missed you too. Although it was worth the wait for a welcome home like that.” He laughs kissing me gently.

“Next time text me and I’ll greet you however you want.”
“Oh yes.” I smirk at him before rolling toward him and kissing his jaw. “So, round two?”

All the credit to @abovethesmokestacks for the banner and the beta-reading and the crap-ton of help and encouragement she provided while I wrote this.  We’ve spent so much time talking about Supernatural!Seb things it’s almost become an obsession.  (I believe @bakexprayxlove and @vesraen might have been interested in this too)

Sort of an RPF, but also sort of not??? It’s pretty much a merfolk fairy tale where the merman happens to look like and have the same name as everybody’s favorite Chubby Dumpling 

It’s pretty long, but I hope you enjoy!

This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.  Thrashing wildly against violent waves in the middle of the sea.  Weighed down with the saturation of your heavy overcoat and trousers without even the stars to guide you in which direction to go.  The barest hint of moonlight shone through the clouds, just enough that you could make out each salty crest that could be your death.  A part of you, behind the sputtering and flailing and quickly tiring muscles, wished it was pitch black instead.  At least then, maybe your brain would give up the damnable, desperate idea of hope.

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Helping Hand, Helping Thigh: Sebastian Stan.

Warnings: Thighs of betrayal, praise kink, mirror sex, reader is totally checking seb out but that’s probably a given. Spanking, pet-names, dirty talk in Romanian and English, reader is on the pill, dom!seb, snarky sub!reader, biting, breathplay, teasing.

Authors Note: Just an FYI, this is a re-post from when my URL was direw0lf. The links for pretty much all of my stories and one shots wouldn’t work, so this is me re-doing it. I am not plagiarising someone else’s work.


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Realize -- Chapter Five “A Date.”

VWell… here we go…Sebastian StanxReader! (Poor Tom)

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 and some from my own silly brain …  Here’s Chapter Five! :) @foureyedsiopao

Chapter Five - “A Date.”

Sebastian let his eyes follow his glass as he set it back onto the table before he looked back up at you with that same warm yet slightly sinful smile. He takes a breath and reaches across the table.He was just about to rest his hand on yours when you see Sarah returning and pull it back awkwardly, making him laugh. Wait, why are you freaked out at Sarah seeing another man touch you? Woah, why did you just think of Sebastian as “Another” man? Friends. All you are with them is friends. Calm down.

“So!” You can tell she saw the moment and was trying to not make it worse. “Have you decided, Dear?”

He watched you with a smile for a long moment before turning to Sarah, “Yes, The number 2, thank you, Sarah.”

She nodded and dashed off, leaving you again to face Sebastian and this sudden confusion. Was this a date? No, no, it’s two people who work together, work very closely together, getting some lunch. Definitely not a date. You let your hand come back up onto the table and take another sip of water. “How’s training been? Is it strange to say I have missed it?”

His hand comes over again and connects this time, resting on yours and lightly running his thumb over yours, making you hold your breath. “(y/n), breathe.” You let out the breath and smile at him, laughing at yourself. “I’ve missed you. So no, you missing training is not strange.”

Your nose scrunches as you shake your head a little, “You missed me?”

He shifts his hand to hold yours, practically staring into your soul as he takes a deep breath and chuckles gently. “(y/n), I’m trying to flirt with you. Can you help me out here?”

This made you laugh again, he seems to be good at making you laugh. “Seb, is this a date?”

“It wasn’t originally, I mean, I wanted it to be but, you know, like pretty much everyone else in the world, I thought you were with Tom. But, now, you’re just friends and, yeah, I think this might be a date.” He let his fingers lace with yours on the table and looked up at you under his eyelashes, “If that’s okay with you.”

“Yeah, yes, I am.”

It’s then that Sarah comes out carrying a your lunch on a tray and as she settles it against the edge of the table, she looks quickly from your entwined fingers to your face, her expression asking you what exactly it was you thought you were doing. You tried to give her a smile that said you would explain later, and that you were not a completely horrible person. Sarah adored Tom and on more than one occasion had called you the “Newlyweds”, so this had to be a bit of a shock to her. “So, Sebastian,” She set to work unloading her tray and staring him down. “You’re in the movie with (y/n) and Tom then?” You stared daggers into the back of her head, her tone was practically asking him what his intentions were with her daughter.

“Yes, Ma’am.” His smile never faltered as he took her sudden interrogation.

“Are you a good guy or a bad guy, then?”

He laughed playfully and shook his head, “In the movie or in real life?”

She couldn’t fight laughing with him. “Well let’s assume both.”

“Good guy in real life, somewhere in between in the movie. No where near as good as (y/n) though, she’s an amazing girl in both settings.”

If you blushed any harder you would have burst into flames. Sarah pat you on the shoulder and nodded. “Alright then, enjoy your lunch, Dears.” and she was gone again. Leaving you to navigate your sudden, actual date.

You were never happier to have food in front of you to help distract your eyes and hands.

Thankfully, as you started eating, the conversation settled into the same easy flow that you had with Sebastian at training. You hadn’t been a big dater in the past. The relationships you had in the past had always been the type where you went out with friends and just kind of spent more time with one of the guys in that group, it was never on a path to anything, it was just, what people did and you had always been nervous with the idea of dating, so, this was all very strange. Was this what dating was supposed to be like? Just enjoying time with someone you liked and talking about your day? If it was, maybe the rumors about you and Tom were right.

You felt a little guilty thinking about Tom while Sebastian was clearly trying to make you smile and even more clearly found you attractive enough to want to take you on a date and get to know you. You decide that you need to focus on the date, on having a good time and getting to know Seb better and stop overthinking all of this.

Once you relaxed, it really was a good time.

You finished up your lunch and made sure to get two black and white cookies before the both of you headed out. You were having such a good time that you had almost forgotten about your leg as the two of you started walking toward your apartment. Still enjoying easy conversation as he held your hand. It was lovely.

Finally home, you notice Sebastian looking around and realize he is checking to quickly to see if there are any stray photographers before he pulls you to him, his hand sliding up into your hair, crashing his lips to yours as he kisses you deeply and slowly. It takes a moment for you to react, but once your senses come back to you, your hands slide up his back and you press forward into the kiss. 

You pull back and slowly open your eyes, running a finger over your lip as you smile. He gradually lets you go and you turn to unlock the door, you see Tom standing inside at the bottom of the stairs.

Wake Me Up: 2

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Warnings: angst, language, fluff

A/N: Hi guys! I was so surprised at the amount of notes/messages I got about the first part of this, so I hope you like this second part, too! <3


You stopped in your tracks, but didn’t turn around, just closed your eyes and let out a small breath. Your entire body was shaking at this point.

You could hear his footsteps approach you from behind, followed by his hand resting on the small of your back. “Y/N..?” He spoke again, his voice laced with uncertainty. You kept your eyes closed, forcing your lips into a thin line as you shook your head at him.

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Someday Never Comes

Summary: You describe a little bit of your life with your love, Bucky Barnes. 

40s!Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 2742

Warnings: Angst, Death, Seriously, this does not have a happy ending. 

A/N: Okay, So I didn’t really know how to summarize this, I got an idea and I just went with it. It’s 40s Bucky! It’s also very sad.. I think.. If you want to be tagged or untagged in anything please let me know!

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