shr entry one.

Wow, just wow. A rollercoaster ride of feels indeed. I’m not even kidding, I literally bit down the thumb of my finger the moment I glued my eyes to the tv screen. So much intensity, even I couldn’t cope.

Well, where do I begin?

It’s safe to say that this episode was pivotal and it had to happen. Despite the aftermath filled with direct hits of emotions and the pang of bittersweet feelings, I can’t help but feel victorious after the credits started to roll in. Initially even I was left dumbfounded as to why I’d feel this sense of ‘achievement’ of some sort. Thus I started reflecting a little & then I just knew exactly why I was feeling a certain way. Hear me out on this.

Up until the 10th episode, there were some lingering feelings of hope and trust between Hae Soo and Wang Wook. Since the beginning of SHR, this level of trust was there. Needless to say, this level of trust fluctuates and eventually depletes in each and every episode that happens forth. All the empty promises that Wook initiated with Hae Soo, that he vowed to see it through, was just not happening. For every promise he withheld, he fails Hae Soo over & over again. As a viewer, I felt that even Hae Soo knew she couldn’t trust and hope on him any longer, yet her feelings of ‘love’ towards Wook was what that blinded her. Wook is a man of empty promises, all talk but no play.

The very moment in that iconic scene in which Wook turned his back away from Hae Soo. That was when she knew exactly that Wook wasn’t deserving. That was when all the hope and trust she embedded in him was gone. All along he was not deserving of her trust, her respect and her affection. Funny how it took her this long to realise the harsh truth. It took her the unjust execution of Lady Oh to finally see without the rose-coloured glasses. The realisation that there is truly no one that she should trust or comply with. In the Palace, it truly is cutthroat. Unwillingly, Hae Soo must come in terms with this fact.

Now here is where I get hopeful.

I envision a massive awakening from Hae Soo. She will be different, hopefully different for the better. Less compliance and perhaps an even harsher version of herself. Of course I wouldn’t expect her to be okay straight away. She’s allowed to feel despair, to feel betrayed and to mourn. She’s allowed to fall to her deepest and to hit the very bottom. 

But guess what, from here on out, Hae Soo will only be going up. She’ll be stronger and better than before accompanied with her very own shining soldier. Wang So will hopefully be with her through good, bad and worse. He will shower her with his very own affection, like she rightfully deserves.

Unlike you Wang Wook, unlike you.

Real Life Court: A judge and jury carefully consider evidence and testimony gathered over months of careful investigation, whilst adhering to strict legal guidelines and regulations.

Ace Attorney Court: lol lets just get the witness drunk and see what happens

I support @elentori-art just like I would support anyone who’s made a mistake and owned up to it, learned from it, and has since stopped. I support anyone who tries to come back from things they did wrong and has to do it while surviving tumblr witch hunts. If she were still posting/reblogging harmful content then I would understand, but she isn’t, and you’re all too desperate for someone to burn. 

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About Anakin Skywalker being sexually abused. And if he was drug-raped(or any other kind) by Miraj Scintel after captured? You're pretty good in giving Anakin pain (the Zygerria fiction seemed like a masterpiece writen by Satan). I mean,despite having really bad pick-up lines and being a dork,he's quite handsome. Besides,he has an awesome hereditary power,a reason for her to want her own Force-Sensitive baby. Anakin Skywalker seems like a mech dorky-nerd in the body of a jock...

I’m pretty sure if the TV show was written for an older audience, we would have gotten more of a clear “yeah, that happened” during that arc to be perfectly honest. 

But, since my relationship with the Clone Wars TV Show is basically “pick and choose what I like, discard the rest because it sucks and is OOC”, I tend to make that arc be “You sent a former slave to a world that has slavery. Clearly, you mean to let me help the existing rebellion and boot the current powers that be out of office so this planet and it’s resources can stay within the Republic.” And then Anakin proceeds to do just that and spends most of the time on that planet with guerilla fighters while his clone troopers are like “please stop putting yourself in danger - YOU DID NOT JUST VOLUNTEER TO DO THAT, GENERAL GET BACK HERE!!” and also some of them are like “Not comfortable with how much these former slaves seem to be telling me I’M a slave and how much I’m starting to believe them??”

And then he goes back to the Temple and it turns out the council is all kinds of PISSED at him and then the Senate is PISSED at him and then he gets censured to hell and back, basically grounded to his rooms. (And then he sneaks out to go to see his wife, who is so, so proud of him and also backs his actions 10000% and gets the Senate to at least not be pissed at him and also is super up for cuddling him and though he likes this he also feels like he’s missing something.)

So, basically, Anakin doesn’t get captured on Zygerria and doesn’t spend any time with Miraj. (Well, he is there when she’s killed but that doesn’t count.) 

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Im forever super bitter about Aaross, doesn't help that Ross was clearly flirting with Aaron when they were working together stealing cars, their banter was gold.

RIGHT? Like, they so tricked us big time. It totally seemed like they were going to go with Aaross and then they just never did. Such a disappointment. And all of that is still there though. I mean, just look at the way Ross looks at Aaron around last Christmas: