• S.coups: why are you up at this hour? You should be sleeping.
  • Dino: I should be a lot of things but I live to disappoint.

Honestly, i was expecting Julie to hit us with something unexpected like after Jonas’ speech was done the screen would go black and then it would say “two months later” and we would see Sana with the girls coming back from that trip to France Vilde had mentioned in episode 1, or from Chris’ cabin or something and they all go to Sana’s house because she invites them to have dinner or whatever and when they get to her house and walk in, Sana turns to his brother in the living room but instead she sees Yousef, (who’s been back in Norway while she was on her vacation with the girls) standing there, smiling at her and she smiles at him too and they’re both like “halla” and can’t stop smiling and looking at each other and that would have been beautiful but instead the biggest plot twist we got was Penetrator Chris falling in love with Emma without even knowing her name.

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“Why don’t you stop doubting yourself and just kiss me already?”

Thirty looks good on Aaron. Still young in the face, beard thicker than ever before, but he looks more confident as he walks, shoulders no longer hunched over, hidden by hoodies. Six years at the scrapyard has also helped, his biceps tighter, larger than before, shirts wrapped tight around his torso, shifting around his chest as he walks.

Robert’s sat perched on the edge of their bed, running a towel through his hair as Aaron makes his way through from the en-suite. There’s a grey towel wrapped around his waist, tugged tight around him as he steps over Robert’s shoes, making his way over to the full length mirror that Robert insisted they buy. They’d been together years now, married almost as long, so Robert allows his eyes to roam over his husbands back, isn’t embarrassed as he feels his heart beat in his throat, pulse quickening as Aaron begins to tug on his black boxers.

Theres still droplets of water glistening on Aaron’s skin, trickling down his chest, around his nipple and falling to the floor. A small trail lies on Aaron’s stomach, faint hairs resting from his belly button, travelling down towards..

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as someone who genuinely loves and supports solo harry to the moon and back, it breaks my heart to see people say ugly things about one direction, like i get disliking the other boys or just being indifferent to their solo careers, but to dismiss/diminish how much you liked the band or to pretend as though you “knew they would break up all along” is ugly and doesn’t make you cool

I know it’s the last clip but WOW, JULIE DID THAT? Where’s SANA? Why isn’t she the main focus? I have been saying that for almost all throughout the season. POC were sidelined and I’m supposed to be okay with that? 

Idgaf about Yousef not coming back anymore. I was anticipating that he won’t be back but come on, Sana should’ve gotten more screentime. She should’ve been given more interactions.I know people wanted to see how the other characters are but I’m mad that Sana is yet again in the sidelines with less screentime. 

And then Jonas, I WAS ROOTING FOR HIS GROWTH. I WAS. They brought Emma along to be his ‘girlfriend’ and so they’re kinda ‘dating’, but the minute that Jonas is with Eva - he wants to kiss Eva? Like fucking hell, why did he become a fuckboi all of a sudden?

The same thing for PChris. You brought him back and I had hopes that he will change and stay with Eva for the better but no. Fucking no. When he saw Emma he legit had a hard-on and thought of ways to fuck her BDSM style. Like wtf, where is his growth? 

I think Julie secretly hates Jonas. Like wtf is that shit?

And Eva? WOW GIRL, what happened? Are you constantly going to be an emotional wreck? And don’t give me the “She’s stronger  now, she’s not going to let Jonas ruin her anymore.” Because you know what? That’s what’s happening rn. Jonas damaged Eva more thus leading her to believe that when a man is trying to get to know you, try to know who you are THAT MEANS THAT HE ONLY WANTS TO FUCK YOU. Is this legit? Is this for real?

This is the last episode and I’m supposed to be completely happy and all that shit, but I’m let down. I’m disappointed. I can’t.

I’m gonna stop because I will fucking explode if I keep on going.

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Hi. So nice to see someone else using a lined notesbook their bullet journal. I used a lined notebook purely because I cant find a dotted one where I live and I've always felted really pressured to find one. Thanks for inspiring me and making me feel better about my lined book ❤

this is such a cute message to open my inbox to! first of all, i love your url ❤️  and secondly, your comment about lined bullet journals are absolutely true. lots of famous studyblrs use dotted or grid notebooks, so i think newbie blogs like us might feel pressured to do the same sometimes. the studyblr community seems to inadvertently put a lot of expectations on what stationery we should have, how our desk should organized and what our notes should look like, etc - the best thing to do is simply put all of that aside. i still struggle with doing this sometimes, but at the end of the day, does it really matter what kind of notebook your bujo is if it’s neat and works well?

try not to feel so limited by what you have! lined bujos can turn out really beautiful as well :D i’ve made a list of some of my favorites, they’re much better for inspo than mine are:

anyway, i’m glad that my bujo has inspired you like this! 😌  keep on using those lined notebooks and i’d absolutely love it if you tagged me in one of your posts so i could see! (#of-studying)

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so what is your take on this whole harry louis hiatus discourse?

I think that Harry suggested the idea which Louis and the others were initially resistant to but ultimately they all agreed to it and literally that’s it and everyone still moaning should unclench. 

Kjære Sana …. and even in the last clip of the last season that was supposed to revolve about Sana, in fact in the last “Skam” clip ever, Sana gets sidelined. That girl deserved so much better….

y'all i was actually terrified to go to pride? i’ve never gone before because i’ve always been scared of it for some reason and it’s really befuddling to me trying to figure out why. i guess in general the community scares me for one reason or another