Mass Effect’s regression

Mass Effect 1, out of all the Mass Effect titles, has the most varying models for NPC’s. With each game, you see less and less (this goes for all Alien species in the games). By the time you get to Mass Effect 3, only one or two models exist and only vary through colour palette. Hanar, Elcor, Quarian, Vorcha and Volus dip out the most in terms of a unique model. But in Mass Effect 1, there were several very unique models for Aliens, especially the Salarians. Dr Saleon (last row, 3 across) to me was incredibly unique considering he has next to no screen time. Several models for Turians existed too (male only). Some had slight mandible and fringe changes (short, long, bent) as well as a more expansive colour variety and face tattoos. 

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, every Salarian is Kallo Jath’s model with a different colour or face paint slapped on top. Turians are all the same and all Asari have Dr Lexi’s face. Many features of the Salarian’s have been left out such as their upward blinking and large pupils and now they tower over Krogan.

Andromeda has less variation than Mass Effect 3, cruder animations and is just as glitchy as the first release of the first game. 


(2017.03.24) “Tsuki-Cast. - GRAVITIC-NIGHT -” Livestream with Maeno Tomoaki & Toriumi Kousuke

Toriumi: March is the month that [Maeno’s character] Haru is in charge of, right?
Maeno: Yes, it’s March. And if it’s March then it’s KENN-san’s birthday. Happy birthday to you!
*Maeno, Toriumi, and staff all clapping*
Toriumi: It’s today, isn’t it?
Maeno: *immediately* It’s today. I made sure to send him a LINE message congratulating [KENN on his birthday] as soon as the date changed.

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Gabriel and Duusu: a summary

Gabriel: Where did I go wrong?

Duusu: With what specifically? Cause I got a list. 

After a long time, nag-scroll ako sa Facebook account ko. Nakita kong nagko-commentan ‘yong naglulumandi sakin dati, which was the guy i fell for and ‘yong friend ko. Hahaha. Pucha naman Lord, bakit laging may involvement na kaibigan? #FriendshipBarsBitch hindi ba pwedeng ganon? Punyeta. Di pa nila alam uuwi ako tom eh, i think. Haha.

Pero ayos lang naman maglandian sila, di naman din kami. Ang off lang—and this is why i have trust issues. And ni-like ko comment ni guy ‘don sa replayan nila. Wala lang, para they will also feel awkward. Hahaha. Ano 'to, ako ako lang? Ang boring kapag ganon. Na-hurt ako a little. Pero di pwedeng di sila ma-awkward. Punyeta sila. Lol

I'm crying at 7:30

So I watched Markiplier’s recent video.

And I started feeling for him. And my dragon mum instincts kicked in and I just wanted to hug him.

Because he deserves one, he needs one.

You could never disappoint us, Mark.

It’s okay. I’m horrible at talking (hopefully you don’t see this shitty post) when it comes to comforting.

But for 4 - 5 yes I’ve watched your videos, for laughs on bad days or just to see you smiling.

So it’s okay if you feel lost. This feeling will go away. And when it does, it’ll only make you stronger.


Took a nap yesterday and dreamt that I was at a press conference with the cast of Skam and hundreds of fans to watch the trailer for season 4. The main of the season turned out to not just be one character but all of them.. as in season 4 was about all of the characters in Skam - was quite disappointed when I woke up and realized the trailer is still not out and we still dont know who’s the main..

I’m so unbelievably disappointed right now. . .

…  that I just want to curl up into a ball for the rest of the day … and maybe even hide under my desk … But I have to keep working … and posting for #RollisiThursday (cause I’m like the only one participating so far).

I’m a pretty damn optimistic person, thus the disappointment. If I was pessimistic by nature, I’d just be cynical right now … and that would probably be worse. Better to have hopes to deflate than proof that hope is wasted.

Major shift from the expected (promised!) creative/scientific balance they expect from me at work. I have to spend a lot more time producing videos than travelling and training my customers. Weep! I need to produce about THIRTY training videos by Q3. THIRTY. Do you have any idea how much time NOT TRAVELLING that will require? Oh yeah, they’re taking my studio away from me, too. I don’t know where I’m going to shoot …

I just wanna cry.

I’m a better scientist than I am an artist. I NEED to be in the lab helping our customers. That’s where I provide the most value to my company. And this change also affects my living situation in a very bad way… .

 I’m a wreck right now…