I figured there was truth in the rumours, but I’m so sad to hear it’s been pretty much confirmed that Murray Gold will no longer be composing for Doctor Who. In my opinion, he has written some of the best scores out there. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything he has written for Doctor Who, and I can only hope that the Series 9 and 10 soundtracks will eventually be released so we can continue to appreciate and love his amazing music.

Thank you, Murray Gold, for contributing such such an instrumental (no pun intended) element to 10 series of this show.

Ok,but imagine Kylo saying to Rey:

Luke failed you. I won’t.”

and that’s when he reaches for her.

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I crave the ones who’ve seen confusion and know struggle, who have pulled themselves up from the shackles of heartache and strife, disappointment and darkness, exhaustion and drain and have risen with a heart as open and unwaveringly wide as the ocean itself. Give me those people. The brave, the vulnerable, the wise, the ones who cares for a world and how to better it along with themselves. To know their ability in making waves in shifting patterns with tides and in creating change. Let us become that open ocean…. and make it rise.

Photography - ‘Bullied ll’ by Tara McKinney

me: this show doesn’t enough karen page in it smh i expected full on kastle

also me: dying at the Hug, “okay. okay”, face grabbing, meaningful and soft™ glances, FOREHEAD TOUCH, cheek kissing, frank bringing flowers to karen (he’s an old fashion kind of guy!!!!!), karen being taken hostage&frank predictably losing his shit, karen and frank teaming up and defusing a bomb, the entirety of episode 10 nvm I’M SO ALIVE

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Dear David and Gillian, It’s my bday on 7th January. Do you think you could get me the best gift ever and present at the GG or even better just confirm your undying love for each other? Come on you don’t even have to wrap that! It’s already great you’re giving me a new series of my fave show but you know, you could do better 😂 Yours, lifetime fan and January birthday girl

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If I hearted something, don’t show it to me as Since You’ve Been Gone. In fact, just let me read things in order, like they were posted.

Don’t force me to wade through crap you think is in my orbit. I have a curated list of people I’m following. I don’t need your help. And I don’t need it to always be at the top of my feed.

If you’re going to make changes to Tumblr, give me a way to turn them off. Because the changes you made are turning me off

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Maybe plastic tastes good to pets? I work with lead, and have to be careful that any lead shaving or balls dont come home with me, because lead is sweet to cats and they will eat peices whole.

maybe! VB specifically goes after chip bags and snack wrappers so she probably smells the salt and sugar on them. I also know that rabbits like to chew on wires because they’re attracted to the buzz of electricity and mistake them for roots