y’all. Y’ALL.

three of my WiPs finally unglued themselves from the floor in the back of my mind and are actually talking to me. 

I found a way to make a soulmate fic both infinitely more painful, and also, how to end it happily without it feeling forced. Its gonna need 50k to do it, but it’ll be worth it.

I got Frey and Thranduil to finally flipping talk to each other. Which has been this inexplicable roadblock for like two months, which means its BotFA time kids, buckle up. 

AND my OC came crawling out of the dark with a latte and started talking about her life and why I was wrong about some things. 

this is super exciting. 

So, which of those am I writing right now? 

None of them obviously. I’m writing the ficlet that showed up in my head with the rest of that.