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One drink became two and a third toast to l’amour that no longer felt like a foreign language. In fact, the level of fluency cursing through Serena Campbell’s veins would be borderline offensive to a so-called native speaker.

Who taught you, they would demand. Desire, she would offer, lust.

They would most likely accuse her of appropriation. They would almost certainly give her permanent residence in their peripheral vision, mouthing words at her elapsing existence – crude, vulgar, cheap.

Once upon a time she would have cared. Once upon a time she would have recoiled in shame.

Undeniable sexual chemistry.

It had opened her eyes to a foundation that had its roots tangled in the which part of I need my car today are you struggling to understand that had replaced shit with shift is going great.

Devotion had been professed an eternity before lips had met – a seeming continuity mistake that had instigated quite a hindrance in all matters of production. They had failed to realize theirs not to be just another story – theirs was not a revised script, but an altogether novel one. Linearity was not compulsory.

“You shouldn’t be here.”

A statement as broad as the emotional spectrum.

Serena’s though I’ve never seen the point in just one had brought Berenice Wolfe to her front door.

You shouldn’t be here.”

She had stood up at the words but had remained perfectly aligned with the course of Serena’s eloquent stride. The to all appearances stoic posture was of no consequence, had no effect on the brunette’s pace.

They all but collided, the distance lingering between the two the perfect depiction of the zero dot one missing to the whole hundred, of how it feels.

Unbearably incomplete.

The silence would have had the world gone deaf had it not stopped existing the moment their eyes had met. The atmosphere was electrifying, their breaths growing labored by the millisecond, their breasts brushing at the rise of their chests, the punctuating fall becoming agonizing.

The brunette’s tongue darted out to wet her lips and the blonde yielded, groaning as her eyes dropped to follow the path being enticingly traced.

“I’m here.”

They came together, obliterating every single doubt, every single fear, every single shadow resembling anything other than a meant to be, in their wake.

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Hey, I dunno if you're doing requests rn but could you maybe do nurseydex with one of them (preferably dex) having depression? I recently had a bad relapse on self harm and I'm in a really bad depressive episode and your fanfics always make me feel comforted and smile!! I understand if you don't want to but I'd appreciate it!!! I love your work so much 💖

Any hurt comfort? Maybe Dex feeling self-conscious or sad and Nursey comforts him?

Dex has never been one to show a wide range of emotions. No one else really notices but Nursey, though. Everyone else sees exactly what Dex wants them to see – all that frustration and temper that’s enough to convince them that Dex wears his heart on his sleeve. But Nursey knows that’s far from the truth. Dex is quick to anger sometimes, sure, but under that, there’s a complex maze of emotions that Nursey has been carefully mapping for the better part of a year.

He knows what to look for, all the little idiosyncrasies Dex doesn’t even realize he has. Spotting the slight shift in emotions has become second nature to Nursey, like a language only he’s fluent in. So when they’re all dressing out after a game and Ransom says something about the Bruins being the best team in the league and Dex doesn’t so much as roll his eyes, Nursey knows immediately that something’s wrong. His head instantly goes to ideas of how to make Dex feel better. His plans are completely finalized in his mind before he even hits the shower.

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Name: Este Haim
Age: 30
Year Diagnosed: 2000
Location: Los Angeles, CA

“Being a touring musician is not the easiest thing when you have diabetes, healthy food is not always an option, my blood sugars can get pretty wonky, and there are times when I just don’t feel like exercising because I’m so exhausted from playing shows and traveling. But the silver lining is that everywhere I go, in almost every city I go to, other diabetic girls come to our shows and talk to me about their journey with diabetes and how they deal with it and it makes me feel so much better about all the frustrations I have and what I go through.”

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Okay I just need to get this off my chest: I'm so livid about Elsa being African American in the Disneyland show. She is Norwegian! She is white! She is flipping pasty! I have no problems with Disney wanting to diversify but instead make more diverse characters. My friend who is white got reject from being Disney characters. Ugh!! It's so frustrating! So much for the Disney magic!

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And you thought *this blog* was the one you should share this grievance with? For why? For what?

I’m done.


3.10 rambles

what fucks me up (and what i can relate to, because same) is the fact that even though jack is being firm about putting bitty’s needs and happiness first, bitty is still trying to make jack’s career the priority, even after he’s expressed in so many words how he’s feeling and how he’s hurting. like…being in the habit of constantly putting others and their happiness/comfort first, or not wanting to put your own out there for fear of being told they don’t matter and just getting hurt in general, its a really difficult habit to get out of. it can be really frustrating, but i’m so proud of bitty for even being able to put his own feelings out there at all, despite the fact he tried to play them down and take them back afterwards – he’s trying, and thats the first step.

he’s trying, and jack has shown that he’s not going to just let it drop; he’s being firm in the fact that his career shouldn’t be making bitty suffer in any way, and the fact that it is, he’s doing everything he can to find a solution that they can meet halfway with. because it wasn’t bitty dropping an ultimatum that jack should come out (bitty would never try to force jack to come out, anyways, but), that was all jack’s choice. he was so ready to throw that out there, and i’m wondering……

how long has that been in the back of his mind? how long has he been thinking about suggesting that to his boyfriend? for them to come out to their friends?

he wasn’t thinking about hockey at all, in that moment, not really. he was thinking about bitty, and nothing else, just trying to find a solution to this problem they need to tackle together. not just in words, either, but with actions – turning up at the haus at 5AM – and reminding his boyfriend that he doesn’t have to do it alone, that they’re a team, they have each other’s backs – before physically comforting him.

it really shows how serious jack is about bitty, about how much he cares for and loves and is in love with him. bitty might not see the extent of it yet, still can’t quite believe that he’s even worthy of having this, but one day he will.

I mean, I get it. I understand that the duty of a defense attorney to provide representation to their client to the best of their ability, no matter how awful that client may be, is often a bitter pill to swallow. I understand that the arguments made by the defense on behalf of such clients will make your blood boil.

It’s so frustrating that our legal fiction often involves the idea that defense attorneys shouldn’t do their jobs, or should be at least very selective about it. Phoenix Wright wants to defend the underdog. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Justice for All straight-up gives you the Bad Ending if you decide to have Phoenix do his job and defend his murderous client, rather than side with the prosecution and actively work against him. Daredevil’s Matt Murdoch only takes cases “defending the innocent,” somehow. (But hey, isn’t everyone “innocent until proven guilty” in the US legal system?) Expensive defense attorneys at the top of their game represent antagonists, and usually -conveniently for our heroes- commit fraud and get caught and/or killed.

But real life doesn’t work that way. Our legal system depends absolutely that the defense will do their jobs to the best of their ability. You don’t get to phone it in or quit because you don’t like your client. If it were otherwise, the state would hold total power over any individual they could bring the flimsiest charges against. That is not desirable for anyone who would consider themselves remotely pro-liberty, for obvious reasons.


Day 2: Classic AUs

Matthew’s uptight, super rich and super oblivious parents want to invite him and his lovely girlfriend they’ve heard so much about for a vacation at a super romantic holiday destination. One problem though, there is no girlfriend! Oh no! Of course Matthew does what every smart teenager would do and disguises his definitely platonic, definitely non-super-uber-gay-crushworthy bff Gilbert as his significant other. There’s no way that the super romantic vacation and sexual frustration will cause them to fall in love for real, right, right, RIGHT?!

Yeah. This is it. The cliche of the cliches. Everyone else would’ve probably portrayed Matthew as the ‘’girlfriend’’ but I wanted to turn it around. Gil deserves to show off his wonderful childbearing hips, lel. xD

i’m a bit concerned lately
i srsly have no idea what kind of video i can do as some sort of 100k special but i really wanna do one cause i’m really thankful AF for everything but recently i don’t feel motivated/funny/inspired enough to edit any kind of crack vid but that’s somehow all ppl wanna see rn and i really wanna make you guys happy and make you laugh but i can’t manage to do shit rn my brain is dead and assfghhkl this really bothers me UGH
i also thought about doing some q&a vid since i deleted my last one lol but i feel like i would annoy you with another facevid of mine and UGHHH THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING

this debate is so frustrating to watch jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

imagine donald in a freakin’ meeting. i’m sure they’d love all the parts where he completely interrupts them and says words like “bigly” to make a point

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I love my job and I'm happy to have it, I count myself lucky -- but it's frustrating as all hell how I can't get away from the label my job gives me. Seeing customers outside of work, it's always the same deal -- they don't see me as a private person they just see me as the employee they encounter at the store, and they treat me as such, too. I can literally see it in their eyes when they spot me, and I hate it so much. It makes me not feel like a person.

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can i get a fake text with seungkwan please? >< where the reader is in a log distance relationship with him, they have a hard time communicating and it makes seungkwan frustrated and sad and stuff but then the reader surprises him by saying they’re outside the dorm or like at the airport or smtn. sorry it’s so specific><

okokok, can i get a fake text with seungkwan where we’re in a long distance relationship

A two-for-one! I’m a sucker for sappy airport reunions LOL - Marcy

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Girl i would let Ian fuck the shit out of me. No other youtuber makes me so sexually frustrated

I relate to this on a spiritual level, I’ve never lusted so hard in my life


Tuesday is going to be an exciting day! Both personally and in my writing. The next chapter of the Exes AU will post tomorrow morning (for me here in the US). Thanks to @moghraidhjamie for helping me edit and hash out the details and polish it and make it pretty. So that’ll go up tomorrow.

Here’s the question for you all. (I feel like I ask you guys questions a lot, but you seem to enjoy it.) I have an idea for the Virgin Bedchamber AU, but I’m not sure if the time jump would be too much. We left off with them still in their wedding night. My thought was to take them back to castle Leoch and deal with the Laogahire situation. Because book!Claire got a LOT more jealous and frustrated with Laogahire than show!Claire did. She had a whole time of introspection and frustration about it. That would be skipping the Glade and the rescue from Fort William, also the Grand Raid. What do you think? Would you rather me touch on those things and have a chapter for each?

also if youre mentally ill i dont give a shit about your past experiences with abuse if youre like “yeah i behave abusively sometimes because of x but thats not my fault so dont you dare call me out on it because thats ableism !”

like, from the bottom of my heart, i genuinely as you to fuck off lmao ?

like as someone with Ugly Symptoms ™ i know more than well how fucking frustrating symptoms can be and how helpless they can make you feel when interacting with people you care about when youre lashing out and hurting but if you keep hurting people and you excuse it with “but im a survivor dont be ableist ):” i fucking hate you and youre gross js

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I read about how neighbors heard the saw in Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment along with other noise such as him talking to himself and swearing in frustration, but I did hear one person report what kind of sounded like a kid crying out and something falling onto the floor. Jeff was not a torturer from what I learned. He didn't want to make those young men he killed scream and yell. They were unconscious and drugged. Was it Jeff himself making those cries or what?

I think so… Unless he was fighting someone, which was rare.

It’s impossible to be sure but I think it may have been him moving a body. He would talk to them like they were alive and while I don’t think he cried a lot, he may have broken down to tears for some reason… that’s just my theory

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Apollo is probably a great person to vent to because honestly, he'll probably get angry WITH you. Klavier expressing slight frustration over a recent case to Apollo and Apollo's just like "awful. Ridiculous. I cannot believe this. Shocked and upset."

yeah, that’s exactly what i headcanon! apollo is super empathetic and so whatever emotion you come to him with he tends to mirror, and he’s a bit of a worrier and caretaker so he fusses and tries to make everything better

so klavier comes to him with his vague anger that has no real direction and apollo’s just like THIS IS BULLSHIT come over here! let me make you dinner! lets bitch about this come on come here and klavier sits down with him and eats and he feels so much better ten minutes into the complaint session and he has a super relaxing night

and trucy can come to apollo downtrodden and upset, looking for comfort and apollo meets her with a hug and all sorts of assurances, and he’s quiet and appropriate. he asks if there’s anything she wants to do and when she says no, completely apathetic, he strokes her hair and tells her to sit down, he’ll fetch pillows and blankets and they can watch some of her favourite movies. he lays out snacks and they huddle up and apollo waits until she feels well enough to talk about what’s bothering her

when she does, he listens well. he gives her good advice and even better reassurances that tomorrow she’ll feel better, within the week the whole thing will be resolved, and he loves her and is here for her. apollo hates seeing his family upset especially considering her history with people who don’t care about her and he empathises with her completely

Name: Este Haim 

Age: 30  

Year Diagnosed: 2000 

Location: Los Angeles, CA 

“Being a touring musician is not the easiest thing when you have diabetes, healthy food is not always an option, my blood sugars can get pretty wonky, and there are times when I just don’t feel like exercising because I’m so exhausted from playing shows and traveling. But the silver lining is that everywhere I go, in almost every city I go to, other diabetic girls come to our shows and talk to me about their journey with diabetes and how they deal with it and it makes me feel so much better about all the frustrations I have and what I go through.”

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Do you know I’ve had three guys confess to me that they liked me? One was a jerk. One is far away. One is incompatible. Three guys told me what I thought was impossible. But it really doesn’t mean anything. None of them feel right, none of them have given me butterflies or make my heart feel warm. There was one guy before you that got that reaction out of me but he was taken at the time so you know, I wasn’t going to be that girl. However its frustrating when you have a type that is seemingly so rare. I thought I was doing love wrong by not feeling what I did for Mr. Taken as no one else invoked that kind of reaction out of me. That is until I met you. For you it was instant. Tall, lanky, adorkable smile, and pure-hearted passion for something.

You were perfect! I ran around in my head trying to figure out that best way to approach, the best way to make this happen and then life hit me. You’re taken too and have been for almost a year. Damn my luck.

Two guys who I was perfectly crushing on and prepared to make a move were taken. You know what i did next? I envisioned for a quick second that if I befriended you and when (not if, which should have been a red flag for my behavior) your girlfriend dumped you (or you dumped her), I would get my chance. After all people really like me or so I’m told.

Geez, I’m an idiot.

It took me another second to get it. People don’t usually enter in relationships if they don’t actually like the other person. And usually people don’t stay in relationships if things aren’t working. You choose her and you seem really happy so I imagine that, for you, it was the right choice. Now I’ve never met her so I can’t even attempt to judge her character but if you are smiling that adorable smile every day and going around standing straight and happy then it must be going right. Who am I to even think of interrupting that? I’m practically a stranger to you, one whom you only approached once and I’m 90% sure it was because my friend was sitting next to me.

I have no chance with you. Its not because I don’t value myself nor is it because I lack confidence but rather its because you already have someone in your heart. I have to move on and try to find another Mr. Perfect and I have to earn his mutual affection.

So I guess what I’m trying to say, and the whole reason I’m even writing this in the first place, is that I hope your girlfriend continues to makes you happy and I hope you and I can be colleagues/friends, nothing more. I also wanted to apologize for my thoughts about the whole thing earlier too, even though you have no idea. I just feel guilty that it even crossed my mind.

Anyway I hope I see you around more often and I hope that because I’m stamping out my crush for you, I’ll be less awkward in our exchanges.

- L

random headcanon thought:

So we all know, that facing of the Arishok in a one-on-one as a mage Hawke basically consists mostly of running around in circles and screaming in fear. Yet, Varric still has managed to write it in a way, that even Cassandra said it sounds too romantic to be true. Now I just imagine Varric wrecking his brain after having actually witnessed this duel on how the void he can make Hawke seem like this cool, impressive hero, while still retelling this duel?

So eventually one evening in the Hanged Man Hawke and Co witness Varric throwing down his quill and grunting frustrated.

Varric: It’s useless! Try as I might, I cannot write about this duel, without making Hawke seem like a pathetic comic relief.
Hawke: Wow. Thank you Varric.
Sebastian: Are ye kiddin’ me?! What Hawke did was very heroic! All alone against a ragin’ beast like th’ Arishok, with nothin’ but magic an a few potions fur support…

And Sebastian proceeds to retell his version of the fight in a way, that makes Hawke blush profoundly and try to hide very deep under the table, because gosh Sebastian! You sure know how to lay it on thick.

Meanwhile Varric is taking notes.