Ok so like I think Roadhog and Junkrat are both probably really good at chess?? theyre always missing pieces though so they need to write down some of them on paper slips (They make silly bets every game too)

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I do not know if it's the time or the blog to said it, but here we go. Im lighskinned (more than beyonce, my mother is African American and my father is half black half Japanese) and I identify myself as black, but some people tell me that I cant for my skin color, it makes me angry and sad cause it's like I appropriate a culture that is mine too, some people just see the color of the skin. Anyway love your blog so much ❤️❤️ you're the best girl.

That’s true, like the Youtuber Megan she gets a lot of crap of people telling her she’s not Black because of her skin color but she stressed many times that she’s Black, I bet it’s so frustrating especially when yo identify yourself as Black and then they’re like “Where?”  and Thank You!!

Katie Hilton topping out the classic ‘Three Pocket Slab V3/6A’ at the lower tier of The Roaches.

I think the most honest part of climbing or what I take away from it is the overcoming of your personal demons. I see it all the time, like the other day, Just before this picture was taken. Kate was on the same move scared to trust a tragic foothold, unknowing of how good the next hold is but she still made the move.

I think we’ve all experienced that feeling as a climber, that sort of fear of the unknown that throws us into a panic where we fight or flight, and when people choose to fight, it always makes me respect them beyond belief. the fight takes over you, just complete fear but something takes over where you perform at your physical best. It’s the main reason I’ll tell people not to get so angry or frustrated with climbing. Because in those moments you’re letting yourself get in the way of something you can do. Be calm, perform and learn to trust in yourself, because at the end of the day you are all you have.

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Hi! I saw that previous ask about ffxv, and it gave me the urge to rant. Right, so if I remember correctly, the excuse given for there having no playable female character is that the creator wanted to make a game about bros being bros and how guys are free together in ways they aren't when women are present. o_o idk about you but to me this sounds a lot like boys will be boys and locker room talk (no women present) kinda shit. (they shoulda just been honest instead of this shit) Not surprised.

Yeah, it’s always way more frustrating when developers make terrible excuses rather than just owning up to not wanting to do it, and it seems to be getting far more common too.

There is not enough choice in 3-4 inch wigs ! As someone who loves tiny dolls, this is seriously frustrating. Especially male/boyish haircuts are like non-existant in this size, not even taking about fur wigs. And many wigs of this size are ill-fitting on top. I have so many that I simply cannot use because they look like shit. What makes me annoyed the most about this though is how companies who sell dolls with that wig size are not even offering a decent selection. WHY ?


People who hear an artist’s new music and automatically say they miss the old music are so frustrating. You really expect an artist to never change and make the same old music their whole lives? How boring is that? I love hearing artists change and grow, we’re so lucky to be able to experience that evolution.

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Jacob, would you be surprised if I told you that you took a special part in my heart and I love you? (I perfectly know he's a fictional character, and that's so frustrating!)

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Jacob opened his mouth to speak only to find his words lacking for the moment.

Someone loved him…? Actually loved him?

Everyone in the past he either had to pay to love him or they used him. Hearing the compliment given so freely, he wagged his foot slightly from where it was crossed over his leg and smiled while gazing downward and away as if to show how bashful he had become for a second. “Do I really now, love?” he asked, his words a soft hum over the train’s whistle and the sound of the engine working its hardest to keep the machine going on its tracks. “Honestly, to know someone such as you loves me is…refreshing, love,” Jacob admitted, clasping his hands together upon his knee as he moved upon the loveseat he was on to invite more room to where he sat as if to urge you to take the open space.

Should you hesitate, he would take his hands to yours to insist on the matter.

“But please—.” Jacob paused again, getting your eyes to gaze upon his as he smirked at your confession, the smile wrinkling his features in the process. “—tell me more.”

{{You think I am going to scream at you for that? ;) Everyone is free to love and express their love of a fictional character as much as they want! I know it makes people feel better and excited, and I certainly don’t mind the comments such as this—if anything, they make me happy to see~.}}

SU spoilers

Just watched three gems and a baby and man it was great. Pearl was practically spot on with her understanding. Like, no rose wasn’t shapeshifting, and Steven isn’t a fusion, rose is literally inside of Steven and can’t fuse because of that. Like how lapis couldn’t fuse when she was powering the mirror, Rose can’t do anything when inside of steven even if she is still sound and safe. Part of her power is stuck with Steven.

It makes me think that, no Steven wouldn’t lose his powers if he lost his gem, he could literally die without his mums power (that part is only theory) because it’s such a big part of him.

I also love love loved how they showed pearl. Like she has come so far my darling. Like her hostility towards Greg and how closed off she is around him, and her frustration with Steven. Even her little speech about how she didn’t know how to change. I love that she HAS changed and grown and learned so much.

Good episode. Good shit. Quality content.

i was tagged by @thebandformerlyknownasmaybe and @barriemorebarlow to list 10 facts about myself so i guess i can’t hold back anymore (just kidding, ily <3) and i’m the most boring person on the planet but anyway here we go:

1. i know the basics of a lot of musical instruments (at least 6) but i’m not really good at any of them and that’s so frustrating
2. that’s why i sing
3. i have a girlfriend who i love dearly
4. together with said girlfriend, i’m writing an historical fantasy novel set in an AU england and we’ve written about 200 pages so far and we’re only halfway through the first book out of the 4 we intend to write
5. my style is either “superfeminine flowery sundress and high-heeled sandals” or “jeans and sweater”, there is no in-between. and boy i love boots and high heels
6. i also have an obsession for make-up and manicure
7. i am the most obsessed bookworm you will ever meet, and i have a thing for english literature. as banal as this may sound, william shakespeare is my favourite also DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND READ CORIOLANUS IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE IT YET
8. i also collect albums, both cd and vinyl
9. also latin and greek are my jam and cicero is my baby
10. my fav color is pink, my fav season spring, my eyes are green, my star sign is pisces and i’m a ravenclaw

hoping this won’t bother you, i’m tagging @lilywaterblue, @bilbao-song, @cucumber-castle and @schismusic - love you all! <3 <3 <3

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I just got to say, I do follow a lot of fanart request of bangtan but yours is my favorite. I really love you drawings! 😳😳❤ And you 🙊❤ Don't worry about those haters (CYPHER PART 4 PLEASE) Just keep in my mind that you make our day brighter with your art 🙌💗💗

THIS IS SO KIND THANK U A LOT BABE!!!!! Ily too!!!! ;<; ;<; tbh i rlly draw for u guys, even if im tired i always try to draw something bc if it makes u happy then its totally worth it ♥♥♥

@datchu​ a dit à ask-bts-stuff :honestly anon hate is more pitiful than infuriating at this point , they’re like envious , jealous and frustrated kids. your art style is adorably charming and I’ll continue to dig it more and more ☆👌👌 keep up the awesome work ! 

Thank you a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tbh i just rlly dont care as long as i have yall ♥♥♥

Anonyme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Ugh a big fuck you to that anon who thinks your drawings are ugly. They’re cute af okay and I’m in love with the way you draw everyone, especially Jungkook’s eyes lmaooo. Your drawings make me feel so happy and warm and klsdjfdkjkdj you’re amazing okay? Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. <333

IT REALLY MEANS A LOT THANK U!!!!! If it makes u happy than i did my job!♥♥♥ ilyyyyyyyy

@syuper a dit à ask-bts-stuff :I think your art is adorable! Not to mention unique; it’s unmistakably /your/ art style and stylistic art is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻/all/ art is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 tbh don’t let an anonymous hater get you down lmao

TYSM!!!!!!!!! i rlly work hard on my art styles so it really means everyting for me!!!!! 

@kenmaisme a dit à ask-bts-stuff :Like if i see someone that i dont like their art style i wouldn’t message them with mean things, If i felt the need to send a message i would be like you go glen coco i like *insert a good thing about the style* not ‘you suck ass and your art style is whack’. Also bbi when i first saw your art style i loved it so much because it’s just so unique and that was back when you drew the sick jimin and the sneaky yoongi. I seriously appreciate your art style an don’t forget it!!!! <3

yea ikr!!!!!!! like dude just don’t send hate thats stupid, AND YES I REMEMBER, LIKE ITS BEEN SO MUCH TIME EZIFPIZJ ily prom date

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If they will write new and new EQ flashbacks after the mid-season finale I think I will give up.

I’d be right there with you if I wasn’t so invested in Captain Swan.  I didn’t sell my soul for them to become canon just to give up a season or two before the show probably ends.  All I can do is hope the writers realize how much they’ve exhausted the EQ as a character.  It’s fine if she makes an appearance as a plot point for a Snowing flashback or something, but no more flashbacks all about her.  They need to take a fucking break from her nonsense.  At this point, I’m just praying that Adam saying that CS will go on an epic, romantic, passionate adventure in 6B wasn’t him talking out of his ass to get us to keep watching.  It drives me insane, because they clearly realize that they’re starting to lose their most dedicated audience because they wanted to please a much smaller audience.  The fact that they’re promising a big CS adventure is evidence of that.  Why they never seem to follow through on things like this is beyond me.  I’m getting war flashbacks to when I watched Agents of SHIELD.  The writers promised us all this shit, and then wrote something entirely different.  That’s ultimately what drove me to quitting the show (along with the death of my favorite character who was by far the most interesting and horribly underutilized of the main cast).  I just don’t understand.  They know what we want to see.  They comment on how things we say and ask about would be interesting and fun to explore.  But then they come up with BS like the split Regina arc.  IDK anymore guys.  I’m here for Captain Swan and Charming.  Everything else pretty much sucks.

I have one last word to say about this before I shut up for the night:

I’m feeling really frustrated and annoyed by the people who are claiming that this is just pokeshippers being angry that their ship is being teased. For myself, and for the like, four other people who are frustrated by this situation–that isn’t the case at all. We’re mad that someone reposted fan art, and then people made a joke out of it. On top of that, nobody who reblogged said fan art saw the problem with reblogging stolen fan art for the sake of a joke.

We’re making a legitimate argument here that reposting and making a joke out of stolen fan art is wrong, no matter what the ship. So it’s really infuriating to hear people dismissing us and saying that we’re just overreacting because we’re angry shippers who can’t take a joke. I don’t care what shipping is being shown in that picture–it could be poke, or advance, or amour, or pallet–it’s wrong to repost and make fun of fan art.

Stop dismissing us as being bitter shippers and acknowledge that this is wrong.

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I've heard that a lot of kintypes feel like they're missing a certain ability they used to have before ?? I've felt like I'm supposed to have "telekinesis" or something like that my entire life and it really, really bothers me that I dont. Do you know of any specific creature or demigod that had that specialty? It's rlly frustrating and I just wanna find out more 😞

Arete is a god with the power of telekinesis 

Some interpretations of Witches and Warlocks have telekinesis and I’m fairly sure mischievous fae like leprechauns are said to, also. 

Apart from that I cannot help you much, sorry. 
Keep in mind that it might not be a kin thing and it could possible just be the desire to have the power, so do some research on telekinesis itself, how to do it, cases of it, etc. So you can make sure to differentiate it being a kin thing or just a you thing. 

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Jo Anna, viewsie here. Sorry for having been silent again for such a long time. But I still check in every other day, I just mostly feel I don't have much to say except shaking my head silently. Not going away anytime soon though. Just wanted to add that I'm currently home and sick w the flu and the latest few shenanigans are a welcome distraction, even if it makes me a bad person for thinking that way. So thanks for the distraction and the snark. :)

Skeptics falling ill left and right…  :o/

Feel better Viewsie and don’t thank me.  Thank Ben for marrying a ridiculously unstable woman that entertains almost as much as she frustrates people with eyes.

Nope! Charonosaurus is a real dinosaur but I can understand this commenter’s confusion/frustration.

You see, this comment is in regards to the documentary Last Day of the Dinosaurs (2010) which recycles CGI models from an earlier documentary series called Clash of the Dinosaurs (2009). Now some of these models kept their original identity (such as T. rex and Triceratops) but several are renamed, case in point: the Parasaurolophus model is now used for Charonosaurus.

Now both dinosaurs are very similar (particularly in appearance) but are indeed separate genuses, one of the main differences between the two is location (Parasaurolophus called North America home while Charonosaurus hailed from Asia).

So no, the narrator is not making up dinosaurs, this isn’t Jurassic World (2015) bud.

[ So I’m just… Lately I’ve been feeling really frustrated and angry about some shit that’s been going on that loosely involves this blog, and tonight’s kinda just made it worse. I’m strongly considering a brief hiatus or something, because right now logging in just reminds me of all the irritation I feel over certain things.

I’m not going to do anything rash just yet, since I don’t want to make an impulsive decision I’ll regret when I could instead wait and let cooler heads prevail, but yeah. Possible potential hiatus maybe coming up. Sorry. ]

i understand peoples frustration w/ Sameface but i also understand it from the character designers/modelers side

like idk humans all have the same BASIC face structure with differences in the shape and size of features that can make the entire face look different from another face and theres a lot of subtle differences between people of the same basic structure that make unique faces
but theres only so much you can do with 3D cartoon characters before you start falling into the Uncanny Valley and then people start giving you shit for making creepy ugly models so i get it

what im saying is i like Moana’s design