Nct 127 + Chenle,Renjun & Jaemin's reaction to their s/o hugging them really tightly

Request: can I request a reaction for NCT 127 (+ Chenle, Renjun & Jaemin) to you (their s/o) just hugging them really tight for a while when they come home? and when they ask why, you tell them you just had a bad day and hugging them makes you feel better.

A/N: this is so cute omg ,, and i’d make you their s/o , hope you dont mind !



As soon as you stepped into the house , you gave the man a tight hug . Taeil would be shocked at first , standing frozen in his spot . As you rested your on head on his shoulders , his arms would slowly wrap around your waist , asking you softly ,

“ what is it ? ”

“ i just need your hug , they make me feel better ”

Taeil would smile instantly , but not too brightly , he’d pull you even closer , his hands reaching up to pat your head , as he softly sang for you .

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Without even saying a word , you made your way to the sofa , where Johnny was lying , watching the television . He sat up as soon as he saw you , and tried to speak , but your tight hug cut him off , his arms naturally making their way around you .

“ how was work babe- ”

“ i guess you’re tired”

No other words will be shared , only the light sound of his hands tapping gently against your back , as you rested your head against his chest .

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He’d notice that something was wrong as soon as you stepped into the house with a small frown on your face , and would make his way to comfort you ,

“ baby what’s wrong ? ”

And when you did nothing else but hug him tightly on the spot , he would soften and hug you back  , resting his head on yours and he pat your back gently .

also be prepared for a whole set of home cooked meal specially made for you after

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Yuta was often clingy and liked to tease you by hugging and holding on to you as he loved the way you’d get annoyed at him .

But this time , instead of the usual pushing him away and whining , you willingly hugged back , as you let out a soft sigh .

Yuta would be shocked at first , wanting to ask what happened . But since he saw your sad expression , he’d refrain from asking , then trying to make you smile by pulling you closer and pecking your cheeks .

yuta needs to be stopped asap

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You caught eye contact with him as soon as you stepped into the house . Before he could say anything , you ran up to him and attacked him with a big hug , burying your face in his chest .

Doyoung would complain and be unhappy about it at first , but stop as soon as he realised what was happening .

“ What are you doing ,”

“ I almost fell- ”

Like Taeyong , he’d try to ask what happened , as he cupped your cheeks and tried making you smile , which totally worked .

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You didn’t even need to say or do anything , he’d notice and know right away .

Instead , he’d be the one who took the intiative to hug you first , then trying to make you feel better as he saw the slight frown on your face .

“ I made dinner for us babe , ”

“ Go wash up , i’ll prepare the table ”

“ know that i love you ”

stop jaehyun too thanks

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A total clueless bean - he just stood there frozen on the spot , as you hygged him tightly with all your might . He wouldn’t say much , but would gently rub your back , waiting for you to speak .

“ i feel better now ”

“ did something happen ? ”

“ yeah , but it’s okay now , thanks to your hug ”

WinWin would blush and give a small smile , then lean in for another tight and warm hug .

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Another clueless bean - his face would resemble a ‘😳’ right away , his arms awkwardly hanging by the sides , unsure of what to do . Although it wasn’t the first time the both of you were hugging , his face would still be fully red , as his eyes shift around nervously .

“ U-Uh… Are you alright ? ”

“ No , mark ”

“ Oh .. why ? ”

*his arms slowly finds its way around your waist*

“ i don’t wanna talk about it now , ”

And mark would just nod his head , patting your back lightly as he started thinking of ways to cheer you up .

One hour later he brings you out on a small date

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As usual , he wanted to tease and greet you as soon as you stepped in , but stopped when he noticed your sunken expression .

“ You’re back- what’s wrong ? ”

As he slowly made his way to you , you naturally and instinctively pulled him in your arms , sighing and taking in his warmth .

He also tries to make you feel better by teasing you ,

“ I know you love me a lot but can you let go for a while , i can’t breathe ”

“ i-i’m sorry ”

“ no don’t be . besides …. you have me here right now so cheer up ! ”

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He’d greet you with a big and cheerful smile , holding on to your hands . But as he caught on to your forced smile , his expression would change , then asking you questions worriedly .

“ are you fine ? do you want to talk- ”

*hugs him*

“ oh .. ”

And like Mark , he’d just pat your back gently in a small rhythm , his other hand combing your hair .

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Like Yuta & Jaehyun , he’d be the one who hugs you first , and tries acting cute to gain your attention . But when he noticed that you didn’t have much reaction , he’d peck you lightly on your cheek , “ are you okay ? ”

And when you start hugging him , he smiles brightly to himself and tries his best to comfort you with sweet words .

“ my angel will have a better day tomorrow , don’t worry ! ”

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He’d be the most chill about it amongst all the members , and wouldnt even notice that you were sad until you told him - Maybe because y'all hug too often it just feels like a normal hug to him .

“ i had a bad day today ”

“ ahh , but you’re with me now !! ”

And he knows exactly how to cheer you up -

starts playing music and dances for you to see:

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BTS reaction to you doing aegyo

Jin: He would fall in love all over again. He’s a sucker for cute stuff. He would ask you to do it for him all the time! He would be obsessed!

“Jagi~ please do it for me?”

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(Ignore Rap Mon)

Suga: He would be a little unfazed by it on the outside, but on the inside, he would be fangirling to no tomorrow!

Outside: “Not gonna work”


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Rap Monster: He would probably get flustered, and a little embarrassed if you were in public, but would low key love it.

“Why are you so cute?”

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J-Hope: He would be highkey fangirling. He would be bouncing off the walls overloaded with how cut you look! He would probably start doing it with you.


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Jimin: He would insist he’s can be cuter than you, but I need the end, he can’t help the cuteness!

“Ok fine jagi, you may a little bit cuter than me”

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V: He would never admit you being cuter than him until you either wouldn’t talk to him all day, or you were on the brink of tears (fake tears though)

“Aww I’m sorry please don’t be mad at me! You’re 10000000000 times cuter than me jagi I swear!”

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Jungkook: He would be so overcome with emotions he would freeze on the spot and become JUNGSHOOK in an instant

“……..why so cute……….”

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Femme lesbian anon again. You said you wear a lesbian necklace? Do you have any cute recommendations? I've been trying to find one but I'm picky... I like delicate, subtle stuff and most stuff I find is giant and gaudy;; Sorry to big you again 💋

I do! 💖 this is the one I have. It’s really subtle and cute!

There are so many cute ones! 💕/🌈/💄/👭 

😍 OMG while I was searching I found myself a sapphic choker hehe


I told my friend about Malec

I have this rather homophobic friend, but she respects me for shipping two men together. We have a weird relationship tbh, but I assure you she’s  a good person.
After watching Shadowhunters 2x06 and 2x07, I was so hyped and I just need to tell someone about it. I met her and I thought “Perfect!” I’ve told her about my ships before and she was totally cool about it. 

We live in Indonesia, and here we don’t have words like “he” or “she”, we say “dia” for both male and female subject. When I told her about Malec (”I don’t care how many people you’ve been with” part), I didn’t say Magnus nor Alec at all, I just used person A and person B because it would be more simple that way. 

We spent five minutes screaming. She yelled “OMG THAT’S SO CUTE!” about five times I think. Then she said, “It’s so sweet because the girl is the one who said she’s willing to make all the effort”

At this point  I was looking at her like she had grown a new head, then I realized, “Sis… I never said there was a girl in the relationship”

And she was looking at me for like twenty seconds flat. “But, but it’s so cute” she said at last, horrified. “Why do they have to be both men?”

“Well,” I said, “You have to agree that it was cute, though. I guess that’s the only difference between you and me. I love a love story for the plot, you love it for the gender, yeah?”

She looked at me like that was the first time she realized I have two eyes. “I… I need to reevaluate my whole existence”

And that, folks, is how I convinced my friend to ship Malec.

omg i love that fanart so much!! this artist’s dog!shisui au is also the cutest thing oh my god

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(Itachi! Itachi! Play with me—)

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(Shisui: Sasuke!
Sasuke: You did it again didn’t you, dumb dog. *rings doorbell*)

External image

(Itachi: Heavy…)

I’m sorry I just have to share dog!shisui au with everyone ahhhhhh///