Mama garnet would be so proud of stevonnie for taking back their power from kevin


I didn’t know I needed this until now *v*


the day everyone cringed so hard

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Fluffy Headcannon Time: On Steve's Birthday, Bucky will place star stickers on Steve's shield. One for every year of his life. They like to argue on whether to count the years in the ice or not, but what side they're on changes every year. After this happening a couple of times, Steve's started to return the favor, but on Bucky's arm. :D

omg??? this is so cute???

The first time, it’s probably all passive-aggressive and angry because of Steve’s latest stunt. Bucky buys gold star stickers and starts sticking ‘em all over Steve’s shield while he bitches, “one sticker for every year you’ve managed to not get yourself killed. Can you believe there are so many?”

Steve, he says somethng like, “Nah. It’s more like one for every year you managed to keep me alive.”

Bucky’s so flustered, he throws a pillow at Steve’s head, “don’t try to butter me up, Rogers! I’m still mad at you.”

And then it just keeps happening every year, because Bucky is equal parts Romantic and Asshole. XD


Life updates 1: the cat cafe.

Last week I went for the first time to a cat cafe! It’s called Torakiki cafe and it’s in Prato, a town near Florence.
There were four kittens and three adult cats, all well fed and cared about. I spent a couple of hours there playing with them, and it was so nice and relaxing. They have a big room with a lot of playthings, cat towers and passages on the walls and the ceiling, as well as a lot of places where to sleep. And air conditioning, of course.
I can’t wait to go back there, they now have a new kitten!

For @fatcatfishdish, who wanted to know about the cat cafe. :)


[Comeback Stage] ZHOUMI - What‘s your number, 조미 - 왓츠 유아 넘버 Show Music core 20160723

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oh my goodness I apologize for the low quality- I was struck with such inspiration after I saw a video of a man proposing to his boyfriend and knowing that foxy cries when Freddy proposes…..jiNKIES I had to sketch a LITTLE somethin out ;; I hope you like it…..

aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ;A;  That’s so sweet and cute omg my child <333 Look at him he’s so happy ;3; <333

This is so cute omg I love this, I love his expressions!! Thank you so much ;v; !!

bless <3

This will be the only time I ever post r*cas on my account, but this whole scene tears my heart out, the only part that saves me from total devastation is Riley’s cuteness omg she’s so adorable 😂 I can’t be mad at her. Anyways congrats to the r*cas shippers if it were lucaya I’d be screaming. This doesn’t mean I lost hope, I’ve made up my mind, lucaya is MY endgame.