today’s headline: smol bisexual attempts to cover face with hair while wearing a second hand nightie 🤗

sup kids my name is annie and my sexuality is harley quinn ~~ {hmu}

((forreal tho y'all is this still happening or did i just spend 10 mins taking selfies for no reason))

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future headcanon: once the whole ordeal with Zarkon is over Keith and Shiro fix up a little cabin (this time not in the goddamn desert) with a nice little garden and live there with a dog and two cats. they are both a little banged up from their time as freedom fighters but they are happy and get to enjoy life in peace. (except for when the rest of team voltron visits them which is like at least once a week, it's chaos)


*SLIDES THIS ASK TO DREAMWORKS* pssst………….hey here’s an idEA


she is so precious 💓

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First off, I love your writing so much you are INSANELY talented. Would you please write a poem about being up really late at night. That's like my habitat lol. Congrats on all of your followers!!!

the dimming of natural light happens without announcement,
one minute you look up & the room is encapsulated in darkness.

a calm settles within your bones,
the warmth of the blanket of stars ridding you of the chill you had,
you can focus now.

the stars & moon will protect you, and watch your back,
you can fully breathe fully now.

you can lower your guard.

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Having a cute romantic picnic in a dreamy meadow with Dylan and he brings cute food and vodka and you're so in luv omg pls pls🌿🍸💕

“I’m starting to think you’re actually kidnapping me,” you say, looking in Dylan’s direction. He had told you he had a surprise and convinced you to wear a blindfold in the car. You’ve been driving for miles and you’re getting restless. He laughs, “Would I really have the air conditioning on and your favorite music if I was kidnapping you?” You shrug, “You could be tricking me into thinking this is something nice until it’s too late.” He looks over at you, chuckling, “You’ve been watching too many crime shows.” “No such thing!” you insist. The car finally stops and you move your head around blindly, “So this is where I die.” “Stop it!” he laughs, getting out of the car, “Give me two minutes.”

You wait patiently, getting out when he opens your car door and he leads you out a little ways. “Okay, you can take it off,” he says. You pull off the blindfold, your eyes trying to adjust to the sun. They focus on a blanket and a small picnic set up for the two of you. You look over at him, your face scrunching up in adoration, “Dyl…” He grins, “Good?” “Good?” you laugh, “Great! This is so pretty.” You sit down and he sits next to you, opening the basket. You start pulling out food, grinning faintly as you pull out a bottle of vodka, “Oooh…” He laughs quietly, “Yeah, I thought that could be nice. I have some juice in here, too, if you want to mix them.” “Well, didn’t you just think of everything,” you murmur, leaning in to kiss him. He smiles and kisses you back and the two of you start to eat.

“And then he couldn’t light the cigarette…” you’re both laughing as Dylan tells you about filming for a video project. “You should come with us, sometime,” he smiles, “We could be guy and girl team kicking ass…” You grin, “I’d love that.” The two of you are just the right amount of full and tipsy, lying back on the blanket as you enjoy the beautiful day. You glance over at Dylan and he smiles as he crawls over you, giving you a slow, deep kiss. You hum softly, moving your arms around him. The two of you make out a little while and Dylan pulls back with a small grin, “You know, if you ever tell Reb that I did this-” “Oh he’d never let you live it down,” you laugh, starting to kiss at his neck. “Might tell him about this part, though,” he says in a strained voice. You giggle and lean in to kiss him deeply again. I love you, you both think.

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I literally went to a football game on Friday and two boys were being sweet and kind to each other (keep in mind this is high school so I was like 'hmmm') AND ONE OF THEM PECKED THE OTHER ON THE CHEEK AND I NEARLY SCREAMED football is gay confirmed

omg that’s so cute shwgdvdjdj

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What video or accident are the fans talking exactly?? Link if you have please..

thissssssssssss it’s so cute omg (omb if antonio is reading this)