Big News!

Hi everybody!  

I know this blog has been inactive for some time, mostly I’ve been reblogging a few things here and there to my side blog, but I haven’t had much time lately for sewing or watching Sailor Moon.  I have a good reason though I promise! 

For the last 10 months, I’ve been seeing a lovely lady, however we’ve been long distance :( She lives one and a half hours away, which isn’t too bad, but when our schedules only allow us to see each other every other weekend, it hasn’t been fun.  But!  As of July 1, 2017, we are accomplishing every LDR’ers dream: CLOSING THE DISTANCE!!!!!!  We are moving into a little apartment in her area on the first of July, and we’re both so excited!!  This is my first time ever moving, so I’ve been busy packing up my bedroom and sewing space in preparation for the haul (yes I’m a lesbian and I’m using a U-Haul, fight me lol!). So I’m hoping once things settle, I’ll be sewing (and exercising) more regularly and posting more of my quilts to Tumblr.  

These are recent pics of me and my girlfriend from our trip to Pittsburgh for PrideFest 2017 and watching the Pens win their second back to back Stanley Cup!!!!!

Reblogging to mah’ side blog too @thatlesbianquilter