"You’re supposed to meet somebody and fall in love and be together forever."

"Oh honey, who put that crazy idea in your head?"

"You and dad."

Married AU

80% sure my roommate just made fun of me with her guy friend cause I brought a guy home last night and was sorta loud but I could just be paranoid but listen though I had a really good time and the guy I brought home was really nice and cute and had good music taste and cool tattoos and I had a really good time. So no regrets man. I do want a nap though. Probs gonna nap now.

i was tagged by viicchi i’m so sorry i didn’t see this until now!!! thanks for tagging me lil plant ^u^

why did you choose your url?

  • my sudden love for eggs *-* and i wanted a cute one!! princetrash was a great url and i’m using it for a private blog for unfinished writing, but it’s worn out it’ss use on my main.

what’s your middle name?

  • i actually don’t have one!!

if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

  • i just want a big dog, a giant dog and a lazy, chubby cat. and a cactus. mant cacti actually plz

fav colour?

  • i think i like pink the most /.u.\ but i wear black the most

fav song?

  • i’ve liked a lot of purity ring lately!!

what are your top 3 fandoms?

  • FNAF, Yume Nikki, horror in general???? as of right now at least

why do you enjoy tumblr?

  • i don’t so much enjoy it as much as it’s become routine and a safe space for me. and i suppose a place to express myself (within “reason” :,-D), thats a good thing. like i don’t have any sort of chats to attend to like with facebook when i feel especially quiet (and there are more introverts on here that understand my tendencies for that? PEOPLE ON FACEBOOK ARE REALLY STRESSFUL BECAUSE EVERYONE IS AN EXTROVERT sdlgjsfgjjj). i don’t have to worry much about anything on here honestly (except now that i don’t have xkit and get stressed out over seeing certain text posts and issues that i’d rather not see or talk about). and it caters to my weird problem of having to be organized, like haaaaa i can’t fix my messy life and all over-the-place brain, so how about prettying up blogs instead. oh. i’m sad again. buh.

who i tag: mo3cartoons jollynonsense h8trg8tr ramm1el sailorcute + anyone else who wants to do this real;y.