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Your one of the few artists who might just ACTUALLY complete the entire inktober!! `0'

I’m nearly there!

But generally speaking I’m pretty good at sticking with stuff :) Lots of practice. And I don’t have anything major on after work for the remaining days so I should make it just fine! Thank you for following my Inktober marathon!!!


Part one of three. :)

Marinette hates to think of her kitty trying to dress his own wounds on his own.

By the way, this is going to be another screaming reveal comic because those are my favorite.

Part two —>

Part three —->


I love Miraculous Ladybug so much, and I had to draw my favorite ship <3

Also I wanted to practice backgrounds, and the episode 16 had pretty good references in general *———–*

This drawing was inspired by:

 The lovely fics Heartstrings (by @taylordraws/@zenwisterias) and Lucky Strike (by @runningoutofink)

And the W.I.P Kaleidoscope of @shishitsunari (I LOVE IT SO MUCH!)

PS: Thank you to all my friends! Seriously Thank you for your suport guys, you’re amazing!!! @juliajm15 @angiensca @lazyleezard and @runningoutofink