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hey um, this is a ridiculous question but like. what are books or websites about Buddhism youd recommend to soneone who knows literally nothing about it? im interested because ive seen you talk about it before, so thank you

nah youre fine. i have a buddhism page if you wanna read my paraphrasing of stuff ive learned, but other than that i recommend buddhanet for like a really mediocre introduction to buddhism (i say mediocre because im not a fan of the way they express things sometimes), and if you wanna inquire further i actually recommend wikipedia because it gives a pretty good overview of the philosophical foundations of most practices and concepts. Thich Nhat Hanh is really popular and so is Pema Chodron but theyre more on the non-specific spiritual side of things that makes buddhism palatable to the west as a secular practice of self-help. if you want to learn more about the material practices of buddhists i recommend going to a nearby temple or finding some online buddhist community. every person youll talk to online will always recommend finding a teacher to talk to face-to-face and tbh i agree with them.

Fake AH Crew Michael who’s in love with embroidered bomber jackets, but can’t fit into the ever smaller women’s sizes, “Apparently only females like embroidery, seriously what the fuck is up with that?!” So he decides to take up embroidery as a hobby and make his own. At first he can’t seem to get the technique down, but after some practice and bloody fingers, he gets pretty good at it. The repetitive motion of it is relaxing and the delicate maneuver of his fingers is good practice for wiring bombs. Soon enough all of his favorite jackets have colorful flowery designs on them and his name perfectly sewn in cursive on the front. He may or may not start sprucing up some of the other crew members’ clothing, Ryan doesn’t like to talk about it.

okay so maybe this is a little dumb but like? School is starting and I know last year I saw a number of people saying “well I failed math again” and so I’m basically here to say that if anyone is having trouble in math that I’m here to help! It’s weird to reach out to someone random on the internet but if you’re really desperate, I would love to make sure that there aren’t any more “I failed math” posts on my dash because that always makes me sad

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Hey there, Alex! I remember reading somewhere that you learned some Japanese online before you started the classes. Any sites you recommend for someone wanting to learn the language? c: Or even books? Hope you have a nice day! ^_^)/ ♥

Hi! <3  自分で日本語を勉強するつもりですか?頑張ってね!ちょっと難しいと思います。でも、きっとできるよ!The best way by FAR to learn japanese is by an actual instructor if you have the means to do so. Doing it by ones’ self is pretty hard, but it’s always good for practice and it will get you further than not studying it. For example, I had studied japanese by myself here and there since about 2007, and when I took my first legit japanese course at college in 2014, I was way ahead of the game as far as pronunciation and writing and reading katakana and hiragana goes. 

I’m no expert on where some good places are to study, but if anyone sees this post and has their own resources to add, go ahead and add to the post. These are just a couple of my references I use: 

Online references: 

I frequent Tanoshiijapanese often for whenever I’m writing kanji or trying to figure out some conjugations. If you go to their dictionary tab, you are able to look up things such as stroke order, pronunciation, conjugation and many other informational things about any given kanji, provided you know the onyomi or kunyomi or english translation. It helps me a lot when I can’t remember the stroke orders. 

JapanesePod101 is a youtube channel that goes over many things and reviews cultural norms from japan. I’m subscribed to them. :) They’re pretty good people. 

Japanese Language MLC is a facebook page I use too. They are very good at reviewing things and the people who comment on the pictures are usually nice and will help you review things at times. 

Physical references: 

Genki books 1 and 2. My classes used these two books and they are absolutely FANTASTIC. If I were to recommend anything, it would be these two books. It made things that seemed hard to understand simple. I think they’re available on amazon too. 

Essential Kanji. I picked this up at barnes and noble a while back. It’s great for looking up kanji characters. If only I could memorize all of these! OTL The one thing I will say about this book is that when using it, always try to write like the middle column, that’s how the kanji looks handwritten. Sometimes kanji can look extremely different than the calligraphy style type you often see online. My sensei was ADAMANT that we learned how the japanese handwrite kanji. So be careful! :) Follow the stroke order as shown in the book, but make sure it looks closer to how it looks handwritten. 

Japanese the Manga Way was one of the first books I’ve gotten. It’s really helpful and it illustrates how to use japanese in different contexts with both images and lessons. It’s fun to read through. :) 

Other than that, I have lots of japanese to english dictionaries and I spend most of my time listening to japanese music and television. Anime can help, but don’t trust everything in anime because half the time they’re speaking in heavy dialects and slang. :) 

My advice is to learn the formal ways of saying things first and learn how to write and read hiragana and then katakana before attempting kanji. lol Also, practice by making flashcards or using some apps that allow for that. You can always talk with me in romaji or hiragana to practice. ^^ Finding someone to study with you will also help! I’m sure there are TONS of references out there. we just have to find them. ^^ Good luck and practice with me anytime You would like! 

Though…I’ve only gone through three semesters of an official japanese course so I’m not fluent. I am intermediate maybe at best, and I understand more than I can speak. But I would love to help out! Japanese is something I am very passionate about. Let’s study together! ;) 

Totally and Completely ~ Aaron Burr x Reader

Drawing was one of your favorite hobbies. It had been ever since you were a child and you were pretty good at it. Practice makes perfect!

Today you and your best friend Aaron were hanging out. Though you were drawing and he was reading.

You were lacking inspiration and frustration was washing over you.

You looked up at Aaron, his face blank and his eyes flitting across the page. The lighting was perfect.

You started sketching him, glancing up at his figure every couple minutes.

Focusing, you worked quickly not noticing that Aaron had finished his book as was now staring at you.

You looked up.

“Why are you staring at me Aaron?”

He smirked.

“Why do you keep glancing at me every couple minutes?”

You blushed and held you sketch book to your chest.

“Well, I may have been, sort of, drawing you,” you mumbled. He looked shocked.

“May I see it?” He asked walking over to you. You handed it over.

His dark eyes flickered over the drawing. He seemed shocked.

“Wow. This is, really really good!” He handed it back to you. “Why did you draw me though?”

“Well I was lacking inspiration and you were sitting right there. It’s really easy to draw you,” you admitted to him.

“Really? Why?”

“Well I may sort of be, totally and completely in love with you.”

He seemed surprised for a second but then complete joy washed over his face. He sat in front of you before cupping your face in his hands.

“I may or may not be totally and completely in love with you too.”

He brought your face closer to him and pressed his lips softly to yours.

The kiss was sweet and full of passion.

He broke away and looked into your eyes.



“Be mine.”

Head canon that at one point in the afterlife Cronus formed a band

It was comprised entirely of alternate versions of himself, each that had learned a different rock instrument

Surprisingly, they were not completely shitty!

Their lyrics weren’t terribly inspired and they had the annoying habit of eyefucking the audience while playing, but they had halfway decent vocals and their sound was pretty good considering they had nothing better to do than practice

They broke up, however, over a tragic misunderstanding

Each of them had secretly joined thinking they were going to get some concupiscent action

(Cause everybody knows the lead singer/bassist/drummer/lead guitar gets all the bone bulge)

They fall to rancor accusing the others of stealing all the groupies when the truth was: they had no groupies

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Could you tell me more about Folk Shinto?

To start, this is a pretty good introductory article 

But as far as how each individual practices go….that -really- depends on each village, prefecture, region, kami, and so many more variables involved.

 Essentially, it was kind of an “original” Shinto before the Meiji reformations, and distinctions occurred. And that the idea of the kami of the Kojiki, particularly Amaterasu Omikami-sama, were superior.

 The introduction of the kamidana and other ritualized practices soon followed suit, so much of folk Shinto - unless you live among the communities, is virtually unknown.

 I do know of local practices within Okayama prefecture, and Ise area….but folk Shinto is so intimately tied to the community, it should not be brought outside of that community, if that makes sense? 

Jinja Shinto may have become strict, but it was very good for globalizing and standardizing the faith/way  as well. 

To give you an example though, the village the founder of Konkokyo grew up in was practicing minzoku (folk) Shinto faith in Konjin-sama. The village of Otani began to develop it’s own unique rituals and style of worship to honor Konjin-sama, a deity not normally worshipped at the time. There was no necessity to regard Amaterasu Omikami-sama or other kami of the kojiki, people only did if they wanted to. There was also no real formal guidelines on how to worship, only the traditions passed down, which, after Meiji era, became standardized and adjusted. 

A modern slight example is only present on Mt. Fushimi, which Fushimi Inari Taisha has no jurisdiction over. This is still more of Inari Sect practice (Inari-kyo) but it carries traces of folk Shinto, as in lay members will perform prayers and rituals at their individual rock altars on the mountain. - unique rituals not Fushimi Inari Taisha standard. The custom of tying bibs on the fox statues originates from Folk practices too. The priests actually don’t approve of it, but do not to remove them as they are sincere offerings. These are just some glimpses I can provide you to explain a little about Folk Shinto. 

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Sorry it’s late! Some personal issues came up and Tumblr was being a butt again so I couldn’t post it right away.
I ended up kinda going all out on this whoops, but I really enjoyed doing it tbh. I have a horrible habit of adding too much detail and not knowing when to stop, but I also learned a lot while doing this piece so that’s good (example? do not use the shading technique I used) Also I know I could fix up the shading and lighting more, but it’s almost 4am and I need sleep.
Also the dpi setting isn’t as high as if I was doing a commission so it was kinda hard to create a certain effect with blending and shading.

The Power of Mabel Week: Day 3 - The Future

(Note to self: Try really hard not to post content for a challenge late at night.)

My first drawing for TPoMW! I was planning on coloring this, but maybe I will another time. This is also the first time I drew in the GF style, and it came out pretty good. Hopefully, it’ll get better if I practice drawing that style more often.

Here is how I envision Mabel in the future:
• Based on this drawing, she is obviously a teenager in high school; she still has her same personality, but has matured significantly.
• Her dream job is to start a fashion line; of course she will plan on making sweaters in it.
• The romantic situations she dealt with back at Gravity Falls helped her improve her matchmaking skills and gives helpful dating advice to her friends.
• Speaking of romance, she was able to find herself a great boyfriend.

Guys, do stories HAVE to have a twist?

Like, I’m writing a story about an android who lives to obey and disobey the Three Laws of Robotics. So at some point, she’s gonna take part in a war against humans (Idk) and my little sister is like: “But your story needs a twist.”

Do stories NEED that twist everyone wants? Does it really?

Idk if it’s too cliche, having my android go off to help in a robopocalypse. (She’s got a pretty damn good reason too; she literally dies for awhile after practically being destroyed by a gang of humans after they find out she’s android)

Or maybe that’s the twist? Idk…

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Bonjour, which book by Simone de Beauvoir do you like the most? merci xx

The only book of hers that I have finished in it’s entirety is The Second Sex. It’s incredible & everyone knows I highly recommend it. 

I’m also in the process of reading “Adieu: A Farewell to Sartre” which is a pretty good one. 

I love practically everything that woman has written.