The best part of completing the descend into the post-left is that I’m not really afraid of being openly sectarian anymore. Like, I don’t think ideology is an effective way of organizing resistance. Rather, I think affinity is much more useful because it leads to organizational structures that are much more fluid and dynamic, which means they’re harder for Power to subvert. Tbh, I don’t really mind talking shit about other leftists. That critique has to be put into active practice though. Being an armchair theorist is something that helps no one.

Day eight!

The thing I am most proud of doing is caring for all of my cute nerd villagers and trying to support them as best I can with the limited options available to me.

A Wonderful Caricature || Remus and Alecto AU Plot


  • If you aren’t serious about this play then leave AU

Time for the school play; surprisingly, Remus was a pretty good actor. Maybe he’d had enough practice in every day life- between hiding his lycanthropy and memorizing things for tests, he pretty much already had all of the skills down. If only he had the desire to do it. His friends had suggested Remus take on a hobby, and the easiest sounding one had been joining the school play. So he’d auditioned, and there he was. The male lead, even. Remus hadn’t even had a clue who else had auditioned- truthfully, he hadn’t yet even looked at the script. 

He arrived just moments before the Director began addressing the group, which, apparently, was late? In Remus’ head, he was on time, but the death glares shooting at him told him otherwise. With a shrug, he took a seat behind everyone else and reclined lazily into one of the chairs.

07/03/15, a Friday 

 Got to ride my bike & put some new art on my wall. Ate a kale salad & talked about harm reduction. Made & bottled sun tea. Told a catcaller to “Go fuck a cop.” Not in that order. Now I’m wide awake & listening to the new Bully album & waiting for a cute sweetie to cross state lines & show up at my door. I have about $22 to my name, but the rent’s been paid & I have some Tofutti Cuties in the freezer, everything feels okay. 

 Spoiler alert: I’m playing Think and Die Thinking next weekend!! Had a good practice with Tristan, we’re in a pretty cool place. It’s like we realized that the reason we were able to put up with each other for 6 years as partners is because we’re pretty good friends. I feel fortunate that we got to this point, in a relatively organic way. 

 When I was on the cruise, I painted my toenails with this insane UV-responsive color-changing purple glitter. I love it. 

 This weekend I’m going to help my mom craft her résumé, go on some pretty drives, & stretch.

Baby Wolf Baekhyun~


I finally decided on an outfit hahaha. My favorite color is orange so this worked out pretty well in my opinion. And somehow I’m actually happy with this painting. Sure you can nitpick it all day, but I didn’t hate doing it and I don’t hate it now so its a victory in my book. 

I’ve been using the machine-guns lately, but for a while I was practicing with the sniper and getting pretty good with it. Need to practice more with it again. I also really like using the Rapid Blaster Deco. Honestly I like switching up my weapons a lot! 

Was also gonna do another pose with the Rapid Blaster Deco but didn’t want to spend a lot longer working on this. Blehhh lol.

 “Parker’s a young kid, pretty good on the sax. Gets up to play at a cutting session, and he fucks it up. And Jones nearly decapitates him for it. And he’s laughed off-stage. Cries himself to sleep that night, but the next morning, what does he do? He practices. And he practices and he practices with one goal in mind, never to be laughed at again. And a year later, he goes back to the Reno and he steps up on that stage, and plays the best motherfucking solo the world has ever heard. So imagine if Jones had just said: “Well, that’s okay, Charlie. That was all right. Good job. "And then Charlie thinks to himself, "Well, shit, I did do a pretty good job.” End of story. No Bird. That, to me, is an absolute tragedy. But that’s just what the world wants now. People wonder why jazz is dying.”   Whiplash, 2014 -Terence Fletcher

i just want to spend time with my horse. the last 3 days all I’ve been able to do is go and do her stall and??? pet her and give her some treats??? but finally wednesday i will have time to ride her and i am very excited about that tbh

I’m taking her to her first show in mid August and it seems far away now but I really need to practice more with her. she is pretty good at the things she will need to do for the show, but I still want to practice more and get better at it. 

like, no one understands. i am so excited to take her to this show. because I trained my horse. I taught her just about everything. I want my hard work to pay off. I don’t really care about winning, but, to be honest, bringing home some ribbons with her would be nice. like, ME, I DID IT, I TRAINED THIS HORSE, AND IT’S BETTER THAN SOME OTHER HORSES!!!! that sounds so rude tho lmao