Ok so… I really, REALLY, love @theslowesthnery Sims 4 Sans and Papyrus adventures, and I had to draw something based on it because it’s hilarious so went and sketched out these two based on THIS and THIS :D they might not have turned out that great but I tried at least! still a bit bothered over the fact I couldn’t get his face close enough to the original pic on the second picture but moving on

Got a third pic in the works but which I have decided to colour so it will take a bit longer but hopefully not too long! <: spoiler, it’s a preggy sans~

Anyhow, I hope you will like this @theslowesthnery :D I srs love your art, your au and all your sims post! I think it was even because of you that I started to draw Sans with a tooth gap!

cheerleader!connor headcanons

requested? NoPE just fulfilling our own fantasies :) -mod nat

warning: suicide mention


got a request?

-after connors episode (suicide attempt), he starts going to therapy and getting the medication he needs and he’s getting much better!

-a while into his sessions, his therapist gives him this assignment for him to look around school clubs/after school activities but only to check them out yknow!

-so he’s like perusing the club fair at the school, he checks out art club but he knows how to draw pretty well and he wants to try something that’ll challenge him

-at the fair you bump into him and u are very surprised to this tall emo bean lookin for a club to join

-”hey, uh, you should join cheerleading!”

-”but im a guy”


-he thinks youre so damn Cute and he’s like “maybe if i sign up she’ll be there”

-so he takes your clipboard and signs up

-ROLLS AROUND TIME FOR TRYOUTS and concon is a little nervous and sheepish since he’s the only guy there

-and you SEE him there and ur like oh my GOSH id didnt think youd actually show up

-you start a little convo with him and tell him that youre sure that he’s gonna do great

-so he does his lil routine and he’s actually pretty good! like he’s been practicing a bit

-and he gets on the team! yes bitch!

-you show up to every practice because your friend who’s on the team is your ride home, so you just stay doing homework and stuff

-but more than often youre cheering for the team and giving them feedback but youre most focused on connor

-”i think connor should go here!” “maybe connor could try this,”

-and he is LovES THAT SHIT

-nOW the first game of the season is here! and youre there to root the team on

-they come out and youre screaming at the top of your lungs for connor

-and you basically murder ur vocal chords for the remainder of the game

-AFTERWARDS you meet up with them and tell them how good they did and how proud you are of them!!!

-all the girls are leaving and youre kind of in the back

-connor pulls you back from the crowd and looks a little nervous

-”what’s up con!”

-he’s like rubbing his neck and he CONFESSES to you

-“you really, helped me out, these past few weeks, i just wanna say thank you. for that.”

-you feel all blushy and flustered

-”im glad i could help!”

-and his heart MElts

- i picture this as a MOVIE MOMENT

-you are the only two people in the middle of the field and all the field lights are hitting you in this ethereal hazy way

-before you can turn around to walk away, he grabs your face and brings u in for a kiss

-and y'all… obviously start dating then and there duh

-the team LOVES CONNORS NAILS he’s so funking good at it

-”why don’t you try a different color connor?”

-he’ll Only change it for games (let’s say red+white) but the rest of the time they r always black

-one time he lost a bet with the team and if he lost he was supposed to wear one of the girls cheerleading uniforms around the school

-Hairy Legs

-the whole entire day you’re whistling at him

-”damn murphy! who’s taking you home after the game?”

-”take a picture, it’ll last longer”


-he usually wears his hair up in a bun for the games

-but by the end of it he has little pieces of hair stuck to his skin and MAD flyaways

-it’s fuckin cute tho :)

-you eventually suggest that he should put in a high pony but he’s like :/

-he does it tho

-and it STICKS he always does it now

-at the beginning on the season the team got jackets with their names on them

-connor gives u his to wear bc he loves the smell of it when u give it back :)


-Nope, he’s a cheerleader!

-you couldn’t be more proud of him

-he’s so much happier and social than he was in the beginning of the year

-hehehehe tHaTS ALL ♡

SNK/AOT: Dating Jean Headcanons #2

- Whenever Jean has the opportunity, he’ll hug you from behind and will softly kiss your cheek. His arms will wrap around your waist and pull you back against his chest.

- Piggyback rides just because he feels like it.

- He makes sure that he doesn’t let a day go by that he doesn’t tell you he loves you. Anything can happen at anytime, and being part of the Scouts your life is always on the line so he always makes sure that you know how he feels.

- Races you on your 3DMG and gets his ass beat. He’s pretty good but after practicing so much against him your skills have improved and you beat him sometimes.

- Jean glares at you whenever he catches you wearing his clothes but he secretly adores it and wishes he could see you in his clothes forever.

- You guys often give each other massages just to release some stress.

- He gets embarrassed when trying to tell you exactly how he feels. His hands will sweat and his cheeks will be flushed red while he tries to explain how lucky he is to have you.

- Definitely a spontaneous kisser and smirks at your reaction to him suddenly kissing you out of the blue.

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Drabble: Morning Routine (Modern College AU)

“Good morning, milady.” Putting down his razor, Hiccup shot Astrid a grin as she entered the bathroom with a fluffy towel in her hand. “How was practice?”

“Pretty good.” With a shrug, Astrid started the shower, then tugged her tank top over her head. “I mean, a couple of my serves were sloppy, but I’ve had worse days.” She discarded her sports bra before peeling off her leggings and underwear. After releasing her hair from its ponytail and slipping the hair tie onto her wrist, she stepped beneath the warm water.

“I’m sure you did great, milady.” Hiccup carefully ran the razor across his cheek.

“You say that after every practice.” Humming a tune, the blonde began to scrub her sweaty hair.

As the mirror fogged from the steam of the shower, Hiccup rubbed the glass with his fist before each stroke with the razor.


With a newly shaven face, the young man turned to see Astrid poking her head out from the shower curtain. “Yes, milady?”

“Do you mind getting my back for me?” Pushing the curtain aside, she handed her husband a dripping bottle of body wash before turning away from him.

“Well, it doesn’t seem like I have much of a choice.” Taking the bottle, Hiccup poured some of the gel into his palm before rubbing his hands together and spreading the suds onto Astrid’s smooth skin.

“Oh, and what’s that?” he asked when he was finished. “You also want me to wash your butt?”

Astrid laughed. “You know, you can jump in here with me if you want.”

“I already had my shower.” Hiccup gestured to the towel that was fastened around his waist before pressing a sloppy kiss onto his wife’s shoulder and giving her an affectionate pat on the bum. “But enjoy yourself anyway!” he added as he pulled the curtain closed before making his way to the bedroom.

After quickly finishing her shower, Astrid wrapped up in her towel and joined Hiccup, who was grabbing a sweatshirt from the closet. “Hey, I was gonna wear that today.”

Hiccup turned around. “Well, it is my sweatshirt, milady.”

“Exactly my point. It’s big, and warm, and thick. And it smells like you.”

“Here. Have this one.” Hiccup tossed Astrid another sweatshirt. “I just wore it yesterday, so it should really smell like me.”

“Thanks, babe.” After dressing in leggings, the sweatshirt, and fuzzy socks, Astrid blew her hair dry and tossed it up into a messy bun–her usual style. She then put on a bit of mascara and chapstick before heading to the living room, where her husband was enjoying a cup of coffee.

“I made a cup for you, too,” announced Hiccup. “It’s on the counter.”

“Thanks, babe.” Astrid grabbed the mug, then settled in beside Hiccup and cuddled against his side. “I have so much to do today. I have to study for a test, I have a paper to write, I have to do laundry, I have to go get a refill on my birth control…”

“I’ll do the laundry,” offered Hiccup, wrapping an arm around the blonde’s waist.

“But it’s my week to do it,” Astrid insisted.

“I don’t mind. And besides, I don’t have class until noon today. I can easily get a load done in the meantime.”

“Well, if you don’t mind, I guess.”

“I don’t. Trust me. I’d rather do laundry then write my term paper.”

Astrid took a sip of her coffee. “I’ll clean the bathroom this week, then. You know, since you’re doing laundry.”

“You don’t have to, milady.”

“But I’ll feel bad if you do everything. I mean, you were sweet enough to give me one of your sweatshirts to wear today.”

“As opposed to you just taking it without asking?”

Astrid laughed. “They’re just so comfy.”

“Well, if it makes you happy to wear them, then I’m not gonna stop you.” With that, Hiccup leaned in to kiss her lips.

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I am in love with your account like honestly! Could you do the rfa + V and Saeran reacting to MC who plays softball?

You’re so kind, thank you very much! :) Okay story time: I know nothing about baseball/softball so I asked my dad to explain the game to me. He asked why and I told him that it was something for Mystic Messenger. My dad knows that it’s a Korean game and he told me about there being a lot of Korean players on US baseball teams. So I looked some up and the LA Dodgers have a baseball player named Hyun-Jin Ryu! This guy with (mostly) Zen’s real name plays on a US team and I was fangirling so much my dad was so confused. Anyways, I had to share this because I’m still fangirling about it but thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Okay so I kind of headcanon that Yoosung played baseball in his youth so he’d be super excited to find out that you’re a softball player
  • Offers to practice with you all of the time and of course you agree
  • He’s really good when you practice with him plus he gives you advice on how to imporve
  • It gets him to stop gaming plus its quality time with Yoosung so it’s a win-win
  • He goes to every single one of your games and becomes your number one fanboy
  • Seriously like the first time Yoosung saw you hit a home run he was in tears since he was so happy for you
  • He tells you after every game how amazing you played and will highlight his favorite parts and his smile is so big because he’s just so excited for you bless this boy’s heart
  • Yoosung is just really supportive of you being a softball player and will always continuously support you


  • Zen’s never really played or watched any sports before but he becomes interested after he finds out that you’re a softball player
  • The first time he pracitces with you, he changes into a baseball uniform for ‘aesthic’ purposes but you know that he just wants to show off his perfect butt
  • He’s an awful practice partner and can’t catch a ball to save his life
  • Like he’s so bad that one time you threw the ball and it almost hit him right in the eye because he moved right in front of it poor boy
  • But Zen tries to go to as many of your games as possible and starts to schedule his own acting practices around yours
  • He doesn’t really understand how softball is played but Zen will always cheer when he sees you
  • Plus he loves those softball uniforms
  • Zen always gives you a kiss after your game and tells you that you did an amazing job (even if he still didn’t realize that your team lost)


  • Jaehee becomes really excited when you tel her that you’re a softball player
  • Even though she wanted you to try judo, she’s happy regardless of softball makes you happy
  • She’s a pretty decent practice partner but Jaehee of course will always try to help you even if she throws the ball completely away from you
  • Jaehee usually can’t go to many of your games because of work but when she does go, you can bet that she’s cheering super loudly for you
  • Especially if you make a great play, Jaehee will clap and cheer super loudly and then become instantly embarrassed since everyone stares at her but she’ll still always cheer for you no matter what
  • After all of your games, Jaehee takes you to a cafe and the two of you sip on your favorite drinks while she explains to you how amazing of a softball player you are and how proud of you she is


  • When you tell Jumin that you’re a softball player he’s like um what’s that?
  • Even after you explain the rules to him, he’s extremely confused so he does some of his own research
  • Buys about fifteen books explaining the rules of softball and Jumin reads them all in one night
  • The next morning, he tells you that he wants to practice with you since he’s read up on what to do
  • Your first throw to him ends up with Jumin getting a bloody nose because he says his glove wasn’t on properly
  • But he tries to go to as many of your softball games as possible and always calls out the umpires on their calls
  • Jumin ends up getting kicked out but after your game he tells you that he’s going to buy an entire softball stadium for you to play your games at and he’s always going to be there to cheer you on


  • Seven is hyped when you tell him that you’re a softball player
  • This boy has never played sports before but he’s always wanted to and is always asking to practice with you
  • Seven’s actually pretty good when you practice with him, he claims that it’s because he’s God 707, that plus he’s good with his hands huehue
  • He’ll make sure to read the rules of softball left and right so that he can be prepared for your games
  • He goes to every single one of your games, completely ditching his work but he doesn’t mind
  • Will literally scream/cheer when you do anything
  • After your game, Seven will give you the biggest hug ever and tell you how proud he is of his cute little softball playing girlfriend


  • V is really eager to learn that you play softball
  • He’s never been super into sports but he’s gone to a view sporting events to take photos but he knows that it’ll be even better if he can take photos of you
  • V offered to practice with you but soon realized that his eye sight may be a bit of a problem but he tries to help in any way that he can
  • He’ll go to every single one of your games, V really wants you to know that he cares about you and your interests
  • So many photos, it’s V what else would you expect?
  • After your game, V loves showing you the photos he took and he always tells you that you played great and how much he loves watching you
  • Now the living room is filled with photos of you at your softball matches bless V


  • Saeran is sort of indifferent when you tell him that you play softball
  • But that’s mainly because he’s never seen anyone play softball before so he gets curious
  • When you ask Saeran if he wants to practice with you, he agrees and finds his new love for softball
  • He finds that just throwing the softball with you is surprisingly relaxing and it becomes his new favorite thing to do with you in the evenings
  • Saeran goes to most of your softball matches and gets really into it
  • He cheers really loudly when you hit a home run and gives you a thumbs up but after he realizes what he did, the poor boy turns away and blushes deeply
  • After your game, Saeran wraps his arm around your waist and tells you how proud he is of you and how he plans on practicing with you every night until you conquer the softball league Saeran calm down
Classification of trauma-related disorders

So I’ve been reading the most recent, comprehensive brick of a book about complex trauma which contains papers by over 30 trauma experts. It’s been pretty helpful to me. Oh, and it’s called “Komplexe Traumafolgestörungen” and is only available in German. Since this makes it useless for a lot of people I’m sharing my rough summary of this new classification approach I found in Chapter 3 by Julia Schellong with some explanation/commentary.

This is a pretty good, practical model I think. It helped me personally to see the connection between different symptom categories and get ideas for my own therapy goals.

Trauma-related disorder type I

(= PTSD, plain and ‘simple’ with no comorbidity of other psychological disorders)


  • re-experiencing (intrusive memories, flashbacks, or nightmares)
  • avoidance of thoughts and memories of the event and/or numbing
  • hyperarousal, strong startle reaction, hypervigilance

Evidence-based methods like Prolonged Exposure, EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, etc.

Trauma-related disorder type II

(= PTSD or partial PTSD plus trauma-compensatory symptoms as have about 87% of people with PTSD)

Everything from type I is possible, plus some comorbidity like

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • somatic symptoms (body symptoms that can’t be explained by other factors, for example insomnia, abdominal/back/pelvic pain, high blood pressure, migraines, etc.)
  • addiction
  • depersonalisation, derealisation

other compensatory symptoms are possible.

Requires special planning to prioritize therapy goals. It might be helpful to first only work on depression or anxiety or whatever is most pressing, and work on the trauma itself later.

Trauma-related disorder type III

(= PTSD or partial PTSD plus symptoms affecting personality, this is basically the same as CPTSD as described by Judith Herman or DESNOS)

Again, all symptoms from type I and II are possible, plus:

  • emotional instability
  • dissociation (beyond depersonalisation/derealisation )
  • disturbances in relationships and attachment (difficulty trusting others, revictimization)
  • changes in self-perception (viewing self as helpless, ineffectual, damaged, undesirable, deep and pervasive feelings of shame, guilt or failure related to the traumatic event)
  • changes in view of the world (“the world is dangerous”)
  • changes in meaning systems (“my life has no purpose”)

Therapy/possible goals:
Improve ability to have healthy relationships, improve self-care and resources, find strategies to deal with crisis, work on specifically trauma-associated emotions and dysfunctional thoughts, DBT/Skills training.
(You see, it gets trickier with every type, because therapists need to seriously customize their approach and mix and match out of their tool kit…)

Trauma-related disorder type IV

(= PTSD or partial PTSD plus complex dissociative symptoms)

Anything from the other types is possible, plus:

  • amnesia(s)
  • (partial) identity shifts
  • DDNOS essentially, DID is possible as well

Therapy/possible goals:
Improve ability to stay in the present, antidissociative skills, improve (self-)perception, improve communication with alters, essentialy get access and control of so far dissociated parts of life and experience.

Sack, Sachsse, Schellong: Komplexe Traumafolgestörungen (2013)
Julia Schellong: Traumafolgestörungen, Diagnostik und Behandlungen (2015)
ICD-10 (2016 version)
ICD-11 beta draft (accessed 12-02-2016)

Celebration Day- Rich Clune

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Ok so this one is sweet and cute, but does dance around the issues of alcoholism and addiction. It’s fluffy though! Also I don’t own ‘Shake it out’ by Florence + The Machine, just using some lyrics! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drug and alcohol abuse

Anon Request: Could i please get a Jacob trouba and Rick clune one please! Thank you lovely (sorry for 2 im in love lol)

PS- I took this as two separate requests, but if you wanted one with both of them let me know!


              You were dancing around the kitchen, making Rich’s favorite dish. Your iPod was on shuffle and blaring throughout your apartment.

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So I read your post on leaving surgery in part cause you weren't fully aware of the level of bullshit involved. My question is kind of how aware can you be of the bullshit before you get there. I shadowed a surgeon for about three months one summer (meaning rounds, surgery, and staying for paperwork while working on my own stuff). I also shadowed the resident for a while (so I would get there at 6 am for prerounds.) Do you think that would give me a pretty good idea of what practicing is like?

is that what i said? haha. i don’t remember and i don’t feel like looking back at that post right now, but i don’t think it’s that i wasn’t fully aware, and it wasn’t necessarily about the AMOUNT of bullshit… there weren’t really any surprises—i knew it would be hard, and i knew i loved surgery. those things were true even until the end. 

what i DIDN’T anticipate was that for all the love i had of surgery, it either wasn’t enough to counter the bullshit, or there was just so much bullshit that no amount of surgery love could win. if i had a good case and really helped a patient, it could elevate me to the 100th floor, into the sky. but then i’d be shouted at for not writing a progress note on another patient and that would bring me down to the 90th floor. and my junior resident would come to me with a problem i thought was solved and that would bring me to the 80th floor. and another patient would be upset about having to wait for me to see them and it would bring me to the 70th floor. and then i’d realize i’d forgotten my mom’s birthday and it would bring me to the 60th floor. and so on and so forth so that by the end of the day i might only be on the 10th floor. on the bad days i’d be underground. and after years of this, it got to a point where i would struggle just to stay on the ground floor and not be dragged into the underground floors. and it seemed like the people who were supposed to be elevating me to the top were cutting off my legs and telling me to just take the stairs. and so i got help (therapy!) and got some insight about where i was and how i’d gotten there, and i started consistently having above-ground days for a while. but then after things were okay for a time, i realized that i didn’t even want to be in that building anymore, and if i stayed, i would eventually be buried. so i walked away.

and i must stress that this is my own story. for some people, they get to the 100th floor and they don’t let anything get them down. for whatever reason, that’s enough to keep them up there. for me, it wasn’t.

so, i’m not sure what to tell you. the building is made of glass. you can see inside it right now, and you can see how everything works, but there are some things you’ll only know about once you’re inside.

hope this helps.

This is still my favorite picture of my dog, I took it as a practice shot for a photography class in high school <3

That’s a pretty good shot for a practice! Cool foreground focus.

i live with it every day

Jeff headed up the stairs at Kent’s house, taking them two at a time. He was a bit early, he knew, but that was fine – Kent never cared, anyway, and Jeff wanted to see if they had time to eat dinner before going out. Kent’s invitations to go dancing were too infrequent to turn down, and besides, Jeff had been practicing. He was actually decent at bachata, now.

Kent’s door wasn’t open. It was cracked, just a bit, and Jeff had his hand up to knock before he realized that Kent was talking. Pulling back a little, Jeff waited in the hallway.

“All right, all right. I know a bunch of you have been asking me questions forever, so I figured I could do you a solid and actually answer a couple of them for once…”

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