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That’s a pretty good shot for a practice! Cool foreground focus.

Celebration Day- Rich Clune

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Ok so this one is sweet and cute, but does dance around the issues of alcoholism and addiction. It’s fluffy though! Also I don’t own ‘Shake it out’ by Florence + The Machine, just using some lyrics! So enjoy!

Warning: mentions of drug and alcohol abuse

Anon Request: Could i please get a Jacob trouba and Rick clune one please! Thank you lovely (sorry for 2 im in love lol)

PS- I took this as two separate requests, but if you wanted one with both of them let me know!


              You were dancing around the kitchen, making Rich’s favorite dish. Your iPod was on shuffle and blaring throughout your apartment.

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I am in love with your account like honestly! Could you do the rfa + V and Saeran reacting to MC who plays softball?

You’re so kind, thank you very much! :) Okay story time: I know nothing about baseball/softball so I asked my dad to explain the game to me. He asked why and I told him that it was something for Mystic Messenger. My dad knows that it’s a Korean game and he told me about there being a lot of Korean players on US baseball teams. So I looked some up and the LA Dodgers have a baseball player named Hyun-Jin Ryu! This guy with (mostly) Zen’s real name plays on a US team and I was fangirling so much my dad was so confused. Anyways, I had to share this because I’m still fangirling about it but thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Okay so I kind of headcanon that Yoosung played baseball in his youth so he’d be super excited to find out that you’re a softball player
  • Offers to practice with you all of the time and of course you agree
  • He’s really good when you practice with him plus he gives you advice on how to imporve
  • It gets him to stop gaming plus its quality time with Yoosung so it’s a win-win
  • He goes to every single one of your games and becomes your number one fanboy
  • Seriously like the first time Yoosung saw you hit a home run he was in tears since he was so happy for you
  • He tells you after every game how amazing you played and will highlight his favorite parts and his smile is so big because he’s just so excited for you bless this boy’s heart
  • Yoosung is just really supportive of you being a softball player and will always continuously support you


  • Zen’s never really played or watched any sports before but he becomes interested after he finds out that you’re a softball player
  • The first time he pracitces with you, he changes into a baseball uniform for ‘aesthic’ purposes but you know that he just wants to show off his perfect butt
  • He’s an awful practice partner and can’t catch a ball to save his life
  • Like he’s so bad that one time you threw the ball and it almost hit him right in the eye because he moved right in front of it poor boy
  • But Zen tries to go to as many of your games as possible and starts to schedule his own acting practices around yours
  • He doesn’t really understand how softball is played but Zen will always cheer when he sees you
  • Plus he loves those softball uniforms
  • Zen always gives you a kiss after your game and tells you that you did an amazing job (even if he still didn’t realize that your team lost)


  • Jaehee becomes really excited when you tel her that you’re a softball player
  • Even though she wanted you to try judo, she’s happy regardless of softball makes you happy
  • She’s a pretty decent practice partner but Jaehee of course will always try to help you even if she throws the ball completely away from you
  • Jaehee usually can’t go to many of your games because of work but when she does go, you can bet that she’s cheering super loudly for you
  • Especially if you make a great play, Jaehee will clap and cheer super loudly and then become instantly embarrassed since everyone stares at her but she’ll still always cheer for you no matter what
  • After all of your games, Jaehee takes you to a cafe and the two of you sip on your favorite drinks while she explains to you how amazing of a softball player you are and how proud of you she is


  • When you tell Jumin that you’re a softball player he’s like um what’s that?
  • Even after you explain the rules to him, he’s extremely confused so he does some of his own research
  • Buys about fifteen books explaining the rules of softball and Jumin reads them all in one night
  • The next morning, he tells you that he wants to practice with you since he’s read up on what to do
  • Your first throw to him ends up with Jumin getting a bloody nose because he says his glove wasn’t on properly
  • But he tries to go to as many of your softball games as possible and always calls out the umpires on their calls
  • Jumin ends up getting kicked out but after your game he tells you that he’s going to buy an entire softball stadium for you to play your games at and he’s always going to be there to cheer you on


  • Seven is hyped when you tell him that you’re a softball player
  • This boy has never played sports before but he’s always wanted to and is always asking to practice with you
  • Seven’s actually pretty good when you practice with him, he claims that it’s because he’s God 707, that plus he’s good with his hands huehue
  • He’ll make sure to read the rules of softball left and right so that he can be prepared for your games
  • He goes to every single one of your games, completely ditching his work but he doesn’t mind
  • Will literally scream/cheer when you do anything
  • After your game, Seven will give you the biggest hug ever and tell you how proud he is of his cute little softball playing girlfriend


  • V is really eager to learn that you play softball
  • He’s never been super into sports but he’s gone to a view sporting events to take photos but he knows that it’ll be even better if he can take photos of you
  • V offered to practice with you but soon realized that his eye sight may be a bit of a problem but he tries to help in any way that he can
  • He’ll go to every single one of your games, V really wants you to know that he cares about you and your interests
  • So many photos, it’s V what else would you expect?
  • After your game, V loves showing you the photos he took and he always tells you that you played great and how much he loves watching you
  • Now the living room is filled with photos of you at your softball matches bless V


  • Saeran is sort of indifferent when you tell him that you play softball
  • But that’s mainly because he’s never seen anyone play softball before so he gets curious
  • When you ask Saeran if he wants to practice with you, he agrees and finds his new love for softball
  • He finds that just throwing the softball with you is surprisingly relaxing and it becomes his new favorite thing to do with you in the evenings
  • Saeran goes to most of your softball matches and gets really into it
  • He cheers really loudly when you hit a home run and gives you a thumbs up but after he realizes what he did, the poor boy turns away and blushes deeply
  • After your game, Saeran wraps his arm around your waist and tells you how proud he is of you and how he plans on practicing with you every night until you conquer the softball league Saeran calm down

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Okay, so a week ago I mentioned that I preferred Fantasy Sam's over Fantasy Casco, and I think Garfield was listening in somehow because I have received an UNHOLY amount of coupons for Fantasy Casco. In the mail, in the newspaper, on my map, in my bills, on my toilet paper... I think he transmuted all of my paper into coupons for Fantasy Casco. And as much as I want to curse him back, I have to admit: This is a pretty good business practice. And I now know what a Deals Warlock is...


flyingfish1  asked:

Yeah, I've been thinking that arguably Eileen's death can be partially traced back to Mary's resurrection and that "ripple effect," since Mary was the one to bring the Colt back into play. I don't know if that'll be plot-relevant later or if it's just one of those things we're left to contemplate on our own, but... yeah.

Yeah, it seems like everything that’s happened since the Colt came back has been a slow slide… I wrote something the other day about how it gave Dean a false sense of confidence in 12.18, and I think that’s a pretty good description of practically everything that’s happened since 12.08.

They finally thought the whole Lucifer mess had been cleared up, and instead of running in that moment of false confidence, they idiotically stood there with President Rooney.


In the next scene the Secret Service breaks down the door and arrests them. Kelly escapes, and pretty much everything begins going wrong… or we begin to SEE how it’s been going wrong all along… Lucifer isn’t really back in the cage, Crowley’s been running schemes behind the scenes, the MoL have much larger plans for America that don’t really seem at all related to just putting an end to the Winchesters’ messing with the natural order.

But all of that first-half-of-the-season success– even Cas learning the truth about Ishim and Lily Sunder, even taking out Ramiel, begins to nosedive after the Colt is smuggled out under their noses. We start seeing the lies and machinations that have been working beneath the surface of the entire season.

The lies aren’t all on Mary, nor on Crowley. Some of them are on Sam and Dean (for not giving Mary the full story earlier in the season, for not demanding the full truth from her, for not telling EACH OTHER the full truth). Some of them are on Cas (not telling them in advance that he was going to Heaven to seek assistance in tracking down Kelly and Dagon, not wanting their help in order to keep them safe while he cleaned up what he believes is his mess… going all the way back to saying yes to Lucifer in 11.10– guilt makes us do stupid things).

But they’d all been on essentially the same page until after the Colt came back. Things started going to heck at lot faster after that point. The ripples spread wider, the BMoL that originally sent two people to run their US Operation were suddenly sending dozens. The chaos factor has been doubling week after week.

And really, you can trace almost ALL of it back to Mary’s reappearance.

Cas going off to hunt for Lucifer alone in 12.03… and insisting that Sam and Dean stay behind to have their family time with Mary… Cas believing that Mary belonged there with them because she was their family, and that he might NOT belong there with them… If Mary hadn’t been there, Cas would’ve been working with Sam and Dean since the jump.

Even in 12.02, Mary proved to be a distraction that got Dean captured by the MoL. Because if he hadn’t left Cas behind to make sure Mary stayed safe, he wouldn’t have been approaching their safe house alone. Cas would’ve spotted the ward, Dean would’ve dismantled them, and they both would’ve been in that basement together to rescue Sam. They wouldn’t have been forced to call a truce and negotiate with the MoL. Her mere presence had already knocked over that first domino.

And all season it’s forced Sam and Dean both to really “grow up” in a lot of ways, and look far more objectively at who they are and what’s made them into the people they are now. And seeing just how much of that was based on reality, and how much was based on the story that became the story.

But there has to reach a point where those cosmic consequences reach beyond their ability to contain them, and I think that’s what began happening in 12.14. They were given a glimpse of the extent of the MoL operation here, and they chose to try and work WITHIN that system. Sam “fixed” the Colt, and that seems to be the moment everything truly started going to heckeroo and they weren’t quite as able to keep a hold on the consequences. Dean was forced to kill an “innocent” vampire to prevent Ketch from torturing her to death for funsies. Sam was forced to kill the Alpha Vampire with the Colt, because he refused to negotiate.

12.15 gives us a rogue hellhound that answers to no one but Lucifer. An invisible monster that’s nearly impossible to control or kill… (and Cas making the awful choice to go back to Heaven)

12.16 has Claire bitten by a werewolf, but saved at the very last second, nearly dying, but still miraculously walking away from the ordeal. 

12.17 has Dagon in a position to potentially kill all of them, and the Colt proving rather useless… and Eileen accidentally shooting Top Of His Class because Dagon SET IT UP THAT WAY. She stood between them, looked directly at Eileen, and knew that bullet would hit the mark.

12.18 has Dean entirely overconfident at having the Colt back, and it nearly gets him eaten by Moloch. Sam arrived at the very last minute after Dean was already down. It didn’t really feel like much of a victory. It was such a close call it inspired them to get all morbid about their legacy…

12.19 has Cas returning, a bunch of miscommunication and almost full communication, and feelings, and pain, and trading up on the curse of the Colt for whatever the nephilim has done to Cas…  Like this was the point the cosmic consequences started to bounce back directly at them and ripple outward again in double-time.

They’d had an opportunity to “fix their mess” back in 12.09, but their fate was sealed long before that. The moment Mary arrived to shake things the way she did with her mere presence.

What was this even about again? *scrolls up… and up and up* Eileen.

And now Mary’s having her will erased by the Men of Letters, who intend to enforce their own will on not just her, but on the balance of nature itself. Their intent is to bring peace to the world, but it’s not a REAL peace. It’s their IDEA of peace. And it most certainly is not freedom, nor is it balanced. It’s horrifying and self-serving… and we have that theme illustrated through the twig dolls in 12.20, the way the witch had used her power without care for anyone else, because she liked things a certain way and the twig people were merely intelligent automatons she could bend to her will to serve her own needs. Max may have used that power to “resurrect” Alicia, but he now has the moral dilemma of what that sort of power over someone might actually MEAN for him. We see the very negative use of a very similar power the MoL have over Mary, and the up-for-debate version of a very similar power the nephilim seems to have over Cas right now.

We’ve seen Sam and Dean try to work within the system that had slowly been (invisibly to them) stripping any power they’d had to make things right– infiltrating the bunker, monitoring their activity, manipulating where and when they went on hunts, WHAT they were even sent after to kill. They didn’t even notice they were already surrendering bits and pieces of their will (metaphorically), or at the very least their autonomy, to the MoL all along… And they didn’t realize the extent of the MoL’s operations, or just how deep Mary was involved with them, until they’d spread too far to contain alone.

Now we have Ketch locking them up in the relic of what the MoL used to be– when they were truly preceptors and archivists set to study and learn about the supernatural, and not attempting to create a new world order with that knowledge– essentially disposing of them and that legacy in one fell swoop.

*scrolls up again*

Yeah, Eileen’s family legacy as an old-school MoL was a part of that reckoning, and her death as the only other legacy who was untainted by the modern BMoL and their agenda, the only other legacy who was ready to stand up to what that legacy had been twisted into by the likes of Dr. Hess and the “old men” back in Britain… it’s just a horrifying waste. I feel like she deserved to be there to celebrate her personal legacy being put right, as well.

I think I made at least one point in here somewhere…

((Sillyness aside, please send in asks! Otherwise, Hal will spend the rest of his life on the floor while Jr. makes occasional references, then proceed to pretend to not have said it. Because who would want to live a life like that? Not me at all.))

((Also, to those wondering what Hal was saying but was cut off: Jr.? Jr., why are you making that face? What the fuck did you say, Jr., turn your fucking sensors back on. Jr.! JUNIOR, I SWEAR-.))

Totally and Completely ~ Aaron Burr x Reader

Drawing was one of your favorite hobbies. It had been ever since you were a child and you were pretty good at it. Practice makes perfect!

Today you and your best friend Aaron were hanging out. Though you were drawing and he was reading.

You were lacking inspiration and frustration was washing over you.

You looked up at Aaron, his face blank and his eyes flitting across the page. The lighting was perfect.

You started sketching him, glancing up at his figure every couple minutes.

Focusing, you worked quickly not noticing that Aaron had finished his book as was now staring at you.

You looked up.

“Why are you staring at me Aaron?”

He smirked.

“Why do you keep glancing at me every couple minutes?”

You blushed and held you sketch book to your chest.

“Well, I may have been, sort of, drawing you,” you mumbled. He looked shocked.

“May I see it?” He asked walking over to you. You handed it over.

His dark eyes flickered over the drawing. He seemed shocked.

“Wow. This is, really really good!” He handed it back to you. “Why did you draw me though?”

“Well I was lacking inspiration and you were sitting right there. It’s really easy to draw you,” you admitted to him.

“Really? Why?”

“Well I may sort of be, totally and completely in love with you.”

He seemed surprised for a second but then complete joy washed over his face. He sat in front of you before cupping your face in his hands.

“I may or may not be totally and completely in love with you too.”

He brought your face closer to him and pressed his lips softly to yours.

The kiss was sweet and full of passion.

He broke away and looked into your eyes.



“Be mine.”


Here you go mate! Conn and Ro catching fireflies or something inspired by spctrm/fromadistance’s eureka, although it fits their song avatar more [would also like to take a moment to say this guy’s album have some of the most beautiful cover art, which is fitting for his music. Will always love how unique and well executed his usage of various instruments is]. 

Kinda went overboard but hey, it was pretty good lighting practice heh

Modern AU Lafayette headcanons

The lovely @dusty-soul​ asked for more detail on modern AU Lafayette and I just so happened to have about 9 million headcanons that needed to escape my brain. Most of these will make sense on their own, but a couple will seem totally random without the context of this fic (Come Marching Home), which is in turn a follow-up of this fic (And Called It Macaroni), which is based on my modern AU John Laurens headcanons and you know what? Maybe it would just be faster to link you to the series page on Ao3.

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As usual, I worked on memrise today. I did some review, I worked on some new stuff, and (!) I also did a round of listening for the HSK2 one. And (for once) that’s not all I did! I also watched an episode of Growing Up With Chinese. I don’t think I’ve talked about it on here before (not sure though) but I have watched a bit of it in the past. I can’t remember who made it, but it’s basically just 10ish minute long episodes where they teach you a few words and phrases and things like that. The thing I like about it is that they have this story thing they use to introduce the stuff for that lesson so they show it once without any context/subtitles then they go through the vocab and play it again piece by piece so you get a better idea of what’s going on. I find it to be pretty good listening practice for the level I’m at but it’s kind of interesting in itself. For example in the one I watched today, I learned that 咱们 is a way to say “we” that specifically includes both the person speaking and whoever they’re talking to. I had no idea this was a thing so I’m kind of wondering now if there’s some nuance with 我们 that I’m missing (or any other words for that matter) ^^;