Hey guys! This is the second one of the chinese themed versions I made. Of course I’m still pretty behind with commissions due to my seller problems ugh. But at least I managed to get my money back from Paypal! Yay! Reported the material seller so yeah. Whatever.

Anyway I’m trying to make Progress with my orders as fast as I can. Please be patient with me! I’m on it!

Here have the Chinese Soukoku case I made for a lovely customer.

Case - Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

If you like to have your own then pls dont hesitate to hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!

You can reach me over dms, my etsy store or my homepage ;)

Want your Inquisitor in a poster? Let me help you!


Message me a picture of your Inquisitor (or you can also submit it from my blog’s homepage)
*The higher resolution the better
*preferably a shot from a cutscene that shows the top of his/her head and goes down to at least mid-chest, but I might work around with it if not

Other (suggested) ideas!

I formatted the poster to be 11x17 inches in size, which is the standard ledger paper size. You can take the file I give you and take it to you local OfficeMax (or equivalent) and have them print it on some nice glossy cardstock and BAM! You got yourself a sexy custom Dragon Age poster! I did! just look how cool it looks!

Sound good? You know it does! Send me those pics! I’m closing this opportunity down on December 31, 2017 so get them in now! Happy postering!


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And the results for #DanversSistersWeek topics are in! 

Here’s the day-by-day breakdown:

Day 1 – Sunday, August 27 – Sisters’ Night

Day 2 – Monday, August 28 – “I got you.”

Day 3 – Tuesday, August 29 – Nerd Sisters

Day 4 – Wednesday, August 30 – “Alex no!” “Alex yes!”

Day 5 – Thursday, August 31 – Badass Sisters

Day 6 – Friday, September 1 – Double Date

Day 7 – Saturday, September 2 – “She’s my best friend.”

For more info on #DanversSistersWeek, check out the link on my homepage, here!

Tutorial: Display Certain Item on your Home Page Only

If it wasn’t obvious enough, I’m personally a huge fan of header themes. However, the header aesthetic could be annoying when it comes to browsing on your blog. You might be going down 20 pages trying to find a post on your blog and still gotta scroll past the huge ass header first.

You might think of Tumblr’s {block:IndexPage} or {block:HomePage} variables. However, they will still display the item on /page/2 etc, then it will come back to the problem I mentioned above. So here’s what you can do to display a certain item on the FIRST page of your blog only.

For example, this is the homepage of my upcoming theme:

And it will be really bothering to scroll past this full-screen header when browsing through my blog. Here’s what you can do:

First, you only need to add simple CSS like this:

And there’s what the HTML part looks like:

So when you’re not on the first page of the blog, the header is not going to show.

or when you’re on a separate page (ask, submit, custom pages, etc.) the header is not going to show up either.


I’ve fixed the navigation issue. On my homepage, selecting NAV>CHAPTERS will take you straight to my Table of Contents. 

Here it is! 

I’ve also added some other nifty pages in the NAV button as well.

FULL STORY- read the comic from the beginning. Yes, the beginning. Before freedom-arc beginning.

CHAPTERS- skip to your favorite parts of the comic, or continue where you left off! (warning, earlier arcs do not seamlessly border each other in content)

FAQ- Frequently Asked Questions, so you can know for sure that Sans is Gaster’s son.

FUN FACTS- a bit of trivial fun facts about the characters and the world around them, how it works, etc that I’ve been collecting over the years. 

Other than that, everything else is cosmetic pretty much. I changed up some colors, added to the description, etc.

-Schedule Update-

I aim to update this comic once every Friday. That being said, I’m still a college student. I’m currently very prepared, and I’ll keep you all well informed if one is to come late or any other case.

Anyway, have a wonderful day! The next update is TOMORROW, 10/20. I’ll see you then!

What I’m currently working on. If you want to subscribe to my newsletter for updates on my art, you can do so at the bottom of my website homepage:

HandToHeartCreations is an independent handmade jewellery business by @fenland-witch.

Fenland offers very reasonable prices for her beautiful high-quality jewellery and even better postage prices, being completely free for UK citizens and consistently low for the US. She has just transferred her store from Etsy to self-managing it on her blog for the time being. Due to this, her prices are currently lower than usual without Etsy fees having to be paid.

Everything she creates is handmade and there is a large range of pieces to choose from such as pendants, bead bracelets and necklaces, crystal chip bracelets, rings, bag charms and more which can all be found on her page. To inquire about purchasing a piece of jewellery message her blog.


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I felt a cold chill when I saw this banner on top of my homepage, but I decided to be completely fair and give it a click. Yeah, it was exactly as bad as I thought it would be.


Some time back (over the course of 2014/15) I took advantage of @davidbaronart ‘s generous comic page commissions and had him do a series in which my character Jenn trained with his boxer character, Shelby.

David’s original comics were in black and white, and I added the colors myself. I’d never shared them here, so I thought I would! 

(For those viewing on my actual tumblr homepage instead of on your own dash–there are a total of five pages here–make sure you click the little arrow on the right to scroll through each one).

Here’s a direct link to a post on David’s blog with the original black and whites of part 3 (which includes links to the other black and white parts).