Mickey Donald Goofy: The Three Musketeers - Sentence Starters

“That’s gonna be us out there someday. I just know it!”

“You’re a coward!”

“You’re a doofus.”

“As for you… Well, you’re just too small.”

“_____, you’re kinda mangling that flower. Who’s the, uh, lucky guy/girl?”

“You want love? Buy a dog.”

“I didn’t say DROP a safe, you dolt, I said KEEP him/her safe!!”

“You bellowed?”

“How about next Thursday?”

“Hey, have I ever let you down?”

“When these doors open, we’ve GOT to make a great first impression.”

“Seems like this is going to take a little while…”

“Think you might have some spare time to go and snatch the prince/princess?”

“Just like we dreamed when we were kids!”

“I was eating escargot and peanut butter.”

“…_____, I can’t understand a thing you say.”

“By the power vested in me as a ____, I arrest you!”

“How about this? By the power vested in my fist, I clobber you!”

“Your friend _____ is in dire peril!”

“I know it’s the most hideous house of torture in all of _____, but we’re going in there!”

“_____ told me you were a goner!”

“Does this crown make my ears look big?”

“All for one, and one for all!”

“…_____? Are you kissing a commoner?”

  • Party invite:Bring a Disney Princess movie...
  • Me:-doesn't own a single Disney Princess on DVD-
  • Me:-looks at Zoopotia DVD-
  • Me:Well it does have two Disney Princess, in it.

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It's me. Tangled AU anon. Back at it again with more Disney au thoughts. Little mermaid is like little mermaid. but not mermaids. omnics. So like... zen wants to know what it might be like. to NOT be an omnic. to be human. and not oppressed. And gets his chance to be human but at the cost of his voice. Bastion is like flounder, zen companion in exploring humanity.he collects human things. What is a hair brush for. Eating is???? Human life is very exciting for zen. Genji loved zens enthusiasm.

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! yes to All Of This

boat scene more like zen is just pleased to not have to worry abt his heavy metal-ass body sinking anything t b h…. everyone wonders how he can understand the beeping of omnics like bastion and he just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

so i discovered that i have this weird talent. if anyone says the name of ANY disney movie i can instantly burst into a song from said movie. i was doing this with my friend and he got spooked out and im not sure why



LESS THAN 3 WEEKS till the first DOCTOR STRANGE Red Carpet premiere in Hong Kong on 13 October!!! Ben, Tilda Swinton & director Scott Derrickson are scheduled to attend. I can’t wait for the official promo to kick off & I will be a blogging fiend about it!!!

Stills & animated Cloak(!!!) are from the recent Sneak Peek & the UK featurette:
I LOVE The Cloak of Levitation!!! Thrilled to hear all the lovely things said about Ben and how much Marvel/Disney wanted him, so much so that they delayed the scheduled start of film shooting and pushed back the premiere date, all to secure him for the lead role of Dr. Stephen Strange. WOW! But I also think an October/Hallowe’en release was better suited to the movie story anyway!

I expect to see new footage in the final trailer which will be released sometime in the next week of 25/9-30/9. Here are all the TV Spots that have been running in various markets, with mixes of footage already seen. I’m SOOO excited to see this movie, been waiting decades for it!!!

#1 A New Reality
#2 Force
#3 Save
#4 Path
#5 Question Reality
#6 Teach Me
#7 Advice


Yes you read that correctly, 

we are indeed having a sweet baby boy! Zay is super excited; I must admit I’m a bit nervous, I know how to raise little girls: pink and all things Disney…but boys are a whole different story! I am excited though! Macey is surprisingly super excited as well (we thought she wanted as sister) but if you can’t tell by the family picture, Ellie is NOT happy with us. She won’t let us hold her and isn’t talking to me or daddy.. who knows how long that’ll last!

In other news, 

we would love for you and your family to join us at the baby shower! We mostly still need clothes/ toys/ bottles/ diapers. As far as furniture goes we have the nursery finish! 

Just to recap:

  • Dory’s disability isn’t treated like a character flaw by the writers
  • People who (even subconsciously) view it as a character flaw are the ones who end up learning and changing
  • She sees herself as a burden because of her disability and the ultimate response is “We were wrong to make you feel that way and we love you the way you are”
  • Her disability isn’t magically cured and doesn’t preclude her or her loved ones from being happy even though it makes certain things more challenging
  • Her parents aren’t overly sheltering and teach her to be self-sufficient in ways that work with her brain
  • The people around her realize that her mind is never going to work the same way theirs do, and that’s okay
  • She’s treated as deserving of patience and respect
  • She stays disabled throughout the entire movie

Finding Dory is so important. 


So this is love, so this is what makes life divine…