so, as you all know, being gay was considered a mental illness in the ‘30s, if not a medical defect. and as you also know, the superserum was supposed to cure steve of all his medical defects.

imagine how overwhelmingly relieved he is after he’s gotten the serum and he realizes he’s still queer. how vindicated. the serum fixed his lungs and his back and his vision, but it can’t fix something that isn’t wrong with him, and i can’t stop thinking about his face when he realizes that his queerness isn’t something that needs to be fixed.

honestly nothing is better than having a day to yourself where you’re free to stim constantly and submerge yourself in whatever your special interest is like this is the ultimate form of healing

  • Veronica: dont freak out just trust me
  • Betty: ok

It really sucks being a mentally ill person who’s really into the horror community. Pretty much every video, especially analysis videos, always have that one bit that makes you flinch. There’s always one line like “this person is clearly a psych*path” or “this person isn’t right in the head” or something along the lines of “they did X bad thing because they are mentally ill.”

I love the horror community. I love ARGs. I love analysis and theory videos. But we have to combat the ableism in these communities. 

Saying that I’m upset that Moana didn’t win anything would be an understatement, but I have to say thank you to Lin and Auli'i and Dwayne and everyone who worked on that film. It was one of the very first films I was healthy enough to go see after my month in the hospital and months of rehab and physical therapy. It was one of the first movies to lift my spirits and make me cry and laugh and feel completely at ease in forever. I’m so so thankful for that piece of art and everything that it did for me.