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I'm really struggling with figuring out mirror heads!! How do you draw them? Do got tips? (Luv Rin. Rin is good. Will doddle one day)

Sure! I am Not Great at tutorial stuff but this is pretty much how I handle heads, I hope this makes sense ;O;

I prefer to work out a simple base shape before anything - in Rin’s case her head is kind of teardrop-shaped.

So from the top she’s pretty much a teardrop, and from the side she looks like a pointy dog snake. Don’t forget the pivot point where the jaw opens, that will help you a lot with expressions and structure:

I still struggle with angles and 3D-ness in general, but that stuff always gets better with practice.
If I want to get a bit more detailed and snarly then I still work from that basic teardrop head, sort of carving away at the mouth area. I think of the face as a wrapping around the skull. Pulling back the lips will scrunch up the face, and reveal more teeth and gum.

I tend to add horns/fins afterwards.
Oh and of course you can play with all kinds of face shapes :0

As always I’d suggest looking at animals for reference if you’re having trouble. Dogs, lizards, dinosaurs, whatever you’re feeling - skulls can be particularly useful to look at. :]

Hopefully that helps a bit!

headcanon that richie found a particularly small and angry duck at mike’s and named it “eddie”

  • he told eddie about it and eddie got all huffy and flustered
  • richie was quick to point out that he looked a lot like eddie the duckling when he got cute and pissed like that
  • eddie turned red and crossed his arms and pouted
  • until mike brought him eddie the duck and eddie fell in love with it and allowed it to keep his namesake
  • eddie the loser is the only human other than mike that eddie the duck will let hold him
  • “kindred spirits” is how richie explains it
  • he refuses to explain why eddie the duck chases / attacks him whenever he’s in range
  • mike finds this all hilarious and lets richie name a good portion of the animals on the farm because the names never fail to amuse

Come on baby, don’t fear the reaper
Baby take my hand, don’t fear the reaper

[ Have a quick Gabe from between commissions y’all  ✿]

First, the strong and passionate leader Enjolras.

Second, always by his side, gentle Combeferre.

Third, warm and radiant, my friend Courfeyrac.

Fourth, unafraid and poetic, sweet Jehan.

Fifth, a man of the people, diligent Feuilly.

Sixth, “never a lawyer”, bold in red, Bahorel.

Seventh, the luckiest fellow, bald Bossuet.

Eighth, with a cane, gay and cheerful Joly.

Ninth, the artist telling sad stories, Grantaire.

All the Amis are long gone today.

Will their fight and lives be forgotten?

They were all such wonderful friends.

I had never had such wonderful friends.

The Pontmercy family’s nursery rhyme

Marius and Cosette Pontmercy’s youngest daughter, about three years old, is walking through the gardens one day, singing her father’s nursery rhyme over and over again and teaching it to her peers like her father taught her. It is then passed on from child to child throughout the years, ensuring that their names will never be forgotten.



Why would she give the ship to you? 

I’ve commanded Star Destroyers

            Well I’d say you’d answered your own question then