hey! I just wanted to say that I loved all your blogs before they started dating, I loved them through that, and I’ll continue to love them in the future! I hope you have a great day and that things don’t get too overwhelming!

(ps: I thought it might be silly to send this to occasionallysalazzle and dailyalolanrattata too, since then there would be three copies of it just floating around, so I hope they also know that they are also appreciated so, so much!)

katewisnlet  asked:

tbh the best thing i ever thought about at 2 am was sharpshooter lance being severely nearsighted

honestly if anyone could pull off being nearsighted and a sharpshooter it’s lance

like imagine the team not even knowing and lance casually mentions how he wore contacts back on earth but there’s no contacts up in space and everyone is like ?? you’re…nearsighted?? what?? how??

and he’s just like “lol yeah i can’t see shit u guys”

anonymous asked:

unrelated to everything atm but im having an identity crisis and dont know who to main in overwatch h elp m e ple as e

A Grand Master player once said to me: don’t have a main. Be skilled in everyone. That way you will always be the character your team needs, and you’ll always know what your enemy players are going to do to try and fuck you over as [x] character. :D

okay. so i’ve watched a lot of BAD movies for a hot actor.

i’m a major, major karl urban fan, okay. i’ve seen some shit.

luke arnold’s ridic aussie movie Broken Hill is a decent watch. it’s pretty enjoyable.

but i’m saying this to alert any y’all who watch it that he DOES NOT. in fact. dress like this cowboy twink the whole movie

once i realized i’d been MISLED by google images and realized he spends most of the movie tucking a button-down into blue jeans whilst leading a prison choir orchestra to fulfill his dream of being a music conductor, i was able to enjoy myself

this has been a PSA: only a quarter of the movie, does luke looks like a twink rancher. rest of the time, he looks like a twink music nerd