– Star Wars Insider #81, Ask the Master Q&A, by Pablo Hidalgo


Legit canon is, when they have an extra important message to get through, they say, SO I HAVE A MESSAGE FOR THE OLD FOGIES IN THE RETIREMENT HOME, this is a thing that has been approved of by the Jedi Council.  In canon.

  • me: *enters a room wearing heely's, an underarmor sweatshirt, nike basketball shorts, sunglasses, and adidas knee-high socks. i have a football in one hand and a bottle of gatorade in the other, and i smell strongly of axe cologne. i sit on a chair backwards, pushing my sunglasses down to the tip of my nose*
  • me: i just don't understand why the writers of newsies treated sarah jacobs solely as the obligatory love interest for jack kelly. i mean, she's a young jewish woman in the nineteenth century for fuck's sake. she had so much potential. not to mention, in the original script, she had her own song and a whole lot of character development that, in the end, got cut. and as much as i adore katherine plumber, was it really necessary to cut sarah out of the staged version of newsies? it would have been so much more interesting to see katherine and sarah getting to interact. sarah jacobs deserves so much more than she got, and i will not rest peacefully until we solve this issue.

god when eveyones on the meteor getting ready for the three year trip and kanayas looking at the green sun like hey this is nice i think i want to stay here instead of going three years in the dark and fucking rose just goes hey ill be ur sun ;) in sapio form and kanaya is immediately like ok fine

I’ve been thinking about Mermaid stuff in the last week (late into MerMay lol) on twitter for a possibly thing in the future. You might see some things next month about it who knows! Twitter’s getting the most of it.

Don’t worry, Fidds just got a bit bored with Ford’s questions and dragged him under. When they come up, Ford just has more questions which confuses Fidds.

I’m still working on this! :) I just got a little sidetracked, there…