I like this dress and I like that it was £7 and I like that maybe I will be confident enough to wear it outside soon 

I like that my hair was extra curly and ringlet-y today 

I like that James, my sister, and her boyfriend all came round and we gave each other loads of temporary tattoos, and it was childish and fun 

I like that Clod was in an uncharacteristically good mood today and let me hold his entire face in my hand 

I like that I have a mug of hot chocolate which James bought me because I was a Brave Soldier and went to therapy yesterday 

Your turn!! 

starlordnotsogrump  asked:

Can i request lapidot + 2 for the kissing meme? :)

snoot smooch!


requested by anon

“Hey, (y/n),” Jack grinned, “I’ve got a new trick that I think you’ll like.”

You smiled up at him but were cut off by Danny who suddenly appeared - something you’d gotten used to, “Is it the same one you showed me? Oh, it’s a simple trick really, he’ll distract you and hide a card near you without you noticing. Very simple… I have something a bit better than that.” 

I was playing around in photoshop and tried doing this. It’s okay for a first try.